don't ask me what he's wearing i will never ever ever answer you

episodes 1-4 / ( change pronouns as needed. )


  • “i’ve been thinking about us.”
  • “i’m asking you now if you love me.”
  • “of course i love you, ____. but i can’t give you the answer you want.”
  • “one summer can change everything.”
  • “it’s about following your heart, right?”
  • “as long as you don’t give up your passion.”
  • “eventually, there will be a reckoning.”
  • “that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? it won’t last.”
  • “are you scared, ____?”
  • “don’t freak out. just trust me.”
  • “i’m breakfast at tiffany’s, but this place is strictly in cold blood.”
  • “he was looking for the girl next door. instead, he found me.”
  • “you wanted fire? sorry, _________. my specialty’s ice.”
  • “just… talk to her. it could go a long way. would have gone a long way with me.” 
  • “you are so perfect. i’ll never deserve you.”


  • “romeo and juliet are the exception, not the rule.”
  • “once again, fate throws us together.”
  • "sardonic humour is just my way of relating to the world.”
  • “what? what are you going to do?”
  • “i’m not. i want to be. i thought i could be. but it’s too much, too fast.”
  • “what do you know about it, _____? or about me, even?”
  • “he wasn’t perfect. but he always tried to do the right thing.”
  • “sometimes a friend is better than a boyfriend.”
  • “why don’t we both just do that bro thing where we nod like douches & mutually suppress our emotions?”
  • “is there something you want to tell me, pal?”
  • “did you & _______ kill him together?”
  • “i’m alone.”
  • “we’re not gonna hug in front of the entire town.”
  • “it’s like there was a train that was going to the rest of my life. & i just… missed it.”
  • “it is not my fault he doesn’t like you.”


  • "spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules.”
  • “i don’t follow rules, i make them. & when necessary, i break them.”
  • “nothing this bad was ever supposed to happen here.”
  • “you don’t want to slow down, do you?”
  • “they have zero remorse for the lives they destroy.”
  • “does he not know who i am?”
  • “i’d love to stay. but i gotta shake down an evil adventure scout.”
  • “not bad.”
  • “maybe i don’t know _______.”
  • “you came through for me. in a way no one else ever has before.”
  • “i would’ve done anything to protect _____.”
  • “i saw the way you looked at me. … you’re hiding something.”
  • “maybe we should slow it down a little.”
  • "she’s right.”
  • “would i have complete freedom?”


  • “where did you find all of this?”
  • “oh, i’m already there!”
  • “you’re right. i’m selfish, & i’m stupid.”
  • “make some room, outcasts.”
  • “what’s next, selling her hair extensions?”
  • “it’s off-brand & sends a false message about acceptance.”
  • “shut the hell up, or you’ll find out!”
  • “i just hate when people disrespect my cinematic experience.”
  • "i’ll figure it out. i always do.”
  • “you are not the things you said.” 
  • “you’re not stupid. this wasn’t your fault.”
  • “i have a strong inkling.”
  • “threatened, much?”
  • “i learned that from the nancy drew detective handbook.”
  • “if you really are my friend, you’ll drop this.”
Colorblind Spot Conlon.

Give me a colorblind Spot.

A Spot who doesn’t know there’s something wrong with the way he sees colors until kindergarten when they learn them.

He gets so frustrated when they’re talking about red and green because those colors are the same as yellow and blue!!!!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Same anon that asked about the FNaF 1 gang, withereds, shadows, etc., just wanna ask: Do you have any headcanons about the withereds, shadows, what the phantoms are, or anything? (P. S. Thanks for wishing me a happy day! Hope you have a "happiest day"!

Oh goodness I do happen to have…a few (uninteresting) headcanons actually…So I guess I’ll tackle these in the order you asked! These are all just for this blog’s AU, of course, so no worries if they collide with some of the canon or with other people’s universes

Withered Ones

  • Since W.Bonnie and W.Chica both have missing hands, W.Foxy and W.Freddy are always nearby to help them if they need it
  • W.Chica is really proud though and does her very best to do things herself
  • W.Bonnie is very sad about the loss of his face, and thinks about it constantly, often trying to find “replacements” for his face! Some of you guys might remember from one of my old posts that sometimes he wears a paper plate with a :3 face drawn on it
  • W.Freddy is a very Tired Man, choosing to mostly watch the Toys perform on stage as opposed to singing himself. I think of it like he’s peacefully retired
  • W.Foxy is the saltiest guy most anyone will ever meet, he wants to go places and have his Pirate Cove back but the world just keeps denying him

The Shadows

  • These guys are both mute, so they communicate non-verbally. Sometimes that means flashing shadowy words up in the air, other times it means sign language
  • Shadow Freddy (Shreddy lmao) looks like he’s constantly crying, but has never told anyone why…
  • Both of their bodies can be easily manipulated into different shapes, although Shadow Bonnie is a lot better at shapeshifting than Shreddy is!
  • Shadow Bonnie is………ridiculously tall, and Shreddy is a smol
  • Shadow Bonnie can teleport! But the process is rather painful so they don’t do it often
  • Both of them are very old, and have been around for decades as of the time of Fazbear Fright
  • In addition to not being able to speak verbally, neither of them make any noise at all when moving. They have accidentally snuck up on many of their friends because of it
  • Both are very elusive and will only appear to those that they deem trustworthy, or intriguing in some way

The Phantoms

  • They’re all essentially ghosts of the former Fazbear crew. Not every animatronic became a phantom after being destroyed, only a select few!
  • When they first woke up as phantoms, all they remembered was the pain of dying, so the reverted to a more primal state of personality. As of yet, only some of the phantoms have managed to remember their past selves to become who they used to be.
  • This is why Phantom Balloon Boy (PBB) screams so much! He’s trying to remember his past, but more often than not he resorts to the screaming
  • Being ghosts, they cannot touch anything corporeal without it meeting special standards
  • With enough practice, the phantoms can learn to summon ghostly objects from their past, one of the best examples being Phantom Chica’s ghost cupcake (which she’s very proud of btw)
  • It is said that once the Phantoms are able to complete whatever unfinished business they had on Earth, they will cease to exist here, having moved on. Most of them haven’t found out yet why they became ghosts, since they can’t even remember clearly when they were alive. Who knows if they’ll ever reach their goals?

Anyways that’s all I have for now! I know I’m leaving a bunch out, definitely, but hey, I’ve never been too great at communicating my thoughts! Thanks for asking about these guys!! Goodness knows I think about this AU every waking moment of my life And thank you! I’ll try and have the happiest day I can!

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Hey!<3 could I ask for Sunday+Shinsou/Todoroki(separate)+ femcrush drags him to Disneyland fluff (bonus points for first kisses, Mickey ears, confessions,favorite rides, fireworks)🎟🎡🎆 Thank you!! Your blog has created such a lovely, crazy, kind and uplifting community 💛 I would also ask this for Mirio bc I feel Disneyland is his jam but I don't want to take away any detail from our other bbys , make next time ☺️💛

My Beautiful 💕 this ask is so cute 😍 I love it!
Regarding the rides, I’ve only ever been to Disneyland Tokyo, so they might be a little different, I’m not sure 🤔

Shinsou Hitoshi

• he is pretty chill when she asks him to go to Disneyland, he’s not particularly excited, but it’s a theme park, it’s going to be fun, right? - he is so shocked when he sees all the queuing, he’ll use his quirk to get through faster. Of course he asked her beforehand if it’s okay
• they’re holding hands the whole time because they could lose each other in the crowd, obviously ;)
• the first thing they visit is the souvenir shop and when she tells him, she wants him to wear a pair of Mickey ears he is not amused - what about no? What about yes?! - it’s sad, but he likes to see her with this big badass Minnie Mouse ribbon headband, she looks so cute! There is no escape for him and he now owns a pair of those Mickey Mouse wizard ears - no one will ever no, it’s a promise ~
• she likes to really try every ride and is super happy that he uses his quirk - his favorite ride is the haunted mansion because she sticks close to him and when the real ride eventually starts he likes the ghost animations
• they’ll eat ice cream together, every one eating their own, but she’ll ask him, with a beautiful pink blush fanning over her cheeks, if he wants to try. He will leisurely lick his tongue over the ice cream on her cone, never breaking eye contact
• when the time for the fireworks rolls around, she’ll catch him stare at her instead of the fireworks. She’ll ask him what’s wrong because it’s honestly beautiful and he’ll answer her that he has the most beautiful view right in front of him. Without a warning, he will put a lingering kiss on her soft lips, completing a wonderful date

Todoroki Shouto

• he heard about Disneyland and he heard that it’s a date if a boy and a girl go there together - he’s nervous. However, it’s a chance he won’t decline
• since she told him she wants to go to Disneyland, he has everything planed out. Preordered tickets and fast pass entry. Where’s the point in losing any of the precious time he has with her
• when she puts some Mickey ears on his head, he’s blushing furiously, but it’s not a light dusty pink - it’s a color rivaling his red hair
• lots of pictures with their new gained accessories - he’s super caught of guard when she pecks his cheek for a picture “Shouto, this is no good, you look just like you’ve seen a ghost. We need to do this again”
• he loves the Star Tours: the adventure continues - it’s so well made and it’s not something that’s speeding up
• she loves Splash Mountain and Big thunder Mountain - by the time the second is finished he’s panting, leaning against a pillar “give me a break, please ” (he definitely doesn’t like fast rides)
• at first she’s chuckling because well, usually he’s fighting villains? But once she realizes it’s serious she hugs him, apologizing - now his heart is on a roller coaster ride
• they’ll eat ice cream together and when a little bit is left at the corner of her lips, he’ll mention it , trying to do a bold move and kiss her - she’s faster and uses her finger and he’s stuck in midair, totally dumbfounded - “ohhhhh~ you wanted to kiss me Shou? Just say so” and she smashes her lips onto his - mission complete?
• when it’s time to watch the fireworks at the Cinderella castle, it’s the Elsa show which is playing and he’ll definitely say something like “I can feel this girl”

Thank you so much for your appreciation love! Without you guys this blog and community wouldn’t exist! 💕✨ so it’s all thanks to you ❤️
Don’t Hide Who You Are.

