don't ask me what he's wearing i will never ever ever answer you

episodes 1-4 / ( change pronouns as needed. )


  • “i’ve been thinking about us.”
  • “i’m asking you now if you love me.”
  • “of course i love you, ____. but i can’t give you the answer you want.”
  • “one summer can change everything.”
  • “it’s about following your heart, right?”
  • “as long as you don’t give up your passion.”
  • “eventually, there will be a reckoning.”
  • “that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? it won’t last.”
  • “are you scared, ____?”
  • “don’t freak out. just trust me.”
  • “i’m breakfast at tiffany’s, but this place is strictly in cold blood.”
  • “he was looking for the girl next door. instead, he found me.”
  • “you wanted fire? sorry, _________. my specialty’s ice.”
  • “just… talk to her. it could go a long way. would have gone a long way with me.” 
  • “you are so perfect. i’ll never deserve you.”


  • “romeo and juliet are the exception, not the rule.”
  • “once again, fate throws us together.”
  • "sardonic humour is just my way of relating to the world.”
  • “what? what are you going to do?”
  • “i’m not. i want to be. i thought i could be. but it’s too much, too fast.”
  • “what do you know about it, _____? or about me, even?”
  • “he wasn’t perfect. but he always tried to do the right thing.”
  • “sometimes a friend is better than a boyfriend.”
  • “why don’t we both just do that bro thing where we nod like douches & mutually suppress our emotions?”
  • “is there something you want to tell me, pal?”
  • “did you & _______ kill him together?”
  • “i’m alone.”
  • “we’re not gonna hug in front of the entire town.”
  • “it’s like there was a train that was going to the rest of my life. & i just… missed it.”
  • “it is not my fault he doesn’t like you.”


  • "spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules.”
  • “i don’t follow rules, i make them. & when necessary, i break them.”
  • “nothing this bad was ever supposed to happen here.”
  • “you don’t want to slow down, do you?”
  • “they have zero remorse for the lives they destroy.”
  • “does he not know who i am?”
  • “i’d love to stay. but i gotta shake down an evil adventure scout.”
  • “not bad.”
  • “maybe i don’t know _______.”
  • “you came through for me. in a way no one else ever has before.”
  • “i would’ve done anything to protect _____.”
  • “i saw the way you looked at me. … you’re hiding something.”
  • “maybe we should slow it down a little.”
  • "she’s right.”
  • “would i have complete freedom?”


  • “where did you find all of this?”
  • “oh, i’m already there!”
  • “you’re right. i’m selfish, & i’m stupid.”
  • “make some room, outcasts.”
  • “what’s next, selling her hair extensions?”
  • “it’s off-brand & sends a false message about acceptance.”
  • “shut the hell up, or you’ll find out!”
  • “i just hate when people disrespect my cinematic experience.”
  • "i’ll figure it out. i always do.”
  • “you are not the things you said.” 
  • “you’re not stupid. this wasn’t your fault.”
  • “i have a strong inkling.”
  • “threatened, much?”
  • “i learned that from the nancy drew detective handbook.”
  • “if you really are my friend, you’ll drop this.”

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Hi! Same anon that asked about the FNaF 1 gang, withereds, shadows, etc., just wanna ask: Do you have any headcanons about the withereds, shadows, what the phantoms are, or anything? (P. S. Thanks for wishing me a happy day! Hope you have a "happiest day"!

Oh goodness I do happen to have…a few (uninteresting) headcanons actually…So I guess I’ll tackle these in the order you asked! These are all just for this blog’s AU, of course, so no worries if they collide with some of the canon or with other people’s universes

Withered Ones

  • Since W.Bonnie and W.Chica both have missing hands, W.Foxy and W.Freddy are always nearby to help them if they need it
  • W.Chica is really proud though and does her very best to do things herself
  • W.Bonnie is very sad about the loss of his face, and thinks about it constantly, often trying to find “replacements” for his face! Some of you guys might remember from one of my old posts that sometimes he wears a paper plate with a :3 face drawn on it
  • W.Freddy is a very Tired Man, choosing to mostly watch the Toys perform on stage as opposed to singing himself. I think of it like he’s peacefully retired
  • W.Foxy is the saltiest guy most anyone will ever meet, he wants to go places and have his Pirate Cove back but the world just keeps denying him

The Shadows

  • These guys are both mute, so they communicate non-verbally. Sometimes that means flashing shadowy words up in the air, other times it means sign language
  • Shadow Freddy (Shreddy lmao) looks like he’s constantly crying, but has never told anyone why…
  • Both of their bodies can be easily manipulated into different shapes, although Shadow Bonnie is a lot better at shapeshifting than Shreddy is!
  • Shadow Bonnie is………ridiculously tall, and Shreddy is a smol
  • Shadow Bonnie can teleport! But the process is rather painful so they don’t do it often
  • Both of them are very old, and have been around for decades as of the time of Fazbear Fright
  • In addition to not being able to speak verbally, neither of them make any noise at all when moving. They have accidentally snuck up on many of their friends because of it
  • Both are very elusive and will only appear to those that they deem trustworthy, or intriguing in some way

The Phantoms

  • They’re all essentially ghosts of the former Fazbear crew. Not every animatronic became a phantom after being destroyed, only a select few!
  • When they first woke up as phantoms, all they remembered was the pain of dying, so the reverted to a more primal state of personality. As of yet, only some of the phantoms have managed to remember their past selves to become who they used to be.
  • This is why Phantom Balloon Boy (PBB) screams so much! He’s trying to remember his past, but more often than not he resorts to the screaming
  • Being ghosts, they cannot touch anything corporeal without it meeting special standards
  • With enough practice, the phantoms can learn to summon ghostly objects from their past, one of the best examples being Phantom Chica’s ghost cupcake (which she’s very proud of btw)
  • It is said that once the Phantoms are able to complete whatever unfinished business they had on Earth, they will cease to exist here, having moved on. Most of them haven’t found out yet why they became ghosts, since they can’t even remember clearly when they were alive. Who knows if they’ll ever reach their goals?

Anyways that’s all I have for now! I know I’m leaving a bunch out, definitely, but hey, I’ve never been too great at communicating my thoughts! Thanks for asking about these guys!! Goodness knows I think about this AU every waking moment of my life And thank you! I’ll try and have the happiest day I can!

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so I've been reading your metas these past months and.... you sure talk shit a lot about other characters and trying so hard to make people understand or care about Ui, weren't you? is this out of spite? why don't you talk more about Ui's flaws?

I’m sorry if I sound slightly rude, and I will try to answer your question in a moment but please let me clarify something first. 

Number 1) It’s not talking shit, it’s talking about their flaws. I’ve said in the past, what makes a character interesting are their flaws and how the plot comes up with consequences for those flaws so that the character can realize overcome them. Most of the characters I talk about their flaws I genuinely believe that they are going to at some point during Tokyo Ghoul overcome those flaws. However, if I stopped to go “Sure, Kaneki has his flaws but here are the good things about him-” every single time I talked critically about his character it would dilute my point. 

Number 2) I’ve talked about Ui’s flaws in the past, I’m not sure what you are talking about. My last post about him, I called him a sith lord, and compared him to Anakin Skywalker. That’s not a compliment? I compared his actions to Anakin’s Skywalker’s ability to justify murdering younglings?? 

Here’s also some previous criticisms I gave about him.

Despite being introduced as the Hope of the CCG, all Ui has done so far is fail.

Ui has one of the most pronounced dehumanizing view of ghoul’s in the manga, and there’s no specific reason for it. None of his family members were taken by ghouls, like Mado, and he himself was never personally traumatized by them like Amon and Suzuya. If anything I would say his lack of empathy comes from his need for identity. There’s no better way to define yourself then to define what is not yourself, or what is ‘other’ in this case. Ghoul’s being emotionless monsters also conveniently slips into what Ui wants to perceive them as, in his narrative of Heroes of Justice. After all, a good hero, a good knight, needs a villain to fight against and take down.

Notice however, that Kijima’s plan to torture a ghoul and put it on the internet to call out a member of Rose, which is illegal and also inhumane and dirties the name of his CCG and his hero fantasy, is met with much less resistance than Sasaki’s plan to simply pretend to be ghouls and spy on them to gain information. Ui doesn’t even use his official capacity to punish Kijima or stop the plan in motion, he only shows his disapproval. That probably was because Sasaki was a ghoul, though.

The Ui shown in Re after becoming a squad leader is much more individualistic. On two occasions, in disapproving the mask operation and telling Sasaki to go to the roof we’re shown that Ui lets things like rank and advancement factor into his decisions more than thinking for the good of the whole group. He individually worries after becoming a special class, that someone like Haise will be promoted too fast, or reach his ranks. 

If you want a quick summary of Ui’s flaws though, here you go.

1) He’s a mass murderer of Ghouls
2) He has no empathy for the ghouls that he murders, the only time he comes close to showing any is when the actions of other humans against ghouls conflict with his idealistic view of a “Hero of Justice”
3) This basically makes him a person inserting a childish fantasy onto what is a life or death conflict and also getting upset when reality conflicts this fantasy.
4) Ui is bitter, and jealous in his behaviors. He gets jealous at Sasaki, not only for getting Arima’s attention, but also for being a ghoul that gets Arima’s attention.
5) Ui cares way too much about rank and advancement, to the point where he never appreciated his relationships with Hairu, Sasaki, Take, or Arima because he was only ever thinking about rank and work at the time. The suffering he feels now he completely brought on himself for not appreciating what he had when it was there.
6) Ui Koori smokes too much and it makes him terrible at climbing stairs. Part of the reason Hairu died, and Haise got his memories back was because Ui took an eternity on those goddamn stairs. (This is a joke)
7) Ui is physically rude to those around him. There’s no doubt in my mind that he deeply cared about Hairu, he’s willing to sell out everything for the chance to bring her back but this is how he referred to her when she was around.

8) Ui Koori compromised on all of his ideals of justice in about 10 seconds. All Furuta needed to do was offer him the possibility that Hairu might be revived and Ui is already wearing all black and standing on a pile of corpses. 
11) Ui Koori is objectifying Hairu in his actions. He’s treating her death like a great tragedy to himself, somebody that he needs to save, and also doing a bunch of things that she likely would not want in her name, and reviving her without her consent. 

These are just some of them, if you ever want me to clarify more about what I think of a character feel free to ask anon. 


Title: Maybe
Fandom: Shameless, Mickey/Ian
Rating: PG
Summary: I don’t fucking know. This just happened. It’s a continuation of the scene in 4x05 where Lip asks Mickey if he’s heard from Ian.

Lip’s not sure, really, what possesses him to turn back toward Mickey. He shouldn’t care, really, but something about the way Mickey had backed down so quickly and revealed his concern for Ian had gotten under Lip’s skin, and it makes Lip want to reassure him.

“You know, Mickey, I won’t tell anyone,” Lip insists. “I know you’re terrified of the world finding out, but you don’t have to worry about that with me.”

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Title: Footprints in the Sand

Rating: PG

A/N: For Day Two: “Above His Pay Grade”, hosted by @bodhirookweek. Rogue One additional scene: from the Rebel Alliance High Command Room on Yavin 4, before Jyn speaks Bodhi tries to convince them to act but feels as though his attempts amount to nothing, as if he is a grain of sand in a shifting sea soon to be swallowed up and forgotten. But he is wrong, he is leaving footprints that another person (or two, or three) may follow in…


“Heroism never paid well on the streets of Ni-Jedha, but not helping when you knew you should always has the higher cost. Constantly ignoring the myriad of Imperial wrong-doings towards everyday people, neighbors you see every morning and vendors you buy your lunch from ever day, it chips away at your soul.” The room fell silent at Bodhi’s words.

