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Captain America Head Cannons????

Lmao I’ve noticed a pattern every time I do a fic with a new character ya’ll ask for head cannons like the next day ya’ll ain’t slick I see your game - haha, but yea, I’d be happy to share my thoughts on my red, white, and blue eyed friend! 💖

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Steve Rogers Head Cannons!

  • This blue eyed sweetie pie absolutely loves listening to Audio books while he works out
  • Listening to literature or reading it just relaxes him, as a child he was a bookworm. He loved to read about the brave but still kind-hearted It characters in books, hoping one day he too could make a difference like they did
  • Hums/showers when he’s in the shower
  • Loves jazz music
  • Taps his foot when a song has a good beat
  • If he ever decided to get a dog he would go to the pound and be like, “Which dog has been here the longest?” And adopt that one because IT IS THE UNDERDOG AND DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE
  • Tbh he really wants a dog but he doesn’t think it would be fair to doggo because he’s not home very much and lives in a tiny apartment
  • “A dog deserves a stable home with a yard, ya know?”
  • Will literally STOP WALKING and cross the street to pet your dog
  • Like, he’d be eating in a sandwich shop and see some kid ask his parents for a quarter for the bubble gum machine, and they didn’t have a quarter to give him, so the kid was really sad - Steve would reach in his pocket and give the kid like 3 quarters
  • He will pick up trash on the sidewalk and throw it in the trash because he hates littering
  • Idk probably is really dense and jokes will fly over his head
  • Not like he’s stupid, NO THIS MAN IS SUPER FUCKING SMART, but like puns and sarcasm will go over his head
  • You’d be trying to figure out where to get lunch and Steve would be like, “Where do you wanna eat?”  You’d say something like, “I dunno, that trashcan probably has half a hot dog in there if I dig deep enough.” OBVIOUSLY SARCASM, but Steve would look at you in ABSOLUTE HORROR LIKE HE WAS Genuinely WORRIED AND CONCERNED
  • Despite this he makes a lot of senior citizen jokes about himself
  • Ya’ll are gonna go get lunch and he says something silly like, “I wonder if I can get the senior discount this time”
  • Sleeps on his back with his hands on his sides like a weirdo
  • Is very minimal, only has two pillows a nice white sheet set and a light blue comforter
  • When he wakes up in the morning he gets in the shower, brushes his teeth, eats breakfast, goes for a jog and takes ANOTHER shower because why the fuck not
  • Loves the simple things in life like reading the newspaper, comfortable shoes, and a sunny day
  • “Yes ma’am” “No sir”
  • Never complains.. about literally anything but maybe the Government??
  • He is actually a very bad dancer (Poor baby has two left feet) but loves to dance because it’s fun and brings him back to simpler times
  • Baby boy blushes really easily
  • He could be out shopping and buying a button up shirt and the cashier would be like, “This color compliments your eyes!” And he’d blush redder than an strawberry
  • is the best friend you could ever have
  • Likes to eats out a lot and try new foods - So, if you wanna hang out with him expect to be eating out at some mom and pop place lol
  • Constantly is given free food when he goes out to eat but always leaves a $20 bill on the table or something because he feels bad


