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Don't Kill Me. (Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider Imagine)

I was inspired by another imagine, but I do not remember the title/the author because it’s been about three weeks since I’ve read it. 

Soulmate AU: On most people, their soulmate’s first phrase that they say to them is on their left arm, but not Bucky’s. 

I hope you guys enjoy!

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When Bucky was younger, he always felt as if he was different from anyone else. Not because eventually he will be different than everyone, but because his soulmate tattoo is on his right arm. Everyone had theirs on their left and had already met their soulmates once they gotten older, but Bucky’s never came around. And what made everything worse was the phrase written on his right wrist. 

But when he was taken by HYDRA, he couldn’t help wonder if the reasoning as to why his tattoo was on his right arm was just fate’s plan. He recalled moments when he would ask his master, “Will you make me hurt her?” But the question was never answered or acknowledged. 

You had been working for Tony Stark for as long as you could remember. You had been working as his personal assistant even before he became Iron Man. When you began being, somewhat, a part of the Avengers Team, you began to wonder if you were taking one more step closer to meeting your soulmate. Tony would tell you that you were delirious but the phrase, “I won’t hurt you,” printed on your wrist said otherwise. You would tell your boss that the phrase seemed to be linked to your job, as your life was often put in danger. 

When you imagined who your soulmate was, you always pictured him to be a man who would save you and assure you that he meant no harm to you. But what you got was something completely different. 

The sirens blared loudly in the Avengers compound. Tony’s face appeared on his hologram video chat. “You need to get to safety immediately, (Y/N).” 

Your first instinct was to lock down your computers. “FRIDAY, security lock please.” You instructed the AI. “Mr. Stark what’s happened?” 

“An intruder. Go to the safe room now!” You got up to your feet, grabbing the gun that was hidden under your desk, and followed his instructions, leaving the room. 

Bucky’s head was cloudy. He had orders. He had to fulfill them. That was how he was trained to do. Kill anyone in your way

There was a soft tapping on the tile flooring. He stopped in his tracks as he registered it to be a woman’s heels. Then you finally came to view. Something felt wrong to Bucky. Seeing you across the hall, looking like a deer caught in headlights, felt wrong. He raised the gun, readying to shoot. But it didn’t feel right. His finger was on the trigger, but he didn’t pull it. He was stopping himself from killing this woman in front of him. 

But you were keen on staying alive and seeing a man with a metal arm and guns pointed at you made you feel like you were about to meet your creator in a few moments. You aimed the pistol as best as you could, granted you weren’t Hawkeye aim approved, and began shooting. His arm raised up, blocking the bullets, and he charged towards you. 

Next thing you knew, you were pressed up against the wall, your gun kicked too far away, and another barrel pointed at your face. Tears were streaming down your face as you said, “Don’t Kill Me.” 

Bucky’s eyes widened. That phrase it seemed familiar to him. His eyes wandered to his flesh arm and saw the words imprinted boldly. He had his finger on the trigger and you closed your eyes, waiting for the end… But it never came. 

He pulled the gun away from you and you opened your eyes to meet his blue ones. “I won’t hurt you.” He whispered. 

It was your turn for your eyes to widen. You looked down at your left wrist and saw the phrase staring at you. “You’re my.-”

Before you could finish your statement, Tony Stark as the Iron man flew by, knocking the super soldier away from you. “Mr. Stark wait!” You called out before Tony was able to shoot a beam at the Winter Soldier. 

“Okay, I knew you loved every living creature out in the world, (Y/N), but he tried to kill you and you seriously want him alive?” Tony questioned, his eyes still on Bucky. “Oh, Cap, is gonna have a heart attack, we finally found his missing person.” 

“He’s my soulmate.” You stated as you went in front of your boss. “Don’t rob me of him, please, Tony.” 

He put his arm down and the Iron Man mask lifted off from his face as he nodded understandingly. You looked back at Bucky and smiled. He returned the gesture. 

