don't ask me how just enjoy

  • StraightGuy™: I can't believe this!!! I just wanted to enjoy myself, hitting on women in this gay bar...and...and...some gay guy asked if he could buy me a drink. How dare TheGays™ do this to me, trying to force themselves on a gay asking if I'd like a drink? This is why people don't support the gay community.
  • StraightGuy™: Can you believe this shit?! I went up to a woman at a bus stop who had her headphones in and was reading a book. All I wanted to do was talk to her, and she asked me politely to leave her alone because she was trying to read her book?!? How ruuuuude! I was a gentleman and everything for the 20 minutes I pestered her.
Sherlock characters as George Carlin quotes
  • Sherlock: Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.
  • John: People always tell me "Have a nice day." Well what if I don't want to? What if I want to have a crappy day?
  • Moriarty: I love it in a movie when they throw a guy off a cliff. I love it even when it's not a movie. No, especially when it's not a movie.
  • Hudders: He - and if there is a God, I am convinced he is a he, because no woman could or would ever fuck things up this badly.
  • Mary: I don’t like to think of laws as rules you have to follow, but more as suggestions.
  • Mycroft: The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.
  • Lestrade: If a movie is described as a romantic comedy, you can usually find me next door playing pinball.
  • Molly: I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It's so fuckin' heroic.
  • Anderson: Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?
  • Donovan: When I ask how old your toddler is, I don't need to hear '27 months.' 'He's two' will do just fine. He's not a cheese. And I didn't really care in the first place.

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just in case you're still doing the prompt list: #4 (since lizzie's mom is "dead" i guess this is going to be red's mom lol)

Hello anon! :D Yes, I am most certainly still doing the prompt list! I need as much writing practice and experience as I can get! This was a cute prompt, thank you :) My fic is under the cut. Enjoy! <3

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Hello ~ ! <3 I hope you don't mind me asking for some Shinsou headcanons? He deserves some love so let's bring on the fluff! How about him and his significant other enjoying a stay at home date that ends with s/o falling asleep on his lap? P.S: I'm really enjoying your blog! Your interpretations of the characters are on point and your writing is so detailed! Keep up the wonderful work!

Thank you so much! That’s such a wonderful compliment!

Hitoshi Shinsou 

Originally posted by paladiknightleorio

  • He comes over to your home when your parents are away from the weekend, your idea, so the two of you just watch movies in the living room. 

  • At first, the two of you just leave the movies on a lower volume and talk to each other for a while before you finally begin to actually watch the movies. 

  • After a bit, the two of you make supper together and you sit down at the table and eat, talking about your day, projects coming up, people in your class, etc…

  • The meal is probably something really simple like Mac n’ cheese, or pasta because neither of you really want to make a full course meal. 

  • You debate and the two of you end up binge watching a show you both have been talking about watching. 

  • You get halfway through the season before your eyelids begin to feel heavy and slow, you slide in and out of sleep. You don’t want to fall asleep on him and make him feel uncomfortable.

  • He notices and slowly pulls you down to rest your head on a pillow that he placed on his lap for you. At first, you don’t want to lay down because you know you’ll fall asleep and you don’t want to make his legs go numb but he insists that you do it and you finally just give in.

  • He gently rakes his hand through your hair, he smiles to himself when he hears you let out a satisfied hum. He listens to the way you breathe and the way you just curl up in his lap. He slowly leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead. 

  • He watches you sleep for a bit, just ignoring the show. he just can’t believe that he’s actually dating you. 

If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

Modern Day Cain (Cover)
Modern Day Cain (Cover)

this is nowhere near the 80s synth meet dallon weekes masterpiece that the original song is, but i hope you can enjoy this acoustic little thing nonetheless? 

i can’t wait for the rest oh my god

other covers! || request a song!

know you can always download my covers, just send me a message/an ask! 

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I hope you don't mind me asking but what is your drawing process and what do you use?

I use Manga Studio and paint tool SAI for my work. Here i threw a crappy lil gif process of how i do my more finished pieces. essentially i just do basic lineart + flats and shit on it a ton with gradients and overlay layers until i fall asleep at my desk. 

