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soma either 1 or 3 (i can't decide!!)

1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth 

 3. I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that?

why not both? ;D

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soul x maka week 2017, day 3: clothes

At first, Maka doesn’t seem to hear you. “What?” she asks, tilting her head up to inspect you with green, green eyes that remind you exactly why you haven’t yet confessed your utter infatuation to her. Dark, stringy locks of wet hair frame her face, like seaweed wrapping around a drowned sailor, like a mermaid caught and captured and pulled from the water, but that makes no sense because you are the drowning sailor, the captured mermaid, the weapon who was stupid enough to fall for his meister.

“Nothing,” you lie, your brief muster of courage deserting you. “Forget it.”

She narrows her eyes at you, which should be warning enough, but somehow you still lose the next half-second of your life. Before you can blink, she’s swung you around like the weapon you are, and your back is slamming against the wall beside the bathroom door with a dull boom.

“Ow,” you try to say, but you’re out of breath, and your meister is yanking on the front of your pajama shirt with one small, strong hand, and her green, green eyes are staring up at you.

But they flicker, and you swear that they spend more time on your mouth than on your eyes, and really, a guy can only take so many accidental passes before he starts getting his hopes up. Your meister is Maka Albarn, you remind yourself— Maka Albarn, daughter of an unfaithful Death Scythe— Maka Albarn, who has all but sworn off romance with men— Maka Albarn, the subject of your unrequited and yet undying crush— Maka Albarn, who currently has you shoved up against the hallway of your shared apartment in only a towel and may or may not be staring at your mouth right now.

“Ow,” you say belatedly, stupidly. Uncool.

If she asked a question while you were struggling with your hopeless attraction, she isn’t repeating it, and now her free hand is sliding along your jaw, and her thumb is stroking your cheekbone, and her breath is hot as it puffs against your lips, and you are so in love with this girl who will never love you back. You know this, you’ve accepted it, but sometimes the harsh truth of it strikes like lightning and leaves you helpless.

“You’re not gonna kiss me, are you?” you ask weakly, thoughtlessly, and now she’s pulling away, her cheeks red, and you can’t help but panic for a second at how she won’t look at you.

You grab for her hand, your fingers tightening around hers in desperation, in some selfish, selfish desire to cling to this moment. She’s not yours, though— not yours to catch, not yours to keep. Let her go, Soul, you think, and you do, your fingers loosening just so. You are the one in Maka’s grasp, not the other way around, and that is how it should stay, because if you ever caught Maka the way she’s caught you, you’re not sure if you could ever let go.

She doesn’t pull away. Her green, green eyes have dropped to your mouth again, definitely for sure this time, and you blurt, “Because, I mean, I wouldn’t mind. If you kissed me. If you wanted to.”

Her shampoo tickles your nose, and you are drawn in, drowning, and she doesn’t pull away, even as you lean forward, just a little. The brush of her lips against yours electrifies you, though, and your heart fails under the shock, because you are absolutely convinced that you’re misreading something, because there is no possible way Maka Albarn would want any man, least of all you.

So you jerk back, and stuttered sorrys fall from your lips like they make their own language, and then Maka Albarn leans up and kisses you back.

I do.


This isn’t even close to all the Nightmarionne asks I have in the inbox but I was in a mood to draw them so have a Lightning Round™

I Wish I Could Title Every Poem I've Ever Written, 'Fuck Man, I Don't Know'

I’m not too sure how much my family would like it
But I’m not too sure how much they like my writing anyways
They think it’s sad and weird
They ask me, ‘Why don’t you write about happy things?’

Is poetry supposed to make people happy?
Should I tell everyone things will be okay in the end, then wink and walk away?
Should I talk about a sunset then slap someone’s back and say, ‘keep your head up kiddo’?
Should I tell people too take the road less traveled and then act surprised when they get mauled by a bear?

