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hey roby, i just wanted to ask for some advice on what drawing tablet thing to get? i don't want something that's too hard to use or anything because i'm used to traditional drawings and itll be my first time trying digital, but i don't want something too simple that's like, idk, boring. i'm probably being super stupid right now idk if there even is a lot of difference in between drawing tablet things but thanks anyways if u can answer this :))

get a wacom intuos, its really good for beginners (and in general! i’ve had mine for 2 years now and im still happy with it. mine in particular is the intuos pen and touch small, the slightly older version than those that are sold in stores now but pretty much the same thing)

going from traditional to digital will be a bit hard at first so don’t get discouraged when you can’t get the lines to look right and everything takes twice as long to finish, you’ll get the hang of it with practice! 


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Unpopular opinion: Canada doesn't deserve as much attention as they get because they're really boring, and they don't do anything to assist the world so why do they even matter to people?

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ok this made me laugh ;D. but i don’t know anything about Canada’s contributions to the world so idk. I do like their new prime minister though, I think he’ll be good for the country and they can finally address the murder rates and how they treat their indigenous people (America isn’t the only one that treats our natives terribly, unfortunately).

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