don't be blind

I know there are many posts like this...

… I rebloged some of them, but I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t say something as well.

First of all, I don’t hate Orihime and I respect ichihime fans. We all can ship whatever we want. So please don’t rage about what I’m going to write here.  It’s not really about Ichihime or Ichiruki. It’s more about people.

Look, Ichihime fans, are you really happy with this shitty ending? I don’t want to be rude, but are you blind or something?Are you blinded by fact that your ship is canon and just don’t see how crappy this ending is? Are you guys happy about fact that Ichigo ended up like this? Are you guys happy that Chad became a boxer and Ishida is all alone and he became a doctor? Guys… this is not good ending. They all ended up as someone who they never wanted to be. Don’t you see this or you just don’t care about it? Because you have your ship as a canon and it’s all you need. I understand that you’re happy about it, I’d also be happy if ichiruki would be a canon. But how can you not see how “fu*k you all” this ending is? It’s not only about how Kubo destroyed Ichiruki bond(which he developed for 15 fuc*ing years), but about how he destroyed all the characters. And what about Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin? You don’t care about them? And even Orihime… this is not a good ending for her! Are you happy to see that she ended up as a housewife? It’s not bad to be a housewife, but what about her dreams? And most important, do you guys not see how this last chapter is more Ichiruki than IH or RR? And it feels so wrong! Ichigo just gave Inoue one glance and then just totally ignored her. And Renji? He simply stood there and said nothing. If Ichigo loves Inoue, and Rukia loves Renji, we should see some chemistry between them, some little romance, but instead of it… we see how Ichigo is happy about Rukia return, and how they fight like old married couple. And title of the chapter…? Death and Strawdbery! Ichihime fans, are you really ok with this?! It feels so wrong, like Inoue and Renji don’t even matter. It’s so weird and give me the creeps.

And you guys are saying that IR fandom only cares about ships? When actually it is you don’t care about other characters. I know that not everyone in Ichihime fandom are like that! But for those who are: please, stop being so hypocritical.

I heard theories that Kubo created ending like this because he wanted to take revenge on the publisher (and many of people really dropped the last volume). At first I was like “nah, it can’t be”, but after some research I was starting to think it really can be truth. Because this ending don’t make sense. I don’t believe that Kubo planned to end his manga like this. He was rushed. And if he planned Ichihime, then why he built so strong bond between Ichigo and Rukia (in manga, in films, poems, novels etc. And don’t even try to compare ichihime moments with this, this is not equal at all)? Moreover, am I really supposed to believe that Kubo created those amazing characters like Ishida and Chad just to ruined their dreams and goals? I refuse to believe it.

This is hard for me. Bleach was the part of my life for very long time and I am feeling empty because it’s ending like this. Bleach deserve better.

Ok, that’s enough. I won’t tag it as anti Ichihime, because it’s more anti bleach end and anti blind people.


honestly i think its ridiculous that the houseguests don’t think another person is coming back. it doesn’t take much to realize that since production introduced the round trip ticket twist they were planning on someone coming back. so if the round trip wasn’t used they clearly are going to bring someone back in a different manner. 


Why Can’t We? ~ Vanessa Vox

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Love Is Blind - Kylo Ren Imagine

Imagine that the reader is blind but Kylo Ren finds her on a distant world and senses that she is force sensitive.. only to discover that she is actually blind. But the reader discovers that there is a light in Kylo’s heart that will never go out…is it love?

The Empire struck fear into the hearts of people through out the galaxy and you had heard so much about from your grandfather. He told you stories of him being a Jedi that hid from the rest of the world as his fellow Jedi Knights were set up like pigs for slaughter. He however, escaped and hid from the rest of the world and survived. You recall him telling you that despite your lack of a vital human sense, you could become as powerful of a Jedi as you wanted to. You were then taken by some space scavengers and were stolen away from your family and forced to live on some desolate frozen planet.

