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  • StraightGuy™: I can't believe this!!! I just wanted to enjoy myself, hitting on women in this gay bar...and...and...some gay guy asked if he could buy me a drink. How dare TheGays™ do this to me, trying to force themselves on a gay asking if I'd like a drink? This is why people don't support the gay community.
  • StraightGuy™: Can you believe this shit?! I went up to a woman at a bus stop who had her headphones in and was reading a book. All I wanted to do was talk to her, and she asked me politely to leave her alone because she was trying to read her book?!? How ruuuuude! I was a gentleman and everything for the 20 minutes I pestered her.
acowar reaction ask - spoilers

In the same vein as my acowar prediction ask, I thought it would be fun to give people a way to vent their feelings! These questions are going under the cut because of course they are SPOILERS. And please, if you reblog, tag your reblog as having spoiler content!!!

Send each other questions, and enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Hey I was just reminded of talalay's tweet and I know she might not know of a special or the writers' intentions but her words annoyed me... it makes me feel like they dislike us, but if she thinks so i don't understand some of her directing in tst (like sherlock being revealed in the chair and mary=thatcher smashed). How do you interpret this whole thing, if you don't mind me asking? P.s. I loved your the ring meta!


Thanks so much for the compliment about my meta! <3 Glad you enjoyed it. 

I only just learned about Rachel Talalay’s comment. I’m guessing you’re referring to this

I would say it’s worth disregarding, as is anything any creator has to say about work they’ve released into the world. 

Before I explain further, I just want to say that this in no way reflects any feelings or thoughts I have about Talalay’s skill as a director. I’m rewatching tst right now, and I think it’s very beautiful in many ways, despite the reservations I have about its reality status / the script / that wife / how we’re supposed to understand the episode. There’s nothing, I think, in the way it’s directed that gets in the way of the story that’s being told, and it has its own gorgeous qualities (that shark transition at the beginning is just…wow, really lovely.)

As for her comment, ugh. It was offered, it seems, spontaneously, in the context of answering a much more straightforward question about how a particular scene was filmed in Doctor Who, so it was unnecessary, to say the least. Now, I don’t know, I have no idea what has been said to her. I don’t know how much she’s had to deal with people coming at her for things over which she has no control, like the overall direction of the show. I don’t much care, tbh. Because I think that if you’re going to engage in social media interactions with people, you need to be cool about it. You should try to be gracious. Understand that people are excited about what you’ve made, which is, like, the point of making it? Isn’t it? 

The main thing for me is, I’ve been on both sides of the creator / critic spectrum, professionally as a writer (on a really small scale), and academically as a literary scholar (at the highest level one can go). So I’ve thought about literary interpretation a lot, and thought a lot about its role, relative to literature itself. Here’s what I know: 

When people make a thing, a creative thing, they pull on all kinds of stuff of which they may or may not be aware. It’s an art. There’s planning, and there’s purpose, and there’s the story they know they want to tell, and then there’s serendipity, and the intuitive ways in which symbolism builds, and there’s the mass of art and literature that came before yours, there’s the direct source material (acd canon) and there’s indirect source material (the tons and tons of Holmesian pastiche); there’s tradition (like the Gothic); there are brands (Hammer horror, Bond, and, weirdly, the Muppets). It all goes into the mix, and out comes a thing that works, or doesn’t. 

This is why authorial intention is garbage as a concept: because literary texts are made from a combination of conscious and unconscious content.

And this is why all creator commentary about what they meant to do, or didn’t, is rubbishy bullshit at best. Ideally, I think, a creator should ask, “What did you think of it?” Rather than, proclaiming, “Oh, that’s not what I meant.” 

(I know, I know. We want there to be a plan. We want johnlock to be part of the consciously crafted content of the show. I obviously do. I want mofftiss to be good. I want them to be clever. I want the clearly inferior quality of s4 to be part of a meta-level Reichenbach arg. I hope it is. But even if it isn’t, even if they meant tfp to be a totally straightforward end to s4 and possibly the series as a whole, there is still much we can do in terms of reading it, interpreting it, enjoying it. This is not reaching. The subtext is practically hanging off the text like ripe fruit, begging to be picked.)

