don't be afraid of food


I saw this post a while back about how characterizing Hunk as a big beautiful lover is great and all, but it’s also super one-dimensional and neglects the complexity that Hunk deserves (that I don’t feel like he’s getting from the fandom OR the actual show but wtv). So, here are some Hunk headcannons that don’t have anything to do with him being super nice, or into food:

  • One thing that’s pretty cannon is that Hunk is very scared, and has a lot of anxiety. He’s afraid of being hurt, of hurting or failing others, and seemingly his first instinct is to run from conflict (though he fights through this fear, and was given some character development on this front in s1)
    • imagine how afraid he must be before every fight. every time he goes out in ol yellow he’s gotta psych himself up bc he’s scared and he doesn’t want to do this and it isn’t fair he’s just a teenager he shouldn’t be saving the universe he just wants to go home and be with his family. and every time he’s gotta be like no, this is for the greater good, we’ve gotta help these people bc nobody else can. I’ve got to do this. I have to. Or I’ll never be able to live with myself.
  • we’ve all pretty much accepted that Hunk is 100% there for Lance and all his bullshit, but what about Lance being there for Hunk? What about Lance being there for Hunk when no one listens to him at the Garrison bc he’s “just an engineer” and pidge is kind of show-offy about their intelligence and lance is kind of a dingus but at least he’s charismatic and has a lot of friends.
    • He gets so angry. He has valid input! He’s a member of the team! Just because he gets scared and nauseous on the simulator doesn’t mean that people should just ignore him! Imagine Hunk and Lance in their dorm, Hunk pacing and yelling about how their instructors won’t call on him bc they think he’s some kind of joke but he KNOWS what he’s talking about! He fucking KNOWS! and Lance just kind of sitting there being like “yeah man I’m really sorry. yeah you’re right. shit that sucks” until Hunk finally burns himself out.
  • what about a Hunk that gets tired of the team taking advantage of his nice-ness? What about the team asking Hunk for favors–can you help me fix this robot–hunk can I talk to you about something personal for a sec?–Hunk, train with me I want to practice dealing with automatic weapons–Hunk can you try to make this for dinner some time? we don’t have any of the ingredients? do you know where we could find them?–Hunk you’re not busy are you? we need to give the lions a touch-up on their protective coating and everyone else is busy–
    • and he just flips. out. he disappears for like 6 hours. no one can find him. It’s shiro who finds him in the end, he’s huddled up in Yellow seemingly talking to himself–though he’s really venting to Yellow, who rumbles a purr in understanding every few minutes. Shiro asks him what’s wrong, Hunk explains and Shiro apologizes but tbh Hunk is still kind of bitter about it.
    • Just because he doesn’t complain about helping them, doesn’t mean it doesn’t inconvience him. Just because he always agrees to help doesn’t mean that he always wants to, or that it’s not interrupting shit that he should be doing.
  • he gets tired. he gets tired of helping people (even his team mates) and saving planets. he gets into a funk every so often bc he just needs a minute to recharge to really rest his his body AND his mind AND basically his will to be a big ball of sunshine like his team expects.
    • nobody on the team really knows what to do when this happens. they can’t really take a break? it’s not like they can just stop helping the people the come across. and Hunk won’t really talk to them about it, bc he still wants to be that guy, though they all understand. they want to stick around and help, but Hunk seems to want to be alone, so they mostly just leave him to himself, try to give him as much space as they can
    • Lance, though, comes up with Movie Night. it took a while to put together, Lance asked Coran and Allura about Altean movies and they showed him some but he was like…no. So what he wound up doing was reenacting the entirety of Mean Girls (the script of which he practically knows by heart) with the help of team voltron INCLUDING ALLURA AND A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC CORAN (if somebody wants to assign team voltron to various parts in Mean Girls I’m not going to stop you)
    • Hunk didn’t know ANYTHING about it (despite the team carrying around the script Lance wrote for them and rehearsing for a solid WEEK) and he honestly cried a little at the end bc he didn’t know how to thank them for doing so much to show that they cared about him

so yeah. Hunk should be more than just Good Guy™, or a fat dude who loves food, or a cinnamon roll too good too pure. He’s a person with flaws and faults and problems and just bc we love him and see all the good and wonderful things about him doesn’t mean that we should ignore his faults, or not allow him to have them.

