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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

Les amis as shit i've tweeted
  • Enjolras: sorry i'm BS deaf I can't hear your bullshit
  • Combeferre: There needs to be a designated scream room for students to go into and just. scream. for hours at a time maybe
  • Courfeyrac: *waking up my partner at 3 am* babe- yes i'm sorry but it's important- who do you think the hottest member of team rocket is?
  • Grantaire: my favourite shape is a downwards spiral
  • Marius: might as well be living in a mannequin warehouse with how many fake friends i have :/
  • Jehan: *me reading my child a bedtime story* and that's why karl marx, father of communism, wasn't such a bad dude
  • Bossuet: oh yeah? you thought YOUR friday was lit?? well did YOU almost DIE??? i think not. check and mate, rasin brand
  • Feuilly: for your consideration: y'ain't've
  • Bahorel: *wearing fruit-roll-up boxes as shoes* before you ask...yes they are real
  • Musichetta: no offense but zendaya is the most beautiful woman to ever exist
  • Eponine: fcking hell i don't have a pretty girl to kiss me when i'm sad,,,i have to do everything myself around here
  • Cosette: *sees a picture of two girls kissing* /sigh/ i wish i was gay. wait
The Modern Office Adventures of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, & Everyone That Knows They Are Pining After One Another. Part 2: What's The WiFi Password
  • Everyone: *In the break room just hanging out and relaxing.*
  • Alex: *Sitting next to Thomas on the break room love seat his legs underneath him.* Shit.
  • Thomas: *Sitting next to Alex his legs are crossed reading a newspaper and sipping on coffee.* What's wrong?
  • Alex: My phone just logged out of the internet connection.
  • Thomas: Then just hook back up instead of whining.
  • Alex: I can't.
  • Thomas: Why not?
  • Alex: I forgot the wifi password.
  • Thomas: Is that all?
  • Alex: Unless you know the wifi password you can't complain to me.
  • Thomas: *Freezes for a second before a smirk finds its way to his lips.* Actually, I do know the wifi password.
  • Everyone: *They all look at one another with an "Oh, Shit he can't be that stupid to do this again" look on all of their faces.*
  • Alex: Really?
  • Thomas: Really.
  • Alex: Then what's the wifi password?
  • Thomas: *Smiles and looks around.*
  • George: *Looks at Thomas as if saying "Don't do it."*
  • James: *Giving him the same look.*
  • Thomas: Are you sure you want the wifi password?
  • Alex: Yes.
  • Thomas: Are you sure?
  • Alex: Yes!
  • Thomas: Are you...
  • Alex: I am sure that if you don't tell me I am going to show you where my shoe fits.
  • Thomas: *Holds up his hands in defense.* Alright if you're sure.
  • Alex: Jefferson!
  • Thomas: The wifi password is my dick.
  • Everyone: *Looking at them waiting for something to happen.*
  • Alex: *Says nothing as he types on his phone getting more and more frustrated by the second.*
  • Everyone: *Waiting for Alex to say something.*
  • Thomas: What's wrong Hamilton have nothing to say for the first time ever? *He asks as he sips his coffee.*
  • Alex: No, it's just... it's just...
  • Thomas: Just what? ^Takes another sip of coffee.*
  • Alex: It's just it says this passwords to short.
  • Thomas: *Chokes on his coffee once again and starts to cough.*
  • Everyone: *Staring in absolute shock.*
  • Alex: *Stands up* I'm just gonna go look at the sticky note on my computer. Thanks anyway Thomas. *Walks out of the break room.*
  • Everyone: *Just silent.*
  • Thomas: *Still coughing and trying to calm down as he stares at the door with wide eyes.*
  • George: *Walks over to Thomas and pats his back trying to help.* We told you not to do it.
Superhero AU- Pynch Week 2017

“How does this thing work?” Ronan asked his father. “I can’t get it to- SHIT!” Ronan’s helmet fell off of his head, landing on Niall Lynch’s shoes. “Sorry, Dad.”

Niall sighed and bent over to pick up his son’s helmet. “You’ll learn eventually. It took me years to learn how to dream-steal.”