 Request from anon:Can I request something where Bucky is just starting to date Tony’s daughter (teams on good terms) and she flinches a lot when he comes near her or raises his arms for some reason. He asks tony if she’s been hurt by someone in the past and he laughs about it. Tells him she refuses to wear her glasses cause she’s embarrassed by them. Buck talks her into wearing them and when she puts them on it turns Bucky on and he’s speechless. She finally gets the confidence to wear them infront of people.

Note: Hope this is okay! I changed it EVER so slightly but only in the sense of Bucky not being speechless but still finding the glasses attractive on the reader.

Bucky x Self Conscious!Reader

Words: 1,606

Warnings: Language (It is Bucky after all….and Tony for that matter haha!)…other than that nothing other than mentions of someone being self conscious and very mild injury.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

It was only 05:30 in the morning but he had woken up to find your side of the bed empty and although he knew you wouldn’t have gone far there was still the smallest part of him that thought the worst…enough so that the super soldier found himself rolling out of bed and beginning a search for you inside the tower after pulling on a pair of sweatpants.

Never did he expect to find himself in this position; not only had Tony learned to accept that Bucky himself had not been responsible for his parent’s death but he had allowed him to live in the tower with the other Avengers and, most important of all, he had given his blessings for the two of you to be together. His own daughter with the man who had once been a cold-blooded assassin for Hydra. It was why now, even months down the line, he found himself having to pinch his arm to realise this was all real.

With the things he’d done happiness was the last thing he had seen in his future and yet you walked into his life and it was all he could see.

As he wandered into the common room of the tower his sharp blue eyes fell upon your quiet form standing at the panoramic window that overlooked the city below; the sun was beginning to rise but it was still dark enough for you to be able to see his reflection so he made no attempts to make his presence known as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind.

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Dan Howell x reader

Dan Howell x reader
21. “Have I ever told you your accent makes me swoon?” “Really?” “No.” He/she smiles. “ that’s why I’ve never told you.”
“Have I ever told you your accent makes me swoon?”
“No.” You smiled. “That’s why I’ve never told you.”
“Aw!” Dan groaned, but a smile was plastered on his face. “That’s awful, Y/N!”
You giggled, glancing up at your boyfriend who’s lap you’re sitting on, his arms wrapped around you. “It was great and you know it.”
Dan just shook his head and placed a kiss on your forehead.
You leaned into him again, your phone out, scrolling through Twitter. You were looking at tweets you were mentioned in. Most of them are about you and Dan, of course, but you enjoyed the fans nevertheless and the hate never bothered you. There was always at least one fan there to support you.
“Got any ideas for your next video, Dan?” You asked and he sighed.
“Not yet.”
“Could always do the girlfriend tag.” You teased.
“Bloody hell, no,” Dan replied. “that is totally cringe,”
You shook your head, grinning. “It would answer their questions. Besides, I mean, you did take quizzes about yourself.”
Dan cringed at the memory. “Don’t remind me.”
You giggled and kissed his cheek. His cheeks tinted a light pink. Even after dating for a year, Dan still never quite got used to your public displays of affection. He still gets embarrassed when you kiss him or hold his hand in front of his friends, even Phil.
“You’re cute,” you said, noticing his blush. “You still blush, even after all this time,”
“Harry Potter reference!” You pointed and he chuckled down at you, who was now changing from twitter to Harry Potter on tumblr.
Dan’s eyes sparkled with love and admiration as he looked down at you. It was like a cheesy disney moment where the girl looked away with her thoughts and the guy’s were full of her.
You looked up at him and it was your turn to blush. “What’re you staring at?”
Dan smiled. “My lovely girlfriend.”
“You’re cheesy,”
“And you love it.”
You pecked his lips impulsively. “You know I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You jumped up. “But now I want to read Harry Potter. Where did I put (favorite book in series)?”
You walked towards your room and Dan smirked snatching the book and placing it on a high shelf.
You came back a few moments later. “It wasn’t in our bedroom with the others, but I thought I saw…” You trailed off, spotting the book on the high shelf.
You sent a glare at Dan who sat innocently on the couch. “Now, I wonder, how did it get up there?”
Dan shrugged. “Need help, love?”
“No.” Yes.
You jumped, failing to reach it. You repeated this about ten times more before groaning.
“Need my help now?” He asked, his accent teasing you.
“Yes,” You mumbled.
“What was that?”
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you?”
“Daniel Howell I need your help!”
“Okay, okay, no need to shout.” He said, smirking.
“Daniel Howell I swear to god-”
“You two fighting like an old married couple again?”
You looked over to wear Phil had walked in.
“No, we’re not. Dan here was being awfully difficult.”
“I was not,” Dan said, pulling down the book. “You just don’t like it admit your short.”
“I am average height! You’re just a giant!”
“Whatever you say, shorty,”
“You’re impossible.”
“And you’re adorable.”
He handed you the book.
“Thank you.” You said, snatching the book and retreating huffily to the couch.
Dan chuckled. “Well, alrighty then Hermione.”
Phil laughed and put a hand on Dan’s shoulder. “If that makes you Ron, I call Harry.”
You laughed from the couch as you flipped to the first chapter.
Dan smiled. How did he get so lucky?

Markhyuck!Fic “One Kiss Only.” pt. 1(?)

“One kiss.”

“Just one kiss?” Haechan asked for the umpteenth time.

“Yeah. Just one kiss,” Mark assured, trying his hardest to keep himself from sounding too hopeful. One kiss was something. And more importantly, it had to mean something.

“Just one kiss,” Haechan said albeit more so to himself. One kiss wasn’t bad. It couldn’t have been that bad.

“It’ll be quick,” Mark offered, hoping that would prevent the shorter from backing out, especially since said person seemed to be strongly considering the wild proposition.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, can you recommend me some good malec fanfics? Don't care if it's fluff or smut (i heard you are a fan of botton!alec 😉 ) just tell me if there's anything good


Hello! Thank you for coming to me for this. I have lots of Malec recommendations! Right now I’m just going to give you some of the one’s I have in my new phone but maybe later I will add the one’s I have in my previous phones.

-This fanfics are a mix of a lot of things: fluff, angst, smut (yes, I’m a fan of bottom!Alec :D), some AUs, and some are very dark.

-I put some Notes to express my opinions and other stuff (they are kinda lame :p sorry haha) 

-Just click in the title to open the fic and if there’s an issue with the link just let me know. 

-I put how many chapters each story has and where is posted next to the title.

-They are not in order of how I like them or whatever, it was just how I found them, I put them here.

-Also I put a (*) before the fic title for the one’s I think you should really read!! The one’s I really loved the most of this list.

-I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes in my English, it’s not my native language.

Good Things Come To Those (Who Stutter In Front Of Their Crush) (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is fairly popular, he has his friends and his brother and sister, and no one seems to mind that he doesn’t talk that much. He’s not exactly shy, he’s just awkward and gets nervous around strangers.

Magnus is a senior, a year above Alec, and he’s quite possibly the most beautiful person Alec has ever laid eyes upon. The problem isn’t that he’s a year older, however. It’s that he has a girlfriend.

And, of course, if Alec ever was to start a conversation with Magnus, he’d probably trip over his own feet, stumble over his words, and faceplant into the ground … or something.

The embarrassment just isn’t worth it. Or is it?

Notes: This is a really sweet AU with a cute Alec with glasses.

* Reminiscent (33/33) (Ao3) 

Summary: I’m trivial. I’ve always believed I’m trivial. But he says that’s not true. He says I’m a lot more than trivial. He says I’ll always be more to him. He told me I’m his first of safe and risks. He told me I’m his first in his mind which shouts important and unnecessary recollections. He told me I’m his first of anything but trivial. And I can’t help but wanting to believe him.