HOPE THIS HELPS. enjoy this mad jotaro

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(yo me again) dude look, i don't disbelieve you. I'm not here to try and troll you or piss you off, it's just a waste of both of our time but I think you missed my point somewhat. I guess what I'm trying to say is in my opinion, psychological pain is just as bad as physical pain, and you seem to enjoy capitalising on it. For example, in my first ask you mentioned how i was (can't remember exact wording) lucky that you cared one iota, which just sounds to me like a threat, or intimidation

I haven’t missed your point. I take it very well. Mine is that I am me, I speak in a formal way. If you have trouble with that, I can only advise you to see my many posts on why I speak as I do.

You do realize youve come to me, accused me of things that were entirely based on your own perception, and then accused me of malicious intent in defending myself?

I’m too old for this. This conversation is over. I have entirely too few “fucks to give”.

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I just saw your answer about MMxYOI, how you thought that no one is interested anymore because of #stop. OMG don't believe it! It's THE BEST. Me and my sister LOVE your crossover so much, we're kinda bummed there's only so little :( love your art!!

Awh thank you! They’re such silly comics, I’m glad you enjoyed them. Sorry there isn’t much!


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Don't know if I'm asking too soon, but how about The Great Mouse Detective?

Bonus: Doodle dump!

(The Great Mouse Detective has always been a huge part of my childhood, so I really enjoyed drawing this! Thank you for suggesting this one! I really like this AU where Nick and Judy are a pair of sleuths trying to solve the case of Mrs. Otterton’s kidnapped husband in the streets of Zootropolis! And I have to add that Nick looks really good in all of Basil’s outfits! And I mean REALLY good… Or is that just me?

Also, I mixed Olivia’s role with the lady towards the end of the movie to fit with Mrs. Otterton a little better. I hope you can forgive me! -admin)

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Hey I was just reminded of talalay's tweet and I know she might not know of a special or the writers' intentions but her words annoyed me... it makes me feel like they dislike us, but if she thinks so i don't understand some of her directing in tst (like sherlock being revealed in the chair and mary=thatcher smashed). How do you interpret this whole thing, if you don't mind me asking? P.s. I loved your the ring meta!


Thanks so much for the compliment about my meta! <3 Glad you enjoyed it. 

I only just learned about Rachel Talalay’s comment. I’m guessing you’re referring to this

I would say it’s worth disregarding, as is anything any creator has to say about work they’ve released into the world. 

Before I explain further, I just want to say that this in no way reflects any feelings or thoughts I have about Talalay’s skill as a director. I’m rewatching tst right now, and I think it’s very beautiful in many ways, despite the reservations I have about its reality status / the script / that wife / how we’re supposed to understand the episode. There’s nothing, I think, in the way it’s directed that gets in the way of the story that’s being told, and it has its own gorgeous qualities (that shark transition at the beginning is just…wow, really lovely.)

As for her comment, ugh. It was offered, it seems, spontaneously, in the context of answering a much more straightforward question about how a particular scene was filmed in Doctor Who, so it was unnecessary, to say the least. Now, I don’t know, I have no idea what has been said to her. I don’t know how much she’s had to deal with people coming at her for things over which she has no control, like the overall direction of the show. I don’t much care, tbh. Because I think that if you’re going to engage in social media interactions with people, you need to be cool about it. You should try to be gracious. Understand that people are excited about what you’ve made, which is, like, the point of making it? Isn’t it? 

The main thing for me is, I’ve been on both sides of the creator / critic spectrum, professionally as a writer (on a really small scale), and academically as a literary scholar (at the highest level one can go). So I’ve thought about literary interpretation a lot, and thought a lot about its role, relative to literature itself. Here’s what I know: 

When people make a thing, a creative thing, they pull on all kinds of stuff of which they may or may not be aware. It’s an art. There’s planning, and there’s purpose, and there’s the story they know they want to tell, and then there’s serendipity, and the intuitive ways in which symbolism builds, and there’s the mass of art and literature that came before yours, there’s the direct source material (acd canon) and there’s indirect source material (the tons and tons of Holmesian pastiche); there’s tradition (like the Gothic); there are brands (Hammer horror, Bond, and, weirdly, the Muppets). It all goes into the mix, and out comes a thing that works, or doesn’t. 

This is why authorial intention is garbage as a concept: because literary texts are made from a combination of conscious and unconscious content.

And this is why all creator commentary about what they meant to do, or didn’t, is rubbishy bullshit at best. Ideally, I think, a creator should ask, “What did you think of it?” Rather than, proclaiming, “Oh, that’s not what I meant.” 