  • Ummm, he could like you for years and you will NEVER know
  • baby boy is so nervous and he’s so scared he’s going to offend you or embarrass himself that he dare not make a move!
  • Idk, he would EVENTUALLY do it (It wouldn’t be until Sam got fed up with Steve asking him dating/romance advice and Sam finally cracked and was like, “I swear if you don’t tell then I am going to ask them on a date FOR you!”)
  • So when he does tell you about his feelings, it would be very intimate and private
  • He’s still hella old fashioned so it may be in a bit cliche way
  • Maybe he’d decorate your apartment with a bunch of flowers and make you dinner, he’s actually not the best cook (As you know) but he tries to make your FAVORITE meal because he’s so sweet
  • And you get home and see your living room filled with BEAUTIFUL flowers and you smell your favorite food cooking and you’re just wowed when Steve walks in from the kitchen with a nervous smile on that precious face of his
  • Yea, sorry about breaking in… I promise I wasn’t doing this to, eh, invade your privacy or anything.” He’d stroll over and smile sweetly, standing inches he’d shrug his shoulders awkwardly. “I thought you’d make an exception for an old fool just trying to woo you..”
  • Then he’d babble, complimenting the things he likes about you ”Y-Your heart really is special.. I have a real sense about people, ya know.. You’re a good person and y-you’re so beautiful” Just babbling away all nervously bless his heart
  • He’d kiss you, very hesitantly and softly
  • Kissing Steve???? PASSIONATE AND CUTE is what it is
  • He’s very respectful and will never force you into anything you don’t want to do, and he knows how strong he is so he puts forth an obvious effort to be the gentle man you deserve
  • His hands are strong, big, and warm and he will always rub his thumb against the side of your wrist
  • When you are walking in a crowded street or building he likes to put his arm around your waste so you don’t get separated
  • He will say funny shit like, “You’re dating a senior citizen, you’re gonna have to explain this lingo.”
  • Pet names galore!
  • “Baby girl”
  • “Sweetheart”
  • “Honey”
  • The way his eyes light up and he perks up a little, his lips smiling ever so lightly and he sweetly calls your name, he loves you so much!
  • You will probably never open a door again, he will literally run in front of you so he can open the door for you
  • He is totally the man to take home to your parents
  • Get ready for the sweetest pillow talk, laying snuggled up in the bed together late at night and just talking about everything; your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams, and even the small stuff
  • He smiles when you talk about your interest, he listens and makes you feel important
  • Mentally supportive and loving and you couldn’t ask for more tbh

And the NSFW stuff?