Notes: This has a lot of angst, I’m serious. You suffer with this but like I love angst, wow, it was amazing. And the end… well, it ends with angst but also in a good way (?)

Religious Obligations (16/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: The Lightwoods have long since been cursed with corruptibility. In the year of the Angel 1645, Robert made a deal with the devil himself. In exchange for the security of his position, he took an oath to give one of his children. Now the Prince of Hell has come to collect.

Notes: I haven’t read the last chapters, I think I’m in chapter 13 but this story is so good! It has a lot of potential and the plot is really good and unique.

* Tale of Wolves (2/2) ( 

Summary: Alec was an Omega. And he had never expected his Alpha, Magnus, would pick him as mating partner. Warnings: Altered ABO, sexual content. A two-part story.

Notes: This is an Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic fanfic, with mpreg mentioned. Smut. *spoiler* But also how Alec starts to get over his insecurities.

* The Moon wants to shine but the Sun is too bright (14/16) (Ao3) 

Summary: “I don’t like it”, said Magnus.

Alec looked at him with perplexity.

“You don’t like what ?”

“I don’t like it when people are touching my things !” he answered angrily.

Alec frowned, did someone touch Chairman Meow ? He didn’t notice the possessive glare of Magnus focused on him.

Notes: oKaY THIS STORY IS AMAZING! The summary doesn’t make justice to what the story is really about!! It’s amazing!!!! Right now everything is getting solved and I’m impatient for the next chapters!! Oh and angst hehe.

* Five Times Magnus Isn’t a Good Boyfriend And One Time He Is (1/1) (Ao3)

Summary: Being a high profile celebrity makes it difficult for Magnus to find enough time for his personal life. Alec’s feeling lonely after spending yet another night alone.

Or, in which Magnus is spending too much time at work, Alec confides in Chairman Meow, and Magnus tries to make everything better.

Notes: Slight angst but has a sweet end.

* Under Nobody’s Wings (23/?) (  

Summary: The Circle which led by Jonathan Morgenstern was hunting Downworlders. Jonathan’s lover, Alec Ligthwood, suddenly showed up and asked Magnus for help with a baby in his arms. Said Warlock never expected the pain and love followed. Through their way to redemption, something developed between them. *Hints of abuse, sexual content and Mpreg

Notes: amazing plot!!!

Feeling Alive (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec has one job and he intends to complete it.

Notes: zombie!au but I’m warning that is tragic. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* Satellite (6/6) (Ao3) 

Summary: All Alec wanted was for his family to be safe. Unfortunately, a dangerous mutant ability and a terrifying mistake can’t–won’t–leave him and his siblings alone. If he wants his loved ones to survive, he’s going to have to face his fears, and worse, himself.

Notes: Xmen Universe AU. Again, wonderful plot! This is going to have a second part but it’s not posted yet. This First is finished. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* In which Alec regrets wearing black (5/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is a ballet dancer with a permanent scowl

Magnus is a glittering fashion designer with a knack for gift buying

They meet and misunderstandings take place. This is their story.

*All characters apart from my own belong to the genius that is Cassie Clare*

Notes: oHmYgOd I’m in love with this!!! Ballet dancer!Alec is everything!! So cute and also kind of stalker!Magnus. The author changed slightly Alec’s appearance but I’m ok with it <3. And the chapter are so long!

darling tonight, i’ve got you in my sights (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: _

Magnus nips at Alec’s perspiring, over heated flesh with an enthusiastic mouth, tongue flicking out to lap at the subtle rivulets of sweat and his groan reverberates through Alec, deep and intoxicating. His agile fingers stray under the hem of Alec’s shirt, sweeping blistering trails of fire across his abdomen, muscles quivering and tensing under the numbing ministrations. The pure skin on skin contact is devastatingly stunning, by the Angel, and Alec clenches his teeth to smother his cry, head tumbling back onto Magnus’ shoulder.


(clubbing and some sexy dancing leads to some hot, rather filthy sex.)

Notes: yeess smut but it’s well written.

Intimacy (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “Here, take what you want, what you need.” the warlock whispered, moving his hands to Alec’s to lace them together.


Or five times Magnus and Alec failed at having intimate moments and the one time they didn’t.

Notes: It’s literally what the summary says, and powerbottom!alec.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Won’t Be Good For Long (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Boxing AU

Notes: short but so good!!

Bullseye (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: When Alec Lightwood is approached by Magnus Bane as a recruitment effort for a mysterious cause, he most definitely doesn’t expect the series of events that follow.

Notes: This includes experiments, if I remember well. A clandestine organization.

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (20/25) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec had never dreamt he’d be a father by the age of 25, let alone the father of a Warlock. He’s sure he can handle it alone, though. He doesn’t need anyone and neither do his kids.

(Or: Alec takes Max to Warlock School and finds himself falling fast for his teacher).

Notes: I haven’t finished reading the last updates but has angst and denial from Alec’s part.

* Counting Lies (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: 49. Superhero and Villain AU

The city was torn apart by the fight between the mob families and the vigilantes, but Alec and Magnus were far away from all that. They were just two normal guys in a normal relationship.

Number of lies: 3

Notes: AMAZING!! AND HAS A LOT OF PLOT TWISTS!!!!! Everyone should read this. WOW.

Let’s Put That Mouth To Good Use (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Magnus and Alec discuss their sex life via Cosmo quiz. Sort of.

Notes: This is good smut. I’m just saying that. Hehe.

In the Name of Promise (15/15) ( 

Summary: Years ago the Lightwoods asked Magnus for help: sending their only child Alexander to a mundane family and being raised like one. 17 years later Magnus received a call and he had no choice but rescue Alec, both physically and psychologically. *Warnings inside. Malec, AU.

Notes: This story deals with dark topics and Malec’s relationship develops slowly (at least the romantic one).

* Better Angels (10/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: When there’s only one active Shadowhunter in the whole crazy mess that is New York City, it’s bad.

When that one Shadowhunter is living with three adults who are cursed to never leave the Institute’s grounds, two of which hate each other, it’s very bad.

When that Shadowhunter’s happiness and even mental stability is sacrificed in the pursuit of perfection, it’s monstrous.

When that one, fourteen year old Shadowhunter is found crying in an alley by the High Warlock of Brooklyn, it’s a matter of life and death.

Notes: This story also deals with dark and sensitive topics too, like self-harm. Author’s tumblr: @witchlightsands

* Home Wrecker (93/93) ( 

Summary: Ever since his Father got caught with another woman and thrown out of the house, cheaters have disgusted Alexander Lightwood. So what is he to do when he falls in love with one? / AU, more chapters to come.

Notes: This a LARGE story, well it has a lot of chapters but they are not that long. I read the story in like 3 days? And it’s good, I mean, I wouldn’t have read it if it wasn’t great. Somethings are kind of… off. But I loved it. ALSO it has age-gap. Magnus is 30 and Alec 18 then 19, I think.

* Take Me Back to the Basics (39/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Modern Malec AU where you can see every color but the color of your soulmates eyes.

Soulmates are a lost romance that have been shrouded over with fear of abandonment or fear of love, but sometimes lost romances can be brought back. Sometimes all it takes is a color. Maybe the color gold.

Alexander Lightwood thought he was normal. He has a normal family, a normal school, a normal life. But when his parents decide to move him and his two siblings from Chicago to New York, Alec’s would is turned upside down. Between meeting his somewhat famous soulmate and his parents’ demanding an mysterious job, Alec realizes that his life is far more complicated than he thought.

Notes: AMAZING STORY! This is a soulmates AU but also deals with other topics and right now one of the main plots is starting to reveal itself.

BlindSpot (4/?)  ( 

Summary: Malec orphanage AU: Magnus has lived there since he’d been nine years old, and now one year before he has to leave the Institute, a new kid comes along. Alec Lightwood hates orphanages, hates foster families. He just wants to be left alone with his anger at the world. Two worlds clash like thunder and lightning and both guys are in for an interesting year.

Notes: This amazing story is written by one of my favorite Tumblr users: @freakypumpkin Also check her other stories in her fanfiction profile, they are awesome! (also check her opinions of the TMI books on her Tumblr, omg <3)

Something Old Something New Something Red (18/?) ( 

Summary: The man with the cat eyes spoke, “Alexander?” Alec froze, all the memories, all the dreams that he’d had with this man came flooding back to him. This was his soulmate, his soulmate that he hasn’t seen in much to long.

Notes: Sometimes confusing and sometimes frustrating when some things happen (I’m not going to say them because spoiler) but is good.

* Learning to Be (26/26) ( 

Summary: When Alec was 13, he stopped speaking for almost a year. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. See warnings inside.

Notes: Deals with dark topics and has a lot of angst. There’s a second part for this story and you can check it on the author’s profile.

The curse of love (18/?) ( 

Summary: While out on a hunt, Alec is cornered by a shapeless demon that seeks to use him to have his revenge against the warlock Magnus Bane. The demon casts a curse making it so that if Alec and Magnus do not vow and prove to love each other forever, the shadowhunter will die, the catch? Alec and Magnus are broken up! loosely based in the song “Sweet curse” by Floor Jansen.