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  • Okay but hear me out 
  • There are a surprisingly small amount of percy Jackson!malec au
  • So I ask you to consider:
  • Magnus as calypso
  • Oh my god
  • Just think about it
  • Alec is on a mission, super important and bad against like, Valentine or whatever
  • And he plans to destroy camp half-blood and take over the mortal world?? Idk
  • He wants to wipe out the gods and their supporters???
  • Think like how luke (not garroway, castellan) got so many demigod allies thanks to the flawed system mixed with the Circle and that kind of prejudice, you know?
  • Anyway
  • Alec’s a part of the mission to defeat him
  • And while he’s not the famous percy or jason kind of hero like clary or his siblings, he’s more important than he knows
  • But anyway
  • They’re fighting, a battle at sea- valentine’s Andromeda (I mean, both luke castellan and valentine had an evil boat)
  • And alec goes overboard, sacrificing himself to save the others
  • and then of course
  • Alec washes up on the shore of Ogygia
  • He’s very confused, of course, when he wakes up to a beautiful stranger with golden cat eyes tending to his wounds briskly and efficiently
  • But the stranger informs him he is on a magical island and he’s been knocked out three days
  • And alec’s like ???
  • At first, the raft doesn’t show up, because alec doesn’t necessarily fall so quickly in love
  • And magnus is closed off, afraid of getting his heart broken again
  • After all, people hadn’t actually washed up on his shore in a while
  • He’d decided he wouldn’t do it again, he wouldn’t, he couldn’t, and soon the visits had dwindled and then stopped
  • Because maybe even being alone was better than having loved and lost a thousand times
  • (it’s not)
  • But then alec came and well
  • You’ve unlocked something in me,”
  • But anyway
  • soon they get to know each other and they just-
  • they can’t help but fall deeply, deeply in love
  • It maybe takes a while (Although time is different in Ogygia)
  • Many days of Magnus gardening, painting, telling stories
  • Days of alec sharing with him, his secrets, his stories
  • And magnus…. Slowly beginning to trust him with the same things in return, the same fears and hopes and dreams
  • It starts with them sharing a bed when one of them has a nightmare
  • And then it grows as alec tries to teach magnus archery, and magnus teaches him about herbs and potions
  • As alec tries (and fails) to paint magnus
  • As magnus shares stories of past people, ranging from funny to sweet to sad
  • (I say people because not all were lovers- after all, love didn’t have to necessarily be romantic. Apparently friends, counted too. In fact, ragnor, one of the ones who had stayed the longest, had only ever been a friend, and one of the deepest cutting losses he’d ever experienced)
  • As alec tries to teach him to dance (magnus only knows some very old-fashioned dances, and he’d never been good at them anyway. Meanwhile, alec claims it’s a lot like fighting, just more… loose. And free.)
  • As magnus helps him make a new bow, new arrows, out of the trees and such
  • As alec tells him that he loves his eyes, that they’re unique and pretty (magnus usually hides them as they tend to freak out his visitors, but after that he hides them less and less)
  • As magnus gives him a little moonlace flower to take care of
  • And alec knows magnus has fallen in love a thousand times before
  • But this time- this time it’s different
  • And maybe alec has insecurities about that but he knows magnus loves him, and that’s what matters
  • And it’s just
  • It’s beautiful, okay?
  • But
  • But the worst part about their relationship,
  • Is that he has to make that choice
  • The choice they always have to make
  • His family… his friends…. or the man he fell in love with
  • Because the Fates are fucking cruel
  • And he knows he has a duty, a job-
  • But…. the world has jace and izzy and clary and simon and so many others
  • Who does magnus have?
  • Who has ever chosen him? Who’s ever stayed with him?
  • Who needs Alec more?
  • “I just want the person who loves me to choose me over the world”
  • I don’t want the world, I want you”
  • Because he tells himself they don’t need me. Magnus does
  • The raft comes, and alec looks at it for a long time
  • And magnus is sad because alec is going to leave him
  • But then
  • He doesn’t
  • Alec chooses magnus
  • It hurts so much, but it’s worth it
  • And alec looks down at that fucking raft, magnus turns away because he almost can’t bear watching alec turn his back on him
  • But then alec sets it on fire
  • And he’s like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”
  • And alec smiles (a little sadly, he has thought about this- he’d figured that the raft would come at some point, he’s thought about this, and knows, he knows what he needs to- wants to- do) and says “I’m choosing you”
  • And magnus doesn’t know what to think, and he can’t help but begin to cry, not sure if he’s sad or happy, angry or relieved
  • Alec wraps his arms around him and holds him close and all magnus can think is no one has ever chosen me before, no one-
  • And they’re on this island together
  • And they love each other so fucking much
  • And on Ogygia, Alec won’t age
  • Alec knows they’ll likely be together a very long time- possibly forever
  • But he can’t ever imagine getting bored of Magnus, imagine not wanting to wake up to his beautiful face, imagine not wanting to hold him and love him and keep him
  • He couldn’t imagine not wanting to be his forever
  • Of course, the raft comes back, and each night alec burns it
  • It’s almost like a ritual
  • they’re happy together, but every day, alec wonders
  • are they okay?
  • His siblings, his friends, his family….
  • And magnus worries, because what if alec regrets it??? What if alec grows to regret this? Regret him? What if he leaves?
  • He didn’t want to keep him here if he wanted to leave, but he wasn’t sure if he could bear losing him after getting his hopes up like this
  • Sometimes, albeit very rarely, a god or goddess will show up with information- Aphrodite, all sympathetic smiles and bubbly laughter, Hermes bringing news of the war (Alec finds he enjoys feeding George and Martha- they’re good conversationalists, too), that kind of thing
  • (I know the gods aren’t that emotionally involved shut up)
  • But then, like a while later
  • Then…
  • the gods free them
  • Aphrodite fought hard (for the power of true love, of course), Athena believed it would be a wise strategy (two powerful allies, she says), Apollo argues for his son’s happiness, Hermes affirms that he has been visiting Magnus for quite a while and believes him to be no threat
  • Hades, Artemis, and Dionysus are all in favor
  • (Apparently Magnus and Dionysus used to be pretty good drinking buddies, Artemis had grudgingly admired their loyalty to each other- and alec’s archery skills, and Hades- well, who knew why he chose to support them?)
  • Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, and Ares are all undecided/unbothered
  • Zeus is like ugh no.
  • But they end up…. deciding to do it (obviously)
  • And it’s glorious
  • like one day, they’re eating together, talking quietly and trading soft kisses and sweet words and then… alec looks over to the beach…… and there’s a raft
  • and a figure, dark and silhouetted against the rising sun
  • it’s Apollo, alec’s godly father
  • and as they approach, magnus’s lips turned down into a worried frown, and apollo’s grinning widely
  • they’re standing near the shore, and magnus asks “why are you here?” and his voice is tight and his eyes are bright with worry
  • because what if he’s going to take alec away?
  • After all, that was the whole point of Magnus’s curse, wasn’t it?
  • That he’d always be alone
  • That thanks to the parentage he couldn’t control, thanks to the way he’d been so scared back in the first war and he hadn’t helped either side, he would always be alone
  • (as a creature made for love and attention, thriving among people, among friends- this is the worst punishment they could have imagined)
  • But now… he has alec
  • So what if the gods want to take that back???
  • He’s scared and defensive, and he stands in front of alec protectively and he doesn’t even notice the sparks dancing on his palms, the tongues of flame curling around his fingers
  • Apollo, luckily, is completely unoffended
  • He’s amused (And not unsympathetic)
  • But he hasn’t answered yet
  • And alec brushes past magnus (magnus twitches like he wants to shove him back right now and protect him, but he can’t) and says “father, i’m not leaving. Not without magnus. I’m sorry, but I refuse to. I love him.”
  • And Apollo shakes his head, still smiling, and says slyly, “I wouldn’t ask you to. No, it’s something else, son”
  • Alec looks concerned, and magnus steps forward and says, “is something wrong?”
  • And Apollo grins wider and says “no, nothing’s wrong…. In fact, it’s the opposite”
  • Alec looks skeptical, and Apollo gestures to the raft and says, “table for two?”
  • After a moment, alec’s eyes widen and magnus gasps
  • “You- you can’t mean-?” magnus asked, shocked, and Apollo gave him a surprisingly gentle smile
  • “you’re free,” he replied happily, “both of you”
  • Magnus couldn’t help but fall to his knees, feeling weak, knowing he was trembling, but it had been- it had been so goddamn long
  • He’d been on this damn island for literally hundreds, thousands of years
  • And already alec had chosen him, after such a long time of people leaving him, over and over and over again, but now… now they were going to be free
  • Free together!
  • And alec-
  • Alec is going home.
  • He’d already reconciled himself with the fact he wasn’t going home again, wasn’t seeing his friends and family again
  • But now he would
  • He would, and he would with the love of his life
  • He could introduce magnus to them- and magnus could meet them, too- and- just the idea, of everyone he loved in one place-
  • Alec throws his arms around magnus
  • They were both grinning widely, tears sparking at their eyes
  • They kiss, but the kiss is messy and full of emotion and it falls apart under the weight of their love and relief and sudden, crushing hope
  • Apollo grins, tips his hat (He hadn’t been wearing a top hat a second ago, but whatever, he was a god) and says, “pack your bags, kidd-os!”
  • Magnus has barely anything to pack
  • A part of him will miss his island
  • The peace of the gardens, the clear sky, the lack of idiots
  • But most of him can’t wait to get out and see the people, the world
  • To have rain, snow- it never snowed on the island and it very rarely rained
  • And he had few actual possessions on the island itself
  • So he had a small bag and that’s it
  • And alec had the bow magnus had helped him make and the little moonlace flower
  • And they step onto the raft together, the wood rocking unevenly under their feet
  • And Apollo grins cheerily and waves them off as the raft begins to speed away
  • Alec puts his arm around magnus as they watch the island that had been magnus’s home- his home, and his prison- for so, so long zoom away… forever
  • And it’s a long journey home (they run into two different sea monsters, somehow)
  • Okay, but here’s the thing
  • everyone thinks alec is dead
  • it’s been like idk a year? Half a year?
  • I know that in the books he was gone longer than he thought but I say that the time fluctuation can go either way because I want to
  • So like he thinks he was gone for like idk a year or two
  • And for them it’s been like half that
  • But anyway
  • They’re mourning and grieving in their own ways, and they’re like making battle plans or whatever??
  • When the alarm goes up
  • And they get to the beach, expecting an attack
  • And there’s a raft, washed up on the shore, and two people clinging to it, kind of wet but grinning and breathless
  • And it’s alec, alec and someone they’ve never seen before
  • Ooooh wait
  • You know how I mentioned that it wasn’t always romantic people who washed up??
  • What if clary did???
  • To like blend the canon of magnus knowing little!clary and of calypso knowing at least one person still alive idk
  • But I mean like when she was a little kid, before she knew she was the daughter of some powerful greek god
  • So magnus had been like chilling, gardening or whatever
  • And this little redheaded girl washed up
  • Like a fucking toddler
  • And he’s like “good heavens this little girl just fucking washed up on the beach what are the Fates fucking playing at????
  • And he, of course, helps her
  • And he grows to love this sweet little girl (love what he could’ve had, love the family he would never have, but also just her- she was fiery and fierce and strong) which means the raft showed up, like a little sister or something
  • He nicknames her biscuit because she keeps eating all of his fucking biscuits
  • (Hermes brings them sometimes and magnus finds he is quite fond of what he knows about the current mortal world- the wine Dionysus occasionally brings has certainly gotten better. And later, the diet coke)
  • but he knew she had loved ones, a family, and so once her wounds were taken care of, he sent her away on the raft and knew she would find those people who loved her again
  • Maybe this is part of her backstory oh my god
  • Like when she was a kid, she and her mom were attacked by monsters on a cruise or something?
  • And she only remembers a kind young man taking care of her, calling her biscuit (for some reason) then a bobbing raft at sea, then waking up in her sobbing mother’s arms (“Luke, I just found her, she was on a piece of driftwood, of all things-”)
  • Her friends (The ones she’s told about this, anyway) nicknamed him Biscuit Man
  • Because she’s the daughter of one of the Big Three and she’s destined for great things
  • Which includes weird-ass stories like that
  • So when these two show up on the beach, soaked, everyone’s rushing to Alec (“holy shit you’re alive wtf???”) but she’s like “it’s you!”
  • And he kind of squints like “biscuit?”
  • And Alec’s like “wait clary’s biscuit?”
  • And simon’s like “wait that’s Biscuit Man?”
  • Alec snickers
  • Anyway
  • So like alec, someone they thought was fucking dead just sort of shows up
  • With a minor god
  • And is like “not dead?”
  • Izzy nearly punches him
  • Jace does punch him (in the arm) and then hugs him and says I’m glad you’re okay
  • And he’s like “so this is my boyfriend. Magnus.”
  • And Chiron (or the Chiron equivalent… Hodge? Idk) is like “Magnus Bane? Like, minor god, son of one of the worst Titans, Asmodeous? That Magnus?”
  • “yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss?”
  • But basically
  • Happy endings!!!
  • And like Magnus is very confused by the modern world
  • And he loves every second of it
  • He’s fascinated with cell phones and the internet
  • And he actually gets the hang of it pretty fast
  • (never forget magnus bane is a fucking genius- I mean, for one example, he invented the Portal, guys, he’s fucking brilliant)
  • He loves the latest fashion trends and make-up and stuff
  • Isabelle helps with that part ;)
  • And they’re all kind of suspicious at first
  • But magnus ends up being a pretty powerful ally whom is very clearly on their side
  • (just because he spent the past few thousand years on an island with gardens and paint and shit doesn’t mean he isn’t badass as fuck. He still works out and practices and shit)
  • (he also finds Valentine absolutely deplorable)
  • And he’s a really good friend
  • And he obviously adores Alec, he looks at him like he’s everything
  • And Alec looks at him the same way
  • They’re clearly ridiculously in love
  • Magnus stays with him at the Apollo cabin (same bed and everything even though they’re not supposed to- apparently, they’d gotten used to it) and there was no cabin for Magnus anyway
  • Sometimes one of the campers will wake and look over, curious
  • They’ll see them, curled up together, squished against each other and the wall in their little bunk bed but perfectly content
  • A god, albeit minor (or would it technically be Titan? I’m not actually sure) sleeping soundly in the arms of their stern, quiet brother, breaths deep and even
  • It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s right there in front of them
  • Like when they do finally defeat Valentine and shit
  • Magnus is still immortal, see, but Alec isn’t
  • They hadn’t realized this when they’d left the islands (the Fates were still angry, Magnus mutters bitterly) but it was the case
  • But then Alec (whom had done some ridiculously heroic deed) pulls a Percy and is offered a favor
  • And he becomes immortal????
  • Idk
  • But the point is they get their happy ending
  • And just
  • This whole au, man
  • fuck

i don’t know what i’m doing i’m sorry

anonymous asked:

Hey, can you recommend me some good malec fanfics? Don't care if it's fluff or smut (i heard you are a fan of botton!alec 😉 ) just tell me if there's anything good


Hello! Thank you for coming to me for this. I have lots of Malec recommendations! Right now I’m just going to give you some of the one’s I have in my new phone but maybe later I will add the one’s I have in my previous phones.

-This fanfics are a mix of a lot of things: fluff, angst, smut (yes, I’m a fan of bottom!Alec :D), some AUs, and some are very dark.

-I put some Notes to express my opinions and other stuff (they are kinda lame :p sorry haha) 

-Just click in the title to open the fic and if there’s an issue with the link just let me know. 

-I put how many chapters each story has and where is posted next to the title.

-They are not in order of how I like them or whatever, it was just how I found them, I put them here.

-Also I put a (*) before the fic title for the one’s I think you should really read!! The one’s I really loved the most of this list.

-I’m sorry if there’s some mistakes in my English, it’s not my native language.

Good Things Come To Those (Who Stutter In Front Of Their Crush) (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is fairly popular, he has his friends and his brother and sister, and no one seems to mind that he doesn’t talk that much. He’s not exactly shy, he’s just awkward and gets nervous around strangers.

Magnus is a senior, a year above Alec, and he’s quite possibly the most beautiful person Alec has ever laid eyes upon. The problem isn’t that he’s a year older, however. It’s that he has a girlfriend.

And, of course, if Alec ever was to start a conversation with Magnus, he’d probably trip over his own feet, stumble over his words, and faceplant into the ground … or something.

The embarrassment just isn’t worth it. Or is it?

Notes: This is a really sweet AU with a cute Alec with glasses.

* Reminiscent (33/33) (Ao3) 

Summary: I’m trivial. I’ve always believed I’m trivial. But he says that’s not true. He says I’m a lot more than trivial. He says I’ll always be more to him. He told me I’m his first of safe and risks. He told me I’m his first in his mind which shouts important and unnecessary recollections. He told me I’m his first of anything but trivial. And I can’t help but wanting to believe him.

