don't be afraid to be who you are

Alrighty, so I’m not usually one to talk about politics or personal stuff on my blog, but a few days ago I voted for the first time (I turned 18 in May) while my whole family are Trump supporters I did what I thought was right and what I personally wanted to do and voted for Hillary knowing this I decided to wait until today to tell my family who I voted for needless to say they were disappointed that I didn’t vote like the rest of them and my grandpa even started yelling at me about how I “wasted” my first vote.

Yeah okay, so I’m not making this post to tell you guys who you should vote for, but instead to tell you that you can vote whoever YOU want to vote for!! Please don’t be afraid to vote for a candidate due to intimidation or fear of alienation for picking a different candidate from your family or friends.

No vote is a waste of a vote and if you are old enough to vote please go out there and vote polls are closing soon in some states and in others they will be open for at least 4 more hours.

Don’t let anyone sway your vote or make you fear to vote for who you want to vote for this is a free country do what YOU want to do and what you see as right, but also guys don't get mad or treat someone without respect for using their own brain and voting for someone different than you. That’s just wrong and everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own even if it’s not the same as yours. ✌🏻

Find someone....
  • Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they miss you.
  • Someone who knows you aren’t perfect but treats you as if you’re.
  • Someone who’s bigger fear is losing you.
  • One who gives their heart completely.
  • Someone who says I love you and means it.
  • Last but not least find someone who wakes you up everyday and falls for you all over again.
Friendly PSA

If you draw yourself and your favorite character from whatever series and you’re afraid to upload it. Don’t be, it’s art and it’s beautiful and important.

If you write a story about yourself and your favorite character in their world, or them in ours, and you are worried about being ridiculed. You shouldn’t be, because it is creative and unique.

If you do post self-insert art/stories, than I admire you and respect you so much. I am happy that you decided to share your talents with the world.

If you create anything involving you and a favorite character, or series, and you are feeling discouraged about it because someone is making fun of you for it; Fuck ‘em. Any type of art is a freedom of expression, an outlet for emotions and ideas. Don’t let anyone keep you down from what you enjoy.

If you ridicule someone for creating something with their favorite character/series and them, stop it. You have no right to mock someone for doing something they enjoy. As long as it’s not hurting anyone who cares? Let them be happy.

All types of art matters, no matter what. Do what you want to do. If it’s not hurting anyone, who cares?

*Breathes deeply*


Sometimes I see posts (both on tumblr and fb) that are shared by friends and mutuals that are supposed to be Christian posts or/and memes and they are SO uncharitable, cruel, prejudiced, stubborn, dehumanizing of anyone who opposes them (especially liberals, Muslims, queer community, protestants, and even simple catholics who don’t loathe Vatican II), and these things are honestly so DISGUSTING and disheartening that I have to force myself to take a breath and keep scrolling, but SOMETIMES I just scream about it.

How can people be so cruel? Uncompassionate? Accepting of the outright treatment of people as subhuman?

Even if it’s supposed to be *funny*, it’s not. It’s disgusting. And you’re dead wrong if you think dehumanizing and mocking other people is a) acceptable and b) an effective evangelization tool.

There’s a difference between preaching the truth and being a dick. And some of yall need to take a long ass look in the mirror.

For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have mercy.


If you guys ever need:

Someone to talk to

Someone to vent to

Someone who will try and understand

Or just someone to chat with

and if you ever feel like you’re alone


Don’t be afraid to message me. I promise you that you will not be a bother to me. You won’t be annoying. You’re not a burden. If you really need someone, reach out. I am here for all of you! I love you *hugs you* ❤️💜💙💚💛

I know that some people give up because they feel like they are really alone. That no-one cares, that they have no friends. I am your friend, if you want me to be! So please, if you think you’re alone, talk to me. I am here. ❤️💜💙💚💛