(I know, I know. We want there to be a plan. We want johnlock to be part of the consciously crafted content of the show. I obviously do. I want mofftiss to be good. I want them to be clever. I want the clearly inferior quality of s4 to be part of a meta-level Reichenbach arg. I hope it is. But even if it isn’t, even if they meant tfp to be a totally straightforward end to s4 and possibly the series as a whole, there is still much we can do in terms of reading it, interpreting it, enjoying it. This is not reaching. The subtext is practically hanging off the text like ripe fruit, begging to be picked.)

It is up to the critic, the literary analyst, the audience, to decide what the thing they’re consuming means to them. The symbols, tropes, character arcs, plots, etc., etc., which the creator has put together–all of this interacts with you, your personal experience, the other texts you’ve enjoyed, the symbols, tropes, plots, etc., that are part of your cultural experience, and there, in you, is where they make meaning. 

You can emerge from the experience of a text and say, this is what it means, and interpret it in light of what you know, and what you’ve felt, and back it up using the textual evidence that made you think what you did, and no one–that is to say NO ONE–can tell you you’re wrong. They can tell you they think there’s a better reading. They can tell you they think yours has holes in it. You can, if you wish, engage in discussion about it. But you don’t have to. Above all, you should do what makes you happy. This is supposed to be fun–which, it seems, is something that Talalay, with her snarky comment about “rationality,” seems to have forgotten. 

Nonetheless, for those of us who do choose to craft arguments out of our favourite readings of this, or any literary text:

There are good interpretations–ones that really hold water when you interrogate them and subject them to argumentation. There are less valid interpretations–ones that fall apart if you so much as breathe on them. 

Johnlock is a valid interpretation. It is as solid as granite. It has a metric fuckton of evidence backing it up. The only thing it doesn’t have, right now, is an explicit confirmation from the text that satisfies much of the audience who supports that interpretation. (Right now, there’s sort of a johnlock light reading we can glean from the most superficial level of the text. In my opinion, there’s a much more intense johnlock reading possible via the subtext.) 

There are, of course, other readings. Of course there are! But let me tell you, having had a run-in or two with the dude who made that anti-tjlc blog, WELL, he is far from rational. He transforms into a squalling infant if you so much as push on one of his ideas. And then tells you you’re bullying him. Methinks he enjoys being fighty. 

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: Once a creator has released something into the world, their role is done. It’s then up to the audience to take the thing and run with it. I am so glad–SO GLAD–to be part of a fandom that voraciously consumes, analyzes, critiques, and otherwise shakes the thing we love until all the best bits and pieces fall out. That’s the fun of it! For a creator to turn around and say, NO! You’re loving the thing I made in the wrong way–well, that is really small.

So: thanks for this ask, sorry to go on for so long but I have LOTS of feelings about this, clearly. 



Okay; since these came in SECONDS after each other Im just going to assume most of them are from the same person?

Sorry you don’t like my art!!… I mean I’d say unfollow me but looks like already have? Soo… 

(Omg you guys if you don’t like the Ezra stuff just tell me and I’ll stop. I really enjoy drawing it but I can easily stop! Just let me know!) 

(Im only replying to these on here because I really want to know if you all do really not like the Ezra stuff!!)

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there's already a ship between them the fandom has already gone to shit lmaooooooooooooooo p! fans ruin everything

yeah so, this kind of thing is exactly what I’m talking about.

the reason that fandoms like panic have gone to shit is because people don’t know when to stop - they bring up ships to band members, constantly harass them, etc.

there is nothing inherently bad about shipping people. Yes, Dallon and Ryan are both in relationships, but as long as people acknowledge that and keep the ship within the fandom and don’t harass anyone, it should be completely fine.

People use ships to express creativity by making artwork and writing fic. Don’t try and blame the ship for ruining a fandom. The people who do that are actually the ones that are ruining it, by keeping people from enjoying and creating and being okay with what they enjoy.

So basically, this small but growing fandom has a chance to be better. And we can do that by making sure no one bothers the band members & their families, Not by telling people that it’s already gone to shit.