Notes: This has a lot of angst, I’m serious. You suffer with this but like I love angst, wow, it was amazing. And the end… well, it ends with angst but also in a good way (?)

Religious Obligations (16/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: The Lightwoods have long since been cursed with corruptibility. In the year of the Angel 1645, Robert made a deal with the devil himself. In exchange for the security of his position, he took an oath to give one of his children. Now the Prince of Hell has come to collect.

Notes: I haven’t read the last chapters, I think I’m in chapter 13 but this story is so good! It has a lot of potential and the plot is really good and unique.

* Tale of Wolves (2/2) ( 

Summary: Alec was an Omega. And he had never expected his Alpha, Magnus, would pick him as mating partner. Warnings: Altered ABO, sexual content. A two-part story.

Notes: This is an Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic fanfic, with mpreg mentioned. Smut. *spoiler* But also how Alec starts to get over his insecurities.

* The Moon wants to shine but the Sun is too bright (14/16) (Ao3) 

Summary: “I don’t like it”, said Magnus.

Alec looked at him with perplexity.

“You don’t like what ?”

“I don’t like it when people are touching my things !” he answered angrily.

Alec frowned, did someone touch Chairman Meow ? He didn’t notice the possessive glare of Magnus focused on him.

Notes: oKaY THIS STORY IS AMAZING! The summary doesn’t make justice to what the story is really about!! It’s amazing!!!! Right now everything is getting solved and I’m impatient for the next chapters!! Oh and angst hehe.

* Five Times Magnus Isn’t a Good Boyfriend And One Time He Is (1/1) (Ao3)

Summary: Being a high profile celebrity makes it difficult for Magnus to find enough time for his personal life. Alec’s feeling lonely after spending yet another night alone.

Or, in which Magnus is spending too much time at work, Alec confides in Chairman Meow, and Magnus tries to make everything better.

Notes: Slight angst but has a sweet end.

* Under Nobody’s Wings (23/?) (  

Summary: The Circle which led by Jonathan Morgenstern was hunting Downworlders. Jonathan’s lover, Alec Ligthwood, suddenly showed up and asked Magnus for help with a baby in his arms. Said Warlock never expected the pain and love followed. Through their way to redemption, something developed between them. *Hints of abuse, sexual content and Mpreg

Notes: amazing plot!!!

Feeling Alive (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec has one job and he intends to complete it.

Notes: zombie!au but I’m warning that is tragic. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* Satellite (6/6) (Ao3) 

Summary: All Alec wanted was for his family to be safe. Unfortunately, a dangerous mutant ability and a terrifying mistake can’t–won’t–leave him and his siblings alone. If he wants his loved ones to survive, he’s going to have to face his fears, and worse, himself.

Notes: Xmen Universe AU. Again, wonderful plot! This is going to have a second part but it’s not posted yet. This First is finished. This author’s fics are really angsty but I love them. 

* In which Alec regrets wearing black (5/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec is a ballet dancer with a permanent scowl

Magnus is a glittering fashion designer with a knack for gift buying

They meet and misunderstandings take place. This is their story.

*All characters apart from my own belong to the genius that is Cassie Clare*

Notes: oHmYgOd I’m in love with this!!! Ballet dancer!Alec is everything!! So cute and also kind of stalker!Magnus. The author changed slightly Alec’s appearance but I’m ok with it <3. And the chapter are so long!

darling tonight, i’ve got you in my sights (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: _

Magnus nips at Alec’s perspiring, over heated flesh with an enthusiastic mouth, tongue flicking out to lap at the subtle rivulets of sweat and his groan reverberates through Alec, deep and intoxicating. His agile fingers stray under the hem of Alec’s shirt, sweeping blistering trails of fire across his abdomen, muscles quivering and tensing under the numbing ministrations. The pure skin on skin contact is devastatingly stunning, by the Angel, and Alec clenches his teeth to smother his cry, head tumbling back onto Magnus’ shoulder.


(clubbing and some sexy dancing leads to some hot, rather filthy sex.)

Notes: yeess smut but it’s well written.

Intimacy (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “Here, take what you want, what you need.” the warlock whispered, moving his hands to Alec’s to lace them together.


Or five times Magnus and Alec failed at having intimate moments and the one time they didn’t.

Notes: It’s literally what the summary says, and powerbottom!alec.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Won’t Be Good For Long (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Boxing AU

Notes: short but so good!!

Bullseye (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: When Alec Lightwood is approached by Magnus Bane as a recruitment effort for a mysterious cause, he most definitely doesn’t expect the series of events that follow.

Notes: This includes experiments, if I remember well. A clandestine organization.

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (20/25) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec had never dreamt he’d be a father by the age of 25, let alone the father of a Warlock. He’s sure he can handle it alone, though. He doesn’t need anyone and neither do his kids.

(Or: Alec takes Max to Warlock School and finds himself falling fast for his teacher).

Notes: I haven’t finished reading the last updates but has angst and denial from Alec’s part.

* Counting Lies (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: 49. Superhero and Villain AU

The city was torn apart by the fight between the mob families and the vigilantes, but Alec and Magnus were far away from all that. They were just two normal guys in a normal relationship.

Number of lies: 3

Notes: AMAZING!! AND HAS A LOT OF PLOT TWISTS!!!!! Everyone should read this. WOW.

Let’s Put That Mouth To Good Use (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: Magnus and Alec discuss their sex life via Cosmo quiz. Sort of.

Notes: This is good smut. I’m just saying that. Hehe.

In the Name of Promise (15/15) ( 

Summary: Years ago the Lightwoods asked Magnus for help: sending their only child Alexander to a mundane family and being raised like one. 17 years later Magnus received a call and he had no choice but rescue Alec, both physically and psychologically. *Warnings inside. Malec, AU.

Notes: This story deals with dark topics and Malec’s relationship develops slowly (at least the romantic one).

* Better Angels (10/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: When there’s only one active Shadowhunter in the whole crazy mess that is New York City, it’s bad.

When that one Shadowhunter is living with three adults who are cursed to never leave the Institute’s grounds, two of which hate each other, it’s very bad.

When that Shadowhunter’s happiness and even mental stability is sacrificed in the pursuit of perfection, it’s monstrous.

When that one, fourteen year old Shadowhunter is found crying in an alley by the High Warlock of Brooklyn, it’s a matter of life and death.

Notes: This story also deals with dark and sensitive topics too, like self-harm. Author’s tumblr: @witchlightsands

* Home Wrecker (93/93) ( 

Summary: Ever since his Father got caught with another woman and thrown out of the house, cheaters have disgusted Alexander Lightwood. So what is he to do when he falls in love with one? / AU, more chapters to come.

Notes: This a LARGE story, well it has a lot of chapters but they are not that long. I read the story in like 3 days? And it’s good, I mean, I wouldn’t have read it if it wasn’t great. Somethings are kind of… off. But I loved it. ALSO it has age-gap. Magnus is 30 and Alec 18 then 19, I think.

* Take Me Back to the Basics (39/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Modern Malec AU where you can see every color but the color of your soulmates eyes.

Soulmates are a lost romance that have been shrouded over with fear of abandonment or fear of love, but sometimes lost romances can be brought back. Sometimes all it takes is a color. Maybe the color gold.

Alexander Lightwood thought he was normal. He has a normal family, a normal school, a normal life. But when his parents decide to move him and his two siblings from Chicago to New York, Alec’s would is turned upside down. Between meeting his somewhat famous soulmate and his parents’ demanding an mysterious job, Alec realizes that his life is far more complicated than he thought.

Notes: AMAZING STORY! This is a soulmates AU but also deals with other topics and right now one of the main plots is starting to reveal itself.

BlindSpot (4/?)  ( 

Summary: Malec orphanage AU: Magnus has lived there since he’d been nine years old, and now one year before he has to leave the Institute, a new kid comes along. Alec Lightwood hates orphanages, hates foster families. He just wants to be left alone with his anger at the world. Two worlds clash like thunder and lightning and both guys are in for an interesting year.

Notes: This amazing story is written by one of my favorite Tumblr users: @freakypumpkin Also check her other stories in her fanfiction profile, they are awesome! (also check her opinions of the TMI books on her Tumblr, omg <3)

Something Old Something New Something Red (18/?) ( 

Summary: The man with the cat eyes spoke, “Alexander?” Alec froze, all the memories, all the dreams that he’d had with this man came flooding back to him. This was his soulmate, his soulmate that he hasn’t seen in much to long.

Notes: Sometimes confusing and sometimes frustrating when some things happen (I’m not going to say them because spoiler) but is good.

* Learning to Be (26/26) ( 

Summary: When Alec was 13, he stopped speaking for almost a year. Five years later, Alec is forced to deal with the trauma of his past while learning to accept and love himself. Malec, Alec/Jace friendship and Lightwood family dynamics. See warnings inside.

Notes: Deals with dark topics and has a lot of angst. There’s a second part for this story and you can check it on the author’s profile.

The curse of love (18/?) ( 

Summary: While out on a hunt, Alec is cornered by a shapeless demon that seeks to use him to have his revenge against the warlock Magnus Bane. The demon casts a curse making it so that if Alec and Magnus do not vow and prove to love each other forever, the shadowhunter will die, the catch? Alec and Magnus are broken up! loosely based in the song “Sweet curse” by Floor Jansen.

Notes: this curse omg. I’m waiting for the next chapter like crazy because somethings have happened and maybe it’s gonna be over soon.

The heart inside (9/10) (Ao3) 

Summary: “The good thing, it’s that I will get some paid vacations to Los Angeles, and that I am convinced that Alexander Lightwood has a lot to hide. And I will find out every little dirty secret he might have and show it to the world to let them know that their golden boy it’s nothing more than a fake.” I let out and evil laugh. This was going to be fun.

Notes: Interesting story and there’s just one chapter left that the author hasn’t posted and maybe she or he would never post but chapters 8 and 9 wow yay.

* I Won’t Let You Fall (4/?) (Ao3) 

Summary: Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

Notes: I just read this a few days ago but omg I’m in love with ballet dancer!Alec and I want more!!

* Malec Alphabet Soup (21/26) (Ao3) 

Summary: Twenty six (from A-Z), stand-alone one-shots about Magnus and Alec.

Chapter 1: Anniversary (mpreg)

Chapter 2: Birthday

Chapter 3: Cuddle

Chapter 4: Dork

Chapter 5: Everyday

Chapter 6: Family (part 1 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 7: Goodbye (character death)

Chapter 8: Hand

Chapter 9: Injured (part 2 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 10: Jealousy

Chapter 11: Kiss (mpreg)

Chapter 12: Late (part 3 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)/(mpreg)

Chapter 13: Mortality

Chapter 14: Neglected (smut)

Chapter 15: Opposite (part 4 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 16: Pregnant (Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamic)/ (mpreg)

Chapter 17: Quality (Time) (part 5 of the Bane-Lightwood Family Series)

Chapter 18: Rape (Aftermath) (mentions of rape)

Chapter 19: Surprise (mpreg)

Chapter 20: Timing (spoiler: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy)/ (smut)

Chapter 21: Upset (Mpreg)

Notes: I just love this. And the mpregs are amazing if you like mpregs. Chapter 21 is a roller coaster of emotions D:

The Babysitter (28/?) ( 

Summary: AU story: Alec Lightwood is a freshman at college looking for a job. Magnus Bane is a single parent looking for a babysitter. Magnus thought it would be simple getting a babysitter, and it was. Though it’s not so easy to keep his hands to himself from this sexy freshman… Age-gap, M-Rate later, kinks, smut and other sexiness.

Notes: This story has a lot of smut! Like A LOT!! I’m serious, and like it says it has age-gap for like 6 years? More or less.

Mortal Embarrassment and Other Flirting Techniques (32/32) ( 

Summary: Magnus is at the top of the social ladder, and Alec is the anti-social new kid. Plus there’s a little issue with Hodge and his serious psychosis. High School AU, all human.

Notes: The story is sweet, obviously has its own plot with climax like the Hodge thing and some stuff Magnus does (also another character that I won’t mention…)

Let me love you (1/1) (Ao3) 

Summary: “What?” Magnus said but was soon surprised of the fact that Alec practically ripped his shirt apart throwing it onto the ground of the warlocks loft.

Notes: one word to describe this? PowerBottom!Alec. Huh… I don’t know if that’s one word but whatever.

I hope you like at least one of them <33 I’ll add more later, I don’t know when but I enjoyed doing this. 

Title: Frostbite { CH3 }

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

Summary: All is fair in love and war.
But whoever falls first will deal the greater damage from the other. It’s
always better to be safe than sorry.
Part 2.

Disclaimer: this is part 3 of Frostbite! this story is an AU and is entirely different from Jumin’s route. Jumin Han is not owned by me and is rightfully owned by cheritz. enjoy reading!

update mentions:
@osymbolico ;; @jetblckcrow ;;

But somehow I'm still alive inside
You took my breath, but I survived
I don't know how, but I don't even care

You were blindfolded and tied apart from the tape that plastered your mouth together, preventing you to talk. You grew tired of squirming and insulting Jumin since all that ever came out of your mouth sounded like desperate cries. You didn’t know where you were and what time of the day was it. It was the longest car ride you’ve ever been in. You’ve always imagined yourself riding a limousine before but not like this, not like a kidnap victim who’s being transported to some place you didn’t know.

A few moments of silence later and the car stopped. You debated of whether you’d squirm again or make them believe you’re asleep or something – not like they’d know. You’re blindfolded. The only thing they can only notice is the rise and fall of your chest. Then, just as expected, you can feel yourself being carried by someone. You pretended to be asleep.
Your entire body was limp from all of the squirming you did earlier in which resulted to nothing more but making you a lot tired than you already were. It was actually no problem on your part to pretend you were sleeping just so you can observe.

You can hear a faint noise of cars from somewhere and you were certain they still didn’t leave the city at this moment. At least they didn’t take you to the mountains.

But right after that, even your hearing was reduced to almost none when you felt a cloth was draped over your body. Panic rose your system but you tried to be more level headed and decided to wait it out. You heard an elevator ding and the sound of its doors opening and immediately, you can feel that the men carrying you were now inside.

It was for a while when the elevator stopped and you can only assume that the floor where the elevator was must have been the top most of whatever building they brought you in. You can feel a little shuffling of feet from here to there – and then a door clicked open. Few more steps and you felt yourself thrown against the soft sheets of what seemed to be a duvet of a California King-sized Bed. You tried to hold back the voice you almost let out when you were suddenly thrown or they could find out you’re awake and do something to you.