Notes: this curse omg. I’m waiting for the next chapter like crazy because somethings have happened and maybe it’s gonna be over soon.

The heart inside (9/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: “The good thing, it’s that I will get some paid vacations to Los Angeles, and that I am convinced that Alexander Lightwood has a lot to hide. And I will find out every little dirty secret he might have and show it to the world to let them know that their golden boy it’s nothing more than a fake.” I let out and evil laugh. This was going to be fun.

Notes: Interesting story and there’s just one chapter left that the author hasn’t posted and maybe she or he would never post but chapters 8 and 9 wow yay.

* I Won’t Let You Fall (4/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

Notes: I just read this a few days ago but omg I’m in love with ballet dancer!Alec and I want more!!

* Malec Alphabet Soup (21/26) (Ao3) 

Summary: Twenty six (from A-Z), stand-alone one-shots about Magnus and Alec.

Chapter 1: Anniversary (mpreg)

Chapter 2: Birthday

Chapter 3: Cuddle

Chapter 4: Dork

Chapter 5: Everyday

Chapter 6: Family (part 1 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 7: Goodbye (character death)

Chapter 8: Hand

Chapter 9: Injured (part 2 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 10: Jealousy

Chapter 11: Kiss (mpreg)

Chapter 12: Late (part 3 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 13: Mortality

Chapter 14: Neglected (smut)

Chapter 15: Opposite (part 4 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 16: Pregnant (Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamic)/ (mpreg)

Chapter 17: Quality (Time) (part 5 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 18: Rape (Aftermath) (mentions of rape)

Chapter 19: Surprise (mpreg)

Chapter 20: Timing (spoiler: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy)/ (smut)

Chapter 21: Upset (Mpreg)

Notes: I just love this. And the mpregs are amazing if you like mpregs. Chapter 21 is a roller coaster of emotions D:

The Babysitter (28/?) ( 

Summary: AU story: Alec Lightwood is a freshman at college looking for a job. Magnus Bane is a single parent looking for a babysitter. Magnus thought it would be simple getting a babysitter, and it was. Though it’s not so easy to keep his hands to himself from this sexy freshman… Age-gap, M-Rate later, kinks, smut and other sexiness.

Notes: This story has a lot of smut! Like A LOT!! I’m serious, and like it says it has age-gap for like 6 years? More or less.

Mortal Embarrassment and Other Flirting Techniques (32/32) ( 

Summary: Magnus is at the top of the social ladder, and Alec is the anti-social new kid. Plus there’s a little issue with Hodge and his serious psychosis. High School AU, all human.

Notes: The story is sweet, obviously has its own plot with climax like the Hodge thing and some stuff Magnus does (also another character that I won’t mention…)

Let me love you (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “What?” Magnus said but was soon surprised of the fact that Alec practically ripped his shirt apart throwing it onto the ground of the warlocks loft.

Notes: one word to describe this? PowerBottom!Alec. Huh… I don’t know if that’s one word but whatever.

I hope you like at least one of them <33 I’ll add more later, I don’t know when but I enjoyed doing this. 

crumplelush  asked:

Nohmmy - “You love me, right?”

They’re in a tight spot.

They’re always in a tight spot, really. Ever since they decided to fuck off into space, play out some weird child-fantasy of Tommy’s, a lot of references to a Robin Hood with some added star pirate nonsense. And first, sure it was fun, but Noh Varr finds himself missing the quiet moments, he can’t remember the last time he wasn’t healing from some bump or bruise or more serious injury, and maybe this is just him getting old but he’s tired. He wants some good food and some music to dance to. Preferably with his partner-in-crime who is also sometimes his partner-in-life, and isn’t that weird and kinda circular, because they started bonding talking about Kate and now look at them.

Or rather, don’t look. Noh Varr wants to advert his eyes, as the alien who took offence to them boarding his ship gives Tommy a pretty solid backhand across the face.

And Tommy’s smiling still, split lip and all, and not for the first time Noh Varr wonders if this whole thing isn’t some sick attempt at suicide, except Tommy never looks more alive than in the middle of a fight (and it’s something he falls for, all over again, every time).

He’d asked once, after a particularly close call, and Tommy had gone all silent for a moment, long enough that Noh Varr worried he might have been right.

“Nah,” he says, finally. “Wrong twin for that. I’m not looking to die, okay? I’m just looking for ways to feel alive.”

It’s the most straight forward Tommy’s ever been, at least in regards to his own emotions. It threw Noh, left him speechless, not sure what words would be good for this situation, wanting to spit out ‘I love you’ but worrying it was the wrong time.

He should have said it when he had the chance. Why did he wait?
Tommy’s looking at him, and Noh Varr doesn’t like that grin.

“You love me, right?”

The captain is still shouting, but Noh Varr is no longer paying attention, he’s staring in shock at the human in front of him.

“Of course,” he gets out. He was never so easily made speechless before. It’s still not a feeling he’s used to. “Of course I love you.”

“Cool,” says Tommy, a casual answer that feels heavier in that mouth. Then he turns, hands pulling free of their bindings, and one starts to vibrate before it even touches the floor.

“No!” Noh Varr shouts, but it’s lost in the explosion.

He’s still wearing his helmet, which makes him one of the lucky ones. And their suits do have rocket boosters, which helps. It means he gets to Tommy fast enough to activate the boy’s own helmet, although not fast enough to do it while he’s conscious. His suit seems to have withstood the concussive blast, but Noh Varr is still on the edge of panic, because he can’t remember how long humans can live without oxygen, and he doesn’t know how long it took him to reach Tommy, and Tommy goes through air faster than most, and there’s no way he’s totally okay under the thin layer of his suit, and holy shit, did he really say ‘I love you’ for the first time just to blow himself up? What kind of nonsensical move is that?

“Idiot,” Noh Varr mutters, as he aims them at their ship. “Stupid, dramatic, heroic…” An Earth lyric enters his mind, as he floats towards his ship, carrying the body of his maybe-dead lover in his arms.

Ground control to Major Tom…

Made the grade indeed.

“I love you,” he says to Tommy, over and over again, as the hatch opens for them. “I love you, so you better wake up. I love you.”

It takes Tommy hours to wake up, weeks to fully recover. But that crack of one eye, crooked smile made even more twisted with the pain, and the choked out 'I know’ slows Noh Varr’s panic.

He knows that reference, after all. And that means maybe they can be okay.

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 66: Not the Same

Sam Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Even as Dean turned off the ignition of the Impala, no one made a move to climb out of the car. Staying silent, the three of you stared up at the hospital, wondering exactly what was waiting you inside.

Sighing, Dean slowly climbed out, and you followed him. Standing beside him, you reached out, squeezing his hand. “It will be okay. Cas is tough.” You assured him as Sam came to stand next to you.

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ragingwerewolfdude  asked:

Fluff piece, Nick and Judy relaxing in a hammock. You know the pic

I, for some reason, am remember a few hammock pic, whist also remember like very few of them.  So I’m basing this prompt of this pic


Nick likes visiting Bunnyburrow.

Which was not a sentence Nick ever thought would be true in his whole life.  As he is a fox, and never once been far outside the city limits of Zootopia.

But it was true.  

He liked visiting Bunnyburrow.  It had wide open fields and sweeping breezes that Zootopia could ever dream of having.  Not to mention the air was fresh, smelled more of flowering plants and dirt with hints of fresh cut grass.  Rather than smelling like car exhausted and every type of mammal imaginable.

Nick doesn’t even care that when he visit he sometimes has to help with farm work.  Wither it be tending to the fields, harvesting fresh produce, or working the Hopps roadside stand.  He really doesn’t care.  

Usually because Judy is right along side him.  And it’s just a whole other side of her he doesn’t have in the city.  It’s softer, gentler, and calmer.  Granted that doesn’t stop her from chasing and tackling some of her siblings, but still.

It was fun.  And the Hopps understood it was still part of a vacation for them.  They were still guests to be entertained rather worked too hard.

Still, there was nothing better than working in the fields all day then lounging in the hammock next to the blueberry bushes as the sun set.  Even if the hammock was just slightly small for him.

Which was where Nick currently was.

Lounging away until the dinner bell chattered loudly through the air.  Content with breathing the fresh air and swaying slightly in whatever breezy decided to give him a bit of push.

“What are you doing?”  Judy’s voice suddenly asked.

Nick popped open an eye and turned to look at the rabbit.

She dressed in her usual plaid and faded jeans she always seemed to produce whenever they visited. She was wearing a large brimmed straw hat she burrowed from her mother, or one of her sisters.  The gray furred doe was blinking at him with her paws on her hips as she stared down at the fox in the hammock.

“Relaxing before dinner,”  Nick answered easily.

“You’re too big for the hammock.”  Judy grinned out.

“Still comfortable.”  Nick returned, turning back to the sky and closing his eyes again.