  • Um okay well, as ya’ll know Steve is SUPER fuckin’ vanilla
  • Just… Don’t get into this relationship expecting dirty nasty sex - You are not looking in the tight place
  • With Steve you will be blown away by the stamina and passion he possesses honestly
  • The first time he see’s you naked he will just stare with blushing cheeks and be amazed at how beautiful you are
  • He likes to let his hands roam your body, learning every inch of it, every inch and every curve
  • For real, ya’ll, I cannot express the passion enough having sex with Steve 9/10 percent of the time is MAKING LOVE
  • He leads you to a dimly lit room (Probably candle and rose petals because he’s a hopeless romantic) and with soft jazz music playing in the back ground - He’ll kiss you softly, undress you, and constantly whisper how much he loves you while he lips venture across your soft skin
  • Loves to kiss your neck
  • Very good with his hands
  • Can make you cum like 4 times in 6 minutes and his right hand
  • Likes you to say, “Yes sir,” to him in the bedroom
  • “You like that, huh, honey?” “Yes sir!”
  • Like seriously, he will take a firm grip of your hips and ram you, all while looking deep into your soul with those baby blues of his
  • the other 1/9 percent of the time will be an absolute animalistic like need to cum
  • Now, he’s respectful but Ol’ Captain here is VERY capable of jealousy and, seriously, when he’s jealous he turns into a handsy fucker
  • Like, let’s you guys are out in public (Maybe grabbing drinks with Sam at some bar) and you run into your ex, who Steve knows ALL ABOUT, and ya’ll talk for a few minutes just to catch up, you hug him and say bye, end of story.
  • Steve doesn’t feel threatened, he trust you and knowth ere is nothing to worry about, but he still just feels the need to remind you “Hey, I know how to ROCK YOUR WORLD” so the moment you guys go back to his apartment and he closes the door he throws you over his shooulder and carries your ass to the bedroom to give you the fuck of a life time
  • Tearing off your clothes he grunts things like, “You know I make you feel real good, right baby girl?” Maybe even bites your collar bone and slaps you around a bit (Not in an abusive way, but in a rough way, he’s still respectable so if you told him to stop he would in a heartbeat but he’s a hungry beat who needs to prove that you don’t need anyone else to be satisfied)
  • Okay, and I can see him maybe having a bit of an impregnation kink? NO, I DON’T MEAN HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH PREGNANT WOMEN
  • What I mean by ‘Impregnation kink’ is that the idea of him getting you pregnant is a turn on???? No, he wouldn’t get someone pregnant without permission I just…
  • He grew up back in a very family centered society where it was like, “Get married, have babies” and the idea that he WILL get you pregnant one day is really hot for him??? (I’m sorry I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I really see it for Steve lmao)
  • Will make you feel like royalty after sex
  • Will hold you and snuggle you, lots of sweet kisses on the lip and forehead
  • “Was it good for you?”
  • “Can I get you anything?”
  • “I love you so much.. You’re so great, sweetheart..”
  • ughhh he’s just perfect okay ya’ll
StarkStrange Headcannon - Part 2
  • Zhou: I'm so in love with this pairing. Just, holy shit. I can't stop thinking of ways for them to get together and all the little ways they make each other happy. Also really want a scene where for what ever reason Rogers n his team are in the other room n they hear Tony n Stephen kinda muttering to each other then they just hear Tony gasp/moan "Stephen!" They aren't even having sex, maybe Tony just got pinned to the wall n kissed senseless. I just want the horrible discomfort the team feels while Rogers now knows what it's like to hear Tony call his name but knows that he'll never be calling foe him. (Am I petty for this? )
  • Me: Of course not!
  • Let's add to it, the team is all gathered around and Tony walks in and calls for Stephen and both Stephen and Steve turn to look at him but Tony only gives his attention to the sorcerer.
  • Or when the team is giving Tony a hard time, making request for stuff and not being very grateful (even though Tony has a full plate righty now) So Stephen joins Tony where ever he is (living room, lap) but puts up a barrier with out Tony knowing so Tony can't see people approaching (basically puts up a mirror image of the rest of the room)
  • Anyway so say Clint's being a dick and the second he comes off the elevator he's ranting at Tony "What the hell man ! You said you'd finish my new arrows yesterday and-" that's when Clint walks into the force field.
  • "What the fuck!?" And then he starts kicking and yelling at Tony who has no idea he's there and Strange is standing there staring at Tony who's looking at his holo screens. Strange never looks at Clint or the others that show up but his smile does turn a little smug every time someone does show up.
  • Zhou: Stephen is hella causal with affection. Always kissing Tony, hugging him, pulling him down to sit on his lap.Tony never accepts any invitations from the others to "reconnect." He's always got plans with Stephen.
  • Tony starts to notice that the others are leaving him alone more n more n happens to see Steve walking face first into the barrier in the Windows reflection. It's so hard for him not to laugh.