You heard several footsteps and the door of the room suddenly opened and clicked. You felt lightly calloused palms graze the side of the skin of your face and the blindfold they have put over your eyelids were now being removed. Of course, you didn’t open your eyes yet. The next thing that was removed was the tape over your mouth. You felt his hands then go lower your body to where your hands were bound and then the rope was untied. The only thing left were now the rope on your ankles.

You opened your eyes and it didn’t take you any adjustments as you have observed that the room was dark and only a small blue light from an aquarium over the corner illuminated the place. Though it still wasn’t enough for you to clearly see what room you were in but you already had your own assumptions.

“You’re awake,” his jerk-of-a-voice filled your ears and your eyes then drifted to the man crouched before you, the heat of his hands resting to your legs. You squinted to see him better and it didn’t take you longer than a minute to realize that you’re probably inside the bedroom of none other than Jumin Han.

“Get your hands off of me.” You hissed and he raised his hands up in the air like a mocking surrender. His metallic grey irises shimmering a glint of amusement as his mouth curved to a familiar smirk.

Keep reading

Hurt (Bucky x Reader) (2/6)

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

A/N: Written in the cursive are events from the past

Summary: Reader and Bucky were best friend, even more, but their relationship changes after something horrible happens to the Reader.

Warning:  mentions of rape, cursing, blood, violence, suicide….

You knocked on Bucky’s door.

The noise in his room was getting louder with any minute, like he was throwing things around. Finally, he opened the door surprised when he saw you standing in front of him.

˝Y/N, what are you doing here? ˝

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Don't judge a book by it's cover - Marcel (Harry Styles)

Guess who’s back. Back again. Marcel’s back. lol remember Marcel the nerd? Im bringing him back and tbh i think this is the best smut I’ve ever written and I hope you enjoy it :) all the love kittens!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to y/n
Happy Birthday to you!’
I wake up to my parents and my little brother singing the Happy Birthday song to me. Shit with all these exams and tons of homework I had totally forgotten about my birthday and the worst part is that I have no idea how to celebrate it.
‘Make a wish honey.’ My mom is holding the cake right in front of me, so I can blow all the candles. Well I don’t have to make a wish I have everything I need. A happy family that loves me, great friends, my crazy best friend Julie, good grades. When I blow the candles dad kisses me on my cheek.
‘Congratulations sweetheart, you’re officially an adult now. How does it feel to be 18?’
Right before I answer my eyes dart from my dad to the clock on the table beside the bed.
‘Late.’ I quickly get up and go to the bathroom. Today is special, but I want to keep it casual. I don’t want to wear a short slutty dress or high heels, it’s not me. A simple shirt and jeans will do. Simple eyeliner, mascara and since my hair is naturally a little bit wavy I don’t spend much time on them, just a decent side pony tail.
It takes me at least thirty minutes to get ready for school. Well it looks like I’m not going to be late after all. After I grab my school bag I go downstairs to the kitchen. Mom is cooking breakfast, dad is reading the newspaper and Mike… . well no one really knows what he’s doing most of the time.
‘Mom it smells great, but I don’t have time for breakfast so… bye.’
‘No wait.’ She says. ‘I almost forgot, tell your friends to come over tonight, you’re having a pool party.’
What? For real? I’m screaming inside. ‘Mom I have tons of friends. Besides we have a lot to do in order to have a pool party, we have to find drinks, food, music –’
‘Already done. Dad and I talked with Julie and that young man Zayn right, and they helped us a lot. They organized everything and we just paid.’
Ok I think I’m going to fangirl hard now. I’m usually the quiet type of girl, but right now I couldn’t care less.
‘Oh mom thank you thank you thank you soo much.’ I kiss her cheek and run in the kitchen again to thank dad. It’s the best day ever.
‘Ok now I have to go and tell my classmates about the party and oh my god it’s the best day of me life.’ I scream and then run out of the house to the bus station without even saying goodbye. Yeah I forgot because I’m so excited.
Ok now let’s see … history first. Yes finally an easy subject and I can also have a small talk with those two fuckers who kept this party a secret. Oh how much I love them. When I’m about to close the locker everything goes dark.
‘Who’s this?’ I hear a voice whisper in my ear. I’d recognize this voice everywhere. I grab his hands and remove them from my eyes. When I turn around I see a super happy Zayn. He’s smiling one of those smiles that you can see his tongue a bit through his teeth and it’s super cute.
‘Happy birthday y/n!’ he hugs me and spins me around, not caring if everyone is watching, but we don’t care at all. We’re kinda the popular kids in school and we know almost everyone so we don’t mind.
‘Ahh thank you, you sweet butthead.’ I pinch his cheek playfully. ‘Where’s your hot girlfriend?’
‘She’s in the classroom. Come.’ Wow that’s the first time she’s not running around in the halls, or talking to different people. She’s even more popular than me, but I can’t blame them she’s hot. She’s not too tall, but not short, slim, tanned skin, long brown hair, with brown eyes. A smile to die for, white pearls. She’s in a relationship with Zayn, they have been for three years now and I hope they get married because they’re perfect for each other.
Talking about Zayn I’m still following him, until he stops at the door, which is closed and inside is quiet. A little too quiet than usual.
‘Ok guys what are you up to?’ I ask Zayn.
‘Open the door.’ He smiles.
I open the door and immediately all my classmates start singing that damn ‘Happy Birthday’ song. It’s really awkward, all I can do is stay like a statue and smile.
As I look around the classroom I notice Marcel in his desk writing on his notebook. What a nerd, but he seems nice and so innocent. I’ve never had a chance to talk to him, only a few times when I needed some help in math.
They finally finish the song and Julie runs towards me wrapping her arms around me.
‘Oh my little baby is eighteen I think I’m going to cry.’ I laugh at her words.
‘Come on you’re just a few months older than me. oh by the way thank you guys for the pool party.’
Zayn comes closer to Julie and wraps his arm around her waist. ‘We knew you’d forget it so we decided to organize everything for you.’
‘Yeah but it was Zayn’s idea.’ Julie says. Oh no not again.
‘But you helped a lot.’ Zayn says to her and then they kiss. Oh god I hate when that happens. Every time they kiss they don’t stop for literally 10 minutes and I know it’s nice to know that they love each other, but come on I’m jealous here because I’m still single. I’ve been single for a year now.
I cough awkwardly and they pull back.
‘Babe let’s go to the last desk, no one will disturb us there.’ And they leave. Well at least now I don’t have to watch them snog in front of me. Uh yeah I totally forgot to tell everyone about the party.
‘Hey can I have your attention please?’ I shout and everybody stops whatever they were doing. ‘So today it’s my birthday and I’m throwing a pool party. You’re all invited and make sure to be there at 6:00.’ The whole classroom is filled with happy cheers from the crazy teenagers except Marcel. Should I invite him? I don’t think he will fit in. I don’t think he will even show up, but why not invite him.
I walk towards his desk and then I stop right in front of him.
‘Hey Marcel?’
He raises his head and looks at me confused. ‘Yeah y/n how can I help you?’ He’s different from the other nerds, he seems more confident, but still a bit shy in a very cute way.
‘You’re invited too, you should come.’ I bite my lip.
‘Yeah sure, I’ll be there.’ He smiles showing all of his teeth and may I say it’s so cute and it’s the first time I notice his adorable dimples that make me want to poke his cheeks.
‘See you then.’ I go to my seat and take my history book out. After a few seconds Julie sits next to me and Zayn behind her.
‘Did you just invite Marcel? Please tell me you didn’t.’ she says.
‘I did.’
She groans. ‘Great.’
‘Come on he’s not that bad, he just needs some … fashion advices.’
‘Girl even if Giorgio Armani himself gave him advices he’d still be hopeless.’ Then Zayn laughs and gives her a hi-5.
‘Don’t be mean, he’s a nice guy.’
‘Hey can we please stop talking about Marcel? I’d rather hear the teacher blabbing about World War II.’ Zayn says.
We all stop talking about Marcel and let the rest of the day pass.