Being blind is an obstacle that most people will never experience in their life but you however know nothing but life without sight. The scavengers that stole you from your grandfather that raised you put you to work as bait. Unsuspecting individuals would usually feel bad for you as you asked for help with picking up an item that you had dropped or anything that kept them distracted while the rest of the thieves would rob them blindly. You did not enjoy what you were doing but you were forced to do it or they would kill you. However, the scavengers luck would soon run out when they tried to rob a First Order cargo ship and on that ship was none other that Kylo Ren. You had heard stories of this Kylo and how he ruled the First Order with an iron fist. As you were distracting some clueless guard the scavengers tried to make their way onto the cargo ship only to be stopped by Kylo Ren. He had taken care of them easily with just one slash of his lightsaber. Although you could not see what had happened the sound of his saber murdering them had sent an everlasting chill down your spine and rattled your rib cage. Those men had stolen you away from your grandfather and held you like a slave for years and into your adulthood. But they were still people. You felt the Force that your grandfather had explained to you wrap around your throat and held you still. The vibration of Kylo Ren’s footsteps echoed through the ground and into your body. You could feel the heat and the buzzing of his saber as he held it close to your throat, tears began to roll down your cheek as you awaited death’s kiss. Clenching your face tightly you were not granted death’s arrival as the man removed the saber from your body and released you. Gasping for air quickly you clawed at the ground as the oxygen filled your lung again. “Take her to the ship.” boomed an almost electronic voice, arms slid under yours and dragged you onto the cargo ship.

You were thrown onto the metal floor and were still trying to catch your breath. Soon you were jolted up to the floor and thrown into what you could tell was a type of chair with restraints. The head restraints kept your head in place in some sort of metal ring, your arms and legs were kept together by metal handcuffs. You heard the automated door open and could recognize the booming of Kylo Ren’s boots echoing through the floor and into the core of your body. Soon you could feel the heat of someone’s breath blowing onto your face, this too rattled your bones. “I thought all the Jedi were gone but here you are…force sensitive.” the coolness of his voice echoed through your head. Force sensitive? You recalled your grandfather’s words “you could be the greatest Jedi that you want to be.” Feeling Kylo’s touch of the top of your head you could feel his energy course through your veins. So much hurt and hate, so much confusion inside one person. As if he was tearing himself apart from with in. “You poor man…” these words escaped from your lips like sand through an hourglass. Kylo ripped his hand from you and yelled with a booming voice, “What are you talking about?!” you turned to him and opened your eyes, seeing nothing but darkness. “I can feel your energy. I can feel like you can see me.” you shook your head, “You poor man, you’re ripping yourself apart.” Kylo shook with a mixture of anxiety and frustration. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.” you smiled slightly, “Just because I have no sight and cannot see your outside. Doesn’t mean I can’t see your inside.” you paused, “I guess that’s how the Force works with me, I can feel it but see it mentally instead of physically.”

Now boiling over with frustration Kylo grabbed you by your shoulders and with a couple of hard shakes began using the Force to get inside of your head. As the two of you fought to get inside each other, you could feel a warmth from deep inside the cold. It was small, like a flame struggling to rekindle in a thunderstorm. It was still there underneath of all the wet coals, trying to find a dry patch to lick onto and burn brightly again….

to be continued…

@leejinklies blind date au where they’ve only been dating a couple weeks and Taemin reaches for his hand but accidently brushes against the front of his jeans and taem pulls away like he’s touching a hot stove and he’s all blushy like I’m so sorry. Jinki just takes his hand and kisses his fingers like it’s okay. You can touch me there.

And taem gets even more red and dips his head. Jinki just chuckles because he’s cute.

do you guys know the feels when you’re in korea and a lot of exo fans you know like chansoo? cause they see them as close. It makes me shed a happy tear that korean fans are diff than some international fans and their mainstream ships.
Simone Manuel gave proof that America's ugly history with black swimmers could be cracking
The tears trickled down her cheek immediately after she sang two words: “Gave proof.” Whether it just a neat bit of timing or her recognizing the history she made, it was perfect that Simone Manuel, standing atop an Olympic podium, a gold medal hanging from her neck, the first black American female swimmer

Outstanding (and historically informed) piece by Jeff Passan. What an accomplishment.