don't ask muffy

Arthur Recap Season 7 Episode 3 Part 2 Don’t Ask Muffy

I’m only, like, twelve seasons away from getting caught up on recapping. And I won’t be doing that any time soon if I don’t get my shit together. Let’s do this:

Arthur and Buster are eating Chinese food and going over their fortune cookies. Artur complains that his fortune (”Accept gifts from an unlikely source”) isn’t a real fortune, but a piece of random advice. Buster offers to take his fortune but points out the great lengths people go for advice: traveling to remote Asian countries to search for the meaning of life, buying all the self help books at the store, or confiding in a psychiatrist.

Arthur decides that his fortune isn’t so bad and asks to keep it. However, Buster has already placed it in the shoebox where he keeps his fortune cookies. He offers Arthur a random slip from the box, which read “You give away things too easily”.

Buster realizes the fortune came true and refuses to give anything to Arthur.

A little rude of him, but whatever. Can you guess the theme of the episode today?

Francine hands out copies of The Frensky Star, which is slowly becoming an actual newspaper. It has a news story about the Sugar Bowl and an advice column penned by Muffy. “She’s paying for all the photocopying,” explains Francine.

The kids notice branches falling out of Binky’s locker and ask him what the deal is. Binky snaps that he happens to like trees and frightened, the kids don’t press any additional questions.

In the park, as Binky practices walking like a pigeon, Arthur reads the advice column to Buster. It’s an anonymous question asking what to get their butler for a birthday present. It’s obviously penned by Muffy. I mean, what other kid in town has a butler?

Muffy comes by and admits she wrote her own question to get the ball rolling. She offers French chocolates in exchange for one of the boys to be her assistant. Buster accepts the job because he has the munchies.

Muffy and Buster lay around her bedroom eating candy, waiting for a question to roll in. Muffy is upset no one is writing in and is about to write a column on how to prevent split ends (which would actually be useful for an advice column if she was writing for a style/beauty magazine but third graders don’t give a shit about their hair) until she gets a question from “A-ninny-mouse”.

“A-ninny-mouse” is in a ballet about a tree who becomes a pigeon and wants to invite their friends but is embarrassed since said friends don’t know that “A-ninny-mouse” does ballet.

Muffy is excited that her column is taking off and imagines becoming the next “Hoprah”. Except Muffy isn’t really interested in interviewing controversial figures, highlighting heroes or people in need, or giving useful advice to her audience. 

She’s mostly interested in the part where people chant her name and she offers free makeovers.

Well, wouldn’t we all be?

Muffy finds Binky in the playground the next day and asks if he liked her advice. Duh, Binky was totally “A-ninny-mouse”! He;s been walking around with tree branches and acting like a pigeon, for God’s sake.

Binky tells Muffy that her advice for him to move to Baltimore to pursue ballet was useless and didn’t solve his problem at all! Binky says that another advice giver told him to just invite a couple of close friends to his show.

Muffy demands to know who it is but Binky just walks away saying that it’s “someone who’s a lot better at giving advice than you.”

Ooh, burn.

Muffy recruits Buster to help her find out who the competition is. You don’t think Ask Abby tries to get dirt on Ann Landers? Oh, you’re so naive. 

She and Buster go to the skate park where they overheard the “good advice giver” telling Jenna to just pronounce badminton however she wants because who the fuck cares, Jenna?

Muffy believes that the guitar case belonging to the “good advice giver” holds the secret to her ability and attempts to open it. The mysterious figure shows herself and demands Muffy and Buster back off. It’s Molly!

Molly explains that one kid asked her for advice, which opened the gates to other kids asking her. Buster asks for advice on how to quit his job and with the help of Molly, tells Muffy that he’s done being her lackey.

Muffy decides that if the people want advice from Molly, then she must become Molly to save her column.

Muffy changes her clothes, hair, music, and even takes up skateboarding in an attempt to become more like Molly. This all fails disastrously so Muffy decides to take the Crosswire way: pay off Molly.

She goes to Molly’s house and offers Molly a cut of the profits from her future talk show. Molly asks why Muffy is so insistent on becoming a talk show host when she’s already rich and sucks at giving advice because she doesn’t listen to people.

Muffy takes offense at people told she’s lame until she realizes Molly just spilled her secret. Molly tells Muffy to read Hoprah’s autobiography before she jumps into the talk show game. She also doesn’t let Muffy take her copy of the book. “Get your own, moneybags,” Molly tells her.

Muffy decides that while she isn’t cut out for general advice giving, she is good at make up and fashion advice.

At Binky’s ballet, where Molly is Binky’s invited guest, Muffy lends Molly a barrette to keep the hair out of her eyes. 

Grade: A (I really like this episode. It builds up Molly’s characterization and the dynamic between her and Muffy is fun to watch. I also like how there was foreshadowing about Binky’s ballet performance in the beginning of the episode and it paid off in the end. It’s not particularly hilarious but it does offer a valuable lesson: sometimes you’re not talented or well suited for the thing you really want to do. Muffy realized she’s better off playing to her already existing strengths.)

rating: 35% intense. Giving advice is intense.