Ronan took the shiny helmet from his father’s hands and examined it. The helmet looked a bit like an old aviator helmet, with large goggles and a flap that secured around Ronan’s chin. But the main difference was inside. If you opened a small hatch on the top of the helmet, you could see dozens of wires that looped around and buzzed and hummed. Ronan loved every inch of it.

Ronan thought of himself as a boy who didn’t feel much, who just cared about dream-stealing and his father. But there was a new boy at the Academy of Thieving. Adam Parrish. Adam was Ronan’s age- sixteen. He wasn’t a dream-stealer like Ronan. Adam was a thought-stealer.

Thought-stealers were smart, and the process of thought-stealing was so complicated that Ronan didn’t even try to understand it. He was more focused on learning how to dream-steal.

“Go to class, Ronan,” Niall said. “Try to learn something, alright?”

“Yeah,” Ronan said. He placed his helmet inside the Academy-issued messenger bag he carried and ran toward the building where his class was.

Ronan slid into his seat just in time for the bell. As the teacher up front took roll, Adam, who sat next to Ronan, whispered, “Why are you always so late?”

“I have more important things to do than sit in this seat for an hour,” Ronan hissed. “Unlike you,” he added because Adam’s ruffled curls and pretty eyes were making him feel things he didn’t want to feel.

Adam shrugged, unaffected by Ronan’s insults. “Suit yourself.”

At lunch that day, Ronan walked into the Academy cafeteria to absolute mayhem. Adam was on the floor, pinned down by a large boy who was repeatedly punching Adam in the face. Ronan could see from Adam’s expression that he was trying to thought-steal, but the pain seemed to be too much for Adam to focus.

Ronan strode up to where Adam was and pleasantly asked, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

The boy looked up at Ronan, blood trickling from his nose. “This bastard here thinks he can-” Ronan didn’t wait for the boy to finish his sentence, but grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him off of Adam. Adam groaned and sat up slowly, wiping the blood off of his face with a hand.

“Get away from him if you don’t want to die in a ditch,” Ronan growled. The boy tried to punch Ronan, but Ronan dodged the blow. “Fuck off,” Ronan said. “Or do I need to repeat myself?”

The boy shot Ronan one last glare before pushing his way out of the cafeteria. Ronan held out a hand to Adam, but the other boy ignored it. “Why did you do that?” Adam asked.

“What do you mean?” Ronan said.

Adam shook his head and looked up at Ronan with a sudden shy expression. “Do- do you want to meet me at the Thieving Center tonight? I can help you with the Process homework you have.”

Ronan felt a flutter of hope in his chest. “Hell yeah.”

Here is a Part 2!

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I hate his new outfit. It looks like something a kindergartner would wear! And the colors clash so hard it physically hurt me. Woo you know he looks good in dark foresty colors so play it up u sick sunovabitch. I'd kill to see Bum in a Garnet top and black slacks with some nice shoes. And clean thatbitches hair! What is he 5, slick that shit back and give him some style. I don't care about the dead body I'm here to play dress up bitches.

I actually love the outfits in KS– especially Bum’s, I dunno, I’m big on Grunge-style and his outfits just look cozy and practical, and are pleasing to me. 

Oh my gosh hahah someone should make a Killing Stalking dressup game featuring Bum, that would be wonderful. 