After school I decide to walk home, because I need some fresh air. As I mumble a song to myself I see Marcel getting out of a tattoo shop. Holy shit what’s a nerd like him doing there and judging by the way he’s talking to those boys covered in tattoos they must be great friends, but how? Why? … How? It’s not like he has a toned body to have tattoos anyway, at least that’s what it looks like.
I keep walking anyway, I don’t have time to chat I have to get ready.
Julie and I are getting ready for the party and the guests should be here by now. She comes out of the bathroom wearing a very sexy black and white bikini, while I’m wearing a simple baby blue bathing suit that covers my boobs and ass. Never had time to buy a new one.
‘Oh god, I knew you we’re going to wear that so I brought you something.’ She starts digging in her bag for something. ‘Got it. Ta da!’ she’s holding a pink bikini with white dots and it’s rather hot.
‘Dude you got great boobs and a great ass, why do you keep covering them?’
‘I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable.’
‘Yeah yeah, come on now wear this and I’ll wait downstairs. By the way where are your parents and your brother?’
‘Oh they’re at my grandparents. They think I’m mature enough to have the house to myself for one night.’
‘Girl lucky you, my parents don’t think I’m mature enough to boil water.’ She shakes her head and then leaves the room.
I take off that horrible bathing suit and wear Julie’s bikini. Damn I look hot and it’s the first time I show my breasts and a bit of my behind. As I keep checking myself out in the mirror the doorbell rings, that’s probably Zayn.
I run downstairs to see who that is and I was right, it’s Zayn making out with Julie again, his hands squeezing her ass.
‘Ok I get it, you love to exchange saliva, but please do it when you’re alone.’
‘Oh y/n we’re going to do more than just exchanging saliva when we’re alone’ He winks.
I roll my eyes at them and go to the back yard, where the pool is. It’s so perfect. All the drinks and food are inside and Zayn is going to be the Dj along with his friend and they’re going to be outside.
It’s 6:00 so people should be here by now.
Now it’s almost 6:38 and the party has officially started. I stayed inside the house most of the time, because I had to take care of the guests. Now they’re all here except him. I was sure he wasn’t gonna show up, but he promised.
‘Still waiting for your geek charming?’ Julie whispers in my ear.
‘Pff no I just came here to get a drink.’ I lie. I am a bit upset he didn’t come.
Suddenly the doorbell rings and Julie runs to open it.
‘Where is y/n?’ I hear him saying. Oh god he came. I feel much happier now.
‘Sh-she is i-in the ki-kitchen.’ Why is she talking like this? Oh nevermind I want to see Marcel right now, I’m so curious.
Julie comes in the kitchen and behind her there’s a guy I’ve never seen before. No it can’t be, he can’t be Marcel. Marcel is not … like that.
‘Happy birthday y/n!’ he whispers. Fuck me he is Marcel. He’s wearing normal clothes, a nice shirt, dark jeans and white converse. His hair is all messy now and a bit curly, not perfect and with tons of hair gel like everyday at school, but the best part is that now I can see his eyes. They’re so beautiful and did I mention they’re green? I have I thing for boys with green eyes.
‘Thank you.’ I whisper back, shocked of course.
‘Ermm look I’m sorry I didn’t buy you a present, but I didn’t have much time and I also didn’t know what to buy. I’ll give you a decent present one of these days, I promise.’
Ugh boy just looking at you is my present. You’re so hot it hurts.
‘It’s ok, ermm did you bring swimming trunks?’
‘Yes, in my bag pack. Where should I change?’
Oh boy you can change right here in front of me. ‘Upstairs in my room, I don’t mind.’
He nods and I grab his hand taking him in my bedroom upstairs. I let him get in the room and I wait for him outside in the hall.
After five minutes he’s out and oh god he’s so sexy. He’s so fit and his body is covered in tattoos and he has a never-ending torso and his happy trail makes him even sexier. My eyes go from his belly button down to his happy trail and to the waistband of his trunks. I can even see a hint of his pubic hair and oh god I don’t even want to get started with his damn v-lines. He looks like a sexy greek god.
‘Close your mouth love.’ He says and puts his index under my chin to close it. ‘Let’s go downstairs.’ He grabs my hand and takes me downstairs and I’m really sorry, but I can’t just not stare at his fine ass as he walks.
When we get to the back yard everyone just keeps staring at Marcel. Who can blame them though, just look at him.
‘Hey do you mind if I go for a swim y/n I won’t be late.’
‘Okay.’ I whisper and there he goes. I let out a sigh in happiness.
‘Girl that’s the nerd.’ Julie says to me waking me up from my daydream.
‘No shit Sherlock. See? I told you he was not that bad.’ Not bad at all actually.
‘I never thought I’d say this one day, but he looks hot. And where did those tattoos come from?’ Oh so that’s what he was doing in that tattoo shop today, that’s why he knew everybody, because he’s a regular client.
‘Mmmm,’ I bite my lip. ‘he looks yummy.’
‘Well what are you waiting for, take him upstairs.’
‘What? No! … I mean …not yet.’ We both giggle. ‘Besides I don’t even know if he likes me.’
‘Pfff please I saw the way he was staring at your boobs in the kitchen.’ He what? Ok I didn’t notice that. Maybe because I was too busy checking him out.
‘Ladies what’s going on here?’ Zayn comes out of nowhere.
‘y/n wants to fuck Marcel!’
Damn you Julie and your big mouth. ‘I didn’t say that.’
‘Nah I noticed that too, you like him so what are you waiting for? Take him upstairs and you know talk for a bit, get to know each other and then ask him questions about his sexual life so things will get hot and then start acting.’ Zayn says. Hmm this might work now that I’m thinking about it.
‘Aw Zayn you’re so smart for a butthead.’ I pinch his cheek again.
‘Damn y/n you’re been doing that since third grade, stop.’ He jokes.
‘Never. Now you two go snog somewhere and leave me alone with Marcel. Oh and can you please put like a sexy song or something?’ I turn around and see that Marcel is already out of the pool and is rubbing his body with a blue towel. The only thing that’s ruining the view are the girls around him, talking to him. Ugh they didn’t even know he existed until now. I walk towards him and grab his hand.
‘Wow slow down.’ I hear him say behind me.
I stop and turn around to face him. My eyes meet his and our lips are a couple of inches away from each other.
‘Dance with me.’ I whisper as I hear the song ‘The Way’ start playing.
‘I don’t know how.’ He says. I’m just so lucky, he’s so fun to play with.
I grab his hands and put his arms around my waist. He swallows hard when I put my arms around his neck.
‘Just follow my movements.’ I say and start moving my hips. He hesitates at first, but then starts moving with me. I feel his arms pulling me closer to his burning body and I bury my face in the crook of his neck.
‘I really like you y/n.’ I hear him say in my ear and I raise my head to meet his eyes.
‘What? Why?’
‘Come on, I know what everybody thinks about me. The geek of the class who fantasises about the popular girls, that only reads books all day long and has never had his first kiss, never had sex, never had a girlfriend … well actually those are true, but I mean I can be like other guys. I can date, have a girlfriend, please them.’
My eyes widen when I hear the last word. ‘P-please them? You know how?’
He laughs. ‘Well I’m not that experienced, but I’m more than willing to learn. Plus I know that when the time comes everything will happen naturally.’ He pauses for a few seconds and then continues. ‘What about you? Are you experienced?’
Oh fuck I did not see that coming. ‘Yeah a bit, why are you so interested?’ I bat my eyelashes and smile at him.
‘Just curious.’
Ok y/n it’s now or never. ‘Erm Marcel would you … like to go upstairs in my room?’
He nods and I take his hand to lead him upstairs. I see Julie in the kitchen straddling Zayn and grinding on him. Oh god these two horny fuckers are going to kill me.
‘I have a guest room you know!’ I yell at them and they just give me the finger, without breaking the kiss. Well at least I tried.
Anyway once we’re inside my room I lock the door. We don’t want people to disturb us now do we? I sit on the edge of the bed and pat the spot next to me, so Marcel can sit there.
‘So Marcel I’ve always been curious about your … love life.’
He frowns. ‘Yeah I don’t have one. Yet.’
‘Well I just want to ask you a few questions, that’s all.’ I put my hand on his thigh. ‘Is that alright?’
He swallows and nods.
‘Well I want to know … have you ever kissed a girl? Not make out with tongue and stuff, just a simple kiss.’
He nods again. ‘Yeah a few years ago, but it was a dare for her.’ Oh poor girl, she probably had no idea how hot he was.
‘Have you ever wanted to kiss me?’ I move a bit so I can get closer to him. All I get is a nod.
I bite my lip. ‘Have you ever had fantasies about me?’ he nods again. I like where this is going.
‘Have ever you touched yourself while thinking about me?’ He swallows again and blushes, it’s so adorable. Well I’ll take that as a yes. I get up and straddle him and his eyes widen. I grab his hands and put them on my ass.
‘Hold me or I’ll fall.’ I wink then I wrap my arms around his neck, so my breasts are right in front of his pretty face.
‘Have you ever thought about my breasts?’
‘Yeah.’ Finally. I thought he had forgotten how to talk, my sweet little dork.
‘Really? So what do you think?’ I see him staring at them in amusement.
‘I love them.’ Oh shit I’m getting too excited.
‘But Marcel you haven’t seen anything yet.’ I pout. ‘Here.’ I pull the strings of the bra and take them off. I throw it somewhere on the floor, while Marcel’s eyes widen even more and I can feel his boner against my core.
‘You like?’ I say as I bat my eyelashes at him and he only nods.
Well let’s get to the business now. ‘Touch them.’
‘What?’ he almost yells.
‘You said you were willing to learn and I’m willing to teach you. Touch them.’ I grab one of his hands and put it on my left breast. ‘Come on Marcel, play with it. I know you want to.’
He smirks at me and starts squeezing it and pinching my nipple. Then he brings his other and starts squeezing both of my boobs and this is the first time that I actually notice how big and smooth his hands are. He can do miracles to a women’s body with those hands, he just doesn’t know it yet.
‘Kiss me Marcel.’ I come closer to his face and lick his lips with the tip of my tongue. My Lord they’re so plump and pink and soft and ugh.
‘I don’t know how to, I guess you’ll have to teach me.’ he says.
I smirk. ‘Sure, you just have to open your mouth,’ I kiss his lips gently. ‘then I’ll open mine.’ I open my mouth and take his bottom lip between mine, kissing him. ‘Then our tongues dance around each other, like this. Stick out your tongue.’
He sticks out his tongue a bit and I stick mine out and start swirling it around his a few times then I suck his tongue a little and pull back.
‘See? It’s easy let’s try this again.’ I kiss him again and open my mouth waiting for his tongue. I can tell that he’s hesitating, but he puts it inside anyway, dancing with mine violently.
I feel his hands grab my waist and throw me on the bed. He lays next to me, popped up on his elbow and starts kissing me again. I tug on his hair and he groans in my mouth. Fuck that was so hot. I feel his hand go down south, touching my body. My breasts, my tummy, my thighs.
‘Please Marcel, touch me.’
‘Where?’ he asks, but I’m not sure if he is serious or he’s just teasing me.
‘Pussy. Oh please.’ He kisses me again and spreads my legs. I feel his hand rubbing me through the material. ‘No stop!’
He immedialety stops, shocked. ‘What did I do wrong?’
‘Oh babe you didn’t do anything wrong, but I want to go first. Come on take off those swimming trunks and sit on my studying table.’ I stand up and remove the books and laptop from the table so Marcel can sit there, when I’m done I turn around and I see him standing naked in front of me. My eyes widen as I see his boner, it’s bigger than I thought. Big and may I say yummy as fuck, with a vein around it. He has a bit of pubic hair above it, but it makes him even sexier.
‘Come sit on the table and spread your legs a bit.’ He sits and spreads his long legs just like I told him to. I place my hands on each side of him and kiss his neck. I keep sucking a spot at the crook of his neck until I make sure I’ve left my mark on him.
I go down to his collar bones and do the same, licking and kissing every inch of his skin. When I get to his nipples I swirl my tongue around each of them and suck them. Then I stop.
‘What are those, birth marks?’
‘No they’re nipples.’ He laughs. Four nipples? Why do I find so sexy and weird at the same time? Oh well.
I kiss both of his extra nipples and continue kissing all the way down to his pubic hair. I run the tip of my nose across it, smelling it. It smells great, it smells like Marcel and I love it.
‘Marcel you’ve never received a blowjob, have you?’
‘I just got my first kiss and you’re asking me about a blowjob?’
I laugh. ‘Sorry, it’s just that,’ I pause and stare at his cock. ‘it’s beautiful.’ I look at him and he blushes. ‘and also delicious.’
He laughes awkwardly. ‘Thank you I guess.’
I sit down on the chair between his legs and start kissing his thighs, until I arrive at the place he needs me most. I grab his cock in my hand and start pumping up and down slowly. Shit it’s so big. I see Marcel bitting his bottom lip, trying hard not to moan.
‘Babe you can moan, it’s ok. I’ll love it.’
‘I can’t, I’m too embarrassed.’ Ok fine then, I guess I’ll just have to help you. I stand up and take off the rest of the bikini and grab one of his hands. I put it right on my clit.
‘Rub it in circles slowly.’ I whisper in his ear. As soon as he starts rubbing me I moan in his ear.
‘Ahh fuck, just like that.’ My moans encourage him to go faster and I moan louder and then I grab his cock and start pumping again, faster this time.
‘Come on baby, I need to hear your moans ahhh.’
‘Oh shit y/n!’ he moans. Fuck me, that was the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard in my life. So deep, so husky, so sexy.
‘Mmm keep doing that.’ I say as I sit down again and waste no more time. “Hold my hair back Marcel.” He grabs my hair into a ponytail and once he has his fist around it I immediately put his cock in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around his head and lightly suck on the tip. Then I lick up and down his shaft, running my tongue along the vein that is popping out. I take him in my mouth again and rub my tongue along the underside. Marcel bucks his hips a little, shoving himself farther in my mouth.
‘Oh shit I’m sorry, I just got carried away.’
I look up to see him. ‘Don’t apologize, it was hot.’
He looks sexy as hell when he’s frustrated. I wrap my lips around him again and bob my head up and down and rub with my hand the part that can’t fit in my mouth I bob my head for a couple minutes and he bucks his hips again so I’m deepthroating him. Shit he’s so big. I’m glad I did a bit of practice with my last boyfriend otherwise this would’ve caused my death. I grab his balls and stroke them with my hands. Marcel had his fingers tangled in my hair and he keeps moving my head faster and faster. I can feel he’s closer with every suck.
‘Fuck I’m coming!’ he moans. Shit that’s the first time I’ve heard him swear and it’s so hot. I feel his warm, salty juices down my throat and I try to swallow all of it. I’ve always had trouble with swallowing, but Marcel tastes good, so it’s not that hard this time.
‘Oh y/n that was so amazing.’ He says while breathing hard.
I get up and lay down on my bed. ‘Come here big boy, show me how willing you are to learn new stuff.’ He smiles his bring-it-smile and lays on top of me. Right before he kisses me I hear a knock on the door.
‘Girl if you’re going to fuck don’t forget the condoms.’ Oh shit I had totally forgotten about that, I got too carried away.
‘Marcel can you please get that?’ I give him my best puppy eyes.
He sighs ‘Fine.’ He gets up and walks towards the door. His butt is so cute and I’m just dying to squeeze it, but please let’s not talk about his shoulders oh God. I want to leave scratches all over his back. He closes the door and comes back to bed.
‘Give it to me.’ He gives me the condom and lays on top of me again, kissing me. It feels so good massaging his tongue with mine and he’s getting pretty good at this.
‘Kiss my neck.’ He lets go of my lips and starts kissing all over my neck while his hands worship the rest of my body. Then he sucks my sweet spot leaving his mark on me. This is revenge I suppose, but it’s ok I like it. After he makes sure that he has his mark now he licks the skin between my breasts and I tug on his curls.
‘Please go down Marcel, please.’ I beg. He smiles and takes one nipple in his mouth sucking it hard. A loud moan comes out of my mouth. Damn this kid learns so fast, it’s hard to keep up. He kisses and tugs on the other nipple with his teeth making me cry out in pain and pleasure at the same time. When he starts kissing down to my tummy I stop him.
‘Please stop and go between my thighs.’ He stops and without wasting anytime he goes where I told him to. He puts my thighs on his shoulders and starts kissing my thighs slowly and gently.
‘I’ve always wondered how it would be to have my head buried between your thighs.’ He says between every kiss, until he reaches my wet pussy. Just like I did with him before he nuzzles my pubic hair. It’s not much, just a bit and it’s soft. I wax only the lips ‘zone’ regulary.
‘Do I smell?’ I joke.
‘Mmhhmmm. You smell so good. Tell me what should I do now?’
‘You know where the clitoris is, right?’
He rolls his eyes. ‘I’m not that dumb you know.’
‘Ok sorry. Kiss it.’
I feel his warm and plump lips kiss my lower ones. Dang it I said the clit not the lips. He keeps kissing them gently going higher and higher. Then he runs the tip of his tongue between them going up to my bundle of nerves. He swirls his tongue around it a few times and then kisses it.
‘Shit, just like that, nice and slow.’ I moan with my eyes closed.
I feel the flat of his tongue rubbing my clit in circles, while rubbing my thighs with his huge hands. It’s driving me crazy. I want it fast, but at the same time I want to enjoy him there as much as I can. I look down and he’s staring at me with his gorgeous green eyes and I can come just by the sight.
‘You taste amazing.’ He mumbles against me and I smile at his words.
‘Ok now suck it.’ I order him. All this controlling thing is turning me on even more. He wraps his wet lips around the clit and sucks hard, while moaning against it.
‘Fuck!’ I curse and arch my back from the pleasure. He waits no more for my instructions and does everything he wants to me. Kissing, licking, sucking taking me closer and closer to my high. I leave the condom I have been holding in my hand so far, beside the pillow and dive both my hands in his crazy hair.
‘Marcel shit! Don’t stop I’m close.’ I scream and moan. My hips start moving against his face like they have a mind of their own. He keeps sucking and licking my clit and I feel that burning in my tummy and my mind ready to explode in a million pieces.
Just a bit more Marcel, please please please. Shit. I’m coming!
‘Ahhhh!’ I scream as loud as I can, tugging on his hair and squeezing his head between my thighs as he licks all my juices. I keep moaning over and over again until I come down from my high. Holy Christ what was that?
‘So how was it?’ I hear Marcel say from down there. I bite my lip smiling.
‘Good boy. Come here.’ He comes on top of me again and I kiss him. The kiss is kind of lazy because I’m so tired. Mmm I can taste myself in his tongue, it’s kinda salty.
I pull back. ‘Sit beside me.’ he frowns at first, but then gets up and sits on the bed, his back against the headboard. I get up as well and rip the condom open with my teeth. I giggle a bit when I see he’s already hard.
‘It’s hard not to get a boner when you see a girl come because of you.’ He explains. He must have read my mind. After I’m done putting the condom on him I straddle him.
‘We’re going to try ridding first, then if you want to you can be in charge.’ I kiss his cheek. I grab his cock and put the tip near my entrance and start running it up and down between the lips. After I’ve teased him enough I slowly sit down, his cock buried in me. I grab his arms and wrap them around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck, our bodies closer than ever, my breasts pressed against his strong chest.
‘How does it feel?’
‘So tight and … warm and … wet.’ He says. I smile to myself knowing that he likes being inside me. I kiss him hard and shove my tongue down his throat and start moving back and forth on his lap. Shit he’s so big, how can he hide this monster in those weird pants? I keep moving slowly as my hands are all over him. I touch his neck, tug on his hair, his shoulders – oh god those shoulders – his chest, his long torso.
I feel his hands going down to my ass, squeezing it hard and pulling it towards him. Oh so he wants faster huh? I’ll give him faster. I break the kiss and thrown my head back moaning as I start bouncing slowly on him. I feel his lips around my nipple and his hand on the other, worshiping them. I start bouncing faster.
‘You like this?’
‘Oh shit y/n you’re so good.’ It is good, it feels good being in charge especially when you have to teach the other person because they don’t know what to do. Still there’s something missing … and I know what can make this perfect.
‘Marcel do you know how to dirty talk?’
‘I-I can try.’ He says between moans. Right after he finishes his sentence he rolls us over so he’s on top. Wow I wasn’t expecting that. Just when I was starting to enjoy this. But anyway I’m enjoying this position as well, seeing him on top of me, sweating, frowning, his swollen lips parted, moans and groans slipping from them, just for me.
‘You feel so good around my cock.’ Shit. No stop I can’t.
‘Your pretty little cunt is so wet, can you hear your wetness as I pound into you?’ he groans in my ear. Oh no no stop talking like this, or I’ll come soon.
‘You like it don’t you?’ No.
‘Yes, oh yes I like it so much. Keep going.’ The fuck? I can’t even control my own mouth now?
I feel his hands on my thighs, wrapping them around his waist. He goes faster hitting my sweet spot perfectly. I thought he was never going to find it.
‘Ohh right there!’ I moan.
‘What you mean here?’ He thrusts again hitting that spot making me dig my nails in his back, leaving red marks. He buries his face in my neck and I tug on his hair with one hand.
‘Are going to come for me?’ Wait wait wait since when did we change places? I thought I was the one who could play with him, not the other way around. Nevermind right now the pleasure is too much to think about that.
‘Yes. Yes yes yes!’ I scream and squirt beneath him. He laughs at my reaction and raises his head to meet my eyes. He’s frowning and it looks so sexy, unlike me. I must look like a desperate little girl right now.
‘Come on my baby come for me, I’m close too.’ Oh fuck me the way he called me baby. His baby.
Marcel pounds into me over and over again, with each thrust my walls tightening around him. It’s so erotic, so full of passion, so dirty and so right.
‘Come, baby come for me. You’re safe.’ Oh shit I’m coming, I’m coming again. My vision goes black again as I shut my eyes, screaming his name. I’m safe. He said I was safe.
‘Yeah like that.’ he groans and soon I feel his hot liquid inside me. Too bad we had to use a condom this time. His thrusts are getting slower as we both come down from our highs.
He places his head between my breasts and I bet he can feel my crazy heartbeat. Fuck that was so perfect and most of the time I didn’t have to tell him what to do, like he said it will come naturally.
He pulls out and removes his condom. I don’t know where he threw it, but I don’t care. He lays next to me and I turn around to face him. His eyes are gorgeous I swear, I can stay all day like this staring at him.
‘I know what present I want from you now.’ I bite my lip.
‘What’s that?’
I place my hand behind his neck, playing with his curls. ‘I want you to be my boyfriend.’
He smiles. ‘I really really like you, you know.’
‘Yeah but why?’
‘Because you’re the only one that has been nice to me. You never made fun of me and you were so quiet and sweet with me everytime you asked me for something in math.’
He is right, I’ve never made fun of him and always had like a little thing for him, which is now a big thing.
‘Yeah, but I’m sure those girls are dying to get you into their panties right now.’ I giggle. ‘But I can’t blame them, you are so hot tonight, I don’t understand why do you keep wearing those clothes and those glasses?’
‘Yeah you should thank my sister for that. I told her that I had a crush on you and I asked her for some fashion advices.’ He grins. ‘I guess I’ve never been the guy who is always loved by girls and always the centre of attention. All I wanted was your attention.’
‘And now you have it.’ I bury my head in his chest and he puts his arm around me. I place gentle kisses on all over his chest. ‘You’re my boyfriend now.’
I raise my head to meet his eyes, he’s smiling.
‘And you’re my girl.’ He rubs the tip of his nose against mine and kisses me on the forehead. ‘You know you have a party going on don’t you?’
Shit I forgot about the party. What time is it? Double shit it’s 7:53. I quickly get up and pick up the bikini to wear it. Marcel gets up as well and puts his swimming trunks on.
‘Help me with this bra thing.’ I say to him and immediately feel his hands on my back tying the string of it. He puts his hands on my arms and kisses my neck.
Oh my this feels so good, but I don’t have time for this. When he bites my earlobe I giggle.
‘Ah no stop that.’ I grab his hand. ‘Come now.’ I make sure we look decent, but Marcel’s hair is not helping. They’re just so messy.
Once we’re downstairs at the pool Julie and Zayn come towards me.
‘Did you guys have fun?’ she asks and gives me a wink.
I look at Marcel and his cheeks are getting red. ‘Yeah it was the best of my life. Oh by the way I have something to tell you guys.’
‘What would that be?’ Zayn asks. He has his arms wrapped around Julie’s body and resting his head on her shoulder.
I turn to Marcel and put my hand on the back of his head pulling him for a kiss. I’m not sure how the others are taking this because I have my eyes closed, but I can hear cheers and that’s a good thing. Marcel is the one to break the kiss and looks at me.
‘You’re together now?’ Zayn says.
‘Hold on babe I got this.’ Julie says to him. ‘You’re together now?’ she says it with a louder voice.
‘That’s what I said.’
‘Yeah but it’s about the intonation babe.’ She kisses him.
‘Ok before you two start making out again, yes me and Marcel are together now.’
‘Aww that’s so sweet welcome to the family Marcel.’ Julie gives him a big bear hug and when she pulls back Zayn says the same thing and gives him a hi-5.
‘Ok now if you don’t mind me and this little lady here have some unfinished business.’ She giggles when Zayn pulls her for a dance.
I turn to Marcel. ‘They like you.’
‘And I like you.’ I can’t help but blush a bit when he says that.
‘And I kinda love you.’ I tease.
‘Kinda?’ he gives me his puppy eyes and pouts. No don’t do that. it’s so cute it hurts.
‘Ok I love you!’ I scream, but not loud enough for everyone to hear me.
He wraps his arms around me and puts his forehead against mine.
‘Thought so.’
‘And you?’
He chuckles. ‘I love you too.’
And we spend all night dancing in each other’s arms, until everyone is gone and he spends the night cuddling with me in my bed.
What more can I ask for?