The other day my grandma recited me a poem my grandpa wrote for her when they first started dating
Some simple quatrain thing talking about trees and stars and love
It was cute
Afterwards I tried to read her something of mine but forgot about a line I wrote referencing my drug dealer
Not so cute

I see a bouquet of flowers but the petals are all tiny heads of sad old drunks weeping
I see the stars but all the constellations are college freshmen writing poems about the stars to get a blowjob
I see a poetry anthology called ‘100 love poems’ at the book store and the ink is printed on toilet paper
I see an old dog hobbling on three legs and want to give it everything I own


Charles before Erik



Bet you all expected some wheelchair kinky stuff but NOPE ITS NOT ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

The wheelchair dancing scene is my fav part in the movie XD Actually I wanted to draw Cherik doing that IN A ROMANTIC WAY LIKE THE MOVIE but then my brain suddenly malfunctioned so it turned out like this imsosorryCharlandErik

Please don’t kill me for the GIF

我就喜欢看犯二的法鲨跟崩溃的一美 ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) (喂

[The After]

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26. what emotion do you feel most often?

I’m going to apologise here - first for taking so long to respond and secondly for my answer. WARNING ANGST AHEAD!!! And to answer your question…I feel sad.

I’m Right Where I Should Be


Sometimes it felt like he was back in that car again. Drowning. Helpless. Sad.

Sad. It didn’t seem to be a big enough word and yet lately, it dripped from him. Burying him under a pile of anxiety and self-hatred. A sadness he didn’t know how to stop.

Some days were good, a smile from his husband was all that was needed to break the cycle and yet others, that same smile looked tinged with disappointment and pain, the sadness would threaten to swamp him even with Aaron by his side.

He spent time hiding in plain sight. No one paid much attention to him and he discovered he liked it best this way.

He didn’t want all eyes on him.

Didn’t want to be judged. He punished himself enough, he didn’t need other people to join in on the party.

He promised to get help, but even talking about it didn’t make it better. There was just pain and sadness and fear.

If it wasn’t sadness, it was the fear that got to him in the darkness of their bedroom, laying there listening to his husband’s soft snores.

It should have filled him with peace, instead there was only white-blinding fear, that lit up the darkness in its ferocity.

It would end. Eventually he would come to know too much, be unable to forgive too little and his world would leave him.

There would be no more soft snores, no more quiet nights snuggled on the couch, and no more sad smiles that flowed with understanding.

Just smiles that didn’t reach eyes, anger and fear and loathing.

And there would be nothing, but the sadness and the void of knowing what he’d had before but would never have again.

He’d promised to try though, so he would because he owed at least that and more.

But who was counting.

Oh right, he was.

“Robert?” she asked, she had kind eyes and a gentleness to her that made him want to scream. “Would you like to tell me why you’re here?”

“Because I made a promise to my husband and I don’t know how to be the kind of person that keeps them. I don’t want to lose him, but I’m not even sure if I deserve him anymore, in fact I know I don’t,” Robert whispered, picking at a scab on his hand he’d gotten when he punched the wall outside the Mill.

Ignoring his words, she nodded towards his hand, “How did you get that?”

“Anger. I wanted to feel something other than drowning sadness and pain seems to work for my husband,” Robert said, folding his arms and hiding his hands from further scrutiny.

“What did he say?”

Robert smiled, but he knew it was just facsimile of the real thing, his brain remembered how, but his chest didn’t. “He got pissed. Told me to stop being a selfish asshole and that I knew better than to go down his path.”

“And do you know better, Robert?” she questioned.

“I don’t know anything.” Robert held himself tight.

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Hello All Might. If you don't mind me asking, why did you decide to be a villain?

I didn’t decide to become a villain, I was given the title by individuals like you two and the so called ‘heroes’ you love.
I do what I please with no regard of others because humans are selfish.
I am simply indulging in my true nature.

Besides everyone knows its more fun this way. @hazardousartandshiz

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Hello! You answered an ask about the titles of your fic and the chapters and said you had an entire playlist and it got me really curious. If you don't mind, can you share with us? I think your writing style is amazing and I love umfb&mha and I think one of the main reasons why I started reading is was bc the titles were so aesthetic pleasing ????? anyways tks 4 being amazing #protectviktor2k17

Because I’m an idiot I accidentally deleted the original playlist but I’ve still got the list of original potential chapter titles that I wrote before any of the fic was written. It’s really long but I’ll put the top contenders that didn’t quite make it on here, discounting all the ones for chapter 13 and 14 because of spoilers. Also remember, these were all potentials but were also discarded for a reason and they were also written before the fic which has gone through a lot of changes since then.

