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if you had a jojo stand what would it be? *o*

So i don’t know if you know about it but there’s this amazing fangame called the seventh stand user where it’s basically an amazingly well done self insert fanfiction of stardust crusaders. (i recommend this game 1000%) At the beginning of that game you take a personality test to determine the stand you get, and i got [JOYKILLER] and i love him and he’s my son. on the other hand, my “original” stand here is [BLACK BAlLOON] which is a hit song by the goo goo dolls which also has another hit, iris (which is my name). 


I made another TAZ shirt!

you can get it here

So it turns out the brothers aren’t cool with TAZ merchandise being sold on redbubble so I took this down. I tweeted the design to Justin though so maybe they’ll see it! In the meantime you can check out my other non-TAZ designs here

FIRE (불타오르네) - Google Translate Ver.
Google Translate | BTS (방탄소년단)
FIRE (불타오르네) - Google Translate Ver.

Google Translate singing Bangtan Boys’ “FIRE”

Alright, but what if the apocalypse happened and those of us who are “glued to our phones/computers/soul-sucking wireless devices” actually knew what was going on and how to survive due to us being connected to other people and all the assholes who look down on us for being “internet zombies” had no idea until the literal zombies busted through their windows and tried to eat them.


Welp it’s time for another doodle dump! Up next we have Woodie again from the game Don’t Starve. XD

I swear I draw more stuff then just DS art…

I drew a lot of these while feeling under the weather so don’t kill me too much for his lovely anatomy. Woodie is my sister’s ( @bilboisjam ) character to play as whenever we play DST and we just love making awful puns about science and wood. >u>”

I actually REALLY like drawing this guy, his face is so fun! I especially love his floofy hair. Am I the only one who thinks his hair is super soft? I would think his beaver form is just as floofy…

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can you write some trans dex w like, gender euphoria stuff? like him being rly happy bc he's perceived as a dude, or him being really happy about his progress and stuff and sharing that with nursey?

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By the time Dex gets to Samwell, he’d been on testosterone for roughly nine months. Getting there hadn’t been easy, he had to pay for all his appointments and medication and had to wait till his eighteenth birthday to start the process, but his parent’s had somewhat come around to the situation and have even started making an effort to gender him correctly. He feels it’s something to do with the fact that he is actually starting to look like a nineteen year old boy instead of an ambiguous thirteen year old.

When he returns from winter break, he’s officially over the one year mark. His family has gotten better, and his mother even bought him a few new flannels because “with all that muscle you’re gaining it looks like you rose a size.”

And Dex has been gaining muscle. Between the hockey work outs and the continuation of how is body is shifting, his shoulders have broadened. His waist has flattened and his already straight hips have smoothed out as well. He’s still binding, top surgery is expensive and he’s already decided that he would deal with that after college, but he’s wearing a proper binder that doesn’t hurt or bruise anymore. And it flattens his chest to the point where even he does’t give it a second glance anymore. He’s even able to grow some facial hair. It’s not a lot by any means, but seeing the ginger mustache and beard grow while playoffs are happening swells his heart.

Though nothing swells his heart more than his team.

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the art entitled “don’t be that guy, rolo” AKA “it’s a small universe after all” AKA “ridiculous aliens and their long-suffering human boyfriends”

i’m too cool for backgrounds

Ellen Gallagher takes on the role of an amateur oceanographer for her “Watery Ecstatic Series” (2004), cataloging various creatures and incising the contours of their bodies into the paper itself.

Ellen Gallagher: Don’t Axe Me is on view at the New Museum until September 15, 2013 on the Third and Fourth Floor galleries.