A moment passed, and nothing.  The fox didn’t hear the rabbit moved away or anything.  She simply sighed, Nick could tell she was shaking her head at him. Then he heard her feet in the grass, and the hammock dip slightly as she grabbed it.

Before he knew it, she was climbing on top of the hammock.  Well mostly, onto Nick and a little on the hammock.  Nick grinned as he felt her carefully climbed onto his torso, and straddle his waist a bit.  The hammock was maybe sized for two rabbits to cuddle up into, but with a fox it left very little room for another party.  She cuddled up under his chin easily and let out a content sigh.

“Don’t get too comfortable,”  Nick said with a light teasing tone.  “What would your father say if he saw us?”

“Don’t break the hammock.”  Judy returned with another content nuzzle into his chest.  He could tell she had her eyes closed as she laid on him.

Nick grinned, opening his eyes and shifting to get a bit of look at the doe snuggled up against him. “That sounds way dirtier than it should.”  He chuckled lightly.  Lying a paw over the small of her back.  “Especially come from a rabbit.”

“Nick.”  Judy started simply.  She paused, waiting for a response, when Nick gave her in a hum.  “Shut up.”

And Nick did.


AN: Again, I don’t know.  Let’s just always assume I don’t know!

anonymous asked:

A fic based on the live action? Idk i just rewatched it and still get the feel of it but if the request is too vague then you don't have to do it! ^^


Pairing: Eren/Mikasa || Rating: K  || Words: 780 || [AO3]

Warnings: none

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! Idk how I feel about the movie as a whole, but one thing that I was absolutely 100% okay with naturally lol was that Eren and Mikasa were a couple <3333 So, this is takes place after the final events of the live action. The last scene (for me personally) implies that EM stayed together, so I went off that :) I made it kinda fluffy cause its been awhile since I’ve worked that muscle lol

There’s a softness to him. She feels it in the way his fingers smooth over the swollen crescents beneath her eyes when she’s restless, hears it in his laughter when no one else is around. Under his rough exterior, he is rich with dreams and smiles and a particular warmth that’s rare in a world like theirs. She had forgotten it in their years apart, willed herself to. Because somehow she knew - and perhaps he might’ve too - that eventually, her grudges would dissolve, and she’d fall foolishly for him all over again.

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anonymous asked:

Don't feel obligated to take this if you don't want to, but maybe something about Hunk helping his s/o that recently relapsed? It's been a rough couple months and I just kinda broke down last night and relapsed after being clean for two years. Once again you dont have to accept this, but if you do thank you

here you go hun! I very much want to hug you, if you ever need anything please message me and I’ll answer as soon as I can! and, if this is too short or not exactly what you wanted please let me know! I’ll be glad to fix it so it’s perfect for you!

“Hey, Y/n.” You heard the whisper of the teen that sat behind you, and the tapping of his pencil against your bicep. You exhaled deeply from your nose, turning slightly, but hiding your face with your hand. Hunk didn’t question it, he assumed you were just too tired to move your hand since you were using it to hold up your head.

“You missed these yesterday.” He said, passing you some of his notes toward you. Science was definitely one of the worst classes to miss out on. Especially when the teacher refuses to give you the notes herself. It’s a struggle amongst those who are out a lot.

“Oh. Thank you.” You said, running the pad of your pointer finger against the pale, purple, bags under your eyes. You haven’t been sleeping a lot lately, and you being out of school obviously had a reason behind it.

You’d relapsed, after such a long time of hiking through snow, rain, tsunamis, and hurricanes. All that work thrown down with you as you’ve fallen off a cliff, right back to where you began.

There were times when your chest would ache, and you’d push your hand harshly into the skin, in hopes to push it away. Scare it, maybe. It’d stay for a second, and leave. But the newly found pain from your fingers digging into your skin became anew. The pain never seemed to pass. There were time when you’d sweat. You had forced yourself to wear longer clothing, from sweatpants and jeans to long sleeves and sweatshirts. Though, there were time when you’d shiver, despite your layers.

“Hey. Can we talk?” You were snatched from your train of thought, looking up at one of your closest friends, Hunk. You nodded, moving over a little so he could sit beside you, but instead he sat across from you and placed the book you were holding aside.

After he had handed you those notes two days ago, he’s been suspicious of your behavior. You’re usually a tad more upbeat, but you’ve been quiet and droopy almost.

“Wanna tell me why you were absent?”


“Cmon! You gotta tell me! I don’t care what it is but it must’ve been something bad! You’re quiet and different and I’m worried.”

“Different how?” You questioned, tapping your fingers against the wooden table of the library. What kind of wood is this? Mahogany? You’d have to ask the librarian before you leave, he’d know.

“Y/n. You’re so quiet, the bags under your eyes are basically down to your knees and are as dark as hell. It’s almost summer and it’s basically 90 degrees everyday and you’re wearing that? It’s basically a snowsuit. What’s going on?” His voice flooded with concern, his words strung together like a chorus. The steady breathing that accompanied it almost put you to sleep. Though, as much as you loved the boy in front of you, his voice almost nagged like a mothers. Annoying, but you could feel the care behind his tone pressing into your heart strings.

“Ugh. I relapsed, okay.” You murmur, your voice as quiet as ever but you knew he could hear it. The cracking of your voice indicated that tears were soon to erupt from you. You dropped a tone into your voice so that you’d seem okay, that your relapse wasn’t something to worry about.

Though, you felt paralyzed. For falling so hard off of a cliff, your legs had broken and you were left in shambles and had no choice but to wait for things to be better. Though, warmth radiated around you and it became bright. Hunk’s large arms wrapped around your body like a halo, encasing you in a pillowy blanket of life.

“I’m sorry I didn’t think of that. I’m sorry if I made you upset or anything.” You didn’t hear him, or respond. Not that he cared though. As long as you hugged back, as you’re doing now, everything’s okay. He listened to you sob, and when the librarian approached to ask if you were alright, Hunk put up his hand and nodded. He lead you from the room and to the office, he spoke with Iverson about what was going on but didn’t give enough detail about it. Iverson agreed after a few pushes and allowed the two of you to stay in your dorms.

From there, he dropped you off in your room, went to his and came back with a cardboard box filled with almost every genre of movies. A large bowl was placed atop the box, inside this bowl was a few bags of unpopped popcorn.

“Movie Marathon!” He exclaimed.

Home alone

Pairing: Lams

AU: Modern / where they are around 17 years old.

Summary: Alex is home alone and he invites his best friend Laurens over, things happen and [spoilers].
Warnings: Cursing (send me a message if you want me to tag anything)

Word count: 2825 words (Is this too long? Too short?)

A/N: I thought of this at midnight one day and couldn’t sleep until I wrote it. This ain’t my thing so, I’m sorry  for the bad writing.

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anonymous asked:

so I've been reading your metas these past months and.... you sure talk shit a lot about other characters and trying so hard to make people understand or care about Ui, weren't you? is this out of spite? why don't you talk more about Ui's flaws?

I’m sorry if I sound slightly rude, and I will try to answer your question in a moment but please let me clarify something first. 

Number 1) It’s not talking shit, it’s talking about their flaws. I’ve said in the past, what makes a character interesting are their flaws and how the plot comes up with consequences for those flaws so that the character can realize overcome them. Most of the characters I talk about their flaws I genuinely believe that they are going to at some point during Tokyo Ghoul overcome those flaws. However, if I stopped to go “Sure, Kaneki has his flaws but here are the good things about him-” every single time I talked critically about his character it would dilute my point. 

Number 2) I’ve talked about Ui’s flaws in the past, I’m not sure what you are talking about. My last post about him, I called him a sith lord, and compared him to Anakin Skywalker. That’s not a compliment? I compared his actions to Anakin’s Skywalker’s ability to justify murdering younglings?? 

Here’s also some previous criticisms I gave about him.

Despite being introduced as the Hope of the CCG, all Ui has done so far is fail.

Ui has one of the most pronounced dehumanizing view of ghoul’s in the manga, and there’s no specific reason for it. None of his family members were taken by ghouls, like Mado, and he himself was never personally traumatized by them like Amon and Suzuya. If anything I would say his lack of empathy comes from his need for identity. There’s no better way to define yourself then to define what is not yourself, or what is ‘other’ in this case. Ghoul’s being emotionless monsters also conveniently slips into what Ui wants to perceive them as, in his narrative of Heroes of Justice. After all, a good hero, a good knight, needs a villain to fight against and take down.

Notice however, that Kijima’s plan to torture a ghoul and put it on the internet to call out a member of Rose, which is illegal and also inhumane and dirties the name of his CCG and his hero fantasy, is met with much less resistance than Sasaki’s plan to simply pretend to be ghouls and spy on them to gain information. Ui doesn’t even use his official capacity to punish Kijima or stop the plan in motion, he only shows his disapproval. That probably was because Sasaki was a ghoul, though.