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you do a scenario/reaction of the members using the skills they learned in American Hustle Life to pick up girls for their music video, but using them to flirt and ask out a girl they don't know and who doesn't speak korean? Prettypretty please !

Of course and I’m so sorry it took so long, with school and everything else in the way but I got around and finally finished it O3O

BTS Reaction Use The Skills From AHL To Pick Up Girls That Don’t Speak Korean

You started walking to your favourite coffee shop, you really liked the coffee there and would walk there every day. You noticed a guy that is always nearby looking for something. He would ask some people but they didn’t know. Today, you saw him again, but he looked like he was approaching you. He slowly walked towards you. You couldn’t help but realize how handsome he looked.
“H-hi! I’m Jin. What is yours?” He stuttered, you could tell he a little shy to talk to you. You smiled and answered, “My name is Y/N” He noticed your pretty smile and couldn’t help but smile himself.
“I want coffee, and is the where coffee shop is?” He asked with more confidence this time.
“Um, there’s one around the corner.” You pointed out behind you, he looked so innocent trying his best to speak English. His stutters made it obvious that he didn’t speak English that well.
“I want to go to coffee shop with you.” He said, “Is that okay?” You looked at him surprised but you happily agreed with his sudden confidence.
“Sure, why not?” You smiled.
“Let’s go.” He smiled back, “Where is coffee shop again?” It seems like he was confused the first time you explained.
“Just follow me.” You laughed.

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“Hey, what’s up?” A voice asked behind you, you turn around to notice a quiet interesting guy. “Hi.” You replied, you noticed his stare wasn’t on you. You could tell he wouldn’t that confident but not long after he took a deep breath and looked into your eyes. You were shocked by his sudden confidence but he continued to talk, “I like your hair style.” He smiled.
“Thanks” You smiled back at his compliment.
“What’s your name?” He asked, still staring into your eyes. He noticed your big beautiful eyes and found it easy to stare at them without losing confidence.
“Ah, Y/N” You answered, staring still back at his eyes.
“Namjoon.” He answered, shaking your hand, “I was wondering if you’re ever tried the drinks at that place?” You shake your head, telling him you haven’t.
“Well, if you want. Do you want to try some with me?” He smiled. You smiled at this guy, it was interesting that he suddenly walked up to you.
“Um, why not?” You shrugged, he smiled walked you to the store.

Originally posted by baebsaes

You’re walking with your friends and notice 7 guys down the street and one seem to be looking at you a lot. One guy was pushed towards your direction and he shyly walked towards you. Before reaching you, he dances forward with a grin on his face and looked up at you.
“Hey!” He greeted cheerfully. You waved and greeted him back, “I like your dance.” You chuckled, while your friends laughed at you.
“What is… um y-your name?” He shuttered, you could tell he wasn’t very good at English with his accent.
“It’s Y/N.” You answered, smiling at his cute smile. He stood there thinking hard about what to say next.
“My name Jimin.” He finally said, “I like your style.”
“Really? Thank you.”
“Do you have time?”
“Right now?” “Ah, yes.” “I want to show you some dance.” He said, before he starts to dance. You cheered at his dance before noticing that all your friends were gone. You looked at your phone, one of them texted you: “Have fun!” You shook your head at your friends.
“So? Do you want to see dance?” He asked, smiling.
“Sure.” You agreed. You didn’t know why but he had a warm feeling that no one else has. He took your hand and lead you to show you his dance.

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He noticed this girl while walking down the street, he couldn’t help but notice your facial features. Your face told him that you were a really nice person and someone who was really chilled. He had some confidences to approach you, even though he can’t speak English.
“Hey, I like your nails.” A guy with a snapback, wearing golden chains, and shades said.
“Hi?” You replied confused at his approach.
“Do you like?” He asked, lifting his chains. “It’s 3 dollars.”
You laughed, “Do you not speak English?” He shook his head, even though he couldn’t speak English you could tell he’s pretty cool.
“I can rap for you.” He said randomly, you laughed while nodding. Even without understand what he was saying you could tell it was really cool.
“That’s so cool.” You smiled, he smiled back.
“Are you free… tomorrow?” He stuttered with his English. You agree, having a good feeling about this guy.
“By the way, I’m Y/N. What’s yours?” You asked, realizing that he never told you.
“Suga.” He answered, giving you a gummy smile.

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He nervously approached you, “Um, um confidence, confidence.” He mumbled to himself and turned to you, “W-what’s popping?”
“Not much, just waiting for a cab.” You answered, noticing his cute features.
“My name is V.” He continued, “Your name?”
“I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” You grinned, still looking around for a cab.
“Give me your time?” He asked, boldly.
“What?” You asked, confused, “You want my time?”
“Yes, I-I like your watch.” He smiled. You smiled at the way he tried to pick you up. It’s not usual for anyone to go up to you, and you’ve seen how guys usually pick up your friends. This was different, no guy you’ve ever seen had this kind of a sparkle in his eyes. It was warm and his smile was sweet.
“So… um give me your time please?” He asked again still smiling.
“Sure, where do you want to go?” You laughed, noticing that his smile got bigger.
“Anywhere you want.” He answered, taking your hand.

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You were out getting a drink at your favourite shop, you loved the drinks but the shop was so far from where you lived. While on your way to the shop you noticed a bunch of people surrounding one person. Curious, you walked towards the crowd and in the middle was an amazing dancer. His movement to the music looked so cool, he took out a rose from his jacket and all the girls screamed. You shook your head and continued to walk to the shop. but there was a tap on your shoulder. It was the dancer, he smiled and placed the rose in your hands. He bowed and left. After waiting in line for what seemed like forever, you noticed the dancer again. He was leaning against the wall of shop. It seemed like he was waiting for someone, you didn’t want to bother him but you wanted to thank him for the beautiful rose.
You walked up to him and said, “Hey, thanks for the rose earlier.” You smiled, he nodded and smiled back.
“Y-your welcome.” He shuttered. At that moment you knew he didn’t speak English well, you looked down at your shoes.
“Um, can I…um you… a drink?” He asked, not noticing the drink in your hand.
“I already have one.” You laughed, showing him the drink. He nodded in embarrassment. “I can get you a drink if you want. You must be tired from dancing.”
“Okay.” He smiled, “Thank you.”

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Walking down the street you realize there were some people singing there, some was in English and some was in another language. But their voices sounded amazing, you and your friends decided to go and check it out. You noticed 4 guys singing but one seemed to look at you specifically. You looked behind you to see your friends, ‘he’s probably looking at them’ you thought. As the song ends, people around clapped and the 4 guys started packing their equipment. You were about to leave but a felt someone grab your arm. You turned around and saw the same guy that was staring at you.
“Hi.” He said.
“Hi.” You replied, confused with what he wanted.
“My name is Jungkook, what’s yours?” He asked, you were surprised that he would approach you but you just went with it.
“I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you Jungkook.” You smiled, taking your hand out to shake his. He smiled back and shook your hand. You couldn’t help but notice his cute yet handsome face.
“I really like your voice.” You said breaking the silence.
“Yeah? Well… I like you.” He replied blushing, your eyes widen at his sudden confession.
“How do you like me? You just met me.” You laughed.
“I have feeling that you’re nice.” He tells you, “Are you free right now?” You looked back at your friends who’s pushing you towards him and telling you it’s totally fine. You turned back to him, “Sure, where do you want to go?”
“Um, I want you to see me here.” He smiled. Even though his English wasn’t really good you were able to understand what he meant.
“Sure, let’s go.” You smiled back, leading the way.

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Hope you liked it! Sorry again for taking so long ;-;
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Stay with me

fandom: Haikyuu!!
pairing: KuroHina/OiHina
words: 3485
A/N: yet another one - and last - part of ’searching for your heart’, now only epilogue is left, I hope you’re excited ^u^

read on [AO3]

They walked slowly, taking their time, holding hands and smiling, every now and then stopping for a kiss, and to be honest,Shouyou felt like a high school girl in love, embarrassingly so.

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Don't Say I Love You

A/N: this is a credence barebone imagine/fic that will hopefully have 2-3 parts if I can not procrastinate enough to actually write them.  

     Perhaps meeting in an alleyway wasn’t the wisest choice. It was cold, and smelled of something three-weeks old. But it was the safest choice, especially for the boy you were meeting, because where else could he go that his mother, that wretched, dreadful monster of a human, didn’t follow?

     So an alleyway it was.

     It was definitely winter, you noted, wrapping your scarf around your throat more securely. America was so different, so unique, especially in terms of wizards and witches. You had carefully smuggled yourself into this country by rather ‘unconventional’ methods, and as far as you knew, no one could tell that you were anything but an ordinary human.

     A shuffle from the entrance of the alleyway caught your attention, and you straightened, eyes softening when you glimpsed Credence, as he had told you his name was, head bowed and shoulders braced for an attack.

     “Credence,” you greeted softly, smiling as widely as you could muster in this cold. “How have you been?”