Because a woman’s worth isn’t based on who she is to a man.

Because 1 out of 4 women are raped.

Because little girls shouldn’t be seen as sexual objects.

Because even if it’s #NotAllMen, it’s still a big enough problem to be #YesAllWoman

Recipe! Peanut Butter Banana individual Breakfast Cakes

So, today I was searching all around the web for one of those banana breakfast cookies. While I found quite a few, I didn’t find one that I was happy with. It wanted it to be quick with very few ingredients.

So this is what I came up with. I’m calling them ‘cakes’ because they aren’t chewy like a cookie. They are soft, spongy, and full of yummy moistness. Enjoy :)

5 min Prep/15 min Bake - makes 8


2 very ripe bananas

1 cup quick oats

½ cup natural peanut butter

1 egg

2 tablespoons pure maple syrup

1 teaspoon cinnamon (or more)


Pre-heat oven to 350 (F)

In mixing bowl combine all ingredients. You can make it super smooth, I like to leave the bananas a bit chunky.

Plop 8 scoops onto cookie sheet.

Bake for 15 minutes, until slightly browned on top.

Enjoy :)

You could easily add any type of mix in you want, chocolate chips, raisins, protein powder, nuts, anything. These are super quick and deliciously healthy.

After a rant, it’s recipe time! Hooray, that makes me happy.


Fresh Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken. (I forgot to take a final picture, and it makes me sad. Sorry, Steph!- I’m pinteristing this for a friend, who I’m teaching the ways of the kitchen, yay! I love cooking)


-4 Chicken breasts on the medium to large size

-1 medium onion (chopped)

-4 garlic cloves (minced)

-6 baby portobello mushrooms (or one large one) (chopped)

-1 package fresh mozzarella cheese

-Whatever type of vinaigrette you like- I used a basil and parmasen one

1. Preheat over to 375

2. Sautee onion, garlic, and mushrooms with a drizzle of olive oil and some shakes of salt and pepper until onions are tender

3. While veggies are tenderizing, tenderizing your chicken. Beat it with a mallet till flat, not paper thin, till rollable size. (excuse my wording, I do know what I’m talking about, I just sound ridiculous)

4. When veggies are done, take one flattened chicken breast and sprinkle with salt and pepper, spread some of the veggie mixture, then top with 3 slices of fresh mozzarella.

5. Roll chicken and place seam side down in baking dish. Repeat process with remaining breasts.

6. Evenly pour vinaigrette on top.

7. Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour, uncover and slit tops of chicken, bake for 15 minutes and enjoy. :)

Drunken Peaches

So I had some extra-dry Vermouth left over from a duck I prepared last week that I wanted to get rid of. I also had quite a few peaches. I scrounged around the internet for a while looking for a recipe but none met my requirements of: baked, with Vermouth, and more ingredients that just the alcohol and the peach.

So, naturally, I created my own.


Peaches (however many you want, I used 3)

1- 1 ½ cups Vermouth (you can used Extra-dry or sweet, I used extra-dry and was DELICIOUS)

¼- ½ cup Pure Maple Syrup

2 TBSP Cinnamon

1 TBSP Almond Extract

Brown Sugar


Heat oven to 350 degrees

Mix vermouth, syrup, cinnamon, and almond extract together in small mixing bowl or liquid measurer.

Half the peaches and discard stone, arrange in baking dish flesh up.

Pour mixture over peaches making sure to fill the hole left by the stone. 

Top peaches with brown sugar.

Bake for 20-25 minutes and top with vanilla ice cream. Pour extra liquid over!