  • Me: Ugh yes ! I am a firm believer of second chances but I'm also very committed to keeping "bad" people out of your life.
  • Like for intense Natasha could be given a second chance. She supported him and believed in the accords but she also played neutral when she realized something more was going on and let Steve and Bucky go.
  • Where Steve and Clint or even Sam and Wanda never gave Tony a chance. Although they did take his money, gadgets and such yet when he asked you to compromise or listen you turned your cheek. Those kind of people don't deserve second chances.
  • Bucky could, he was innocent and just try to get better. I believe that Tony (after some good time adjusting and just getting a chance to grieve) would be a bigger person and extend a hand to help Barnes, seeing him as the victim that he is.
  • Scott is just a person that jumped on the band wagon cause everyone else was so he don't really matter. But really Tony is done with letting these "toxic" people leech off him.
  • I just need more Tony moving on, a lot of people write him as someone who would crave that connection with those people or he would forgive them and let them back into his life.
  • Where's the Tony that sees these people as ungrateful and no longer wants to be used while they call it Friendship and Team Dynamics
  • Give me Tony who is fed up with people who use him so he cuts them from his life. And when they need to be around each other he is simple Civil. You don't have to be friends to work together.
  • So while Team Cap is trying to be "the team" again or having "team bonding" or just do friend stuff Tony just looks at them like "I'm not your friend and I am no longer an active Avenger, simply a consultant to SHIELD. If you need anything SHIELD related you may send me an email but please do not try to things when we are just coworkers."
  • And then leaves a surprised Steve, Clint and Sam behind.
  • Zhou: Second chances are great, but you have to be careful with them. Natasha is going to have to work for her second chance, and that will be shot when Tony learns that she also knew about his parents and didn't tell him.
  • Sam Steve Clint n Wanda have been nixed. They're toxic and l think he's ready to move on. He deserves more than they gave him.
  • While I can sew Tony being the bigger person n offering help for Bucky, I think it'd be more of a "here is this person, they're the most qualified to help you." But I can't rally see them being friends. Because no matter what he saw Barns physically kill his parents. Do want matter that he was controlled, Tony saw him do it.
  • Yes! It's time for Tony to move on. Surround himself with new friends (or old ones. I'm a sucker for Strange n Tony having known each other for years and have a deeper friendship before they hook up) and Tony is done with trying with the old team. He doesn't want to be a part of it and he's happy where he is.
  • Me: yeah I like that Natasha has to work for it and then it be shot to hell. And I only like the idea of Bucky and Tony having a small friendship because it makes Steve SUPER jealous . Also I see Tony reconnecting with "old friends" like T'Challa, Hope Van Dyne and Bruce Wayne since their all in the superhero community.
  • Or all the new (teen) Avengers Peter, Kamala, and Donnie being little ducklings around Tony and he's a great mentor for them.
  • Sharon Carter is pissed that Steve hurt her favorite older cousin and refuses to talk to him.
  • Zhou: All of that. And he has biweekly chess games with reed Richards. Reed is determined to win at least once. And Doom comes by once every week or so to talk science and/or magic with Tony n Stephen.
  • Last thing she says to him "I need to gargle a gallon of bleach..." ((Sharon))
  • Me: Tony and Logan go to get beers together.
  • Zhou: Yes. I can see them being friends n playing pool while having a few drinks.
  • Me: Like they don't have deep meaningful conversations but they both know that the other would do anything if the other asked.
  • Like they have that relationship where Tony just looks at Logan , "I need a favor and you can't ask any questions."
  • Logan calmly says "I'll meet you in 10."
  • Also thinking about friendships Tony is friends with the Fantastic Four, him and Reed love to challenge each other and then often Sue will join him and Pepper for lunch. Johnny completely fanboys over Tony and is constantly taking selfies and posting them online, it irritates the hell out of Steve. And with Ben he just lends an ear to the man when he needs to vent his frustrations.
  • Zhou: Tony now has this huge support network. He regularly hires Gambit to break into various stark industries buildings to test the security. He talks science with beast and business with Angel
  • Me: Social Butterfly Tony that actually has a lot of friends that he keeps contact with and is well loved among a wide variety of people.
  • He even gets along with Loki so when they fight each other they keep a playful banter going and Loki doesn't kill people just fucks with the Avengers. (Aside from Tony)
  • Him and Xavier have a telepathic game of Chess going all the time. ((I always think about RDJ playing Sherlock Holmes and he plays chess with the bad guy and they don't use an actual board or anything))
  • Zhou: I love it!
  • He's one of the only outsiders that's welcome in the thieves guild. Mostly because of his friendship with Gambit.
  • He also has Matt Murdoch on speed dial. Never calls him for legal help. Just with random ass questions.
Let the Stars Watch