     His eyes, wide and scared from years of abuse, flickered up to your face disbelievingly, as always, at your kindness. It was strange, and yet, becoming a familiar routine. Because no matter how many times you assured him that you would never harm him, abuse had left its mark.

     Merlin, how you hated his mother.

     “I-I’m alright, Miss (L/N).” His voice was hushed, and his eyes wide, ready for some unseen attacker.

     You sighed, drawing closer to him, and reaching a hand out to his arm. The muscles, thin and lacking because of numerous starvations, tensed under your touch.

     “(Y/N), Credence,” you corrected, “Just call me (Y/N).”

     “(Y/N),” Credence amended, sounding out the vowels and syllables with caution, as if it were something that could be stolen away as easily as a watch, or a wallet. “I-I like that.”

     “Credence,” you began, inhaling. “Did your mother hurt you again?”

     His demeanor instantly changed, so subtly that had you not been paying such close attention, it would have been missed. But you did notice it, the way his pupils dilated ever so slightly in fear, the way his shoulders tensed.

     You had met Credence the first time when he was out on an errand, handing out flyers to passersby that ignored him, and oftentimes, shoved past him carelessly. He had a tall frame, but the way he shrunk into himself made him nearly invisible.

     It was the flyers that had initially caught your attention. WITCHES MUST BURN, it read, in big blocky letters that screamed for genocide. You had been wary of the people who called for the riddance of your kind, and had taken a flyer out of curiosity.

     You never expected to meet Credence, a boy who flinched too easily and looked so alone, so vulnerable, standing out there in the middle of winter, wearing a coat that looked so flimsy, so threadbare.

     He had been trying to hand a flyer to some man, but the man had shoved him aside, the entire stack of papers fluttering into a dirty puddle. Credence only bent down, fingers trembling at the thought of the beating he would get.

     He never expected to meet you, someone with eyes that saw the way he instinctively shrank away and the loose bandages around his palms.

     “Here,” you had said, kneeling down beside him. “Are you okay?”

     The puddle had been dirty, had been cold, and the flyers were long ruined, ink running down the papers in an illegible mess. Credence quietly started at the sight of you, a stranger, actually helping him.

     He hastily scrambled to his feet. “Thank you, miss,” he had mumbled, accepting the flyers shakily. “No one’s ever helped me before.”

     You frowned, but replaced it with a kind smile. “Well, people ought to help other people when they’re hurt. Don’t you think so?”

     He had the most curious eyes, glittering and black and so utterly frightened. He cast them down so quickly, shoving his flyers into his pocket. “Y-Yes?” It sounded more like a question than an answer.

     And that was how you had first noticed the rough edge of a bandage sticking out of his palm, as it had caught on his coat pocket and unraveled easily.

     You couldn’t hold back a gasp. Red, swollen gashes littered his entire palm, the vulnerable skin sliced open cruelly. The scars of past marks lay under the fresh wounds, and you trembled at the thought of what had done this to him.

     “How did this happen?” you demanded, before he could shy away. “Who did this to you?”

     He had stared, wide eyed, for a moment, before wrapping the bandage around his hand hastily. “No one,” he murmured. “It’s nothing.”

     And he had left, vanished into thin air before you could protest, but the damage was done.

     You had met two days later, when you had spotted him in his usual spot, handing out unwanted flyers. Before he could disappear once again, you had grasped his arm, missing the way he tensed, and led him to an alleyway.

     “Here,” you had said firmly, “I brought you clean bandages. And disinfectant.”

     He had stared at you in disbelief, at the fact that anyone had actually done something for him, a stranger, before attempting to pull his hand away weakly. “You really don’t have to, miss.”

     “(Y/N),” you had said. “Call me (Y/N).”

     To his relief, you hadn’t asked for his name. He wasn’t sure he could quite bring himself to give it.

     So he watched silently as you undid his messy bandages, revealing his unhealed wounds. Normally, Mary Lou would let him heal on his own, hardly allowing him to recover before subjecting him to another beating.

     He had never been helped before.

     So he hissed at the sting of the disinfectant, but remained still, allowing you to wrap clean bandages around his palm carefully.

     “Credence,” he had croaked out. “My name is Credence.”

     You had glanced up, surprised, but pleased. “Credence, if someone hurts you again, you can come to me. I’ll always be here in the mornings.”

     And that was that. An unlikely friendship had started; it taken a while before Credence could willingly seek you out. More often than not, it had been you finding him and dressing his wounds.

     That night, the first night, Credence had laid in bed, tracing the memory of your fingers on his hand, wrapping the bandage around so neatly. He didn’t tell you that Mary Lou had beaten him again for stealing bandages and medicine. He simply thought, if only for a fleeting moment, that he wouldn’t mind being beaten again as long as he could meet you again.
Royal Affairs
Mature, Chaptered, Jercico, Royalty AU
By Organization for Transformative Works

The light wakes Nico before the knocks on his door. It is November, and although temperature rarely ever falls below zero in the south, the air in the room is crisp enough to make Nico’s cheeks sting. Reluctantly, he pushes the thick covers aside to climb out of his bed, quietly wishing to have just one day where nothing was expected from him. Nico stands slowly, straightening his shoulders and pulling over a large fur-coat that he keeps next to the bed for mornings as cool as this.

The fire on the far side of the room is already burning, which means his servant, William, has already been here while Nico slept. It makes Nico smile, if only a little, to think that Will has let him sleep in again, especially on a day like this. His father can’t be pleased about it, probably will try to have a word later, but Nico knows that at the end of the day, the old man really doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t affect his duties.

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Will you be mine?

Deancas, high school!au, approximately 900 words.
Bonus points if you catch all the references! which probably 90% of you will lbr anyway, enjoy!

Ugh. Why am I even here? Dean thought as he looked around the room for what felt like the hundredth time since they got here. Homecoming was stupid. And whoever had decided that “Under the Sea” was a good theme for homecoming was even stupider. There were bubbles everywhere. And why did everything have to be blue? Ugh. And then his eyes fell on Cas. Right. That’s why I’m here, his brain provided unhelpfully.

 Dean had decided early on that he was skipping homecoming this year. He didn’t have a date, and he hadn’t been interested in getting one. He and Cas could just hang out at his house and watch movies. That would be way more fun anyway. He’d been on the verge of telling Cas about his plan when he had come up to him the Monday before the dance, but Cas had beat him to the punch:

“Dean,” Cas had asked, somewhat shyly. “Would you like to go to the dance with me on Friday?” Dean had been so shocked that he’d stared at his friend, completely speechless for what felt like half an hour – although it was probably closer to ten seconds. But just as Dean had snapped out of his trance, and was about to tell Cas that hell yes he wanted to go to the dance with him, the other boy had quickly added “As friends of course.” and he’d started to babble about how it was their last year, and he really wanted to go, but he didn’t have a date and -

“Sure, Cas,” Dean had cut him off, ignoring the sinking feeling in his stomach and smiling instead. “If it makes you happy.”

And Cas had smiled and Dean knew in that instant that it had been the good call to make. 

And now it was Friday and Dean had picked Cas up earlier tonight – he’d nearly fallen off the Novaks’ front porch when Cas opened the door because woah, but that was besides the point - and here they were. Sitting at a table in the corner of the gym farthest to the dance floor, staring at the people around them, Dean resolutely avoiding Cas’ gaze. At least the music is decent, he thought. Their friend Charlie had been appointed as the DJ for the night, which meant that it wasn’t ballad after ballad like last year. Actually, he was pretty sure there hadn’t been a slow song yet.

“Dean?” Cas whispered, effectively breaking Dean out of his reverie. “Do you want to dance?” He asked, as though he’d read Dean’s mind.

“Yeah, okay,” Dean shrugged, standing up and fixing his tie. Why did I even wear a tie? I don’t do ties.

The music slowed as the pair reached the dance floor. Seriously, Dean how much of a cliché can your life be? he thought. And then he recognized the song. He looked up at Charlie on the stage, daggers in his eyes,  just as she began to speak. “This is for all you film nerds out there,” she said, winking at Dean. I’m going to murder her. And I’m never telling her anything ever again. Dean ground his teeth together.

“Hey, Cas, you find a partner, I’m gonna sit this one out.” He said, pointing to their table.

“Wait.” Dean felt Cas’ grip on his wrist as he turned away. He looked over his shoulder, only to see his best friends’ eyes filled with the most determined – and hopeful? – look he’d ever seen. “On Monday, you said you’d come to the dance if it made me happy. You dancing with me would make me even happier…”

“Yeah, Cas and I will, I promise, but… this song? Really?”

“This song.” Cas nodded.

Dean gulped, feeling his heart speed up even more. Is it possible? Does he…? “Aright,” Dean finally answered, his hands shaking as he placed them on Cas’ waist. “Alright.”

Cas rested his hands against Dean’s shoulders and the two boys swayed together to the soft rhythm for a moment, hardly touching. Eventually they both relaxed, melting into each other, Cas resting his head against Dean’s shoulder, pressing a smile to the other boy’s neck.

“Dean?” Cas whispered just as Dean was pressing his cheek into his hair.


“Can I kiss you now?”

“You know, Cas, I think I’d be okay with that,” Dean replied, smiling, as Cas lifted his head from his shoulder.

Their lips meet for the first time as the last lines of the song fade out, and maybe, just maybe, homecoming isn’t so bad after all.

Earth angel, Earth angel, please be mine.

My darling dear, love you for all time.

I’m just a fool, a fool in love with you.


Five years later, if the song plays during the first dance at their wedding reception, well that’s just because Cas is a mushy romantic.

(Who am I kidding though, Dean chose the song because he’s a sap and they’re both smiling so wide that they can barely kiss and holding each other so tight that they can barely move so really it’s mostly just them staring at each other and being utterly happy in the middle of the dance floor and it’s perfect.)

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Would you be okay writing something where Luciel wakes up and finds his partner (I don't know wether to address them as S/O or MC here) playing something on their phone, only wearing Luciel's hoodie and headset and it turns into super sleepy cuddles?

I’ve not played 707′s route yet but I hope I capture his personality~ For the sleepy anon, I hope your dreams are filled with cuddles and love! - Mod Z

Luciel’s world had always been very black and white. A binary world made up of 0’s and 1’s that could never be more complicated than the system. It made sense, always capable of being understood with enough logic. Sometimes it got boring and he would spice it up with memes and cats, but even that was just another digit in his simple world.

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I am slowly going though your star trek tag. There are so many jokes about Julian's bad fashion tastes, I am just imagining a scenario where Julian wears something fashionable and Garak is like,'where did get that?' and Julian is all 'it was a gift!' and then he continues to show up to lunch in new outfits and they look really good and Garak gets jealous each time he sees him because someone is dressing Julian in nice things so Garak starts making nice things for Julian. (1/2)

(2/2) But in the end it is revealed that Julian’s mom or something is the one sending him these clothes and Garak had no real reason to be jealous of this person. :P

You know what? This baby gets it’s own fic because it’s so delicious.


It started with a suit jacket. A nice, teal suit jacket that hugged Julian’s waist and flared at the bottom just enough to give the doctor a nice silhouette.

“Where did you ever get that?” Garak asked.

“It was a gift,” Julian said with a broad smile, “Do you like it?”

Oh, did Garak like it. He simultaneously wanted to devour the image of Julian in it and rip it off to get underneath the cloth at the same time. It wasn’t often that he felt that way. Usually, he wanted to toss Julian’s clothes out of disgust. The only exceptions were the clothes he made Julian himself – the agent suit, the piloting outfit, even that ridiculous viking costume. Now there was this jacket. This mysterious, teal jacket.

A jacket which was joined later by a pair of slacks and a white button-up, both as immaculately made. The fabric was nice, the stitches well done, the hems near perfection. It was infuriating. His doctor looked delightful and he hadn’t been responsible.

For a while, he thought the outfit was a fluke; a little joke that Julian had played on him. Maybe there was a sensible taste somewhere in that lanky frame after all. But then, after a week, that outfit was traded for another that was just as beautifully crafted. The blue button-up that was unbuttoned at the top was bad enough. Then the good doctor rolled the sleeves up to his elbows, dawned a beautifully crafted gray vest, and matched it with a pair of white pants that nearly danced on their own. Each piece seemed to seep life into the man like it’d never done before. Again, Garak wanted to soak up the image and strip Julian of his new wears.

“It was a gift,” Julian said. That same jovial tone was there. It was taunting him, just like the clothes were.

This continued for over a month. Sometimes the old outfits would resurface but then, out of nowhere, another would emerge that was as stunning as the previous ones. Each time, Garak fought between drinking up the image and ripping the clothes away. He tried to figure out who was making the clothes, but each search came up with nothing. Quark and Odo couldn’t even tell him anything about the matter. It was secret. That was infuriating enough. Then the doctor sat across from him at lunch or in his quarters beaming at him in an outfit Garak didn’t make and Garak thought he might just die of frustration. 

No. Garak could make Julian look better. In fact, he would. There was no reason why he shouldn’t. He was the best tailor on the station. Well, he was the only tailor on the station, but he was still the best. And Julian, his own boyfriend, couldn’t saunter around the station in someone else’s work and look more stunning than he had in anything Garak made. Absolutely not.

Garak got to work immediately.

Two weeks later, Garak thrust Julian into one of his changing rooms and handed him an outfit – a light brown blazer, a dark blue button up, and a pair of black slacks – and told him to change. Immediately. Julian was wearing his work uniform at the time, so Garak felt no remorse in asking the dear Doctor to strip. This was especially true when Julian emerged a few moments later in his tailored suit looking as handsome as ever. Garak nearly pounced on the man. Instead, he smiled.

“How is it?” he asked.

“I like it,” Julian answered, his jovial tone as pleasant as ever. He walked around and showed it off in his own little ways, dancing a sort of disjointed waltz.

“Good, it’s quite stunning,” Garak said.

“What’s the occasion?” Julian asked, looking over the outfit in a mirror again.

“I thought you could use something else that was flattering to your rather stunning body.”

Julian looked at him. There was a puzzlement flickering in his eyes. Then, something clicked. The doctor’s chin lifted and a small smile blossomed on his face.

“This is about the other outfits, isn’t it?” he asked.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“It is,” Julian said, “You don’t actually like them, do you?”

“On the contrary,” Garak said, “I believe they are crafted well and very suiting.”