It is up to the critic, the literary analyst, the audience, to decide what the thing they’re consuming means to them. The symbols, tropes, character arcs, plots, etc., etc., which the creator has put together–all of this interacts with you, your personal experience, the other texts you’ve enjoyed, the symbols, tropes, plots, etc., that are part of your cultural experience, and there, in you, is where they make meaning. 

You can emerge from the experience of a text and say, this is what it means, and interpret it in light of what you know, and what you’ve felt, and back it up using the textual evidence that made you think what you did, and no one–that is to say NO ONE–can tell you you’re wrong. They can tell you they think there’s a better reading. They can tell you they think yours has holes in it. You can, if you wish, engage in discussion about it. But you don’t have to. Above all, you should do what makes you happy. This is supposed to be fun–which, it seems, is something that Talalay, with her snarky comment about “rationality,” seems to have forgotten. 

Nonetheless, for those of us who do choose to craft arguments out of our favourite readings of this, or any literary text:

There are good interpretations–ones that really hold water when you interrogate them and subject them to argumentation. There are less valid interpretations–ones that fall apart if you so much as breathe on them. 

Johnlock is a valid interpretation. It is as solid as granite. It has a metric fuckton of evidence backing it up. The only thing it doesn’t have, right now, is an explicit confirmation from the text that satisfies much of the audience who supports that interpretation. (Right now, there’s sort of a johnlock light reading we can glean from the most superficial level of the text. In my opinion, there’s a much more intense johnlock reading possible via the subtext.) 

There are, of course, other readings. Of course there are! But let me tell you, having had a run-in or two with the dude who made that anti-tjlc blog, WELL, he is far from rational. He transforms into a squalling infant if you so much as push on one of his ideas. And then tells you you’re bullying him. Methinks he enjoys being fighty. 

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: Once a creator has released something into the world, their role is done. It’s then up to the audience to take the thing and run with it. I am so glad–SO GLAD–to be part of a fandom that voraciously consumes, analyzes, critiques, and otherwise shakes the thing we love until all the best bits and pieces fall out. That’s the fun of it! For a creator to turn around and say, NO! You’re loving the thing I made in the wrong way–well, that is really small.

So: thanks for this ask, sorry to go on for so long but I have LOTS of feelings about this, clearly. 



Okay; since these came in SECONDS after each other Im just going to assume most of them are from the same person?

Sorry you don’t like my art!!… I mean I’d say unfollow me but looks like already have? Soo… 

(Omg you guys if you don’t like the Ezra stuff just tell me and I’ll stop. I really enjoy drawing it but I can easily stop! Just let me know!) 

(Im only replying to these on here because I really want to know if you all do really not like the Ezra stuff!!)

theemoestdemon  asked:

I'm having a bad week, (mainly cause of school) can you write some Tomco fluff for me? I don't care how short it is I just need some fluffy happiness

Of course I can! I hope you like it! And I hope it makes you feel a little better. I really think you’re a great person adn I love you! Feel better soon and enjoy the story!

“Marco! Let me see!” Tom giggled. Marco had his hands over the demon’s eyes and was leading him over to where he placed the gift. “What are you bringing me to see anyways?” Tom asked, confused. Marco jumped and grinned.

“You’ll see!” He smiled. Marco brought Tom to the table and took his hands away. “Surprise!” He exclaimed. Tom looked down at the table curiously at the green cactus, with pink flower on top. The pink on the flower matched the pink of Tom’s hair almost exactly.

“This is… for me?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“Well, I know demons have a nurturing side, and I gave you something you can care for! They’re desert plants so it will be okay in the dry heat of the underworld.” He explained. Tom reached out to touch it. “Careful, it’s prickly.” Marco giggled. Tom nodded and brushed the bristles very gently so as he wouldn’t be hurt.

“You got a plant special for me to take care of?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and the demon’s face lit up like a thousand lights. “You think I can do it!? I can-can take care of a living thing without killing it!? Or hurting it?” Tom asked.

“Oh Tom, of course!” Marco assured. Tom grinned down to the cactus and pulled Marco down for a kiss. “Do you like it?” He asked. Tom nodded excitedly and looked down at the plant like it was a precious little baby.

