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Yo so would anyone be interested in doing a tinychat (it’s basically like Skype? But online? There’s an app. It’s good because you can stay anonymous if you want) session with me and talk about idk ghostbusters and Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig and other random things. It’s a group thing so you can just join in??? Um….probably in around 3/4PM EST. Idk if no one appears then I will probably end it HAHA. I’ll update you guys again…? THIS IS RANDOM BUT I WANNA GET TO KNOW U GUYS. Maybe just PM me if you wanna join in?

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Just wanted to point out that Tsugumi Ohba said (on L's ethnicity) "I think of him as a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian, a quarter French or Italian, like that.". Idk what the argument here is but just saw a thing about that so thought I'd share

He’s portrayed as Japanese speaking Japanese in Japan. Leave it at that.


Swan Queen + an understanding without words.

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Unpopular opinion: Canada doesn't deserve as much attention as they get because they're really boring, and they don't do anything to assist the world so why do they even matter to people?

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ok this made me laugh ;D. but i don’t know anything about Canada’s contributions to the world so idk. I do like their new prime minister though, I think he’ll be good for the country and they can finally address the murder rates and how they treat their indigenous people (America isn’t the only one that treats our natives terribly, unfortunately).

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