Ten Things We’ve Noticed About Leo

1. Knows who they are and aren’t afraid to show it

2. Likes attention

3. They’ll fight for what they want, no matter how big or small

4. They like Childish Gambino (lol?)

5. They have really pretty eyes

6. Strong personality. You walk into a room and they’re the first people you notice

7. Fantastic swimmers

8. They like to sing whether they’re good at it or not

9. Crave excitement

10. Enjoy reading

Advice to people thinking about reading Captive Prince Trilogy

If you ask, go straight to blogs that like Captive Prince. Side blogs and things like that.
1. We have read all THREE of the books and know the deeper meanings and arguments of why the book isn’t shitty
2. I can tell you for sure that people who hate Captive Prince have not read the books. Only judged it by its cover or only read some (maybe finished) the first book).
3. The Captive Prince Trilogy is not meant to be read as only one book. If you read just the first you won’t understand any of the characters and get a severe misrepresentation of the rest of the trilogy. (I.e. Think the books are about a racist bitchy white boy who rapes men) (it’s not)
4. Please notice that most post against Captive Prince only say things like “it’s so fucking nasty bc it’s racist and thinks rape is sexy” or similar things. They never have actual arguments and again I PROMISE they have not completed the whole series.
5. This trilogy is beautiful. It’s slow burn and when the relationship is forming nothing truly happens without a trusting bond and consensual touches. It’s about forgiveness (not just The slave, Damen, there is a bigger piece than that), understanding others, betrayal, loss of innocence, growing up too fast, learning to trust again, grey areas, sacrifices, and like a million other beautiful things.
6. These characters are written as if they were real people who suffered actual terrible traumatic experiences. Of course there is going to be “problematic characters” but problematic is the stupidest thing on this site cause literally everything is and it should only be used as little jokes (this applies for everything).
7. If you see someone hating on Captive Prince and you haven’t read it, whether you want to or not, don’t ask that person. They won’t give a serious or straight answer and since they didn’t read the books they won’t be able to be detailed about it. If you are truly curious go to someone who likes captive Prince and ask them Why People Don’t Like It. They can give a thorough explanation of why, and then give you an argument and actual evidence of why it’s not like that and just severely misinterpreted.
Captive Prince is amazing and you gotta push through book one and then see a whole new outlook on an incredible political slowburn adventure. Don’t just Judge the series by book one. You’re meant to fall in love with it slowly, that’s how life is with people sometimes. So do so. Get angry with the characters, disgusted, and horrified. But push through those walls and I promise you’ll understand, you’ll forgive. And those books will become a permanent place in your heart.

Don’t Fall in Love

Request: 14 w/ Peter?

Prompt: 14. “This is why I don’t let myself fall in love.”

Warnings: none

You were one troubled person. Everyone on Neverland was in fact. But you had this special twist. Unlike the others who seemed to have had poor parents, you didn’t have any. Instead you ran around town, left foster homes, and got with guys. Not in a hook-up sense, but you had many boyfriends back on the Mainland. Many who treated you poorly. Because of them you were afraid to fall in love with anyone ever again.

Thought that didn’t apply to you when it came to Peter Pan. The evil boy dressed in dark green and brown. The boy who ruled Neverland. Seeing him, you absolutely lost it. He was attractive, charming, funny to you. He was humorous when it came to you and somewhat nice. He wasn’t this sweet little thing to just you, no. He was still harsh at times, treating you like any other Lost Boy. But he still had his sweet moments.

“I’ll be off dealing with someone Shadow brought in last night,” Peter informed you before you ran off  with a Lost Boy to do another task.

“Okay, have fun with that,” you giggled lightly before kissing him. 

Peter left afterwards, and you ran off with the other Lost Boy.

The sun was setting, and Peter wasn’t back yet. You never worried about Peter in the sense that he was in danger, just that he was doing something he shouldn’t be doing. It was only your mind thinking that he’d do the things previous lovers have done to you.

You searched around parts of the forest, holding a torch so you could see when it became nightfall. You called out Peter’s name a few times but nothing. He usually would appear behind you and spook you for fun. But none of it came.

Finally, you found yourself at the cages. There you heard talking. As you approached closed to the cages, your realized that one was on the ground, open. A girl around your height was far too close to Peter. She was cuddling him basically while they were standing there. Peter was doing nothing.

“I’ve been so frightened, but you make me feel safe, Peter.” The girl cooed, looking at him. 

You growled almost from jealousy and hurt. You were the only one to call him Peter.

“Really? I’m glad, Wendy. I want you to feel as safe here as possible. I care about your safety.” Peter got too close to her for your comfort. His lips were almost on her’s. 