“I love love LOVE him, Marco! I’m going to name him Vincent Nigel-Murray.” Tom named. Marco giggled and shook his head at the demon. “And I’ll make sure to put him in a place where he gets lots and lots of sunlight. And I’ll take great care of him!” Tom smiled proudly. His confident look melted away and Tom blushed. “I’m gonna make you proud, Marco!” Tom grinned. Marco put the cactus on the table and pulled Tom into a kiss.

“You already have made me SO proud!” Marco beamed. “With everything you do!” He assured. Marco covered Tom’s face in kisses and Tom giggled.

“Thanks Mar-Mar.” He blushed deeper and then took the cactus off the table. “I need to take Vincent home! I need to find a nice place for him in the window where he can get light. And then I need to get plant food for cactuses… where would I get that?” He asked. “I’ll figure it out! I need to go do all that!” Tom exclaimed.

“I thought we were going to see a movie?” Marco reminded.

“We were!” Tom exclaimed. “But then you gave me this guy! I’m a father now! I have responsibilities.” Tom thrust the plant out forward and Marco rolled his eyes.

“You… you aren’t a father, Tom.” Marco broke the news and Tom narrowed his eyes.

“You played your role in making this baby.” Tom hissed. Marco put his face in his hands.

“Is this going to be a whole thing now?” Marco asked. Tom nodded. “Am I going to be helping you raise this cactus?” Marco asked. Tom nodded again and handed him the baby. Marco groaned and Tom grabbed his coat.

“Babysit Vincent while I get some plant food!” Tom instructed. “Keep him in the sunlight.” He added. Marco sighed and sat down.

“Of course, Tom.” He told the demon.
“Also I need money for plant food.” Tom added. Marco gave him a look.

“How come?” He asked.

“I’m your husband, Marco. We work to support this child together.” Tom explained. Marco rolled his eyes and handed Tom five dollars. “Thanks Marco! I’ll take care of the next round of food!” Tom told him. “Marriages are all give and take.” Tom added. Marco rolled his eyes again and sat down, laughing.

“We aren’t even married, Tom.” He laughed. Tom put his hands on his hips and gave Marco a look.

“We have a child together, Marco.” He repeated. “Take care of Vincent, I will be back soon.” He told the human. Marco gave a thumbs up and cradled the pot like it was a human baby. Tom smiled and gave Marco a kiss goodbye, then gave the cactus a kiss goodbye, which proved to be a bad idea. “OW!” Tom cried. Marco started laughing hysterically.

“You kissed a cactus.” He giggled.

“I kissed our SON!” Tom corrected. Marco smiled and gave Tom another kiss.

“You little cutie.”

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Oh ive never hc bycky as gay before, do you hc as them been together before the war? That would be kinda sad tho bc if they were together then bucky was faithful but steve ditched him and fell in love at the first chance he got with the first girl who payed attention to him

not to be openly controversial but,,,to be openly controversial, I don’t think Steve fell in love with Peggy, I think it’s hyped up massively by fandom.

They met, he was attracted to her, they flirted, did he have affections for her?? Yeah obvs, my bi son absolutely had affections for her. But they kissed once and then he crashed a plane into the ice and was frozen for 70 years. Then those affections combined with nostalgia = a love for her without a doubt in catws. But for me, there wasn’t enough there to be like “they fell in love”. But that’s just how i feel about it 🤷🏽‍♀️

As for Steve and Bucky, I have like at least 8 different headcanons about how/when they got together 💖

anonymous asked:

i don't really wanna read tje book cwuse itll probably highkey ruin the characters for me from what you described,,good/bad decision?

i mean i’ve always been fairly vocal about my views on the book depiction of characters, but they’ve never been ruined for me? that might just be me, though - it’s not that hard to separate the book characters from the musical characters, so it’s all up to you :0c

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I hope you don't mind me asking but what is your drawing process and what do you use?

I use Manga Studio and paint tool SAI for my work. Here i threw a crappy lil gif process of how i do my more finished pieces. essentially i just do basic lineart + flats and shit on it a ton with gradients and overlay layers until i fall asleep at my desk. 