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Thanks for answering my ask! Really enjoyed it, but it made me a bit sad. 😢 That's what I get asking for Angst 😂 Now I have another ask, if you don't mind. (I completely understand if you reject Since I JUST asked for something else) How would our lovely boys, Goro and Mishima included, confess to their S/o? (Asking for a Friend 😆)

> Akira waits for the right moment to strike. Though he is very charming , he’s cautious about his words and actions towards his desired target. He does not want to come off too strong , but he also doesn’t want them to take it the wrong way. He likes them; and he wants them to know it.
> He gets closer to them by helping them out with little errands , hearing them up or just making small conversations with them through text. When the time is right , Akira will be blunt , short and sweet; just three words , “ I love you. ”

> Ryuji on the other hand , is a ball of anxiousness. He comes off as his proud and arrogant person , who hits on girls openly but in actual fact; he’s not like that at all. When it comes to love , he’s all jittery and sweaty- and completely clueless. He goes to his friends for help on how to confess to the special person.
> He’ll take them out on a sweet little date , buy them icecream , and forget whatever he wanted to say to them on the spot. He confesses at the worst timing possible ( soaking wet , under the rain ) , blurting out his true feelings on impulse.

> Yusuke is oblivious to the fact he is in love. He’ll make comments such as ’ my heart is beating really fast ’ and ’ I want to spend more time with you ’ to the person of interest. His crush would probably have to make the first move.
> Yusuke takes awhile to realise that he is in love; and when he does , he cannot help but be bothered by it for weeks. He thinks about when he would confess to them , but ended up confessing to them on impulse just like ryuji.

> Mishima tries his best. Red-faced and flustered , he asks them out school-girl style with the help of his bros ( akira and ryuji ). Depending on how the first date goes , he might gather more courage to ask them out again. It’s pretty obvious when Mishima has a crush on you.
> It is extremely heartwarming. He buys them a bouquet of flowers and writes them a handmade letter and confesses to them with a surprising amount of courage.

> Akechi brushes his feelings off at first , and it would probably take him a long time to finally decide to confess to his crush. The detective is not too keen on love , and he believes that it may get in the way of his work. It takes a very strong-willed person for akechi to fall head over heels in love.
> He requests for them to meet up , and he’ll take them to a special place that he holds dear to in his heart. He tells them truthfully and earnestly that he loves them- but he is afraid of what it will do to him and them.

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Hi :) First off, I really enjoy seeing your beautiful art on my feed, you're really talented and I really think you're one of the best KS artists, and just artists in general on here! :D Second, if you don't mind me asking, do you have any tips on how to get used to using a Wacom tablet (I recently got one, also sorry if I have any errors on here I'm a little nervous talking to you hehe)

//////OMG THANK U SO MUCH ❤❤(_´ω`) ur so nice (/ω\) sjsjbsjs i have no words

Of course ;w; i have something i wish i did when i started

❤1. Dont turn ur tablet

(T▽T) this is the worst habit tbh, when i started i had it skew because i draw like that on paper, it didnt work well for the tablet tho

Doing this causes drawing to lean and be skew, 99% of my drawign have a lean to the left, its best to keep ur tablet straightforward 👌

❤2. Wear protection glasses !!!

!!! When is started using my wacom i was infront og the screen alot! And my vision went reallly bad, there are these glasses called blue light blocking. And they help ur eyes not become sore or damaged, please take care of ur eyes love ❤❤❤❤ also take as many brakes as possible 

Being infront of the screen for to long is bad, ❤❤❤

❤3. Play with the stability 

Wheni first started digital art i thought using the stabilizer was cheating and i never used it, but its there for a reason ❤❤❤ USE IT, it makes drawing so much easier and fun 

❤4. Practice

Draw a bunch of randome lines everyday to train ur hand to get use to the tablet❤ dont push urself to do MASTER pieces, ull get there aslong as u practice , do doodles for the beginning, dont do a full on painting with shading and background, take it easy. Do a quick sketch and than try some lines and when u feel uve had enough take on a bigger project

It tooke me about 2 week to get use to my tablet 😘 some people take longer than others, 

Also, please dont be scared to ask me anything (○´3`)ノ im alwasy happy to help 

I hope this helps u (/ω\) good luck dude 

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Okay this is the first time I'm gonna send you something so I don't really know how this works but I just wanted to say that I have been 'subscribed' (?) to your patreon for about a month now and I certainly do not regret it! So yeah, keep doing what you do :D btw greetings from Belgium :)

I worry a lot that I am not providing enough content for my patreons…
Shall def keep creating art you can enjoy o3o