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Years after Hawkmoth’s defeat, Ladybug and Chat Noir have a conversation about life, love, and marriage.

Ladybug checked her communicator for the third time that night, and frowned.

The green pawprint blinked idly back at her, resting at a junction between city streets—the same place it had been every other time she’d checked.

They hadn’t arranged to meet up that night. It was her turn for a solo patrol tonight, and there hadn’t been any trouble big enough to make calling for help a necessity. She’d stopped a couple muggings, interrupted a robbery—normal, small things. Nothing that needed an extra pair of hands.

And, sure, they both transformed just for the fun of it sometimes. Sometimes they caught one another out on morning strolls or midnight snack runs or impromptu patrols, but usually those involved moving around.

Chat’s tracker hadn’t moved in the past two hours.

She shouldn’t worry—Hawkmoth had been in jail for the past three years and Chat wasn’t in a bad part of town right now—but…


The green pawprint blinked at her from the same junction, at the same pace, unmoved.

Ladybug abandoned the end of her route and headed downtown.

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I made this in honor of young justice season 3!

(also because I just really loved the little Robin faces that pop up when Robin is hacking in season 1)

Hello, all the VC fans! Sorry for being (very) late to the party! I hope your year has started well and that it’ll hold positive surprises for you.

Thank you for supporting me all these years. It always warms my heart to get messages from you. If you can and like, please spread your positive vibes to others as well..! Messages like that can have a huge effect on a person, on their self-esteem, general mood and make them be less afraid to share their interests/love in forms of different media in the future as well.

Take care of yourselves, you Damned children!


((…unfortunately there are no convenient censor bars or sounds in real life, much to Joey and Henry’s dismay. Bendy gets yelled at when he swears, that’s all they can really do.

also, thanks hon! <3))

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮

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Have you ever drawn Katie Gardner🌺? And if not can you please draw her cause I have not seen alot of people drawing her so can you please draw her? Pleassssseeee........................ Thank you

here goes a daughter of Demeter for ya!

Terrible Choices
  • "I can't believe you just did that."
  • "You're going to do WHAT?!"
  • "Let me count the ways that this is a bad idea..."
  • "Please tell me you're joking."
  • "You are going to have a LOT of explaining to do over this one."
  • "You can make all the excuses all you want, but you really fucked up this time."
  • "So... I did something that might have been a terrible idea..."
  • "Do you think we could just forget last night?"
  • "I'm not sure what happened, but I have a feeling I know who was behind it."
  • "You know that little voice inside your head that tells you not to do the thing? Listen to it next time."
  • "You're not a teenager anymore. Stop acting like it."
  • "What's the worst that could happen from all this?"
  • "Do not talk to me again."
  • "It really wasn't THAT bad a decision, was it?"
  • "Yeah. Okay. I screwed up. Now what do I do about it?"
  • "Don't try to pin this all on me. WE did this. You were involved."
  • "You don't have that little voice that tells you when something's a bad idea, do you?"
  • [text] What happened? Everything's a blur.
  • "Please, please tell me what I did wrong."
  • "That was just a giant clusterfuck, wasn't it?"
On tonight’s episode of Sergio’s tattoos: A brief history of his back tattoos

At the age of 14 he got his first tattoo on his right shoulder blade. An elf holding a football.

On his lower back are the names of his siblings with the number 4 in between.

The goblin however was eventually replaced by a cover-up tattoo of two wolf heades. 

Shortly after, a dream catcher with his initials in the middle was added, as well as some lines of text just below his neck (more on that later.)

After the 2016 Champions League Final we finally got to see the newest additions to his back piece. Now with the head of a lion on his left shoulder blade and the writing complete.

And here’s the finished piece as of July 2017. On the lower left part of his back is a heart with several swords/daggers through it and the word cicatrices under it which is Spanish for scars.

The writing in it’s entirety reads: 

A lion never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep (neck part) 

Only those who went hungry with me and stood by me will eat at my table.

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Someone needs to draw the costume and tattoo. Please, artists. Don't make me do it. You don't want stick!Victor and his shitty tattoo.

I intentionally did not describe the costume/tattoo in any real detail in the hopes that one of the many amazing artists in this fandom would have better ideas than me. Perhaps we’ll get lucky!

