don't be blind

Looking back, I realized that the SOTBE teaser has really trolled us hard. 

Like first they flashed STAN in morse code 

which flew over the majority of the fandom’s heads (who the hell knows morse?? OR better yet, who would watch a teaser for a children’s cartoon, see a bunch of eyes flashed in a split second and think “Oh look. Those flashing eyes spell out Stan!”)) 

Then they flashed these glitchy images

The code on the left is the infamous “STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS” flashed in the opening credits. The nyarf gun pic is the scene where Dipper shoots at a picture of–you guessed it– Stan in the face. And looky there, it’s pointing directly at the “IS THE AUTHOR” message. 

And to insure that they got their message across, they flash another glitchy image of the same message but with a picture of Stan and another code which means.. I don’t even need to tell you what it means! (It’s STAN.)

The messages throughout the trailer, when put together would be “I know who is the author. Watch till the end.” And what do we see in the end credits? 

This old fella.  

In a mere half a minute, they bombarded us with the biggest spoiler in the freaking series and the funniest thing is. 

Stan is not even the author. But STAN is. 

     you brought out the best of me; a part of me i'd never seen.

In the Hannibal world if they visit you to give you soup that means they’re in love with you

i can’t believe they’re actually portraying the systematic destruction of an entire native civilization and culture. they’re actually fucking doing that. the people are slaughtered, their belief system is stolen from them and invalidated, their political landscape is in disarray because of the colonizer’s intervention, and now they’re actually going to destroy their society’s capital.

this is disgusting.