Okay maybe you didn’t get the savior you were dreaming of, but maybe you got something much more…

Don't Forget Me (Carl Grimes x Reader)

(WARNINGS: Death) “Okay. I’ll jump first.” Jesus said, nodding, Carl and I didn’t plan to jump. We were going straight into the Sanctuary and we were going to kill Negan. I looked over to Carl. He nodded. Jesus jumped out of the moving truck. He was waiting for us to jump. I nodded ‘good luck’ to him as the truck continued to move. Carl and I hid behind some of the boxes in the back of the truck. It came to a stop. I gave Carl a kiss as a man jumped up onto the truck. He looked at us. “What the f-” he was cut off by bullets from our guns impelling him in the chest. Carl and I jumped out from behind the boxes and continued to shoot multiple men from the Saviors. We both got tackled to the ground. Dwight, Negan’s right hand man, tackled Carl and was holding a gun to his head. A woman with a knife tackled me and held the knife to my throat. “Okay! Get off ‘em. That’s no way to treat our new guests.” Negan said. Dwight and the woman stood up. “You two. Come with me. Now!” Negan demanded, pointing at us. Carl sent me a worried look. Negan followed his gaze. “Oh! Is this your girlfriend? Little future serial killers girlfriend! What’s your name, doll?” Negan asked, gripping my arm tightly. “Y/n.” I hissed, shoving him off of me. He dragged both of us back into a darkened room. “So. Sit down.” Negan said, pointing to two chairs in the middle of the room. He came over and sat in front of us. He taunted Carl for a while, forcing him to take his bandage off, talking about his mother, making him sing. Finally, he looked to me. “Well, as much as I would love to have both of you stay here and work for me, Lucille is angry. She thinks that one of you should die.” Carl tensed up at Negan’s darkly spoken words. He swung Lucille in front of both of us, tauntingly. “I like little future serial killer so I think that doll face is gonna have to go.” Negan spoke. I let out a sob in defeat. Carl looked in horror, tears streaming down his uncovered face. “Stand up doll. Say your goodbyes.” Negan said, pulling me to my feet. “I love you, Carl. So goddamn much. Don’t forget me, love.” I spoke calmly, taking his hand into my own, linking our fingers. “Y/n. I love you.” Carl sobbed. I gently leaned in and kissed him. “I’ll always be right here, darling.” I placed my hand on his heart. “Take care of everyone, and yourself, Grimes.” I laughed a shaky laugh, ruffling his hair. My hand found it’s way to his cheek. I gently rubbed it with my thumb. “I love you, baby.” I said, kissing him one final time. I looked to Negan. He sighed. “On your knees.” He said, I obeyed. I looked Carl in the eye one final time and winked. Then, my vision faded. *CARL’S POV* I screamed louder than I ever have before, looking down at my beautiful girlfriend, laying on the floor. I couldn’t cry. Instead, I thought back to all the memories we shared. From playing with Judith, to escaping the walls together, to taking care of each other. Negan left the room. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a silver ring. I remember talking to Glenn and my dad a while back. -flashback- “Are you sure, Carl?” My dad asked, looking at the ring. “I’m positive. She’s the one, dad.” I said, nodding my head. “Go for it, kiddo.” Glenn said, laughing. -flashback over- I looked at the ring, remembering how I was going to do it. I walked over to Y/n and took her small, calming, hand and placed the ring on her fourth finger. “I love you, Y/n.” I said, placing a kiss on her hand. “I can’t believe it ended like this! I’m such an idiot! You didn’t want to come with me! I knew I shouldn’t have begged you! I’m so sorry, Y/n. I won’t forget you. I love you. I was gonna propose and everything. I’m such a screw up.” I said, tears ran down my face. I looked at the gold locket around her neck. It had a picture of us in it. I have it to her on our one year anniversary. I unsnapped the necklace and took it off of her. I put it on myself. I won’t forget her.

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dear agony apriki, now that the pirate bay is down were do i go to keep up with my american shows? from, a fellow south hemispherian

I’m gonna show you a secret, friends. A magical, magical secret. It’s called caching it’s the closest the internet will come to ghosts, probably.