HOPE THIS HELPS. enjoy this mad jotaro

freedomofbitchez  asked:

Hello. First off let me tell you how much I enjoy your blog guys! It's amazing, keep it up! Now, I don't know if you can help me with this, but I just wanted to ask you, if you have any tips for an INFJ, highly sensitive person with social anxiety (and if you believe in zodiac signs, pisces). I feel like a total outsider and my anxiety keeps me from doing absolute anything fun in my life. Thanks for your reply. :))

Hey there fellow INFJ. Really glad you like our blog! Okay, since I’ve been one sensitive anxiety-ridden INFJ in the past, I am gonna try to advice you what I did to make it better. In the end we are just random people online and if things get a little too much, get help, kay? <3 So, when my loneliness became too crushing, I decided to start changing some things about myself. People told me “Just start thinking positive thoughts” but that has never worked for me. I can’t just… make my feelings stop. So I found some habits I followed on a weekly or daily basis to slowly change the way my mind works. A compilation of those would be: 

  •  Work on your over-thinking tendencies. I have a cool post about this already, so I won’t rant about it.
  •  These traits are usually linked to insecurity (maybe I am projecting in this one, sorry if I am). The most straightforward thing would be “Think something nice about yourself everyday”. That was too hard for me at first. So instead, I decided I would try to think something nice about every person that walked close to me. My brain just kinda went “Well, if there is something good in everyone, then there must be something good in me” in the background while I did this. 
  •  Do one scary thing every day. Now, I am not saying “Hey, go pet a shark” (thought they are kinda cute). But I am sure there are this little things that are hard to get done because of fear, even thought they are not dangerous. Don’t punish yourself for all the things that were too hard to do, just focus in one improvement and do your best to get it done. For me it usually was not changing my course while walking to prevent myself from walking close to people that knew me (and to whom I’d have to say “Hi”).
  •  Befriend a brave but sensitive extrovert. It is so useful to do these. If you get the right human, they’ll push you out of your comfort zone sometimes, but they will also understand the choice must be yours in the end. If you feel like extroverts around you are too intense, and INTJ might work miracles. They are just so rational you can’t really argue when they explain you shouldn’t be afraid, but they also have learnt that some people “do stuff because feelings” and I think they would get it too if it was a hard task. 
  •  Make a team with another sensitive anxious-ridden human. Pick someone that wants to best themselves too, and try to keep each other in check. I’ve become a lot stronger just because I wanted to be a better influence for some kind-hearted people around me.

I hope this helps a little,

chamomiletealove  asked:

I just saw your answer about MMxYOI, how you thought that no one is interested anymore because of #stop. OMG don't believe it! It's THE BEST. Me and my sister LOVE your crossover so much, we're kinda bummed there's only so little :( love your art!!

Awh thank you! They’re such silly comics, I’m glad you enjoyed them. Sorry there isn’t much!

anonymous asked:

In the song recommendation you said that it reminded you of hanbins personality changes in 2017. If you don't mind me asking, how did his personality change?

ah I feel like his personality changed. He looks more carefree. He smiles more often, makes more jokes, doesn’t care about unnecessary things like charts and all anymore. He just doesn’t seem to be under as much pressure as before anymore. He also doesn’t seem to be stressed anymore. Lately he gave off a really chilled vibe.  I feel like it’s because he’s probably just growing up and realizing that he doesn’t have to do everything alone or put himself under too much pressure to do well. Starting in win he had lyrics like these:

‘I told them to trust me, that we will succeed for sure. With the weight of not just my life but five others on my shoulders, looking for chances. I had no choice but to throw away the pressure and failures. Now I want to see the light so I put my future on the line.’

Nowadays you see him more with lyrics like these:

“What are we fighting for? What do we find so funny? We are still young and naive, we just want happiness. After lots of moments of regret and the liquor glass that is emptied out along with our hearts. With the people and music that I like, this should be a satisfactory life.”

or when asked in an interview what they’d do if they didn’t become idols (last year or the year before) Hanbin used to say ‘a famous producer and song writer’ nowadays he says ‘a freelancer/part time jobber’. 