5SOS Preference #23: Turn On
  • Calum Hood: "Calum!" I giggle as he kisses all over my face while hovering over me. I can feel him smile as he kisses my chin. Once his lips trail down to my throat, I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him closer to me. He starts to kiss my throat and I squirm. Calum chuckles as his lips move towards my collar bone. "God, I am in love with you." He admits as he starts to lick my skin. I shiver with anticipation and he rests his lower half between my legs. "Oh Cal." I whisper with a smile as he bites a bit. And then he begins to suck on my sweet spot and gasp with bliss. "Cal..." I moan gently as I pull at his hair. "Mmmm do that again." He mumbles while finding another spot to suck as his member hardens between my legs.
  • Ashton Irwin: "Shhh, it's getting to a good part." Ashton whispers, his eyes glued to the movie. "But it's so boring." I mumble after scooting closer him. "It's almost over with, just be patient." He says with a smile. I sigh before bringing the blanket closer to my chin and then I rest my hand on his thigh. Ashton tenses a bit and then relaxes. I lay my head on the side of his shoulder, trying to watch the movie. Ashton starts to yell at the TV screen because of the characters stupid actions. I then start to rub my hand up and down his thigh to help calm him down. He groans and pushes me down onto the couch. "I'm gonna make you regret that, baby girl." Ashton whispers as he hovers over me. His one hand sliding down my stomach, teasing it's way down to my sensitive area.
  • Michael Clifford: "(Y/N)! Give me back my hat, now." Michael shouts from upstairs. "Never!" I say with a laugh before taking a seat on the couch. I put the hat backwards on my head and wait for him to come down. "You're gonna get it." He says, trudging down the stairs. "No I won't. You love me." I say with a smirk as he takes a seat. "I do but my hair looks like shit right now so give it up buttercup." He says, holding out his hand for it. "But I wanna wear it." I pout. "Nah ah. Give it up." Michael says with a laugh. "But Mikey." I say sweetly, biting my lower lip gently. He shakes his head and swallows. "Don't do that, baby," He whispers, leaning in. "You know that's my weakness." Then he kisses me, hard.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Luke? You home?" I shout from the living room once I hear the door shut. "Yeah." I hear him mumble. I get up from the couch and walk towards where he is. "Hey what's wrong?" I ask, leaning my shoulder against the wall while watching him take off his shoes. His back is towards me and I can't help but stare at his broad shoulders. "It's nothing I-" He stops speaking once he see's me. His eyes trail down my body as I stand only in my shirt and underwear. "Bad day?" I ask. Luke walks over to me and pushes my back against the wall. He stands in front of me with dark eyes as his hand rests next to the side of my head. "It was...until I came home to find this..." He trails off huskily as his one hand searches for the bottom hem of my shirt.
LUSH Cosmetics Ask Meme
  • Northern Lights: What's your favorite sort of lighting?
  • Sakura: Do you like going on picnics?
  • Sex Bomb: Who was the most appealing person you've ever seen?
  • Big Blue: Do you know how to swim?
  • Granny Takes a Dip: What was your grandma like when she was a kid?
  • Phoenix Rising: What always gives you ideas?
  • Comforter: Where are you the most cozy?
  • Sunny Side: Are you a morning person?
  • Karma: What won't stop happening in your life?
  • Star Light Star Bright: What do you get everywhere?
  • Honey I Washed the Kids: Have you ever babysat someone?
  • Rock Star: What song do you know all of the words to?
  • Milky Bar: What was the last thing you got online?
  • Whoosh: What do you do when you need to clear your head?
  • So White: Do you like snow or sun?
  • Olive Branch: After a fight, are you the one to make peace?
  • Ro's Argan: What makes you feel pampered?
  • You Snap The Whip: What makes you feel in control?
  • Seanik: Do you like taking the long route?
  • Trichomania: What's your hair regiment?
  • Jungle: What's something that looks weird, but works for you?
  • H'Suan Wen Hua: Do you have a wild past behind you?
  • Dirty: What's the one part of your routine that really wakes you up?
  • Mask of Magnaminty: How often do you share your stuff?
  • Angels on Bare Skin: What's the softest thing you've ever touched?
  • 9 to 5: Would you rather work your own schedule, or have a set one?
  • Celestial: What's your favorite sort of sky?
  • Breath of Fresh Air: What do you use to unwind?
  • Cupcake: Who's the sweetest person in your life?
  • Popcorn: What's your favorite thing to snack on?
  • It Started with a Kiss: How did it end up like this?
  • Atomic: What's your favorite spice?
  • Celebrate: How did you celebrate last time?
  • Buffy: What always kicks your butt?
  • D'Fluff: Do you care about shaving?
  • Lemony Flutter: Ever thought about licking your Lush stuff?
  • Stepping Stone: What's your favorite pair of shoes?
  • From Dusk 'Til Dawn: What was the last all-nighter that you enjoyed?
  • Shades of Earl Grey: How do you take your favorite hot beverage?
  • Silky Underwear: What is your favorite piece of clothing?
  • The Greeench: What was your favorite childhood book?

