don't ask me how i find this shit man

the other day, while waiting in line at tim horton's at 6:01 am
  • random guy: miss what time is it?
  • me: *points to the very obvious clock on the wall and resumes my bored waiting*
  • random guy: (angrily) what you don't talk?
  • me: well i didn't have to, there's a clock right there
  • random guy: you're fucking ugly, anyway. you should learn how to talk to people.
  • me: oh ok. so you singled me out in a group of about 20 people waiting in line to ask for the time even though there's huge clock in front of your face, then you got angry because i didnt't want to talk to you because you find me ugly? yeah right, of course, you wish you could get a radiant being like me. why you gotta be like that, man? i don't owe you shit. i just want fucking coffee. fuck off
  • then he started telling me he knew where i worked and i owed him respect, but like, i didn't even disrespect you??? and like you work in the mall, wow great job for knowing who works in the same fucking place as you. you wanted the time, and you got it??? sorry mais j'suis pas du genre à lécher la raie d'un entitled inconnu à 6 heures du matin -_-