“What the hell?” You screeched, making the two jump apart.

“Y/N?” Peter tilted his head as Wendy only stared in silence.

You were fuming, hot tears already falling. “This is why I don’t let myself fall in love anymore!” You ran off, dropping your only form of light. You ran into the darkness of Neverland.

You ran and ran, wiping your eyes and trying to focus on where you were. It so dark though. You could only see silhouettes of the trees and plants surrounding you. But you had had enough by now. You sat against the tree, sobbing.

Peter knew of your past. He knew you’d been cheated on, used, abused. Every horrible thing a boyfriend could do to you just about. And yet he went off and did one of those things to you. This shouldn’t had been a shock, however. Lost Boys warned you that Peter was never a faithful person. You should’ve listened to them.

“Y/N, there you are,” Peter’s voice rang through your ears.

“Get away from me,” you sniffled as you tried to crawl away from him in the dark.

“Y/N,” he sighed, holding you still. “Listen, I can explain.”

“No. I saw what I saw. I saw you and her holding one another. I saw you nearly kissing her before I interrupted,” you raised your voice. “God, I should’ve listened to the Lost Boys!”

“What? What did they have to say?” Peter got defensive.

“They told me that you can’t stay faithful. But you know what? I had faith in you that you could, but I was wrong. I was so terribly wrong! Now leave me alone,” you shouted, standing up. 

“Y/N, it was an act!” Peter stood up with you. “I need her for a prop. That’s all she is: a prop. She’s a missing girl; kidnapped. I need her so her brothers will get this possession I need in order to keep Neverland alive.”

You glared at him as tears were still slowly falling. Peter placed a soft hand on your cheek.

“Please, I could never hurt you. I love you too much to do that. I really do. I needed to, I guess you could say, butter her up. Make her feel welcome for the time being. She doesn’t realize that she is still in trouble, and I need her on my good side right now.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me the truth the first time?” 

Peter wiped some of your falling tears away. “I don’t know. I was being stupid, I’ll admit. Please forgive me?”

You stayed silent. You thought it through, debating on whether or not he was telling the truth or just saying what you wanted to hear.

“Y/N, please, I can’t lose you.”

Something pinged inside you. You could hear Peter’s desperation in his voice. His actual fear; something he never showed.

“Fine,” you simply replied. “One condition. Find a way to make it up to me. And it has to be good.”

“Anything for you, my love.” He grinned in the night before kissing you firmly. “Let’s head back to camp, yeah? Wendy is all set in her own cabin away from us.”

You smiled up at him. “Yeah, let’s go.”

You both walked back, hand-in-hand. Your tears dried, and you couldn’t help but lean into Peter as you two made it back to the Lost Boys.

When you’re a Lauren girl and your obsession has become too much that you spontaneously quote her when you’re having an argument with a client… And you win coz of it.

Client (a tall Caucasian male who probably thinks that a smaller female should be submissive): don’t give me the stupid look!!

Me, an existential feminist who isn’t afraid of death… And a possible black eye from an angry Caucasian male: (*raises voice to match the client’s*) sir, I’m not giving you “the stupid look”!!!

C: Yes you are!!! I know that look!!!!

Me: PLEASE DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! I wasn’t giving you the stupid look! (I almost blurted out “we’re separately single”, but it wouldn’t have made sense.)

C: (realizing he couldn’t intimidate me, he sat down and lowered his voice) I’m sorry, I just hate everybody today for some reason.

Me: well don’t hate on me. Now tell me about your concern.. (While chuckling inside my mind and thinking of Lern Jergi)

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there’s a difference between faceshipping and faceshipping… like “I saw these two fcs in a show / movie together and now I generally want a ship with them bc they had a lot of chemistry and there’s lots of material that I want to utilize, plus I think they look good together” is not the same as “I ship my fc with yours and even tho we haven’t agreed to ship I’m going to force my character to fall in love with yours and constantly hint IC and OOC that I want them to be a couple no matter how uncomfortable you are with the idea or how little chemistry they have as characters” even tho the latter can stem from an exaggerated version of the former

I think that some people are so afraid to be themselves that they turn into someone they are not and, consequently, the person they become is most often a copy of the person they said they’d never be.
—  fake (via fraagmented)