don't be afraid to art with your heart

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wanna send a bunch of positivity because i Have To. i just came here for some art and stayed for, well, EVERYTHING. it's so nice to see another traditional + attached mostly to canon but coming up with own AUs artist in this fandom! and it's also nice to find someone as devoted to UT! and so inspiring to see your art, it REALLY inspired me to not be afraid to draw my own UT fanart and try drawing UT comics! and you're just so nice and kind and open-hearted and peaceful AAAAA ❤💙💚💛💜💫🌻

I have no idea how to respond to so much kindness oh my geez💦


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i should do art more, it literally saved my life in the past. it's kind of ironical that now when i'm not in the danger i was before, i draw less. i bet it's because i focus on school too much. when i arrive home from school, i'm just so tired that i don't want to do anything. and if, then i try to kick myself to learn something. more often though i just search for things on the internet. but what am i blabbing about, i wanted to mainly thank you for your art <3 it soothes my heart <3

(same anon that was blabbering about doing more art) btw, your wolf ocs are so cute!!! i like them a lot <3 it made me very happy, because i have my own ocs that are half-human + half-animals too but i was kind of afraid to finish their story because people would be like “omg furries!” (i strongly dislike that term). that’s all for now from me. have a nice day full of things you like to do <3            

at first, thank you so much i’m touched ; ; 💘 i’m happy my art can calm you

is it maybe because you associate drawing with bad things that happened..? if you don’t feel like drawing right now, that’s absolutely fine!! when i was in school i used to not draw much either. sometimes other things in life are just more important. and creativity needs some rest sometimes, too. but i hope you won’t stop and still pick up the pen sometimes. for now take care of yourself, often take naps, let the internet inspire you, and eat delicious food, and someday the urge to draw will come back so strongly you’ll get back into it in no time, you’ll see

about the furry thing… human characters with animal ears and tails were called kemonomimi (literally, animal ears) a few years ago, and then idk what happened?? but suddenly they got mixed with full fledged furries and everything with animal traits gets called a furry now. but don’t worry, i’m pretty sure there are many who love to see these kind of characters (with small animal traits). just do what you want! there are probably some people who look at my wolf boys and go “ohgod what the fuck” but do i care? nope. and i won’t ever care. there’s always gonna be someone who will dislike what you do and will think your characters or character designs are boring or too cringy or too detailed, or whatever. hey, they are free to do their own ocs. you don’t make yours for these people, but for yourself and for the people who care 🌻

my wolf ocs are a bit edgy, but i love them tbh. i did them when i was 15 or so, and i kept them close to their original design because i wanted to revive them just for fun~

don’t be afraid to make “cringy deviantart OCs” with neon green hair and fangs and wings. it’s how most of us started and it is FUN and also, if one day your oc’s design bothers you, you can just revise it. characters, like humans, can and will change over time. and that’s super nice as well i think

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I'm too anxious to talk to you in dms but have a good Christmas and a happy new year! i hope you have a relaxing day today, dude. i really like your art, as well, it makes me so happy to see your art on my dash like?? well anyways go drink your eggnog

Awww I’m glad, ur so sweet anon I love it , it makes me so happy that people enjoy my happy u don’t even know.and I hope u have a relaxing day as well! Ur such a sweetheart