Witty: Nice try, Banana Pie, but you’re all wet, or in this case, you’re going to be! Anyway, you forgot two things: One, what part of “Don’t Ask Bananas Wit” don’t you understand? Right now, the inbox is for submissions, fan mail, and private messages only! That means nopony can ask any questions, and that means you! Besides, you already asked a bunch of “banan” questions that haven’t even been answered yet! And two, the only thing around here that’s closest to the Bananpie [sic] Mafia is us, the Wit Hit! Trust me, I checked! Looks like you’re all washed up, Pie! Speaking of which, the tide’s coming in! Time for you to try out your new horseshoes!

Bobby gets into an argument with our host (who is named Dorian, as in Dorian Gray)
  • Me: Can I fill Dorian's shoes with rice? Because I'm going to do that anyways
  • DM: He's standing up at the moment...
  • Me: I know, and I'm under the table.
  • Jay: You better crawl your ass to the other side, then.
  • Me: Yeah, and fill his shoes with rice.
  • DM: Are you really going to do that?
  • Me: Yes, I am.
  • Todd: Maybe the skeleton will follow you around the table. That'd be an interesting thing to watch.
  • Jon: I am going to ask to excuse myself to my cabin.
  • Me: You have a cabin?
  • Jon: He said we did.
  • Me: Oh, that's true. *to DM* Okay, I'm filling his shoes with rice.
  • Todd: What's the silverware like? Is this real silver or some shit?
  • DM: It's actually very nice.
  • Todd: Oh, okay.
  • Me: I took mine under the table with me, so I'm gonna take a page out of the ratfolks' book, take it, "This is mine now".
  • DM: You're currently filling his shoes with rice.
  • Me: I know, but I took it with me.
  • DM: Okay. He looks down at you, says, "I don't know why you're doing this."
  • Me: You're really weird and I felt like... this seemed necessary.
  • Dorian: Do you want to be locked up?
  • Me: Locked up? For what?
  • Dorian: You are not being very gracious.
  • Me: Well, I started throwing rice at him *gestures to Todd* and, um, well, I'm not very gracious at all, you can ask anybody.
  • Dorian: How about you go with my skeleton over there -
  • Me: I don't trust your skeletons. I don't like your skeletons, I'm sorry, they creep me out.
  • Dorian: Well, you can do that, or you can leave the ship.
  • Me: That sounds dangerous. I'm gonna go hang out with Symu now.
  • Dorian: That's not going with the skeleton.
  • Todd: Symu does not know her too well.
  • Dorian: You can go with the skeleton, or leave the ship.
  • Me: I am not going alone. I don't want to be alone with the skeleton.
  • Dorian: His name is Boris.
  • Me: That doesn't help, shockingly enough. I just don't like him very much. I'm sorry, it's just the whole skeleton thing.
  • Dorian: Well, maybe you should not have been filling my shoes with rice.
  • Me: I can go fill Symu's shoes with rice, if that makes you feel better.
  • Todd: I don't wear shoes.
  • Me: I'll stick rice between your toes then!
  • Dorian: I've given you two options. You can do one of the two, or you can... maybe I'll add a third: you can join and be a skeleton.
  • Me: I'm not related to you!
  • Dorian: That's not how family works here.
  • Me: I am officially creeped out.
The Signs as Things My Friends Have Done
  • Aries: Threatened to fight someone because they sent them the wrong text to them
  • Taurus: Ask for advice and does the opposite then acts like it worked out when it didn't
  • Gemini: Invited everyone to a party at my house where we did nothing but make s'mores and sleep
  • Cancer: Checked in on me every hour when they knew I was upset
  • Leo: Sent me videos of himself dancing alone in his room
  • Virgo: Asked for advice about what socks they should wear with their shoes that don't show socks
  • Libra: Tried to make it through a day without cursing but only made it 30 minutes
  • Scorpio: Offered to fight anyone I call annoying
  • Sagittarius: Made their brother pay for a sip of water
  • Capricorn: Almost stepped outside during a tornado
  • Aquarius: Spoke about how if Pokemon took over the world he wouldn't complain
  • Pisces: Looked up if Hitler was left or right handed then yelled "I knew it" in the middle of class
The signs as quotes from "you could stop at five or six stores" (parts 1+2)
  • Aries: Honey, you've got a big storm coming.
  • Taurus: I want him. And I know you can't keep him forever.
  • Gemini: I can see the Statue of Liberty from here!
  • Cancer: People say that time heals all wounds.
  • Leo: I am the queen of the universe. The waves part, they engulf me and the water is warm.
  • Virgo: I know what you're thinking, who cares what color shoes she's wearing, but believe me, women notice.
  • Libra: I feel like a deer in the headlights of love.
  • Scorpio: He's in the closet. I had him stuffed.
  • Sagittarius: And someone got up there... he said... um... blahblahblahblahblah.
  • Capricorn: I don't need friends, they disappoint me.
  • Aquarius: Can I ask you kind of a weird question?
  • Pisces: *throws punches* *kicks* *hurts back*