Original Alternate Chapter Titles

·       Love Sticks, Sweat Drips – unspecified chapter (8-10) – Kiss With a Fist by Florence and the Machine (same song that gave chapter 8 its name)

·       So Pull Me Closer (And Kiss Me Hard) – unspecified chapter (8-9) – Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds

·       This Heart Will Never Be Yours - unspecified chapter (2-9)  – This Love (will be your downfall) by Ellie Goulding (same song that gave chapter 3 its name)

·       All You Give Me Is A Heartbeat - unspecified chapter (8-10) – Starring Role by Marina and the Diamonds

·       The Less I Give (The More I Get Back) – unspecified chapter (9-10) – Poison and Wine by the Civil Wars

·       If We’re Only Ever Looking Back (We’ll Drive Ourselves Insane) – unspecified chapter (2-9) – Bad Blood by Bastille (same song that gave chapter 1 its name)

·       Eternal Game of Tug and War– unspecified chapter (4-9) – Power and Control by Marina and the Diamonds

·       As Long As You’re Still Burning Bright – unspecified chapter (5-8) – Trade Mistakes by Panic! At the Disco (same song that gave chapter 6 its name)

·       Want Your Warm Bright Eyes (To Never Look Away) – Chapter 11 - Never Look Away by Vienna Teng (same song that gave chapter 2 its name)

·       Some Nights We’re Choking On The Words (But Some We Light On Fire) – unspecified chapter (8-12) – same as above

·       All My Stars Are Leading Me Towards You – unspecified chapter (10-12) – Oh My Stars by Andrew Belle

·       Back And Forth And In Between (Like My Emotion) – unspecified chapter (9-10) – Static Waves by Andrew Belle

·       Faithless You and Selfish Me – unspecified chapter (8-12) – The Ladder by Andrew Belle

·       Beating Out Of My Chest (My Heart Is Holding Onto You) – Unspecified chapter (10-12) - Sara Bareilles

·       Who I Was Without You (I Can Do Without) – unspecified chapter (10-12) – same as above

·       Beaten In The Game Of Love – unspecified chapter (11-12) – Oh My by Gin Wigmore

·       The Way You Cheer And Scream For Me – unspecified chapter (3-6) - Applause by Lady Gaga

·       Just Don’t Get Attached To Somebody You Could Lose – unspecified chapter (8-10) – How To Be A Heatbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds

·       Look At What You Do To Me – unspecified chapter – Disgusting by Ke$ha

·       I Want Your Love (I Want Your Revenge) – unspecified chapter (8-10) – Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

·       Just One Mistake (Is All It Will Take) – chapter 1 – Centuries by Fall Out Boy

Closet witch things
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Person:</b> why so many candles all of a sudden?<p/><b>Me:</b> smells gurd 👌<p/><b>Person:</b> why r u putting those spices in a cup of milk?<p/><b>Me:</b> I saw a recipe on tumblr and people said it was good, m8<p/><b>Person:</b> why u spend $20 on plants? Most girls your age spend it on clothes and makeup<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm special. I like plants. Oxygen. Health. I don't go out so I bring out in.<p/><b>Person:</b> Why do you collect these weird things?<p/><b>Me:</b> Raisin Bran<p/><b>Person:</b> The cereal?<p/><b>Me:</b> *nods importantly*<p/><b>Person:</b> Wh-<p/><b>Me:</b> REASONS. SCENTS, FLAVORS, AND OBSCURE HOBBIES<p/><b>Person:</b> I-I was going to ask why you always carry that notebook titled 'Evils Plans and Stuff'..<p/><b>Me:</b> Oh that, yeah. I'm a witch and this is my grimoire. Fitting isn't it?<p/></p><p/></p>

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i don't understand why they called the episode The Six Thatchers when there's already a case called the six thatchers on johns blog??