The Ui shown in Re after becoming a squad leader is much more individualistic. On two occasions, in disapproving the mask operation and telling Sasaki to go to the roof we’re shown that Ui lets things like rank and advancement factor into his decisions more than thinking for the good of the whole group. He individually worries after becoming a special class, that someone like Haise will be promoted too fast, or reach his ranks. 

If you want a quick summary of Ui’s flaws though, here you go.

1) He’s a mass murderer of Ghouls
2) He has no empathy for the ghouls that he murders, the only time he comes close to showing any is when the actions of other humans against ghouls conflict with his idealistic view of a “Hero of Justice”
3) This basically makes him a person inserting a childish fantasy onto what is a life or death conflict and also getting upset when reality conflicts this fantasy.
4) Ui is bitter, and jealous in his behaviors. He gets jealous at Sasaki, not only for getting Arima’s attention, but also for being a ghoul that gets Arima’s attention.
5) Ui cares way too much about rank and advancement, to the point where he never appreciated his relationships with Hairu, Sasaki, Take, or Arima because he was only ever thinking about rank and work at the time. The suffering he feels now he completely brought on himself for not appreciating what he had when it was there.
6) Ui Koori smokes too much and it makes him terrible at climbing stairs. Part of the reason Hairu died, and Haise got his memories back was because Ui took an eternity on those goddamn stairs. (This is a joke)
7) Ui is physically rude to those around him. There’s no doubt in my mind that he deeply cared about Hairu, he’s willing to sell out everything for the chance to bring her back but this is how he referred to her when she was around.

8) Ui Koori compromised on all of his ideals of justice in about 10 seconds. All Furuta needed to do was offer him the possibility that Hairu might be revived and Ui is already wearing all black and standing on a pile of corpses. 
11) Ui Koori is objectifying Hairu in his actions. He’s treating her death like a great tragedy to himself, somebody that he needs to save, and also doing a bunch of things that she likely would not want in her name, and reviving her without her consent. 

These are just some of them, if you ever want me to clarify more about what I think of a character feel free to ask anon. 


Title: Maybe
Fandom: Shameless, Mickey/Ian
Rating: PG
Summary: I don’t fucking know. This just happened. It’s a continuation of the scene in 4x05 where Lip asks Mickey if he’s heard from Ian.

Lip’s not sure, really, what possesses him to turn back toward Mickey. He shouldn’t care, really, but something about the way Mickey had backed down so quickly and revealed his concern for Ian had gotten under Lip’s skin, and it makes Lip want to reassure him.

“You know, Mickey, I won’t tell anyone,” Lip insists. “I know you’re terrified of the world finding out, but you don’t have to worry about that with me.”

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A day late and a dollar short, but here it is folks, Part Thirteen of 1 Night (+9 Months) - which is likely to only have a couple more parts after this one, so we’re really getting close now! 

((Did I ever mention that there would be mutual pining? Because yeah, there’s some mutual pining oops))



“I still just can’t believe it.”

Jemma indulged in a little roll of her eyes at Daisy’s exaggeratedly-shocked tone, hidden as she was rifling through her closet for something to wear on her date with Fitz that night. Once Bobbi and Daisy had found out about the event (Jemma suspected that Fitz had let it slip to Hunter, who in turn had spilled the beans to Bobbi, who then passed the information along to Daisy, but she didn’t have any solid proof), the two had showed up at her doorstep and barged into her flat, demanding details.

Fortunately, Fitz had left earlier that day to head back to his own flat in order to find some nicer clothes to wear and get ready as well, so he hadn’t accidentally overheard any of Daisy’s loud and embarrassing comments and questions.

“I mean, I never thought Fitz would work up the courage – I was so sure that it would have to be you who made a move for anything to happen, Jem, and you’ve been insisting for months now that nothing could happen between you guys,” Daisy continued, gesturing widely with her hands as she went on, her eyes rounded with continued shock.

Leaning further out of her closet to make their conversation easier, Jemma reminded her, “I still have to be careful, you know, even though I’m sure now that Fitz feels something for me in return. And, besides, I still can’t be guaranteed that it’s the same as how I feel for him.” Ignoring the eye-roll Daisy gave and the low scoff that issued from Bobbi, she continued, “We have to take things slowly and cautiously, because well…we aren’t just two people going on a date – we’re Evelyn’s parents first.” She nodded then to where Evelyn was happily perched on Bobbi’s lap, playing with a set of plastic tools that Fitz had delightedly purchased for her recently.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you do a scenario/reaction of the members using the skills they learned in American Hustle Life to pick up girls for their music video, but using them to flirt and ask out a girl they don't know and who doesn't speak korean? Prettypretty please !

Of course and I’m so sorry it took so long, with school and everything else in the way but I got around and finally finished it O3O

BTS Reaction Use The Skills From AHL To Pick Up Girls That Don’t Speak Korean

You started walking to your favourite coffee shop, you really liked the coffee there and would walk there every day. You noticed a guy that is always nearby looking for something. He would ask some people but they didn’t know. Today, you saw him again, but he looked like he was approaching you. He slowly walked towards you. You couldn’t help but realize how handsome he looked.
“H-hi! I’m Jin. What is yours?” He stuttered, you could tell he a little shy to talk to you. You smiled and answered, “My name is Y/N” He noticed your pretty smile and couldn’t help but smile himself.
“I want coffee, and is the where coffee shop is?” He asked with more confidence this time.
“Um, there’s one around the corner.” You pointed out behind you, he looked so innocent trying his best to speak English. His stutters made it obvious that he didn’t speak English that well.
“I want to go to coffee shop with you.” He said, “Is that okay?” You looked at him surprised but you happily agreed with his sudden confidence.
“Sure, why not?” You smiled.
“Let’s go.” He smiled back, “Where is coffee shop again?” It seems like he was confused the first time you explained.
“Just follow me.” You laughed.

Originally posted by jinful

“Hey, what’s up?” A voice asked behind you, you turn around to notice a quiet interesting guy. “Hi.” You replied, you noticed his stare wasn’t on you. You could tell he wouldn’t that confident but not long after he took a deep breath and looked into your eyes. You were shocked by his sudden confidence but he continued to talk, “I like your hair style.” He smiled.
“Thanks” You smiled back at his compliment.
“What’s your name?” He asked, still staring into your eyes. He noticed your big beautiful eyes and found it easy to stare at them without losing confidence.
“Ah, Y/N” You answered, staring still back at his eyes.
“Namjoon.” He answered, shaking your hand, “I was wondering if you’re ever tried the drinks at that place?” You shake your head, telling him you haven’t.
“Well, if you want. Do you want to try some with me?” He smiled. You smiled at this guy, it was interesting that he suddenly walked up to you.
“Um, why not?” You shrugged, he smiled walked you to the store.

Originally posted by baebsaes

You’re walking with your friends and notice 7 guys down the street and one seem to be looking at you a lot. One guy was pushed towards your direction and he shyly walked towards you. Before reaching you, he dances forward with a grin on his face and looked up at you.
“Hey!” He greeted cheerfully. You waved and greeted him back, “I like your dance.” You chuckled, while your friends laughed at you.
“What is… um y-your name?” He shuttered, you could tell he wasn’t very good at English with his accent.
“It’s Y/N.” You answered, smiling at his cute smile. He stood there thinking hard about what to say next.
“My name Jimin.” He finally said, “I like your style.”
“Really? Thank you.”
“Do you have time?”
“Right now?” “Ah, yes.” “I want to show you some dance.” He said, before he starts to dance. You cheered at his dance before noticing that all your friends were gone. You looked at your phone, one of them texted you: “Have fun!” You shook your head at your friends.
“So? Do you want to see dance?” He asked, smiling.
“Sure.” You agreed. You didn’t know why but he had a warm feeling that no one else has. He took your hand and lead you to show you his dance.

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He noticed this girl while walking down the street, he couldn’t help but notice your facial features. Your face told him that you were a really nice person and someone who was really chilled. He had some confidences to approach you, even though he can’t speak English.
“Hey, I like your nails.” A guy with a snapback, wearing golden chains, and shades said.
“Hi?” You replied confused at his approach.
“Do you like?” He asked, lifting his chains. “It’s 3 dollars.”
You laughed, “Do you not speak English?” He shook his head, even though he couldn’t speak English you could tell he’s pretty cool.
“I can rap for you.” He said randomly, you laughed while nodding. Even without understand what he was saying you could tell it was really cool.
“That’s so cool.” You smiled, he smiled back.
“Are you free… tomorrow?” He stuttered with his English. You agree, having a good feeling about this guy.
“By the way, I’m Y/N. What’s yours?” You asked, realizing that he never told you.
“Suga.” He answered, giving you a gummy smile.

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He nervously approached you, “Um, um confidence, confidence.” He mumbled to himself and turned to you, “W-what’s popping?”
“Not much, just waiting for a cab.” You answered, noticing his cute features.
“My name is V.” He continued, “Your name?”
“I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” You grinned, still looking around for a cab.
“Give me your time?” He asked, boldly.
“What?” You asked, confused, “You want my time?”
“Yes, I-I like your watch.” He smiled. You smiled at the way he tried to pick you up. It’s not usual for anyone to go up to you, and you’ve seen how guys usually pick up your friends. This was different, no guy you’ve ever seen had this kind of a sparkle in his eyes. It was warm and his smile was sweet.
“So… um give me your time please?” He asked again still smiling.
“Sure, where do you want to go?” You laughed, noticing that his smile got bigger.
“Anywhere you want.” He answered, taking your hand.