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Sherlock stood frozen in his bedroom doorway because he'd come home and found John down on one knee. "No!" John exclaimed quickly getting up, "I'm not! This isn't! I don't! Oh for fuck's sake, I don't even have a ring yet, I haven't even asked your parents for permission, or Mycroft, you know how he is, if I don't run it by him first he'll have me killed before we can set a date." "So if you're not going to propose, what are you doing on one knee?" Sherlock asked. "Tying my shoe."

*snortgiggle* XD

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How do you save up your money to invest over time in clothing and shoes and what not? You have an amazing sense of style and I've just decided to kind of become preppy and I'm not really sure what looks good and what looks tacky. If you could tell me some "does and don't" that would be so helpful as you have an amazing sense f style! I don't think this question makes much since but thanks!

I get asked this pretty frequently! Thank you! :)

I have been collecting clothes for a long time, I stopped growing in 5th grade. I also believe in investing in classic pieces because you can wear them for a long time! It is okay to buy trendy things, but I would definitely not spend too much on them and not have an excessive amount. I have had about 4-5 jobs in the past few years, so I do pay for most of my own clothes/shoes (my parents will buy me stuff for Christmas/birthday/etc.). I also do not usually buy things full price! I love re-lilly, jcrew factory, and eBay- I am definitely a bargain hunter! I also will sell a lot of my old things on eBay to buy new things!

As for style, this is something that should be personal to you! When I first started getting into fashion, I would spend time on Pinterest and read fashion magazines! You should never dress to fit a certain label, where what you want! 

Here are some of my top fashion tips:

  • DO splurge every once in while. It is okay to splurge on something that you will wear all of the time! A little black dress, nice sandals, riding boots, and pumps are always good key pieces to splurge on! It’s okay to buy something expensive if you know you will wear it all of the time! 
  • DO make a budget. Decide how much money you are willing to spend each month on clothes/how much you are saving up to spend on fashion. I only go shopping during seasons (so I will go summer shopping, winter shopping, etc.), as a busy college student I do have time to go out and shop!
  • DO watch for sales! Sometimes sites/stores will have big sales- definitely check out Rue la la! Lilly pulitzer, for example, has a big online sale about twice a year- this is usually where I will get most of my Lilly! 
  • DO keep Pinterest boards for inspiration! I absolutely love to make specific boards to help me keep my fashion ideas and inspiration organized.
  • DO go through your closet. If you haven’t worn something in a year, donate it or sell it! When you keep a clean closet you will have a better idea of what you can wear!  
  • DO wear things that flatter your body! Highlight your best features, show off the things you love! Dress for your body type! I think this is probably the most important tip for dressing well! 
  • DO NOT copy others. It is great to get inspiration, but you don’t need to copy every single thing that someone wears! it’s important to have your own unique sense of style! 
  • DO NOT have a whole closet of only trendy things. Trends go in and out, you will regret have a whole closet of crop tops and camo a year from now! Invest in good, classic pieces that you can wear for many years to come! 