Honestly, I can’t believe this hasn’t been a question asked @Mark and Steven yet. Just having it on John’s blog is one thing but they even have it on display in A Scandal in Belgravia:


It’s obviously not just a simple ‘continuity error’ to me- they had that case written out in advance for John’s blog, chose to show that specific one in that specific episode… and yet, we have Series 4, Episode 1: The Six Thatchers. The title deliberately refers back to all of this, during the episode where John’s blog is arguably mentioned the most… and yet John’s blog isn’t updating. Damning! They;re deliberately repeating the titles.

So I’m still stunned that no-one’s asked them about this, yet! I’m sure they must have a planned response for this, it’s damning evidence not to trust the surface narrative. Basically, someone please ask them about this, complete with screenshot proof or I will ;)

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Hello. If you don't mind me asking, do you know the name of the fic where jungkook was a popular kid and was secretly dating jimin, where only jimin's bestfriends tae and hobi knew. But in a party jungkook did not acknowledge jimin as his boyfriend and everybody was making fun of him. Then jimin becomes a famous contemporary dancer and hates jungkook. Namjoon had a crush on jimin since highschool?

Hello! Why yes I do, here you go!

Title: The Time When I Stop Loving You
Author: shookt2KM
Rating: Teen
Length: 20–25k words
Genre: Angst
Summary: Kim Taehyung encouraged Jimin to confess his feelings for Jungkook. The two started dating but kept it a secret because of Jungkook’s status. But everything went crashing down at the graduation ball when Jungkook brought a date. A girl. And when he uttered words that forced Hoseok to launch a punch towards Jungkook’s face.

Jimin left and years after, he returned to Korea at their last year in university. He changed. Different from the nerd-shy-uncool Jimin. And there’s Namjoon who’s been in love with Jimin ever since he saw Jimin crying the day before he left to New York.

why you should check out setsuna graffiti (and help get the rest of the manga translated please)

I’ve been waiting for so long, but nobody’s picking up to translate it and I miss this manga so much so I’m here to signal boost it because it needs the love.

  • This manga was made by the same artist who did No.6!! So the art is so beautiful i actually cried reading the first few chapters (that were translated. /sob/)
  •  The main character, Kou, is a dorky high school boy who has a fear of fire because of a traumatic event that happened to him when he was little like god damn my poor son. Loves fireworks though, that’s what this manga is about.
  • There’s a white haired anime boy who’s super mysterious and teases the main and listens to music. His name is ginga. the main character is super interested in him (but he says it’s fireworks). where he works they make firework shows. (he’s like a master that’s how he stole kou’s heart.)
  • Listen Ginga hasn’t forgotten about Kou since they meet when they were kids and he was mad Kou didn’t remember him (adorably mad).
  • characters dealing with trauma and reacting in realistic ways amazing. 
  • there is not one boring character. think someone is gonna be unimportant??? think again!!! 
  • the dynamic between kou and ginga is very amazing and you’re probably gonna ship them like it or not.
  • fireworks! what’s not to love???

also if you don’t believe me look at this; 

(also i don’t know why the title is setsuna graffiti don’t ask) please help get this translated its great and it would mean a lot.


this scene was left untranslated and i was highly upset. still am.


Send me the title of your favorite YouTube video and I’ll draw Ivan and Alfred in a scene from it.

Ivan: Very nice heels, Alfred! I think it suits you really well! ( •⌄• ू )✧

Alfred: Why thank you! I know right? I’m totally rockin’ ‘em, dude! I like that tie of your’s too! ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) 

Why Don't You Like Me Back?

Hey yall :)

So it turns out that I decides to write something kinda angst  (don’t ask why, I don’t know) so if you want to read something like this… go on!

*I suck at choosing titles, sorry :/

Originally posted by notbrokenbuttrying

Liam knew.

He’s been watching her since she first showed up in Cordonia, in the Masquerade Ball. He saw it. He saw when her face went from dazzle to tiredness.

She seemed really happy in the first event of the season. Maybe she was, it’s what he likes to believe. But time by time, event by event she began to change.

The girl who once flirted with him in New York was gone. The girl who smiled everytime he approached was gone.