Fandom: Left 4 Dead
Pairing: Nick/Ellis
Rating: M (18+)
Word Count: 4,517
Summary: Nick finds the perfect moment to tell Ellis how he feels. Based on the song ‘Eavesdrop’ by the Civil Wars.

A/N: Thanks to Catty ( mintsharpie​/ellislash​ ) for being a good beta and encouraging me to keep writing in general. 

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OMG HAHAHAHAHA I feel like once everything went back to normal--Bucky and Tony back in their respective bodies and sober again-- Bucky would like to pretend that little drunken bonding moment never happened like "Oh come on Bucko lighten up I thought you and I were pals!" "Don't. call me. "Bucko". And we were never PALS, Stark." "Ohhh come oonnn we definitely had a bonding moment there" "I don't know what you're talking about" "Jarvis play the--" "JARVIS DON'T YOU DARE"

i wanted to write something funny but then i gave myself feeeeelings D: 

When Tony looks up, it’s to see Barnes hovering in the doorway. He’s clearly on his way somewhere else, just passing by Tony’s lab, and he looks like hell – all beat up, blood on his lip. 

“Good look,” Tony says.


“All that,” Tony gestures. “Leather. I get to fly around in a suit that looks like my convertibles, but you’re really nailing the tall dark and handsome thing. Minimalism. I like it.” 

“Don’t get too friendly, now,” Barnes drawls. He turns and leans in the doorway. “You know I got a jealous lady at home.” 

They look at each other for a minute, exhausted and a little wary and both bleeding from various places, no chance of sleeping after a mission that bad. To Tony’s surprise, it’s actually Barnes who cracks. He has a bottle in one hand and holds it up. “This won’t get me drunk but it’ll get you drunk.” 

“Why do you have it, then?” 

Barnes shrugs. “Miss the taste. Don’t like getting hammered unless I have to.” 

"Alright,” Tony agrees. “Magnanimously, I will allow you inside my lab. Don’t touch anything.” 

Barnes strolls inside and sits down next to Tony on his workbench with a groan. He kicks his legs out in front of him and unscrews the bottle and takes a swig, and then he passes it over. “Miss Potts okay?” he asks. So fucking polite and old fashioned, Jesus. Always asking after the lady.

“Sleeping it off,” Tony says. He drinks and gives the bottle back. Then he takes another swig so he can say what he has to next. Ugh, small talk. “Cap?” 

“Thor,” Barnes grunts. He waves a hand. “And Romanoff. They wanted Chinese. Or Thai. Or…something.” 

Tony looks at him for a second. Then he reaches for the bottle back. Barnes says, “They’re out there saving the world, and here’s us, two dumb schmucks drinking the night away,” Barnes adds. “You ever feel like….aw, shit.” 

“Like what?” 

“Like you don’t…” he sighs. “Relate anymore. All the way. Kind of – lookin’ in from the outside.” 

Tony takes another drink. Wow, he needs to be drunker for this conversation. “Shit,” Barnes sighs, scrubbing his hand over his face. “Jesus. My bones fuckin’ hurt. You ever been that tired?” 

“Who do you think you’re talking to? I haven’t actually slept since I was, like, twelve.” Tony asks. There’s silence for a second. Then he says, “Tell you something.” Barnes looks to him. Tony makes his eyes wide. “Top secret. Super classified. Inside the president’s suitcase of nuclear codes.” 

Barnes raises his eyebrows.

“I can’t keep up with them either,” Tony says. “Am I getting old? Is that it?” 

“Man, I got no idea,” Barnes says. He takes another drink and teases, dryly, “I ain’t even, what, half your age?” 

“I am thirty eight –” 

“You’re forty two,” Barnes says. “Listen, one thing we ain’t gonna argue about?” 


"We ain’t good enough for ‘em,” Barnes says. “We sure ain’t.” 

Tony looks at him. “No,” he finally agrees. “No.” He frowns. “Give me the bottle, oh my God. You are so depressing.”

“Fuck you,” Barnes says affably, and passes it over.  