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When it comes to natsu trying to flirt, how do the other dragon slayers cheer him on or try to give him advice? (Got the idea from remembering Gray saying Natsu needs a lesson or two with flirting)

let’s just say that it was the last time he listened to their advices

can you tell I was too lazy to draw the slayers having the time of their lives in the background?

  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: Usui
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll, actually is a cinnamon roll: Tsukushi
  • Looks like they could kill you, actually a cinnamon roll: Mizuki
  • Looks like they could kill you and actually could kill you: Ooshiba
  • Sinnamon roll: Kazama
  • [Bonus]
  • Looks like they could kill you, actually could kill you but is a cinnamon roll anyway: Kimishita

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Do you have a masterpost about 'I hope senpai doesn't notice me?' I'd love to know more about the idea and maybe the event that would take place with suzuki and senpai.

I’m currently working on the additional stuff and commonly asked info about the characters of this story concept!

For now, the tags on my blog are the only sources. 

I’ll update this post for more links when I’m done for future use!

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hi, i love your art! could you pls explain how u do layers tho? im really bad at them 😅

For lineart or for coloring???

I’ll very briefly go over both I guess. Tutorial under the cut.

(I’m using PaintTool SAI for this, but Photoshop works exactly the same)

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What if the fake ah crew got a bounce castle like they did in the last between the games. Like it could be really small like in the video or like a giant one that takes up streets

Actual chaos. I feel like they would start with the little one, someone buys it as a joke, maybe don’t even realise how ridiculously small it is until they blow it up, but the whole lot of them have so much fun with it before it breaks that its not long until they go for a big one. Several big ones actually, until someone brings in a strict no shoes, no keys, no knives rule so that castles can actually survive more than a few hours at a time.

The fascination dies down eventually, it has to, but for a while there the only way Geoff or Trevor could get anyone to listen to a thing they said was to conduct their meetings from inside the jumping castle. One even made it into a heist, portable generator keeping it inflated as Jack carted it around on the back of a flatbed, a questionable but ultimately successful landing pad when members of the crew hurled themselves off various buildings. It wasn’t exactly inconspicuous, and despite what they imagined was perhaps not quite the softest of landings considering how difficult it quickly became to avoid hitting one another. They’d also failed to consider the way the weight of each lander would risk sending everyone flying, but since Jeremy was the only one who actually got bounced out to land heavily on the metal bed of the truck the rest of the crew called it a win. 


{ Alois Trancy
Ciel Phantomhive. }

I am merely stating facts, Ciel! Once, I get you going….you’ll be begging for it!~

( @sassy-ciel
@the-lord-phantomhive )

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[[ so i know this is,,, pretty unconventional?? if that's the word, since this is an ask blog and i don't know how common this is but anyways um. would it be a completely awful idea to write a fic based on this college au?? like, using the backstory/universe you created {it'd be for you as well, it wouldn't be like,, deliberately stealing the plot} ]]

(( HOLY CRAP ANON ID LEGIT DIE,,,,,, I WOULD LOVE THAT SO MUCH OH MY GOD please be my guest omg if u have any questions about stuff i might not have answered yet u can dm me here or on my main if ud like its squigglegigs !!!! this made me smile really big that someone besides me likes these silly college boys thank u so much aaaaaa))

Please block Glorious-cesspool

A lot of you guys have been asking me who the person was that decided to try and “get in” with me. For those who don’t know this guy targets younger girls (he is 22) and asks them about their personal information and just generally tries to start a relationship with minors, he guilt trips and manipulates them, please block him.


I wanted to answer your question, while also showing you these boi’s are not necessarily welcomed into our house?

They aren’t really allowed to live in our house because they break the three rules that we (As a house of skelly’s and human) have set in place. Also they have done things… Things that just make specific people in the house want to strangle them. I’ll still draw them if requested or if you want my headcanons on them, and I have an idea or two about drawing them in the future, but they don’t live with us for varying reasons.

also I have previously drawn the Swapfell boys so here are some links to that: 

Wowowwoww (Munchkin or Munch for short)

Messy SF Papyrus (Ragamuffin or Rag for short)

Dem boys as fishes (and omg I just got an amazing Idea for a stupid thing Imma gonna have to draw it dAMMIt.)

A look into their daily lives.

Them just doin’ them.


“Is there a god?”