Hope that could help a little :)

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When you visit relatives and explain that you don't want to slip on the ice in the parking lot, and can't stand wet shoes. So you ask them politely if they can walk across the ice, and move the car so you can get in SAFELY... You one of them say, "What a fucking princess." Embarrassed, I tell them to forget it and walk across the ice and fall. End up in the hospital with a concussion. First thing they say, "Why didn't you -ask- for help?" I did. You called me a 'fucking princess'.

Not In That Way Part 3 - Requested (Luke)

This was requested by jxx-n iinternetgirl8522 tessawinterx if you haven't yet read the ones before then you should do that now haha Part 1 and Part 2, ENJOY!!!!


‘Hello?’ I answer the phone without checking the ID, it’s three in the morning so it has to be important, but there is no reply only shuffling, I move the phone for my ear and squint in the dark to read the name on screen.

’(Y/N)?’ I asks, my heart race picking up a little, she had gone out tonight with some friends, maybe she’s in trouble or needs a ride; I sit up in my bed. ’(Y/N) you there?’ I ask again.

'Lukey why you calling me?’ She asks making me frown a little trying not to laugh at her clear drunken state. 'I didn’t you called me’ I remind her. 'Yeah, yeah of course, I knew that’ she slurs.

'But…but I have to tell you something, it’s a big secret, the biggest’ she hushes her voice a little and I try not to laugh again. 'Olay tell me’ I whisper down the phone, playing along and she laugh.

'Lucas don’t be silly, I can’t tell you the biggest secret ever down the phone, I have to see you, I’m coming your house’ she explain and I nod, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and grabbing my jeans pulling them on.

'Where are you, I’ll come pick you up and you can tell me all about the secret’ I offer.

'It’s not just a secret Lu, it’s the biggest secret’ she gushes and this time I let out a soft chuckle. 'Okay sorry’ I apologise. 'Where are you then?’ I ask jogging down the stairs.

'Well that’s why I called duuuu, I’m lost’ she exclaimed down the phone to the point I have to pull the phone from my ear a little. 'How are you lost? What can you see around you?’ I ask, locking the front door and heading for my car, I climb in waiting for her response as I look behind for any cars, then I spot something moving down the street, more like someone.

'I dunno, it’s dark, okay come find me, I’m somewhere dark’ she tells me before laughing at herself a little. I climb out the car and jog down the street until I’m able to see (Y/N) fills stumbling down the street, I laugh down the phone 'Found you’ I tell her and she cheers throwing her arms in the air and I reach her in time to catch her. I get her back home and make her some coffee as we sit at the table.



You wake up your head pounding, it feels like your mouth is full of spikes and someone is hammering in your head as you groan rolling over, you squint as you open your eyes to see you’re in Luke’s room. You groan closing your eyes again as you try and remember how you got her but recall nothing. Eyes still closed you throw the cover off yourself and sit up, Sliding your legs over the side of the bed, you feel the cold rush on your bare legs and open your eyes to see your wearing one of Luke’s shirts and your under wear. You get up and look in the mirror to see last night’s make up over your face, you’re hair a mess and eyes slightly blood shot but you just groan leaving the room, it’s only Luke, no effort needs to be made so you head down stairs. You filled the noise if the TV into the living room where Luke is sitting staring blankly at the TV. You lean your shoulder against the door frame and smile a little.

'Morning’ your throat hurts a little as you speak and you try to clear your groggy throat. Luke’s eyes are immediately on you and he stands.

'Hey, hey erm morning’ he rambles almost nervousness and you frown a little shaking your head and turning to go to the kitchen, you can hear Luke following but he doesn’t speak, you hit the switch for the kettle and lean against the counter as it boils.