I feel like that’s also the reason why the second iKON album will be more friendly and have many melody and singing parts. It’s like a reflection of hanbin’s personality change and growth not only as a musician but also as a human. I’m really glad to see him growing up to such a wonderful person.

anonymous asked:

Ok, so I don't really know how requests go cause I never know how to ask. But I super super love your obiyuki stuff! Could i request a Obiyuki family fluff maybe something along the lines of their kids saying "Daddy's home!" or maybe even vice versa "Mommy's Home!"

You’re fine! Just send me a message with an idea or prompt and if I want to do something, I may get to it. However, I’m very sorry, but I don’t really enjoy doing family fics. But here’s this thing, so I hope it’s to your liking and is not awful. 

“I was asked to come back to the orphanage to do some checkups after the outbreak we worked through last month. We’re just making sure the medicine worked for everyone.”

Shirayuki was packing her medical bag, looking over her worktable as Obi lingered near the far window. He was watering one of her plants, stroking the broad leaves and whispering to it. Shirayuki felt her chest tighten, and something dizzying and new swarm around in her head. Her face grew warm as she watched him, unable to turn away.

[more under the cut]

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If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

Gladio’s breath is hot against the thin skin of Noctis’s throat. Noctis closes his eyes, arches his back when Gladio’s tongue flicks lightly against his neck. He lets out a soft moan and Gladio responds in kind, placing a gentle kiss on Noctis’s neck as he runs a large hand down the prince’s thin frame. The hand trails slowly down Noctis’s side, his hip, his thigh – and when it reaches his knee, Gladio tightens his grip and pulls Noctis’s leg around him. As he does, he grinds forward, pressing hard against Noctis. Noctis lets out a surprised gasp that trails into another moan.

Noctis hears a deep, rumbling laugh and he opens his eyes. Gladio is watching him, watching the prince’s reaction to the warrior’s every move. Noct rolls his eyes before saying, “Enjoying this, are you?”

The smile on Gladio’s face tells Noctis that he is, in fact, enjoying himself. Gladio leans down, grazes his teeth along Noctis’s earlobe and whispers, “Very much so.”

Noctis shudders and resists the urge to touch himself. It had been a while since they had done this. Too long, Noctis thought.

As if Gladio reads Noctis’s mind, suddenly the hand on his knee begins trailing up his leg again. It stops at his hip and tenses as Gladio grinds forward again. Noctis’s eyes close and he arches into the thrust, pushing himself harder against Gladio. Gladio tenses, his hand gripping Noctis’s hip harder for a moment. Through gritted teeth, he says, “Gods, you’re so gonna get it.”

Noctis resists the giggle bubbling in his chest. He smiles, moves his hips against Gladio’s again and taunts, “Promises, promises.”

Gladio leans up and looks down at Noctis. His expression is so damn intense that Noctis hesitates for a moment, is about to ask if everything is alright, when suddenly Gladio’s lips are on his. The kiss is brief. It takes seconds before Gladio is pulling away, trailing small kisses down the prince’s neck. In a swift motion, Gladio finally removes Noctis’s shirt and continues his trail of kisses down Noctis’s chest. He nibbles every now and then, sending a wave of pleasure through Noctis’s body every time. The trail continues down Noctis’s stomach, and when Gladio finally gets to the edge of Noctis’s pants, he looks up – a question in his eyes. Noctis breathes heavily for a moment, then slowly nods. He watches as Gladio unzips his pants and pulls them off of his body. He watches as Gladio leans down and licks up his stiff member. He watches as Gladio opens his mouth and –

And then he wakes up.

Noctis wakes up, alone in bed with a soft breeze blowing through the open window. His eyes scan the room wildly for a moment, and before disappointment can flood his body, he remembers his dream. It hadn’t been a dream last night. All of that had actually happened. The memory makes him smile and when he turns on his stomach to hide his blushing face (from who, he doesn’t know), he takes in a sharp breath. He’s hard still, very hard, and he instinctively grinds himself against the bed, desperately looking for relief. It doesn’t take long – he had been close already, apparently – and when he’s finally relieved, he gets out of bed. He cleans himself off, gets dressed, and heads out of the room to look for Gladio.

When he gets to the bottom stair, Iris is there to greet him. She steps in his way and says, “Morning, sleepyhead!”