She was so dazzled to be there in the beggining. He could tell that this was one of her dreams. Living in a palace, being part of the “court”. But in the Manor something made her mind change, he knew it.

Maybe she began to see what Royalty really was. Maybe she was just tired of the pressure. Maybe she was tired of him. Maybe she was… in love with someone else, but definetely awake. She wasn’t dreaming anymore, she wasn’t playing princess anymore.

She was just there.

Her body was there, but her mind wasn’t. He couldn’t say why she didn’t give up because she clearly didn’t want to be there. Maybe she was there because she needed to prove a point to herself. Maybe she was too competitive to go down without a fight. Maybe there was something else, but there was a big motive keeping her in there.

Unfortunetely, he knew that he wasn’t one of them. He realize that in the Beaumont Bash when he kept waiting her to show up in the spa.

She never did.

And that was the moment he realized he couldn’t choose her to be queen. Not that she wasn’t going to be an amazing one, she was. But because she didn’t want to.

So he decided to not choose her. He wanted her to like him back, to love him back. But he wouldn’t choose her because he knew the truth.

He was in love with her, but she wasn’t in love with him.

Neither a crown would change that.

  • Wolfie: Hey Monkey! What is a John Mayer?
  • Monkey: John Mayer?! That's Oscar Mayer's less successful half brother.
  • Wolfie: You sure?
  • Monkey: Yeah, I think he sings songs and puts his hot dog in beautiful women. Living the dream.
  • Wolfie: What kind of music does he play?
  • Monkey: Mostly garbage to get beautiful women to sleep with him. Living the dream. I think he sang that song "your body is a disneyland".
  • Wolfie: Oh okay. I think I know that song. I'm not sure that's the title though.
  • Monkey: Whatever. Why are you asking me? You can just google that stuff.
  • Wolfie: "Monkey google" is more fun.
  • Monkey: Ah. Pull my finger.
  • Wolfie: No.
  • Monkey: Sheesh. Guys with tattoos have no sense of humour.
  • Wolfie: It's not about humour. It's about sophistication.
  • Monkey: Says the guy with the tramp stamp.
  • Wolfie: Don't make me kick your ass.
  • Monkey: Calm down Mr. Sophisticated. Salood!
  • Wolfie: It's SALUD!
  • Monkey: Whatever. Cheers!
  • Wolfie: Cheers.

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Hello! First of all, I just really want to thank you for this blog, it's amazing! Besides it's well organized and that is like a super plus from me haha. Now with the ask, do you by any chance know a jikook post-apocalyptic au or any zombie au? Better if they're finished but if not I don't mind tbh. I've been dying to read one of those for a while. Please and thank you! xoxo

Anonymous said:
idk why im craving it but do you have any zombie au jikook? 🤗 thanks always

Hi there! I’m so sorry for the late reply! But thank you so much, I always worry about whether my blog is running smoothly so I’m glad you think that (◠‿◠✿) And of course, here you go!

Title: Can’t Go On (If You’re Not Here);
Author: dalliancee
Rating: Teen
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst
Summary: And hope is the scariest thing to have ever happened for the both of them.

Title: Chasing Sunsets
Author: ghosthead
Rating: Mature
Length: 20–25k words
Genre: Angst, Romance, Smut
Summary: The world is no longer fables, movies and music, candy bars and angel cake, lazy mornings and soft pillows. (…) Jungkook believes the reason they survived until now is because of their dynamic: a sober leader, a gun expert and a doctor. He often wonders what his role in the group is; sure, he can shoot well, but not as well as Yoongi, he moves fast, but not as fast as Jimin, he is witty, but not intelligent like Namjoon. Jungkook has a little bit of everything, yet nothing at all.
Warning: Major character death

Title: Let’s See Where We Wake Up Tomorrow
Author: Polkari Seuta
Rating: Teen
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst
Summary: Give me any lifetime, any way, where we can be together forever. Please. Please.