Basically, google, in its creepy mission to collect all information the human race has ever produced, basically saves a shot of every web page at certain points in time to their cache, so even if a site is down, you can see what the page looked like weeks or months ago. Which means that even though piratebay has been taken offline, google has saved caches of the entire site you can still access. Like so:

First, google your desired torrent, and add ‘piratebay’:

usually the first result will be from tpb, but if it isn’t then scroll until you find it. Next to the url in the google result is a little drop down arrow. Click this:

it will come up with a link that says ‘cached’. Click this. The page may take a while to load and the css might be off, but it’s the page as it would be on tpb normally. Scroll down until you find the ‘get this torrent’ link:

click it, and it will open up in your torrent client normally! WELCOME TO MY WORLD, FRIEND

but if that’s too much hassle, or you’re looking for new torrents/downloads - don’t worry friend, I GOT U. as always, these are sites I have used myself and can personally vouch for, I would NOT be recommending you flop sites, I take my responsibility as a downloader too seriously for that.

for torrents:

  • kickass torrents is like pirate bay’s less sophisticated little sister. the layout is a little messy but it gets the job done. ettv and eztv (which also got raided, yikes) both have accounts there, as do drarbg and tvteam - basically it’s the same torrents, you’re just starting them from a different site.
  • demonoid’s new, weird incarnation will also do in a pinch. i don’t really download torrents from random places i don’t trust, and these two sites will do everything tpb did

for direct downloads:

  • DDLVALLEY. EDEN, SHANGRILA, THE PIRATE’S COVE OF TV BOOTLEGGING. I love them because they have multiple download links (some are ridiculously fast - i can download a 40 minute show from hugefiles in like TWO MINUTES, IT’S RIDIC) for normal and 720p quality, they upload UNBELIEVEABLY fast (show’s done in the us/canada? it’s up on ddl literally TEN MINUTES LATER. FUCKIN MAGIC), and they do movies as well. best of the best
  • tehparadox, old faithful. awesome search system and has a lot of older shows uploaded

for streams:

  • so, so many sites lmao. couchtuner is reliable, i really like solarmovie as well
  •, which you have to admire for surviving with its uploads in tact even after putlocker AND sockshare went down the drain and transformed, like a pokemon, into FIREDRIVE


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helloo, it's me again :p i don't know if you're busy or something, but i wanted to ask, could you give me/the people who are reading this, some tips/hacks about drawing? Like, to someone who's starting and needs a "base" to start training? I love your way/ability on drawing, principally when you draw pidge, or lance, or keith... you don't need to do, like, a professional manual, just a simple base on drawing faces or hair... anyways love ya, i'm glad that you exist :D <3

agh thank you so much, this is the first time I’ve tried to explain this so grab your seats, people! (I am going to make this as professional as I can and no one can stop me)

So if you’re just starting off the number one thing you need to do is practice (obviously). Don’t focus on developing a style, just focus on making your drawing at least mildly similar to what you have in mind. You can try to learn on your own but that takes a shit ton of time, OR you could skip the lineup and look up tutorials. Use other people’s art as inspiration and motivation to keep on going, and know that no matter what you do, you can only get better. 

Here is a video that describes how to draw the face (it’s not the only one, there are many, many more out there). It’s quite technical, and takes up time, but knowing basic proportions is REALLY important and the more you practice, the less you’ll need all those guidelines. Personally, I tend to do this:

Keep in mind that the way I draw my guidelines may not work for you! The cool thing about art is that no one’s way of doing things will ever be the same, and you WILL eventually find a way to do things that fits you and you only.

This is really important: you won’t be as “good” as other artists with much more experience right away, and that will most likely make you doubt your own art, and in some cases, stop completely. I learned this the hard way, but I also learned how to fix my problem: I stopped comparing myself to others and instead compared myself to… myself. If you look at a drawing you made a year ago and you’ve practiced a lot since then, I’m absolutely positive you’ll see a whole lot of improvement. You probably don’t need proof but I’m going to give some anyway because it’s, like, really important!!!

I think that’s all I have to say for “starting” to draw. So, you’ve gotten yourself into drawing and your creations don’t look like circles with vague eyes and mouths anymore. Now, what?

(psa?) YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET BETTER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO!!!!!! Art takes a whole lot of motivation, time, and creativity, and if you realized those aren’t your thing and you’re physically pushing yourself to draw when you really, really don’t want to, you’re not going to get anywhere as far as I know. Maybe just art isn’t your thing, and that’s completely okay!!! Everyone has a thing they’re good at and if you tried really hard but drawing just doesn’t yield any satisfaction, feel free to move on. (-psa over-)

BUT WAIT. huh. You find yourself doodling more and more in the corners of pages, and not just stick figures, either. You find yourself subconsciously saving up for a tablet or more art supplies, and when you draw, time goes by like… something that goes really fast. hUH. Now what? You enjoy drawing but still want to learn. Your thirst for knowledge seems unquenchable. You’re starting to get noticed. You’re getting compliments, and people want to see more. Now, you see that sketchbook over there? Fill it up. When you’re done, fill up another one, and so on. You can never, ever stop improving, so don’t use this attention as an excuse to stop learning! Move on to more advanced tutorials, possibly even go take some real art classes at a university or something. Set goals for yourself, and try to reach them. 