Hiding his disappointment that Gladio is nowhere in the immediate vicinity, he shakes his head. “Morning,” he grumbles, and runs a hand through his hair to try to fix it slightly. “Where is everyone?”

“Oh,” Iris says, obviously less than enthused about Noctis’s indifference. “They’re out walking with Talcott. They went to see the sights. We should too!”

“Uhh,” Noctis starts. Ever the eloquent prince. “Sure. Why not?” At least it’ll be a chance to look for Gladio.

“Great! I’ll show you around!”

She turns and heads out of the building. Noctis had already seen most of Lestallum when they had first arrived. They had needed to stock up on ingredients for Ignis and health reagents for the rest of the party. Compared to Insomnia, Lestallum wasn’t that large of a city, so they had covered most of it within the evening.

The walk with Iris is less than exciting. Noctis had always liked Iris and regarded her well, but lately something had She had started avoiding him a few months before he had left the capital. When they did speak, she always seemed distracted, or quiet. Since Noctis had a hard time with conversation anyway, their talks had been very minimal.

Now, though, she won’t stop talking. She keeps rambling on and on about the marketplace and the different shops as they head through. When they get to the refinery, she tells him all about it and how only women work there. He encourages her and she smiles, then she begins leading him to the outlook. As they walk, he steps too close to her and brushes her arm. He mumbles an apology, steps away, then looks over to see her blushing. There’s a shy grin on her face. Noctis raises an eyebrow, but ignores the question that comes to mind.

When they reach the outlook, Noctis finds himself scanning the crowd, looking for Gladio. He feels a slight stab of disappointment when he still doesn’t see him. He’s about to tell Iris that maybe they should head back when he suddenly feels her move closer to him.

“You know, Noct,” she says, wrapping an arm around his and pressing her body close. “This almost feels like a date.”

Noctis tries to control his expression, but can’t fight that surprise that passes quickly over his face. He fakes a smile, nonchalantly slides his arm out of hers, and says, “If it were, your brother would kick my ass.”

The thought terrified him, honestly. At least now it made sense why she had started avoiding him before.

Iris giggles and lets her voice take on a flirty tone as she says, “Well, we better keep it quiet then.”

I don’t think you understand that if Gladio found out I was sleeping with both of the Amacitia siblings, he would literally kill me, is the first thing that goes through Noctis’s mind. When he’s about to speak, Iris sighs and continues, “And besides, you already have Lady Lunafreya.”

Noctis remains quiet. He wants to deny what she says, tell her that of all the people he truly desires, Luna isn’t one of them. The marriage between them is arranged and, while the prospect of spending the rest of his life with Luna hadn’t really seemed that bad in the beginning, it was the one thing he wants least in the world now. Picturing himself with anyone other than Gladio… Well, it just wasn’t going to happen, at least.

Iris offers an awkward smile and kicks absently at the ground. She turns back toward the location of their hotel and says, “Come on. The others should be back at the hotel by now. Let’s join them.”

Noctis agrees, putting thoughts of Luna and Iris and this whole awkward “date” aside, and follows her back to the hotel. As they had thought, when they get there, everyone is gathered in the lobby. As soon as they enter, all eyes turn to them. Noctis’s eyes find Gladio’s and, when they meet, he watches Gladio’s shoulders relax. A slow smile spreads across Gladio’s face, and Noct finds himself easily returning that smile.

“Where have you been?” Prompto asks, skipping forward. “We were starting to get worried!”

Iris and Noctis exhange a look and Iris giggles, “It’s our little secret.”

Prompto groans. “Don’t tell me you two were on a date? Noct, why do you get all the pretty girls?”

Iris only gigggles more and hides her now-blushing face. Noctis rolls his eyes and turns them to Gladio again, who suddenly is studying him curiously. Uh oh.

Later, when Noctis is laying in bed, he hears the door open. He looks up to see Gladio walking in and moves to the side as Gladio finds his place in the bed. When he’s comfortable, he turns to Noct, his eyebrow raised, “So.. A date with my sister, hmm?”