Title: Little Boy, Fat Man, ?
Author: monsterplaza
Rating: Mature
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: Yesterday, the biggest worry on Park Jimin’s mind was how he’d get Jeon Jeongguk back for scribbling on his phone case. Then, a nuclear strike ravages the heart of South Korea, and it’s a battle for survival.
Warning: Major character death

Title: Run, Let it Burn, Don’t Ever Look Back.
Author: joonbr
Rating: Teen
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: Jeon Jungkook, studying biology in his dream university, learns about a new epidemic in one of his classes. He hears news reports about recent riots, bombings, homicide. He knows exactly what’s going to happen, but for the first time ever, he hopes he’s wrong.
Note: Part 1 of “The Wretched Wasteland (Train to Busan AU)” series, Part 2 being After the Fire

Title: Till Walkers Do Us Part
Author: kafeuka
Rating: Teen
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: what was supposed to happen: jungkook proposing to jimin on one knee, slipping the white gold ring on the love of his life’s finger and jimin would say yes and they would be married and live happily ever after. what really happened: jimin struggling to remain composed when he heard the voice of his angel through the cb radio.
Note: Part 3 of the “You Make My Private Stand at Attention” series, find the rest here

Title: Wonder
Author: wordcouture
Rating: Teen
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Angst
Summary: “You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
Note: Major character death


Title: Worlds Don’t Last (the Stars and Galaxies Are Transient, Fleeting Things)
Author: baepsaeved
Rating: Mature
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: Amidst the world shattering to pieces, everything falls into place.

Title: Metallic { Epilogue }

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n❗️ have fun reading, everyone!! this is Metallic’s Epilogue ~
Finale. | Epilogue.

Word Count: 3, 702.

Disclaimer❗️ this is told on Jumin’s Point of View.
Flashbacks are mentioned.

update mentions❗️
@the-sloth-woman ;; @yuri-luciel ;; @ell3nj0y ;; @yoruwasu ;; @jetblckcrow ;; @thewibblywobblyfamilybusiness ;; @brightandkawaii​ ;; @directorjumin​ ;; @ihavenotfallenyet​ ;; @a-rattling-skeleton​ ;;

❝Forgive me now cause I
Have been unfaithful
Don't ask me why cause I don't know

So many times I've tried
But was unable
But this heart belongs to you alone

Now I'm in our secret place
Alone in your embrace
Where all my wrongs have been erased
You have forgiven
All the promises and lies
All the times I compromise
All the times you were denied
You have forgiven❞

“Jumin. This is Sarah Choi.”
I heard my father say as a purplish red haired woman appeared right before me, eyes shining a gleam of nothing but trouble. Her lips quirked into an unimaginable smirk as she slowly unfolded her arms and slowly raised her hand to my level.

Has she no manners?
Couldn’t she see I was about to bite my food?

I am a perfectly mannered person. But I do assess who deserves my respect and those who do not. Clearly, this woman was not taught that it’s rude to interrupt someone who’s about to chew his meal. She does not deserve even my slightest gaze.

I continued on despite my father’s burning glare. I do see he does not approve my reaction. Is this Sarah Choi his new girlfriend again? Wasn’t he with someone called Choi as well? Does he fancy women who have that surname?

I heard him clear his throat as the woman’s hand dropped to her side. She didn’t seem pleased with what I did. I honestly don’t care. I continued to slice the steak in front of me and I noticed some red parts to which blood was still evident. I am apparently eating a medium rare cooked steak.
I told them that I do not like my food half done. I asked the waiter specifically to cook the meat in medium well. I should go talk to their chef about this failure.

“Don’t worry about it, Chairman Han. I’m sure Jumin’s only a tough nut to crack.” She giggled shamelessly as my father laughed at her own petty little comparison.
So, apparently, I am being compared to a nut.
Is she nuts?

I didn’t waste any effort to look at her as they both sat down to this four seater arranged dining table inside this 5 star restaurant my father and I loved which seemed to be made exclusive for the night. He called me earlier, wanting me to clear my evening schedule to have dinner with him. I had no qualms since I’m used to doing it with him on any given dates but it seems that we do not have the same idea of the events for the night.

First, this unknown woman.
Second, someone whom I deemed familiar arrived at the scene.
Isn’t she my father’s girlfriend last week?

