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Airachnid = THE WORST

Here is what I’ve realized

If she had never been welcomed onto the Nemesis… if Megaton had just killed her the moment Breakdown brought her on board because of her OBVIOUS personal agenda in trying to steal the micguffins from the other Decepticons then a lot of issues would never have arose. 

The Obvious is Breakdown might be alive… but also Dreadwing would be alive too! here is why…

Starscream would not have gone rouge. Dreadwing would have been under Starscreams command and taken orders. There would have never been a patch on Starscream and he would not have ever been privy to the knowledge of his Brothers graves “desecration” and would have remained loyal. 

She woke up the Hive of insecticons and proceeded to attach the Nemisis with them… something that she would have done one way or another. And even after she had been dealt with The insecticons caused infighting among the vehicons. MORE issues. The insecticons were utterly useless brutes for most of the show including Hardshell.  

To top it off she becomes a Zombie in the end and even that is mostly her own doing! she’s even a problem to herself! She killed BD to begin with. if she hadn’t there would never have been a Zombie Breakdown and its also likely Starscream and Knockout would not have had the need to invent a new “powerful soldier” because their forces would have been fine and Starscream would not have had a reason to go so far to earn Megatrons trust and respect back. 

that’s not even listing the number of things she did to Arcee and Jack and the Autobots. 

Airachnid = THE WORST!

But of course Megatrons the one that allowed her on the Nemesis so…