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"It's a little blurry how the whole thing started, I don't even really know what you intended" with Bucky or Steve? (Love those two omg)

((Awe man I don’t know how to choose between those two ><))

Originally posted by thejollyloner

Everything was still a bit of a mess in his head. The very first thing that happened that night was some heated training between Steve and you. He had gotten mad at himself for screwing up a mission - which really wasn’t his fault at all but he always found some way to twist blame onto himself - and you were the only one willing to work out immediately after a mission. 

Then Tony barged in, guns blazing and claiming he had finally made alcohol strong enough to get Steve drunk. He refused to go away until Steve took a shot or eight, and that’s about when things got fuzzy. 

Tony’s concoction was a little stronger than he had planned, and the Capsicle was soon on the loose, unbelievably drunk and holding you captive when he escaped Stark tower. You were completely fine with it, though you would have liked it better if he let you walk beside him instead of hauling you over his shoulder and carrying you everywhere. 

Somewhere in the span of his drunkenness he remembered your lips on his, tongues tangling and fingers dragging through hair. He wished he remembered more of that part, seeing as how he’d wanted to do something along those lines since the day he met you. He thought there was a faint taste of scotch in there some where as well, but he wasn’t sure. 

As it turned out, you weren’t the best role model, because after the makeout session Steve remembered very little about, the two of you were arrested. 

And that’s just about all the events Steve could extract from his pounding head when he woke up on a cold bench in a jail cell the next morning. You had been completely sober the whole night and Steve felt a pang of guilt because you had clearly forced him to sleep on the bed while you sat on the floor and rested your head on his leg when he passed out. You would definitely be feeling that when you woke up. 

“Mornin’ sunshine.” You yawned when you felt your pillow shifting.

“Ugh, let’s never do that again.” Steve shook his head slowly and wiped the exhaustion from his eyes. 

“I don’t know, some of it was fun.” You giggled to yourself and clearly remembered something Steve hadn’t. 

“I only remember one fun thing, and even that’s blurry.” 

“Oh good, it was the kiss, right? Damn Cap, for a virgin you do pretty well.” You winked before rolling your neck. trying to get rid of the stiffness pressed into your muscles. 

“Wait we didn’t-” He asked because if you had, he really really wanted to remember that. 

“No, don’t worry, you still have your V-card Steve.” You laughed and Steve sighed in relief. He’d never forgive himself if he went that far with you and completely forgot it. 

“Well don’t look so pleased with yourself, geez, most people would kill to get me into bed with them.” 

“No, it’s not that. I’d love to sleep with you, I mean, that’s not what I mean, but I-” He was cut off of his ramble when you snorted and kissed him on the cheek. 

“Relax old man, you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.” Now you were ruffling his hair and his shoulders slumped under your fragile touch. 

“I already knew you liked me like that, but even if I didn’t you screaming how much you loved me last night would definitely clue me in.” Oh, he was never going to live this down. 

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Sam/Darcy - the avengers don't know but we've been best friends/soulmates since college

Darcy looked at her phone: no messages.

With a sigh she leaned her head back against the elevator wall.

“Ugh. If I never see another would-be kidnapper again, it’ll be too soon.”

Jane hummed in agreement.

“Thank goodness for Tony Stark.”

Darcy snorted and glanced over at her boss.

“Now those are words I never expected to hear you utter.”

Jane grunted this time in response.

In truth, Darcy never expected to even meet Tony Stark. But then post Nightmare on Elves’ Street, Thor decided to introduce Jane and Darcy to his fellow Midgardian warriors. And now Tony was offering a safe haven because Thor was off world and Steve had gone and decided to topple a secret government agency; thereby leaking out hers and Jane’s secrets and names on some top-secret list. 

Darcy had always thought she was unimportant but here she’d made it into the Villain’s Burn Book of Murder and Mayhem.


She checked her phone again out of habit.


The doors of the elevator finally opened and Darcy and Jane dragged themselves upright and out.

They were both going on thirty-six hours without more than a couple of cat-naps and even longer without a shower. Tony had taken one look at them on video chat and promised both. Literally.

