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still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

anonymous asked:

Can you help me figure out the difference between 버리세요 and 버리어요? The both seem to mean to throw something away and I just wanted to figure out if I was maybe doing something wrong.

This might be a long answer anon, so bear with me haha^^

In Korean, verbs come at the end of the sentence (it has an SOV sentence order) and these verbs are heavily conjugated. They are conjugated according to tense, mood, speech level, honorifics, but not gender or number (there is no difference between we eat and he eats for instance).

버리다 means “to throw away”, and it also can be used following other verbs to express that the verb was done to completion (잊어버리다 and 잃어버리다 are two examples that are commonly used). In this case, I’m just going with “to throw away”.

To conjugate 버리다 in present tense, we look at the last letter of the stem (to find a stem, drop -다 from the dictionary form). Since it is , we need to add like you said in your ask. However, when and meet in conjugation, they combine into so the correct conjugation is 버려요, not 버리어요.

However, you also have to look at who you’re speaking to and how formal and polite you need to be. In my daily life, I commonly use 해체 (impolite informal) and 해라체 (impolite formal, also used in impersonal writing (among other things)) with close friends, 해요체 (polite informal) with my classmates, teachers, and general strangers, and 하십시오체 (polite formal) when I do presentations, interviews, write emails, or talk to elderly people. I’ll conjugate 버리다 below to each of those levels in declarative present tense so you can see what I’m talking about.

  • 해체: 버려
  • 해라체: 버린다
  • 해요체: 버려요
  • 하십시오체: 버립니다

Now (으)시 is an honorific particle added directly after the verb stem, so you will conjugate it instead of the verb stem. You add -시 after a stem ending in a vowel, and -으시 after a stem ending in a consonant. If this particle is added to an irregular verb stem though, there are few things that will occur (but that is another long post for another day). This honorific particle can be used at any speech level, but it is never used when talking about your own actions. Only use it when talking about the actions of others who you are talking respectfully about. For example: 

친구: 오늘 뭘 배웠니? (Friend: What’d you learn today?)

나: 선생님이 우리에게 불규칙 동사를 활용하는 법을 가르쳐주셨어. (Me: Our teacher taught us how to conjugate irregular verbs.)

In this example, my friend and I were talking informally, but when I talked about my teacher’s actions, I used the honorific (in past tense) to show respect.

-세요, as seen in your ask, is the 해요체 present tense form (-셔요 is also used, but I usually only ever see and hear -세요). But, it is also the imperative form ending for 해요체. Tone and context allows you to determine the intended meaning. If you’re wanting to “command” someone older than you/with more authority/who deserves respect with the 해요체 level, you should use -주세요 instead of just -세요. This makes it a politer “please do this” instead of just “do this”.

So while both 버리세요 and 버려요 mean “throw away”, the former indicates respect for the subject or is a command to “throw away” something. Hopefully this long explanation helped a bit and if you have any other questions, just ask^^

anonymous asked:

Is it true that the other side by ruelle was written for Malec??? I saw it in one of the blogs? Does anyone know

As far as I know (so correct me if I am wrong), Ruelle wrote the song “for a special show” but never stated that she wrote it for Malec. It’s just that the Malec fandom claimed that song from the very first second because it screamed Malec. 

Personally, my first impression was that it probably would be used in the C/limon/C/lace break up scene and I guess I was right since the song will apparently be played on the next ep on Monday.

meghatron12337  asked:

"Will you marry me?" With Steve and Tony?with fluffy icing on top!!

45. “Will you marry me?”

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Steve said, coming up to Tony and wrapping his hand around his waist gently, where he was gazing up at the stars in the black night sky on their balcony, half way up the Tower.

“Yea,” Tony said softly, smiling, and putting a hand around Steve in response. Steve had decided to treat Tony to a home-cooked meal for their 1-year anniversary of being a ‘couple’, and he had to think how he could have been so lucky.

Steve kissed the top of Tony’s head, wanting to nestle into his fluffy hair, but he resisted, and pulled away slightly to look at his face.

“Tony,” Steve started, and Tony looked away from the stars and the city to look back at Steve’s adoring face.

“Hmmm,” He replied, smiling. Steve always wanted to talk about mush-nonsense whenever they did a special night like this. Or just any time really.

“I… You know I love being with you, here, in New York, in the Tower,” Steve gestured around them, “And, you’re happy too, right?”

Tony smiled even wider. “Yes, of course I’m happy Steve. I’m with you,” He said, with a bit of a blush, wanting to look away, cause damn if Steve made him say something more sappy. But he honestly didn’t care where he was, as long as he was with Steve, he knew he’d be happy.

Steve was feeling even better about tonight. He should do this soon, he had rehearsed this, but wanted to do it right.

“Tony,” Steve said again, and pulled away from him to hold his hands. Tony frowned slightly. “I’ll never want to be with anyone else,” he said seriously. “And I know that you’ve never really had a long-term relationship that has worked out, but I really want us to work, and I want everyone to know that me and you are forever - and that I plan on always being by your side.” Steve bit his lip inwardly, and smiled nervously, holding onto Tony’s hands.

“Ok…” Tony said, nodding, smiling albeit confusedly. Steve saw this as as good a moment as any. 

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Break Down-Klance Fic


So here’s a klance fic I’ve been thinking about and I had to get it out in the open. So, this is a self-indulge AU that I am temporarily calling ‘Break Down’ au. Basically, Lance has been having dreams involving a person by the name of Lotor, hehe, who seems to act like he knows everything. He feeds Lance ideas that slowly bring out his insecurities, knowing full well that it’ll tear Voltron up from the inside. It’s sort of a dark!Lance fic, I mean, he’s getting corrupted and manipulated, and poor Keith is trying to figure out why. It’s still a work in progress, this is all my brain has given me for right now. Take it as you will! I also drew a picture for it.

Welp, enjoy this idea! Whatever it is…there’s Klance if you squint! 

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learning languages without actually studying them

smoking outside in the rain: +2 French words

sharing a glass of sherry with Miguel de Cervantes ghost: +3 Spanish

cursing the Britsh: +3 Spanish words & +9 French

wandering around Siberia with an existential crisis: +5 Russian words

look at an english dictionary, we’ve probably already stolen some of your native words: +7 English

subs not dubs!!!: -3 Japanese words for being annoying

arriving on time and queuing up properly: +1 German word

feeling dead inside: +2 Latin