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You were out getting a drink at your favourite shop, you loved the drinks but the shop was so far from where you lived. While on your way to the shop you noticed a bunch of people surrounding one person. Curious, you walked towards the crowd and in the middle was an amazing dancer. His movement to the music looked so cool, he took out a rose from his jacket and all the girls screamed. You shook your head and continued to walk to the shop. but there was a tap on your shoulder. It was the dancer, he smiled and placed the rose in your hands. He bowed and left. After waiting in line for what seemed like forever, you noticed the dancer again. He was leaning against the wall of shop. It seemed like he was waiting for someone, you didn’t want to bother him but you wanted to thank him for the beautiful rose.
You walked up to him and said, “Hey, thanks for the rose earlier.” You smiled, he nodded and smiled back.
“Y-your welcome.” He shuttered. At that moment you knew he didn’t speak English well, you looked down at your shoes.
“Um, can I…um you… a drink?” He asked, not noticing the drink in your hand.
“I already have one.” You laughed, showing him the drink. He nodded in embarrassment. “I can get you a drink if you want. You must be tired from dancing.”
“Okay.” He smiled, “Thank you.”

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Walking down the street you realize there were some people singing there, some was in English and some was in another language. But their voices sounded amazing, you and your friends decided to go and check it out. You noticed 4 guys singing but one seemed to look at you specifically. You looked behind you to see your friends, ‘he’s probably looking at them’ you thought. As the song ends, people around clapped and the 4 guys started packing their equipment. You were about to leave but a felt someone grab your arm. You turned around and saw the same guy that was staring at you.
“Hi.” He said.
“Hi.” You replied, confused with what he wanted.
“My name is Jungkook, what’s yours?” He asked, you were surprised that he would approach you but you just went with it.
“I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you Jungkook.” You smiled, taking your hand out to shake his. He smiled back and shook your hand. You couldn’t help but notice his cute yet handsome face.
“I really like your voice.” You said breaking the silence.
“Yeah? Well… I like you.” He replied blushing, your eyes widen at his sudden confession.
“How do you like me? You just met me.” You laughed.
“I have feeling that you’re nice.” He tells you, “Are you free right now?” You looked back at your friends who’s pushing you towards him and telling you it’s totally fine. You turned back to him, “Sure, where do you want to go?”
“Um, I want you to see me here.” He smiled. Even though his English wasn’t really good you were able to understand what he meant.
“Sure, let’s go.” You smiled back, leading the way.

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Hope you liked it! Sorry again for taking so long ;-;
~Admin Ari (Edited by Admin Luna)

