don't be a drag just be a queen

I just really want a lil ficlet or a oneshot of Steve entering drag shows and Bucky being all *heart eyes* “I’m gonna ruin that girl prom style” because….

this is too pretty not to be explored. 

I mean……

Steve gettin’ really into it? Crossing his legs and Bucky kissing at his ankles because “I’m a lady and you’re gonna have to work if you want to be with a lady.” 

People being blown away because “Steviee” is actually the cutest darn drag queen and a total fan favorite. She’s got a fierce drag family who adopted her because she’s so wholesome– but she’s got sass for days and how can you not love her?? 

Bucky, Steviee’s big beefy motorcycle-riding boyfriend (who people think looks kind of familiar but they’re not sure where…….) is the epitome of politeness and “do you need help with getting into your corset, sweetheart?” Bucky’s so good at lacing Steve in that other drag queens ask for his help too, and of course he helps– because he wants to impress his Steviee, and because he’s a nice guy. He gets tons of backstage modelings and everyone asks for his opinions. 

Bucky and Steve end up becoming the drag family’s shoulder to cry on when drama hits– because it often does and OMG Starzz is so not bringing fishy fierceness! Did you see her five o’clock shadow? 

Finally, Bucky gets Steviee in bed, all dolled up and perfect with her lace front wig and pretty painted lips. He thought he’d be getting weird and dirty but ends up making the most passionate love to Steve they’ve ever had. So many I love you’s and you’re everything to me baby girl.

………I want it? Plz?