Keep reading

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Do you have with Lizzy and Ciel? ( I'm sorry if I'm being disrespectful, I don't know how this works. Just.. asking.) ^^"

Hi there, sorry I didn’t really get your question X( Are you asking me whether there are any blog posts about Lizzy and Ciel on Yana’s blog?? If so, then there aren’t any in-depth analyses about them (afaik), but you can find some cute Ciel&Lizzy drawings, like this one (blog post 2015.01.13) =D

(rough) translation

Title: Bang! [*Note: ‘Kabedon’ aka ‘Wall bang’ is a romantic situation that often appears in Shojo manga. See here]

Ciel: Why do I have to do this, it looks as if I’m blackmailing you.

Lizzy: It’s currently popular among the girls in London!

Ciel: …. (Seriously…?)

anonymous asked:

Scenario that takes place after Sebastian took Ciel's soul some time ago and he doesn't know what to do. (if it's too boring you don't have to do it) and also how is the mun doing?


Title: Epitaph

Series: Kuroshitsuji

Characters: Sebastian Michaelis

Pairing: None

Words: 1 307

Author’s note: You’re asking me to write something about Sebastian and tell me it can be too boring?! If I ever consider something like this as boring then it’ll mean that I’m probably sick or something :D It was such a great idea that I made it into an one-shot. Also I’m doing fine, thank you for asking, whenever my clippling depression is striking again I just don’t go on this blog so I wouldn’t do or say anything stupid, that’s why when I’m online here it means I’m okay.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Black car glided smoothly on the dark asphalt to the quiet rhythm of its engine working. Although the whole sky was covered in gloomy clouds, there was still no signs of the rain, not even the tiniest droplets hitting the surface of the front glass. The air was heavy making it hard to breathe, foreshadowing the incoming storm on the horizon, tensed aura filling the cabin and materialized in the driver’s gloved hands, now tightly squeezing the steering wheel. Orange coloured light of the buttons on the cockpit reflected in his eyes bored on the street in front of him but never seeing it, driving more of an instinct than actual focus, drowning too deep in his own thoughts to pay attention to such trivial things.

He sped up and mechanically changed the gear to the top, peeking at the speedometer to make sure that he wasn’t driving too fast to cause himself any further problems. Humans and their technologies, it all began to affect his life more that he would want to admit, forcing him to not only hide his true identity but also to change the way of acting so he could fit into society without attracting unnecessary attention of those who could actually try to hunt him. That was why he was there, resting on the leather seat of the car he has just bought from the car showroom, listening to the sound of the machine working when driving on the new street running through the forest, dressed in a black suit which didn’t differ from his previous outfit that much.

Enough to remind him where was he going.

Sebastian combed through his short, messy hair with the fingers, strands as black as his clothes and eyes, now purposely changed from the dark crimson to the colour which made him look as humanly as possible. Dark, cold gaze was still directed to the landscape passed by, the endless abyss of the irises perfectly reflecting the void inside his body and heart. One could believe that this man, the wolf in sheep’s clothing was capable of consuming lifes and souls just by the single stare of his mesmerizing eyes.

Not that he was wrong.

Driving out of the forest, the meadows appeared on the both sides of the road, fenced with short, bricked walls, completely abandoned. The storm hanged in the sky, waiting for the right moment to finally blow, meanwhile letting only few droplets to fall and smash on the ground. Sebastian noticed the bricked walls and collapsed roof looming on the horizon before any human could see the building so far away. The main street turned left, leading to the nearby town raised over the hill but the demon only slowed down to not destroy the chassis on the old, stoned road he chosed to drive by. High, neglected grasses stroked the sides of the car when he was approaching the long forgotten, victorian mansion, now almost completely eaten by the time, standing alone in the middle of nothing.