Noctis rolls his eyes and throws a leg around Gladio, easily manuevering himself to straddle the warrior. Gladio allows it and places his hands on Noctis’s hips, rubbing his sides lightly with his thumbs. Noctis says, “That’s what she seems to think.”

“Hmm,” Gladio says, and stops moving his thumbs. “And what is it that you think?”

Noctis shrugs. “I don’t think anything. I was only looking for you the whole time.”

Gladio looks at him curiously. “Looking for me? What for?”

Noctis sighs and rests his hands on Gladio’s stomach. “Do I need a reason?”

“No, but—“

“I had a dream,” Noctis interrupts, and moves his eyes to Gladio’s.

Serious now, Gladio studies Noctis’s face. He knows that Noctis had been having nightmares lately – the concern is written clearly on his face. Quietly, he asks, “What was the dream about?”

A smug grin spreads slowly across Noctis’s face. He leans down, picks up his hand and runs a slow finger down Gladio’s chest and stomach. He hooks the finger just inside Gladio’s pantline and turns smoldering eyes to the warrior. He says, “Let me show you.”

Gladio smirks, and eagerly meets Noctis’s lips with his own.

anonymous asked:

So something came to me : How about a cute audio / fanfic with YURIO getting drunk at the banquet with Beka and then being really hungry after , he makes Beka take him to get some greasy food afterwords and it's just like "Holy shit Beka, you're really missing out right now ! You sure you don't want a bite, I can share, but only with you" Yuri's just stuffing himself and Beka enjoys watching him eat

The amount of fluff in this idea I’m

miniemcgee  asked:

Congrats !! *throws around confetti* M sorry I couldn't decide which one of these sentences I should send so here- "you're in my inappropriate thoughts" "Some ppl search their whole lives to find what I found in you" and "M doing a thing called what I want" also "don't make me laugh, m trying to be mad at you" I know these are too many but I couldn't decide which so you could just choose anyone you like Thank you in advance !! 😀😙

SO i finally decided to do this 😂😂 sorry it took me literally forever but i ended up doing all the ones you asked, and i combined the last two!!! They’re all drarry woops, hope you enjoy!!!!


~ “You’re in my inappropriate thoughts.” Draco said, staring at himself in the mirror. It wasn’t convincing enough, not at all. He had to try to change how he was going to tell Potter that all in all… He wanted to kiss him. But it’d have to be something better.

~ “Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you.” Harry whispered, leaning forward with the smallest graze against Draco’s cheek, his own eyes filling with a watery glaze. Draco stared right back at him, his once dull, grey, orbs now bright and promising. “And what’d you find in me?” Draco asked, voice wavering a bit as he felt his heart start to swell. “A home.”

~ “I’m doing a thing called ‘What I Want.” Draco countered, grabbing the protesting Harry by the waist and tossing him over his shoulder, like they did in those movies. This was the only way he could get Harry to go anywhere, especially since he’d been bickering with Draco for the past twenty minutes. “Merlin, Draco! Put me down!!! I’m not playing games!” Harry screeched, fists pounding at the boy’s back as he was hoisted off. Draco chuckled, finally releasing the boy to sit him on a bench, leaning down with his palms pressed to thighs to see Harry fully, “I am,” He taunted, smirking gently before he leaned forward and attacked Harry with tickles. “Don’t make me laugh, I’m trying to be mad at you!” He protested, feeling the weight of Draco’s slender fingers tickle around his rib cage and his sides, causing Harry to double over in a fit of giggles. Nothing would stop Draco, as long as he could see the pretty smile on Harry’s face, he’d do whatever he could to help out. It’d been so long that Harry had gone without smiling, without being happy.. After the war and all? But now.. This is what true happiness felt like to him. And Draco was the reasoning behind it.

mitsommernacht  asked:

hey Conan you magical unicorn! first of all, let me start by saying that I love your energy! (I mean, I obvs don't know you, but from how you appear on social media you seem like a really fun person) what I wanted to ask is, are you okay with ppl downloading the audio of your original songs? I mean, just for personal enjoyment? Idk if that's rude or sth but some of them really comfort me when I'm sad :)

i don’t sell my music, so i guess you gotta do what you gotta do to listen! I’m so glad people enjoy it :)) thank you for the love !