Voices were coming from somewhere nearby, so the two women shuffled their way over.

Pepper Potts and Rhodey sat on the couch in disheveled suits probably having come from political meetings; Tony was at the bar fixing drinks for himself, Natasha, and Clint; and Steve “Cady Heron” Rogers was slouched down in a nearby chair.

Darcy was too tired do more than raise her eyebrows at the assortment.

“Ah, my intrepid travelers. Welcome.” Tony raised a bottle of what was probably heinously expensive alcohol. “Come see me for spiritual sustenance or we’ve got Wilson on food patrol.”


Before anyone could answer Darcy’s question someone else came into the room with a tray of food piled high. When he set it down on a nearby table and revealed his face, Darcy let out a gasp drawing everyone’s attention to her. 


She stood there flummoxed and Sam suddenly rushed forward to pull her into a bear hug.

“Damn, it’s good to see you, D.”

Darcy sank into the familiar feel of him for a minute before she remembered her righteous and very well-deserved anger and pushed at him until he let her go and she could poke him in the chest.

“Don’t you ‘D’ me, Samuel Thomas Wilson! What the hell are you doing here?!”

He knew better than to try and reach for her again and instead sent a guilty look over at Steve Rogers who was now watching them with interest along with everyone else in the room.

“Seriously? This is why you’ve been ducking my calls? Because you hitched your caboose to the Captain America crazy train?”

Jane let out a sigh and wandered over to a couch while the younger woman ignored her and continued to glare at the hero in front of her who was now avoiding eye contact.

“I wasn’t ducking your calls exactly.”

“Then what were you doing?”

He raised a hand to rub the back of his neck and took a deep breath before looking at her with his head tucked down.

“My phone might have been taken and I didn’t exactly have a whole lot of free time over the last couple of days.”

“Taken? No time? You mean you’ve been teamed up with these maniacs for days and didn’t tell me?!”

A laugh came from the bar.

“How could you miss it? He was on TV getting arrested with Cap.”

Darcy glared at Tony and gestured towards Steve.

“I was in the middle of trying to not be kidnapped in the aftermath of that guy getting arrested.”

“Kidnapped?” Sam interrupted but Darcy ignored him.

“Plus, I’m not in the habit of watching my childhood hero/celebrity crush get arrested!” She turned back to poke Sam in the chest some more. “Not to mention, my soulmate usually doesn’t go off doing stupidly heroic things without telling me, let alone without calling, texting, or emailing me for an entire week!”

“You had a crush on Cap growing up? And Wilson’s your soulmate? Classic!”

Sam glared at Tony and without looking grabbed Darcy’s hand, which was still poking him in the chest, holding on despite her trying to pull it back.

“Not helping, Stark.”

“Oh, I wasn’t trying to help.”

“Tony,” Pepper called from across the room.

The still-gleeful inventor raised his hands in surrender as he went back to mixing drinks with a snicker.

Sam ignored everyone else as he pulled Darcy back in for a hug. She attempted to fight for a while but finally just let him hold her as she stood there stiffly; trying to resist hugging back because he’d always been ridiculously comfortable and she was way too tired for any of what was happening.

“So, wait, when did you two find out you were soulmates?”

“About eight years ago,” Sam answered.

He put one hand in Darcy’s hair dragging his nails along her scalp while he used the other hand to keep her in place and rub circles into her back just as she liked. With a sigh she finally relaxed against him and turned to face Pepper who had asked the earlier question.

“I was thinking about doing ROTC for a scholarship but wanted to see how badly it would suck. So I went to the closest military base and talked to the first soldier I could find.”

Clint snorted into his drink.

“Sounds about right.”

Darcy shrugged and sank further into Sam who relaxed and just held onto her.

After a moment, he murmured in her hair.

“You okay?”

She shrugged again and he leaned back to look at her face.