Alright, rereading this whole thing made me realize I’ve gone really far forward and now I don’t know what to do so I’ll link you to some tutorials that helped me when I first started getting into art:

braids, eyes (anime), eyes (more realistic), bodies

Also, speed drawings on youtube can be very helpful and motivating as well because you can see the whole process behind a finished piece of art. Watching other artists’ streams can also be surprisingly inspiring and motivating, my favorite being Elentori’s stream (she streams twice a week! How lucky we are)

So yeah! I really hope this was helpful, if not, let me know and I’ll try again! Please remember that I’m not a professional and also not very qualified to teach so if everything I just said fails, blame the aliens. (just kidding. Don’t do that. No wonder they probably hate us)

Again, thank you so much for he kind message and I wish you the best of luck on this amazing, really confusing, also very frustrating journey.

P.S. don’t let drawing hands discourage you. They can wait. In the meantime, hide them. Trust me.

P.P.S. I’ve been drawing my whole entire life, so you could say I got a head start. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get one, either. I recommend caffeine. I also recommend you don’t listen to my advice.

P.P.P.S. flip. the. canvas. Just do it. It’s probably the best way to fix any mistakes you may have made on a drawing. trust meeeee.

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Do you think Yoongi has become so distant with Jimin? I mean before & right after the debut, Yoonmin were clingy to each other & didn't hesitate to show skinships or teasing publicly via twitter, etc. Now I have a feeliing that Yoongi just.... ignored Jimin.

Long post incoming!

I definitely don’t think Yoongi is ignoring Jimin or that they’ve become distant at all, just watching recent videos you can see and feel that they’re both really close. If anything the fact that they’re not more openly affectionate on twitter or with skinship publicly is just proof that they’ve gotten extremely comfortable with each other, they don’t need to be hanging off of each other to show their affection.

In my opinion, the reason why YoonMin is popular, why it’s my favourite ship, why people are so adamant that “YoonMin is real!” (which we’ll never know anyway, that’s for you to judge) is because the way they express their affection for each other and they way they interact is so different from nearly every other ship. You look at JiHope and all their ship moments are so explicit (imstilljihopetrashtootho) - Hoseok pretending to kiss him, hugging each other, jumping on each other - and the same goes for a lot of the other ships, they’re all mostly quite open with each other and if they have a “ship like” interaction it’s usually physical and YoonMin aren’t really like that. 

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Could you explain what's going on in Ferguson?? I'm confused!

Basically: on Saturday, August 9th, a white police officer shot Michael Brown, an unarmed eighteen year old black teenager six times for no apparent reason. His body was then left in the street for four hours for no apparent reason (x). The police department first said that it was because he’d robbed a store but the owner of the store denied that and told the cops that neither Michael Brown nor his friends had been in the store that day. And then the police department said that it was because he’d tried to steal the gun from the officer even though numerous witnesses said that Michael Brown was far away (I’ve seen a couple people say 35 feet away) and he had gotten on his knees, put his hands in the air and sad “Please don’t shoot me, please.” Here’s a video of an eye witness’s account.

So the citizens of Ferguson, naturally, wanted answers. They staged peaceful protests to try and get the answers from the cops. Then the police department released that they’d put the cop who shot Michael Brown on paid administrative leave but refused to release his name. And basically what I’ve gathered is that the cops started teargassing protestors soon after that.

They brought out riot police with rubber bullets, tear gas, tanks, machine guns, full body armor that is more than they give soldiers in Iraq, K9 units, etc. They’ve also been using these sound cannons that cause permanent hearing loss - and they’ve been using them around children. The police claim that it was to break up “riots” but every citizen account from people who were there is pretty consistent that the “"riots”“ were people trying to get away from the cops. Does this look like they’re trying to break up a "riot”?