'How you feeling this morning?’ He asks and you groan in response rubbing your head. And Luke chuckles a little earning him a glare from you. 'Want some pain killers?’ He asks and you nod a little closing your eyes, you hear the cupboard door open and shuffling. 'I’ll tale the whole pack’ you half joke and he chuckles, you hear the tap come in and open your was in time for Luke to hand you the water, he holds up the tablets and you open your mouth he pops them in and you smile before swallowing with a mouthful of water.

'Please make the coffee’ you ask with a moan and he chuckles pulling out a chair for you, you happily fall into it and place your head on the table eyes closed. After a couple of minutes silence you open your eyes to see Luke staring right at you, like he is observing everything about you, you smile a little at him and he does back before looking away.

'So other than this morning how was last night?’ He asks, as he takes the milk from the fridge.

'Good from what I remember, which honestly isn’t a lot, the last time I saw the time was eleven because some women piled on Jessie’s shoes’ I tell him pulling a face at the stain memory. 'So you don’t remember coming here? Calling me?’ He asks turning and handing you the mug, which you take with a small smile of appreciation.

'No, sorry it must have been late; did I turn up here late?’ You worry a little hoping you hadn’t been a nuisance.

'You called and said you were lost, told me to come find you, that you were somewhere dark, I got to my car an saw you half way down the street and that was it really’ he explain and you laugh as much as your head will allow until pouting towards Luke.

'Sorry Luke’ you apologise but he shakes his head 'don’t be, you know I will always answer, I’m always gonna take care if you’ he tells you and you can’t help the smile that grows across your lips.

'You’re the best Luke’ you tell him 'don’t suppose I could sleep off the hangover here?’ You smile sweetly up at him and he chuckles. 'Of course my lady, my bed is all yours’ he tells you offering you a hand, you take it and grab your mug with the other, you peck Luke’s cheek and give him a quick smile before heading back for his bed.


'Thanks for letting me crash Luke, I don’t mean to rush off without spending any time with you but I gotta go’ you call through the rooms as you hop off the last step and shove your feet into your shoes, you see Luke come out if the kitchen and stand in front of the door, you cock your eyebrow and he laughs a little.

'Just give me two minutes, I want to show you something’ he explain, you nod following him into the living room where he picks up his guitar, you lean against the door frame go watch him.

'Last night you told me your secret and I thought it’s only fair I tell you mine’ he explain before beginning to strum looking down at his fingers but as the first words leave his mouth his blue eyes lock on yours.

'When I hear you stop and laugh out loud

When you’re fallin’ fast asleep

When you’re in the middle of a crowd

When you’re lyin’ close to me

When I hear you softly say my name

When you’re high and when you’re low

When you don’t need me to explain

'Cause you already know

When you smile that way

I know, every night and day

That’s when I love you, when I need you

When I care about you

That’s when I know without a doubt

That I can’t live without you

Everyday I find another reason

Every season we go through

And every little thing you do

That’s when I love you’

Your breath is hitched in your throat; you wouldn’t have told him that, would you? How drunk were you? What did you say? What does that sing mean? He puts down his guitar, his eye which have been on your since the first words have water building and you know yours are the same. He comes over and takes your hands in his, your frozen.

'For years I have had this feeling, all through my body but it’s only ever when I’m with you, a couple of years ago I thought maybe it was love but then I told myself I was being stupid, I couldn’t love you, your my best friend, so that’s what I put it down to, I put it down to you being one of the closest, most important person in my life. But then last night you told me, you told me you loved me and its like those words, those words made the years, the feeling it made sense. I couldn’t sleep last night; I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid I was to have missed it all this time, for not having you in my arms all these years. Because I love you (Y/N)’ as he finishes a tear slides down your cheek and you take in a huge breath.

'I love you too’ the words leaving your mouth are so foreign in this context but so right. And you feel a hundred times lighter as a huge weight leaves your body. Luke smiles a little before softly brushing your cheek with his thumb, wiping away the tear before hold you in his hand, his lips moving to yours and gently brushing them, the kiss becomes more, more needy, more awaited, and you feel like your body is on fire from his touch. That’s it; you always told yourself he didn’t love you, not in that way. But he does and you love him.

From Chelsea