“Seriously. What’s this about kidnappings?”

She let out a snort.

“What’s this about going back into a war-zone and not warning me?”

He winced.

“I’m sorry, Darce. It’s been a shitty week.”

Sam brought his hands up to cup her jaw and she let out a quiet harrumph.

“You’re telling me.” She raised her hands to cover his with her own and gave him a small, tired smile. “We’re talking about this later. Right now I need a shower and sleep.”

He nodded and stepped back to talk to everyone else who was still politely pretending not to watch; well, except for Tony, he blatantly stared.

“We’ll see you all later.”

Darcy looked over to see Jane already asleep and drooling on the couch.

“Can someone make sure she actually makes it to a bed at some point?”

Pepper gave her a kind smile.

“Don’t worry, Darcy. We’ll take care of her.”

Sam grabbed her hand and started to lead her back towards the elevator.

“Come on, I’ll get you one of my shirts to wear and let you fall asleep on top of me.”

Darcy hummed and leaned into his side.

“Good. You always made the best pillow.”

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I don't know if you're taking prompts right now, but if you are: Stiles and Derek telling their kids how they met, but they met in such a ridiculous way that the kids don't really believe them.

“You pulled a grounds-keeper on him?”

"You should have waved a rake at them, dad, worn one of those awful farmer’s caps.”

“So mean of you to ignore him, too, and make angry eyes at uncle Scott. Who would ever be angry with uncle Scott?”

"That’s not—”

“And, I can’t believe you ever lecture us on stranger danger when you let one stay in your bedroom! Did you guys share a bed, too? Seriously, you can never talk about any future boyfriends staying over, ever.”

"Why wouldn’t they share a bed? Daddy’s share beds! Don’t they? Daddy!” Evelyn clambers up on Derek’s knee, tugs at his shirt until he looks her way. 

“‘S’wrong, baby?”

“Didn’t you and daddy always share a bed?”

Stiles snickers, leans over Derek to pet her hair, “Well, no, sugar. You see, your dad was sort of a crosspatch when we were younger.”

“No, he wasn’t! I don’t believe you,” Evelyn pats Derek’s face, and he smiles easily at her, winces a little when she prods at his front teeth. She likes to touch them, likes to mess with Stiles’ hair, or tug on Derek’s ears when it’s story time. It’s her own mini version of scenting. Stiles declares he much prefers it to when William was learning how to scent, to demand touch, and bit his fingers.

“Daddy cheerful,” Evelyn continues. “He makes pancakes and we dance to Daf’ Punk.”

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idk if you noticed but in the cacw movie tony said his left arm felt numb and for all i know it could be a foreboding of heart attack. and i also saw that he took pills. is there something wrong with his heart again holy shit what is happening to tony my good god


so i kept thinking about his arm, not that i have a thing for hurt tony no not at all *sweats*

and after he says that, he puts on the suit and goes to fight his friends in the airport (I’M FINE I’M FINE) and then wanda drops the cars on him and tony’s HUD starts blinking the warnings at him about his arm there but obviously tony ocntinues to fight until rhodey falls and TONY’S SO WORRIED JUST KILL ME NOW read vitals oh my god

and then his arm is in the sling and it obviously hurts and he’s in so much emotional and physical pain

and after going to the raft he just looks at his hand and tries to move it, AND YOU CAN SEE IT’S NOT OKAY but he still takes off the sling and wears the armour and goes after steve TO HELP HIM and oh god he was not okay in that final fight since before it started but HE TRIED ugh i keep thinking “what if he fucked up his arm for real though, what if this injury stays”

*coughs* i’m fine

BUT I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT THE HEART ATTACK POSSIBILITY? OH MY GOD TONY BABY. like steve already broke his heart the last thing tony needs is heart attack now so it would be SO FITTING ahahahhahahah and then he could get an artificial heart in MCU and think he’s literally a heartless monster like he’s prone to doing :))))))))

oh god tony why