don't be a douche and repost these

anonymous asked:

why do artists say not to repost something? dont they want their stuff shared?

There’s a difference between reposting and reblogging something. Reposting means you’ve downloaded the art and then made a NEW post. This is extremely problematic because 1) the artist no longer receives any notifications that their art has been shared and appreciated 2) the new post almost never has any credit linking back to the artist/the new poster might take credit for art they didn’t create. 

(And there have been cases of reposted art then being used for commercial purposes without the artist’s consent–or them getting anything out it–which is hella wrong.)

Reposting is pretty much the same as taking Harry Potter and reprinting and selling your own copies without letting JR Rowling know or even having her name on the cover.

Reblogging art, however, is totally fine because the artist still gets credit and notifications (think of them like royalties). Reblog and share the art–and make sure you tell the artist how much you love their work.

  • Me: *Sees own art reposted without consent and without credit*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Should I report or should I talk to them or bc i don't want to seem a douche bag--
  • Mind: *reports*