He didn’t get out of the car even when the engine stopped working, the front lights got turned off and the keys left the ignition, resting in his hand way too heavy than they truly were. Right now, he could hear the utter silence filling the air and the growing amount of doplets hitting the windows in a silent melody. He was string at the building, contemplating the sight in front of him and trying to recall how did it look the last time he was there. It had to be clean and neat, walls not scrapped away from the paint, wild ivy not covering almost the whole right side of the mansion, windows not broken and dark inside, rust not dripping from under them in a grotesque caricature of the dried tears, the dust and countless spiderwebs not present. And yet, it was all there, lost, abandoned, destroyed.

Sebastian knew that somewhere where he was now, once were beautiful gardens, precisely cut bushes, colourful flower beds, narrow, mysterious pathes and the marble fountain, however, he couldn’t see even the traces of what was there in the past. Only endless fields of weeds.

What was the name of the gardener? At first, Sebastian thought that if the blonde boy was present, this place wouldn’t look like that but then remembered how many times he had almost killed all the plants when trying to take care of them, so probably this place wasn’t in that bad condition. The tiny smile shadowed on his lips but disappeared just as fast when the reality hit him.

Finnian died long ago, as well as Mey-Rin, Baldroy, Snake and Tanaka. As well as friendly prince of Bengal and his loyal butler, weird Chinese nobleman who was visiting this place quite often, eccentric viscount way too fond of wine and human bodies, and the Midfords. As well as his master.

Long eyelashes threw shade on his pale skin when the first lightning cut the sky and the light reached his features, reflecting in his eyes and causing the pupils to narrow for a single moment. The demon didn’t even blink.

Suddenly, as if pushed by an invisible force, he get out of the car and came closer to the main entrance of the mansion, not bothering to close the vehicle. He could feel the rain on his cheeks and neck, some of them falling under the collar of his dress shirt but didn’t react until reaching the stairs overgrown with a moss. Elegant, polished leather boots were tapping on the ground when he went upstairs, not trying to cover himself more with the jacket when the wild wind started to blow from the west, cold rain landing on his perfectly ironed outfit, slowly drenching it. Sebastian didn’t feel the cold air on his wettened skin or simply didn’t care about it when his hand rested on the rusty door knob, twisting it carefully, not wanting to accidentally pull it out.

The door withdrew with a loud creak which soon echoed in an empty hall. The main room was drowning in darkness, the chessboard-like floor covered in dust and ashes, wind whistling between an empty corridors bringing the smell of mustiness and oblivion. Sebastian inhaled the scent and realized that he could no longer feel any of the smells he remembered; no fresh washed tableclothes, no wooden furnitures, no melting wax, no flowers in the vases, no cooked food, no brewed tea, just the rotten walls, mold and dirt.

With a sad smile playing on his lips, the demon thought that now, finally, after all those years, there was peace and silence in the mansion, the same he was longing for everyday while working as a butler. Nobody was screaming and shouting, destroying priceless service, breaking porcelain and burning the kitchen, there was no wild snakes hidding in the closets and no orders to fulfill. He was free, able to do anything, whenever he wanted, he could go and say as he pleased, and nobody could stop him. Unfortunately, with an unknown cramp in a stomach, this realization didn’t please him as much as he thought while planning this little journey.

Leaving the door open, he came back to the car in now pouring rain. He wiped off the droplets from the forehead and started the engine, gentle blow of warm air immediately caressing his paler than usually face. Later, he couldn’t recall what exactly was he thinking about for the whole way back to the center of London, so bright, loud and alive, unlike the place he was now leaving forever to rot.

However, the demon thought and smiled slightly to himself, there were still some positive sides, like fluffy, white Persian cat patiently waiting for him in the apartment on the 56th floor of The Shard. And that was alright.

Petty tumblr things that annoy me

1. Referring to Photoshop fails and just strange pictures as “cursed”.

2. Calling random users “Sharon”, “Susan”, “Margaret”, etc, this is literally the worst, I was deadnamed like this once.

3. Typing l i k e t h i s .

4. Emojis in tags (seriously, it’s time to stop).

5. People looking down at deviantArt.

6. People who ask you to unfollow them but never explain why.

7. People who block you but continue reblogging your posts.

8. Using “demon” as an insult.

9. The word “wh*lesome” (I censor it, because it disgusts me).

10. Words “smol”, “thicc”, “succ”, and other insults to spelling rules.