“Then why…?”

Julian’s voice died off. Those brown eyes blinked. The brain wheeled, stopped, registered, and let loose a smile that could have killed Garak if his heart wasn’t ready for it.

“You’re jealous.”

“I assure you, my dear, that is most definitely not the case.”

“But is it! I can go back to wearing my old clothes if–”

“Oh, please don’t. I will reserve any disdain I may have about those new clothes of yours so long as you resist putting the old ones back on.”

“So you are jealous.”

Garak frowned. It only made Julian’s smile grew.

“My mother will be glad to hear it.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Julian looked back at the mirror and fiddled with the jacket Garak crafted. The smile still illuminated his features.

“My mother made them. Since my father was sent away she’s been feeling lonely so we’ve been keeping in touch more. I said something about you not liking my clothes so she decided to make some for me. She asked me not to tell you, in case you didn’t like the clothes she makes. She’s not a tailor and she didn’t want to be judged by one.”

Julian’s mother. All this time it was Julian’s own mother. Now Garak felt rather silly. But, in a way, there was relief. He’d rather compete with Julian’s mother on flattering wear than any tailor in any other quadrant, especially when it came to Julian. And that also meant, no matter what Julian wore, he was surrounded in fabric made with love and care specially targeted for him. Garak smiled.

“Well, if you do tell her, also add that I’m certain you must have gotten your rather disreputable fashion sense from your father.”

Julian glared at him. There was still a smile lingering on the doctor’s face.

“I’m sure she’ll agree,” was all Julian said on the matter. That made Garak smile even more.

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Zimbits coffee shop au please!

Jack pulled his hoodie down lower over his forehead and glanced around nervously. He hoped no one recognized him. He better not recognize anyone here either, he silently added.

A new bakery-slash-coffee-shop had opened in the neighbourhood, just a block from Jack’s own bakery shop, and while he wasn’t concerned about losing any loyal customers, the competitive side of him got curious.

So, wearing what was probably the worst attempt ever at obscuring his identity, Jack had gone to the new coffee shop to see what they had to offer. He busy was glaring at the attractive display of lemon bars and danishes  when his attention was suddenly caught by the small, blond guy at the front counter.

He wasn’t sure how long he was openly staring, but the gorgeous specimen of a human being had to ask him twice if he was okay. Jack flushed; he could feel his face turning pink.

“Sorry,” Jack apologized. “I was trying to decide. Um, so many choices.”

The guy gave a small smile and beckoned for Jack to come closer. Jack was like a moth to a flame. “I recommend the maple praline squares,” he said with a charming, southern drawl.


“And,” the guy whispered conspiratorially, as if he was sharing an important secret with Jack, “I’ll even let you have a sample, on the house today.”

Jack swallowed. “You really don’t have to,” he started.

“My treat,” he said, already wrapping up the largest piece of the dessert in wax paper and sliding it across the counter to Jack. “Just don’t tell my boss,” he added with a wink.

Jack was back the next day. He really shouldn’t be here, but now, he was even more curious than before. The maple praline square yesterday had been pure deliciousness and he’d even gone so far as to lick the wrapper for the last, sweet crumbs. He’d crumpled up the wax paper and hidden it deep in the garbage can so that no one would find out where he’d gone.

He justified the next visit as a reconnaissance mission. The more he knew about this bakery with the cute cashier, the better Jack could formulate a plan on how to manage his own business.

The guy recognized him and gave him a wide grin when Jack went in. Just like the day before, he gave a recommendation (apple pie with maple sugar crust), except Jack insisted on paying this time. When he refused to take the money, Jack dropped a twenty in tip jar. On his way out, he heard the guy call out, “See you tomorrow!”

Jack was so gone for this guy, it stopped being funny.

He eventually learned his name (”It’s Eric. Or my friends call me Bitty too.”) and he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Bitty all the time He went every afternoon to the competitor to buy their baked goods just for a chance to see the human embodiment of sunshine.

Jack wondered if he could persuade Bitty to quit and then come work for him. He’d be willing to pay a much higher wage if it meant he could see Bitty at his bakery everyday. Anything to have to Bitty close.

It got harder and harder to hide this from his coworkers. Shitty, who’d started the bakery with Jack and co-owned it, had started giving him shifty looks every time he came back from seeing Bitty. Lardo, on the other hand, gave him knowing looks, and Jack supposed she already knew. Lardo knew everything.

He needed to consider what he was doing. Jack stopped going to the other bakery for a couple of days. He felt miserable, but he realized that he needed to stop fixating on the other business so much. He had his own bakery to manage, and it was probably better for him the long run anyways.

On the fourth day, Jack was working the late morning shift. The bakery had quieted down after the initial early morning rush. The door opened, and to Jack’s utter surprise, Bitty walked in.

“There you are! I thought you were sick or dead,” Bitty said.

“I–” Jack’s heart started beating like it wanted to escape his chest. Bitty was here. Bitty realized he was the rival bakery.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” Bitty casually hopped on one of the counter stools and looked expectantly at Jack.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Jack managed to choke out.

“I took the morning off. I can do that.”

“But why are you here?”

Bitty raised an eyebrow. “I am here because the guy I have been outrageously flirting with suddenly disappeared so I decided to track you down myself.”

Jack actually spluttered, but after he regained control of his breathing, he said, “You aren’t mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“I own this place, Bitty. I’m your bakery’s competition and I never said anything. You probably shouldn’t even be here. Your boss could fire you or–”

“Jack,” Bitty said sweetly. “I know.”

“Oh.” Jack wasn’t sure how Bitty knew, but he wasn’t mad and that was all that really mattered.

“And, Jack?”


“I’m the boss.” At Jack’s confused expression, Bitty clarified,  “Of the bakery. I own it. I bake.”

Jack took a moment to process the information. “So, did you know who I was the entire time? That I’m your rival?”

Bitty laughed. “I knew the first day you walked in.”

Jack felt out of his depth. He wasn’t sure if this was some kind of cruel joke and now Bitty had come to gloat.

Bitty, sensing the shift in his mood, softened his expression. He slid off the stool and walked around the counter until he stood in front of Jack. “I came to ask you out,” he said. “I was thinking lunch at that really nice bistro on the east side of the river.”

“Really? You want me?”

Bitty was inching ever closer. “You think I’m going to let go of the guy who can make a pecan pie to rival mine?”

The answer was pretty self-explanatory after Bitty pulled Jack down to kiss him.

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You really hate Cas’ new tie.

You can’t put your finger on why, exactly. It’s not like it’s particularly gaudy or anything, although you’ve never been a fan of girly pastels, especially purple or pink, and you’re pretty sure lavender falls into that category. Or is it periwinkle? Who the hell came up with “periwinkle,” anyway? No dude should be sporting that kind of color on account of the name alone.

Or maybe it’s because it reminds you too much of the suits from upstairs; of Zachariah and his douche-y car salesman act, offering you the luxury package in the afterlife when you knew full well Michael would screw you over worse than any lemon.

But maybe it’s not that, neither. You don’t think it’s ‘cause you miss the old tie (and how dumb would that be if you did?). Sure, you might’ve taught Cas how to knot a Windsor with it, and maybe your gut gets a little mushy at the memory, but the tie also brings up a lot of crud that…well. Just crud you’d rather not remember. Crud you’d spent too many years trying to push down, and—

Ties are friggin’ annoying, anyway.

Cas don’t look half-bad in a button-down, though, especially when he rolls up his sleeves and leaves the first couple buttons undone. Not like—not in a gay way, just…y'know. It suits him better. Seems more comfortable in his own skin. And maybe you even feel a bit of pride at the thought, considering you’re the one who gave Cas the fashion advice in the first place. Makes you feel like your opinions actually matter, which, as lame as it sounds, is kind of a big deal when you’re dealing with someone who probably existed before the big bang. Plus, it’s nice to see Cas without that stick up his ass. When Cas’ relaxed, you’re relaxed.

So maybe that’s why your stomach dropped when you saw Cas donning that new tie for the first time. Because it’d meant something had changed. That your opinion doesn’t matter anymore. And why should it? It’s not exactly like you’ve been there for the guy lately; not like you got any right to—

Okay, so maybe it’s not actually about the tie.

That doesn’t stop you from spouting your entirely unsolicited opinion that it looks stupid on Cas, nevertheless.

The remark hangs in the stark silence between you two, surrounded by mounds of textbooks and tomes, each one of them a dead end in a job that’s turning out to be a real shitty mystery bag. You’re irritated; that’s all it is. You hate research; you hate how the dust fucks up your allergies; hate how your brain is literally throbbing from boredom. And you hate that dumb periwinkle tie. You’re halfway tempted to whip out your pocket knife and hack it off, but then Cas just looks at you like he’s been spit in the face.

“Claire gave it to me. What’s wrong with it?”

Claire? She gave him a gift? You rack your memory, trying to remember if you’ve ever done anything like that for Cas. There was that time you’d kept the old trench coat in Baby’s trunk, but—no. Cas had gotten rid of that, too.

“Only everything,” you mutter, shoulders growing rigid as you huddle over in your chair. “Or nothing. Whatever. Forget I said anything.”

But then Cas says, “I don’t forget anything you say,” and his voice is quiet and kind when you’ve been so goddamn rude, and—

“But I can’t remember the things you don’t.”

—and fuck.

You’re about to ask him what the hell that even means, but your hands only ball into fists. Maybe ‘cause you’re afraid of what might happen if you open them again; afraid that you can’t trust yourself to hold back if you think about what you’d rather be doing with these hands—wrangling Cas free from that cheap ten-dollar noose; picking away at those buttons; loosening him up and letting him breathe.

You don’t remember the last time you took a fucking breath of your own. And you certainly don’t when Cas inches over to your side of the table, his thigh brushing up against your arm as you bite your lip.

The pain’s easier to feel than the warmth.

The things you ain’t saying—heh, right. Compile all of those into one book, and you’d have a lengthier manuscript than War and Peace. And you just…you don’t have the time, man. You’ve never had the time, not when Cas just ups and vamooses without so much as a sayonara. So why bother telling Cas that he’s here and that he’s safe now; that he’s finally home and he never has to…

But he’s never wanted to.

Home is the only thing you could ever give Cas, and he doesn’t even want it. Just like the stupid fashion advice or the stupid trench coat or—

You. He probably doesn’t even want you.

Fuck, you hate that tie.

“But I know you’re a man of action, not words,” Cas says after who knows how long, the wood underneath him creaking as he leans in a little closer. “So if you loathe the idea of me wearing it, what would you have me do instead?”

Unless he wants to hear War and Peace: The Sequel, you’re not answering that.

“You don’t have to,” he says. “Just show me.”

You should be pissed that he just totally hacked your thoughts—and you sure as hell are; Jesus, the kind of fucking nerve he has—but maybe…

Maybe it’s the only way you’ll ever get any nerve of your own.

Maybe it’s the only way you’ll ever reach up and loosen the knot in his tie.

Maybe it’s the only way you’ll ever undo those first few buttons on his shirt.

Maybe it’s the only way you’ll ever tell him anything.

You’re here. You’re safe. You’re home, and if I could give you the fucking world, I—

“I know, Dean.” He takes your hand and places it on his chest, your fingers running over the soft, dark hairs as he clutches them against his heart. “You already have.”

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Don't ever stop with your robron tangents cause I bloody love them! Robert and Aaron moving into together and Robert getting Aaron a puppy for his birthday or both of them planning to propose together and Aaron asks Robert to marry him and Robert laughs and Aaron thinks he's rejecting him but Robert pulls out a ring as well and say you beat me too it!! Talk robron with me I need it tonight I'm very sad and down and need my boys x

I HAVE SO MANY OH MY GOD (And I have totally written fics on puppy gifts, both proposing and moving in together it’s like you’re in my mind!)

I don’t want you to be sad! I want you to think happy things so I am gonna dig deep and try and think of some cute things….

Robert sitting in the pub with Aaron, having spent the night and he’s wearing Aaron’s hoodie and he hasn’t done his hair so it’s all mussed and he knows people are looking at him but he doesn’t care one little bit because Aaron is telling him a story that’s making him laugh and it’s the most beautiful sight that Robert has ever seen in his life and he is completely lost in the man’s eyes and even when Vic comes and sits down and makes fun of him for wearing Aaron’s clothes he couldn’t care less because he is so happy and so in love and no one else knows that in the middle of the night Aaron kissed his temple and whispered “I love you” to him…..

Aaron goes to Vic just before Robert’s birthday because he has no idea what to get him and he wants it to be good and Vic takes him shopping and finds him something and when Robert opens it he is completely floored and he can not believe that Aaron thought to get it for him and he just stares at it and then looks at Aaron who is looking a bit nervous and he asks Rob if that’‘s okay and Robert almost wants to cry because all those years with Chrissie and he never got anything he really cared about but then Aaron gives him something he knows he’s gonna treasure forever and he has to clear his throat and he says “it’s perfect…I love it. I love it.” And Aaron is so relieved and Robert kisses him and tells him he doesn’t love it as much as he loves him but it’s pretty damn close.

Aaron and Robert are apart because of a business trip and Aaron finds himself lying awake in the middle of the night because Robert might be a blanket hog and he might have a couple of bruises from his kicks but damn it he can’t sleep without him so he texts him and tells him he misses him and two minutes later his laptop is bleeping with a skype call and he answers it to find Robert in bed and they chat for a bit and Aaron says he can’t sleep on his own so they keep the call going and put their laptops next to themselves so they can watch the other as they fall asleep. At some point near dawn Aaron wakes up and watches Robert fast asleep…it becomes a regular thing when they have to be separated.

One year at Christmas they spend the day at the pub and then go back to Robert’s flat and Robert gets out a cracker and asks Aaron to pull it and Aaron calls him an idiot but Robert insists and Aaron does as he’s told and a key falls out and Robert asks him to move him and Aaron says it’s the lamest thing he’s ever seen but hell yeah he’ll move in….Aaron pulls the same move three years later only it’s a ring that falls out.

Robert leaves his phone on the table one afternoon and Chas comes in and sees it and light up because he has a message or an alert and it’s then that she sees that Robert has a picture of Aaron as his wallpaper and it makes her strangely happy, and not just because of the smile on Aaron’s face.

I can’t think of anymore at this exact moment but I hope that went some way to make you feel a tad better! If not then have a Robron hug….

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I hope that helps….a little? x