  • Okay but hear me out 
  • There are a surprisingly small amount of percy Jackson!malec au
  • So I ask you to consider:
  • Magnus as calypso
  • Oh my god
  • Just think about it
  • Alec is on a mission, super important and bad against like, Valentine or whatever
  • And he plans to destroy camp half-blood and take over the mortal world?? Idk
  • He wants to wipe out the gods and their supporters???
  • Think like how luke (not garroway, castellan) got so many demigod allies thanks to the flawed system mixed with the Circle and that kind of prejudice, you know?
  • Anyway
  • Alec’s a part of the mission to defeat him
  • And while he’s not the famous percy or jason kind of hero like clary or his siblings, he’s more important than he knows
  • But anyway
  • They’re fighting, a battle at sea- valentine’s Andromeda (I mean, both luke castellan and valentine had an evil boat)
  • And alec goes overboard, sacrificing himself to save the others
  • and then of course
  • Alec washes up on the shore of Ogygia
  • He’s very confused, of course, when he wakes up to a beautiful stranger with golden cat eyes tending to his wounds briskly and efficiently
  • But the stranger informs him he is on a magical island and he’s been knocked out three days
  • And alec’s like ???
  • At first, the raft doesn’t show up, because alec doesn’t necessarily fall so quickly in love
  • And magnus is closed off, afraid of getting his heart broken again
  • After all, people hadn’t actually washed up on his shore in a while
  • He’d decided he wouldn’t do it again, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t, and soon the visits had dwindled and then stopped
  • Because maybe even being alone was better than having loved and lost a thousand times
  • (it’s not)
  • But then alec came and well
  • You’ve unlocked something in me,”
  • But anyway
  • soon they get to know each other and they just-
  • they can’t help but fall deeply, deeply in love
  • It maybe takes a while (Although time is different in Ogygia)
  • Many days of Magnus gardening, painting, telling stories
  • Days of alec sharing with him, his secrets, his stories
  • And magnus…. Slowly beginning to trust him with the same things in return, the same fears and hopes and dreams
  • It starts with them sharing a bed when one of them has a nightmare
  • And then it grows as alec tries to teach magnus archery, and magnus teaches him about herbs and potions
  • As alec tries (and fails) to paint magnus
  • As magnus shares stories of past people, ranging from funny to sweet to sad
  • (I say people because not all were lovers- after all, love didn’t have to necessarily be romantic. Apparently friends, counted too. In fact, ragnor, one of the ones who had stayed the longest, had only ever been a friend, and one of the deepest cutting losses he’d ever experienced)
  • As alec tries to teach him to dance (magnus only knows some very old-fashioned dances, and he’d never been good at them anyway. Meanwhile, alec claims it’s a lot like fighting, just more… loose. And free.)
  • As magnus helps him make a new bow, new arrows, out of the trees and such
  • As alec tells him that he loves his eyes, that they’re unique and pretty (magnus usually hides them as they tend to freak out his visitors, but after that he hides them less and less)
  • As magnus gives him a little moonlace flower to take care of
  • And alec knows magnus has fallen in love a thousand times before
  • But this time- this time it’s different
  • And maybe alec has insecurities about that but he knows magnus loves him, and that’s what matters
  • And it’s just
  • It’s beautiful, okay?
  • But
  • But the worst part about their relationship,
  • Is that he has to make that choice
  • The choice they always have to make
  • His family… his friends…. or the man he fell in love with
  • Because the Fates are fucking cruel
  • And he knows he has a duty, a job-
  • But…. the world has jace and izzy and clary and simon and so many others
  • Who does magnus have?
  • Who has ever chosen him? Who’s ever stayed with him?
  • Who needs Alec more?
  • “I just want the person who loves me to choose me over the world”
  • I don’t want the world, I want you”
  • Because he tells himself they don’t need me. Magnus does
  • The raft comes, and alec looks at it for a long time
  • And magnus is sad because alec is going to leave him
  • But then
  • He doesn’t
  • Alec chooses magnus
  • It hurts so much, but it’s worth it
  • And alec looks down at that fucking raft, magnus turns away because he almost can’t bear watching alec turn his back on him
  • But then alec sets it on fire
  • And he’s like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”
  • And alec smiles (a little sadly, he has thought about this- he’d figured that the raft would come at some point, he’s thought about this, and knows, he knows what he needs to- wants to- do) and says “I’m choosing you”
  • And magnus doesn’t know what to think, and he can’t help but begin to cry, not sure if he’s sad or happy, angry or relieved
  • Alec wraps his arms around him and holds him close and all magnus can think is no one has ever chosen me before, no one-
  • And they’re on this island together
  • And they love each other so fucking much
  • And on Ogygia, Alec won’t age
  • Alec knows they’ll likely be together a very long time- possibly forever
  • But he can’t ever imagine getting bored of Magnus, imagine not wanting to wake up to his beautiful face, imagine not wanting to hold him and love him and keep him
  • He couldn’t imagine not wanting to be his forever
  • Of course, the raft comes back, and each night alec burns it
  • It’s almost like a ritual
  • they’re happy together, but every day, alec wonders
  • are they okay?
  • His siblings, his friends, his family….
  • And magnus worries, because what if alec regrets it??? What if alec grows to regret this? Regret him? What if he leaves?
  • He didn’t want to keep him here if he wanted to leave, but he wasn’t sure if he could bear losing him after getting his hopes up like this
  • Sometimes, albeit very rarely, a god or goddess will show up with information- Aphrodite, all sympathetic smiles and bubbly laughter, Hermes bringing news of the war (Alec finds he enjoys feeding George and Martha- they’re good conversationalists, too), that kind of thing
  • (I know the gods aren’t that emotionally involved shut up)
  • But then, like a while later
  • Then…
  • the gods free them
  • Aphrodite fought hard (for the power of true love, of course), Athena believed it would be a wise strategy (two powerful allies, she says), Apollo argues for his son’s happiness, Hermes affirms that he has been visiting Magnus for quite a while and believes him to be no threat
  • Hades, Artemis, and Dionysus are all in favor
  • (Apparently Magnus and Dionysus used to be pretty good drinking buddies, Artemis had grudgingly admired their loyalty to each other- and alec’s archery skills, and Hades- well, who knew why he chose to support them?)
  • Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, and Ares are all undecided/unbothered
  • Zeus is like ugh no.
  • But they end up…. deciding to do it (obviously)
  • And it’s glorious
  • like one day, they’re eating together, talking quietly and trading soft kisses and sweet words and then… alec looks over to the beach…… and there’s a raft
  • and a figure, dark and silhouetted against the rising sun
  • it’s Apollo, alec’s godly father
  • and as they approach, magnus’s lips turned down into a worried frown, and apollo’s grinning widely
  • they’re standing near the shore, and magnus asks “why are you here?” and his voice is tight and his eyes are bright with worry
  • because what if he’s going to take alec away?
  • After all, that was the whole point of Magnus’s curse, wasn’t it?
  • That he’d always be alone
  • That thanks to the parentage he couldn’t control, thanks to the way he’d been so scared back in the first war and he hadn’t helped either side, he would always be alone
  • (as a creature made for love and attention, thriving among people, among friends- this is the worst punishment they could have imagined)
  • But now… he has alec
  • So what if the gods want to take that back???
  • He’s scared and defensive, and he stands in front of alec protectively and he doesn’t even notice the sparks dancing on his palms, the tongues of flame curling around his fingers
  • Apollo, luckily, is completely unoffended
  • He’s amused (And not unsympathetic)
  • But he hasn’t answered yet
  • And alec brushes past magnus (magnus twitches like he wants to shove him back right now and protect him, but he can’t) and says “father, i’m not leaving. Not without magnus. I’m sorry, but I refuse to. I love him.”
  • And Apollo shakes his head, still smiling, and says slyly, “I wouldn’t ask you to. No, it’s something else, son”
  • Alec looks concerned, and magnus steps forward and says, “is something wrong?”
  • And Apollo grins wider and says “no, nothing’s wrong…. In fact, it’s the opposite”
  • Alec looks skeptical, and Apollo gestures to the raft and says, “table for two?”
  • After a moment, alec’s eyes widen and magnus gasps
  • “You- you can’t mean-?” magnus asked, shocked, and Apollo gave him a surprisingly gentle smile
  • “you’re free,” he replied happily, “both of you”
  • Magnus couldn’t help but fall to his knees, feeling weak, knowing he was trembling, but it had been- it had been so goddamn long
  • He’d been on this damn island for literally hundreds, thousands of years
  • And already alec had chosen him, after such a long time of people leaving him, over and over and over again, but now… now they were going to be free
  • Free together!
  • And alec-
  • Alec is going home.
  • He’d already reconciled himself with the fact he wasn’t going home again, wasn’t seeing his friends and family again
  • But now he would
  • He would, and he would with the love of his life
  • He could introduce magnus to them- and magnus could meet them, too- and- just the idea, of everyone he loved in one place-
  • Alec throws his arms around magnus
  • They were both grinning widely, tears sparking at their eyes
  • They kiss, but the kiss is messy and full of emotion and it falls apart under the weight of their love and relief and sudden, crushing hope
  • Apollo grins, tips his hat (He hadn’t been wearing a top hat a second ago, but whatever, he was a god) and says, “pack your bags, kidd-os!”
  • Magnus has barely anything to pack
  • A part of him will miss his island
  • The peace of the gardens, the clear sky, the lack of idiots
  • But most of him can’t wait to get out and see the people, the world
  • To have rain, snow- it never snowed on the island and it very rarely rained
  • And he had few actual possessions on the island itself
  • So he had a small bag and that’s it
  • And alec had the bow magnus had helped him make and the little moonlace flower
  • And they step onto the raft together, the wood rocking unevenly under their feet
  • And Apollo grins cheerily and waves them off as the raft begins to speed away
  • Alec puts his arm around magnus as they watch the island that had been magnus’s home- his home, and his prison- for so, so long zoom away… forever
  • And it’s a long journey home (they run into two different sea monsters, somehow)
  • Okay, but here’s the thing
  • everyone thinks alec is dead
  • it’s been like idk a year? Half a year?
  • I know that in the books he was gone longer than he thought but I say that the time fluctuation can go either way because I want to
  • So like he thinks he was gone for like idk a year or two
  • And for them it’s been like half that
  • But anyway
  • They’re mourning and grieving in their own ways, and they’re like making battle plans or whatever??
  • When the alarm goes up
  • And they get to the beach, expecting an attack
  • And there’s a raft, washed up on the shore, and two people clinging to it, kind of wet but grinning and breathless
  • And it’s alec, alec and someone they’ve never seen before
  • Ooooh wait
  • You know how I mentioned that it wasn’t always romantic people who washed up??
  • What if clary did???
  • To like blend the canon of magnus knowing little!clary and of calypso knowing at least one person still alive idk
  • But I mean like when she was a little kid, before she knew she was the daughter of some powerful greek god
  • So magnus had been like chilling, gardening or whatever
  • And this little redheaded girl washed up
  • Like a fucking toddler
  • And he’s like “good heavens this little girl just fucking washed up on the beach what are the Fates fucking playing at????
  • And he, of course, helps her
  • And he grows to love this sweet little girl (love what he could’ve had, love the family he would never have, but also just her- she was fiery and fierce and strong) which means the raft showed up, like a little sister or something
  • He nicknames her biscuit because she keeps eating all of his fucking biscuits
  • (Hermes brings them sometimes and magnus finds he is quite fond of what he knows about the current mortal world- the wine Dionysus occasionally brings has certainly gotten better. And later, the diet coke)
  • but he knew she had loved ones, a family, and so once her wounds were taken care of, he sent her away on the raft and knew she would find those people who loved her again
  • Maybe this is part of her backstory oh my god
  • Like when she was a kid, she and her mom were attacked by monsters on a cruise or something?
  • And she only remembers a kind young man taking care of her, calling her biscuit (for some reason) then a bobbing raft at sea, then waking up in her sobbing mother’s arms (“Luke, I just found her, she was on a piece of driftwood, of all things-”)
  • Her friends (The ones she’s told about this, anyway) nicknamed him Biscuit Man
  • Because she’s the daughter of one of the Big Three and she’s destined for great things
  • Which includes weird-ass stories like that
  • So when these two show up on the beach, soaked, everyone’s rushing to Alec (“holy shit you’re alive wtf???”) but she’s like “it’s you!”
  • And he kind of squints like “biscuit?”
  • And Alec’s like “wait clary’s biscuit?”
  • And simon’s like “wait that’s Biscuit Man?”
  • Alec snickers
  • Anyway
  • So like alec, someone they thought was fucking dead just sort of shows up
  • With a minor god
  • And is like “not dead?”
  • Izzy nearly punches him
  • Jace does punch him (in the arm) and then hugs him and says I’m glad you’re okay
  • And he’s like “so this is my boyfriend. Magnus.”
  • And Chiron (or the Chiron equivalent… Hodge? Idk) is like “Magnus Bane? Like, minor god, son of one of the worst Titans, Asmodeous? That Magnus?”
  • “yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss?”
  • But basically
  • Happy endings!!!
  • And like Magnus is very confused by the modern world
  • And he loves every second of it
  • He’s fascinated with cell phones and the internet
  • And he actually gets the hang of it pretty fast
  • (never forget magnus bane is a fucking genius- I mean, for one example, he invented the Portal, guys, he’s fucking brilliant)
  • He loves the latest fashion trends and make-up and stuff
  • Isabelle helps with that part ;)
  • And they’re all kind of suspicious at first
  • But magnus ends up being a pretty powerful ally whom is very clearly on their side
  • (just because he spent the past few thousand years on an island with gardens and paint and shit doesn’t mean he isn’t badass as fuck. He still works out and practices and shit)
  • (he also finds Valentine absolutely deplorable)
  • And he’s a really good friend
  • And he obviously adores Alec, he looks at him like he’s everything
  • And Alec looks at him the same way
  • They’re clearly ridiculously in love
  • Magnus stays with him at the Apollo cabin (same bed and everything even though they’re not supposed to- apparently, they’d gotten used to it) and there was no cabin for Magnus anyway
  • Sometimes one of the campers will wake and look over, curious
  • They’ll see them, curled up together, squished against each other and the wall in their little bunk bed but perfectly content
  • A god, albeit minor (or would it technically be Titan? I’m not actually sure) sleeping soundly in the arms of their stern, quiet brother, breaths deep and even
  • It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s right there in front of them
  • Like when they do finally defeat Valentine and shit
  • Magnus is still immortal, see, but Alec isn’t
  • They hadn’t realized this when they’d left the islands (the Fates were still angry, Magnus mutters bitterly) but it was the case
  • But then Alec (whom had done some ridiculously heroic deed) pulls a Percy and is offered a favor
  • And he becomes immortal????
  • Idk
  • But the point is they get their happy ending
  • And just
  • This whole au, man
  • fuck

i don’t know what i’m doing i’m sorry