The Ferguson PD has been abusing their power and attacking innocent civilians who pose no real or immediate safety threat to their officers or anyone else. They are also removing all forms of identification, which is illegal. Then the cops started going into people’s neighborhoods and homes teargassing them and shooting them with rubber bullets for no apparent reason that anyone has been able to gather as far as I know?

And I think it’s still in place as of this moment but the media has been banned from Ferguson. There was also a No Fly Zone issued over Ferguson a few days ago but I’m not sure if that’s still in place. An Al Jazeera America film crew was attacked with tear gas by police officers for simply reporting the news. Last night during a live stream of the protest and subsequent police initiated attacks, a police officer with no identification threatened to shoot the man who was recording if he didn’t stop. The cops are consistently attacking, arresting and threatening reporters for doing their jobs. Last night three more reporters were detained.

The police have also tried to justify their actions by saying that there are people looting all over town and they’re simply just trying to get the situation under control. Most eye witnesses from protestors are pretty consistent with reports that the incidences of looting are small and isolated and are pretty much just drunk teenagers. After the St Louis Chief of Police marched with the citizens on August 14th, and then on either August 15th or the 17th they imposed a curfew for the citizens, some people wanted to loot stores. A ton of civilians and protestors gathered in front of stores they knew would be big targets and talked the potential looters out of doing anything. Nobody has mentioned that on the news. Oh and of course, you’ll probably hear about more looting on the news today since people broke into the McDonald’s in town to get milk to help the teargas victims.

Last night a bunch of protestors broke curfew by one minute and were brutally attacked by the police department again even though they were told that cops wouldn’t be using this shit anymore. Other protestors were attacked for “violating curfew” three hours before the actual curfew because the police claimed they heard gunshots in the crowd but it was just a firework going off (reportedly). Here’s a bunch of tweets from eye witnesses.

It was either on Friday or over the weekend (I would look up the articles for you but I’m too angry right now to read the mainstream media’s bullshit) the Ferguson PD released a security tape from a gas station that “showed” Michael Brown and his friends stealing cigars from there. The owner of the gas station never filed a police report and denies it ever happened. The video was also timestamped at least ten minutes after the police filed a report themselves on the “robbery.” When that was pointed out to them the chief of police changed his story again and said that Michael Brown was shot because he and his friends were blocking the street.

I saw reports this morning from two witnesses to the shooting (that I forgot to bookmark otherwise I’d give you the link anon, sorry!) that the police officer who shot him was in his car, around thirty feet away from Brown, when he shot him in the head twice and then got out of the car and shot him four more times. The coroner’s report was just released this morning/last night but as far as I know it was conducted by the FPD and I wouldn’t trust it. 

Every news organization I’ve heard talk about it has tried to play it off as if the cops are in the right, shockingly. The other day I had to drive my mom’s car somewhere and she had the radio on CNN and one of the guys talking said he couldn’t believe there was “such a uselessly violent reaction from protestors over a thief’s death." 

Palestinians are tweeting the citizens of Ferguson with tips on how to deal with being teargassed. Children are missing school. The National Guard was called in just last night by the governor, they’ll probably be arriving sometime today if they’re not there already. And Amnesty International is sending people to Ferguson today, which is the first time this has ever happened in the US. Here’s their official write up on what exactly has been going on over there. 

So to sum it up: a young, unarmed black boy was killed in a town with an alarmingly white police force that has a history of racial profiling and instead of doing their jobs and arresting the officer who shot Michael Brown, the police has instead been attacking, hurting and threatening the lives of innocent civilians who have done nothing more than ask for answers. There are children being gassed and shot at with rubber bullets and attacked with sound cannons. There are veterans from the Iraq war who have confirmed on twitter that the FPD is armed with more body armor they were ever given in a war zone and is using the same weaponry they had access to in Iraq. As far as I’ve heard, the blockades that were set up last week to keep people from coming in to Ferguson and to keep people from leaving it are still up. There have been multiple accounts of people calling the FPD non-emergency line and either being mocked, laughed at or insulted (there’s a link to a video in this of one girl calling the FPD and a police officer literally says that they are walking into peoples homes and teargassing and shooting them with rubber bullets). Innocent civilians are being harmed for no real reason. An innocent young man who was shot for being black is being painted to look like the bad guy in this situation. A morally bankrupt police department is terrorizing innocent civilians and getting away with it because most of them are black.

And nobody seems to have any intention of doing a damn thing about it.