don't appreciate the hate

well this is my first follow forever on here and man i’m not big on doing these kind of things because there are SO many people who have made my experience on here just absolutely amazing. if you don’t see yourself on this list, it’s either because i’m a moron and forgot, or our interactions have just been seldom. YOU ARE STILL AWESOME BECAUSE YOU’RE FOLLOWING ME. please don’t ever think otherwise. this is for a pretttttttty awesome milestone but i’m not really about that number life so i’m gonna leave it off of here. 


@halysborn i mean lmfao i might as well just make a separate post for you. you’re the br to my uh. the du to my de. the caps to my lock. FOR REAL. who are you ? why do you even exist ? to cause me pain in 20k different universes of sladewing. that’s why. ANYWAY I BASICALLY HATE YOU AND THIS IS A CALLOUT POST IN DISGUISE BECAUSE JESUS YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING WRITER NOT ONLY DO YOU WRITE DICK WELL BUT THE WAY YOU TALK ABOUT SLADE IN YOUR WRITING IS JUST SO ADMIRABLE AND YOU PUT EFFORT INTO EVERYTHING YOU WRITE ANYBODY AND JUST GOD DAMN YOU ARE IMPORTANT BRUH. YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT. YOU ARE THE TIPPY TOP OF THIS FOR A REASON. 

@fuckheroics lulu i fucking love you. seriously you and @lazaruswalked were almost the downfall of my ‘serious slade wilson blog’. i still have those crack posts saved from back in the day when that was my whole blog. salads and salsa. but for reals thank you for inviting me to your ‘squad’ and introducing me to a bunch of cool peeps on here.

@optimisticrobin & @arkhamtoknight really my first serious threads on here. you both were such team players while i was still struggling to find a foundation for slade and you both are so awesome about your characters and ideas and i could gush about you guys forever. you both don’t hang around too much anymore but i think about you guys ALL THE TIME.

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Hey y'all, it seems like someone got their knickers in a twist and feels the need to spread some hate to the boys and some of the wives of the boys, let’s do what we do and shut ‘em down, shall we? Just get on twitter and report and spread the word.

Gonna tag some people in the fandom to get the word spread.

@willowing-love @dean-winchester-crush @jensenfans @jared-jensen-misha-mark67 @jaredpositive @mishasminions @cassammydean @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you @crowleysplaythings @icecream-and-gadreel @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @sup3rnatural @spn-fandoms @impala-dreamer @impalasamulet @impalalover @spnfandomtrash @spnfallencas @spnwinchesterlove @spnfans @spnfam @spnfamily-whovian-sherlockian

Here’s a transparent spooky ace wolf
Found out it was ace pride week and me, being asexual, gotta contribute somehow to this
I think it came out okay

A Post-The Lying Detective Message:

(Spoilers, duh)

So, there’s something I just want to say as a fan of Sherlock regarding the latest episode and our fandom in general.

The Lying Detective gave each ship a little something…

  • Johnlockers got a rescue and a hug
  • Adlockers got a birthday text and confirmation of reciprocated correspondence
  • Sherlollians got a physical examination: “tell me when to cough” and a birthday outing with cake

So let’s put away the ship-bashing and agree to disagree that each one of these pairings has potential.

Sherlock has emotional investment in John and Irene and Molly. That’s something we all have to accept. However, whether this emotional investment signifies friendship or romantic feelings is ultimately up to Moftiss to decide.

I think it’s wonderful that the show sparks so many emotions from us and it speaks to the diversity of us all that we can ship so many different ships! So let’s keep expressing our shipping feels, but do so on each ship’s respective tags. Let’s try to all get along. 

I know Sherlockians are renowned for being a little crazy, but I think there’s something we can all agree upon: we love our show!!!
Let’s make sure that this love and respect is felt across the entire Fandom! <3


What’s with all this Sansa vs Dany shit? Who’s gonna get Jon? Who cares!

Dont get me wrong, I love Jon. The things I would do to him, but…

Dany and Sansa are two badass female characters who have risen from the ashes to create their own destinies. Which is pretty incredible for a show notorious for rape and violence against women. Dany and Sansa could have any man they wanted, or none at all.

And reducing them to, “Lets fight over who ends up with Jon” is just insulting to them both.

Hey I just wanna say something

There are a lot of good people out there and they are amazing people. But I just wanna say the following are people I really, really appreciate.
My friends, and I mean all of them.
I’m just saying. I hope I haven’t annoyed to many people. I’m just gonna roll back into my trash can of ships. BYE NEKOS MEOW!!!!

my first attempt at headcanon thingy

our 8 fellas finding out MC is complete otome games trash (okay that’s me):


  • he’s jelly
  • really jelly
  • why you play these when you have someone perfect RigHT hERe


  • he’s okay with it
  • he’s a gamer and like shoujo mangas he can understand you on spiritual level




  • he has no idea what those are but look it up
  • he thinks he’s cool with it
  • but is jelly inside
  • you notice him getting a bit quirky whenever you play and he’s trying to distract you 
  • subtle as a brick
  • you find it cute


  • It’s the best one you’ll ever play
  • it’s called mystic messenger btw


  • this bby will love you whatever you do OF COURSE HE COOL WITH IT
  • protect this boy


  • a bit hurt
  • gets angsty for whole day
  • he just don’t want to be left alone anymore okay so he’s a bit too much possessive
  • you take him to a nice bakery to cheer him up


  • makes fun of it A LOT
  • will probably use it to mock you for the rest of your life
  • secretly starts playing too and clears every route for 100%

I guess Overwatch is doing a valentine’s day event and The Discourse™ is already happening and it isn’t even out of the ptr

Has anybody never considered a platonic V-Day gift????????? If somebody saved my life and we were friends you’d bet your ass I’d send them chocolates (tho I’d spring for the Swiss chocolates jfc Genji get it together like come on)

shikitoga  asked:

so got into KS (killing stalking) and I have no clue how to feel about this still gunna read it but fuck man, this shit has fucked me up. I can't even fangirl about it with the suspense then again with the main cast I can't ship them yet I do at the same time. Idk I'm super complicated with my emotions on this Manwha so far, what are your thoughts on KS?

Hmm to me KS, I love the art style, but coming from someone who would binge watch all the horror movies with my mom, it’s a fucked up whilst well-written story.

Like it’s a psychological horror comic and there are some people who thought “oh he won’t kill that person” but nope, the author makes good-timing plot twists got me thirsty to know what happens next haha.

As for Yoon Bum and Sangwoo, I don’t ship them but the way they are written is really how killers and stalkers really behave and of course they develop and soon i might see them as a “couple” but not right now lol.

anonymous asked:

I really hate those people who think lesbians are obligated to be attracted to a trans woman's dick! So what if she's not interested in that? Dictating what people should be attracted to based off of their identity makes you sound exactly like the homophobic straight people you're trying to smite.

I’m sorry what does this say I don’t speak terf


I would’ve left you behind.
    Shut up man, don’t try that.
I did leave you behind.
    Yeah, well, good thing I ain’t you.

Cheritz Appreciation Week Day 6 - Flower Crown

„... The world you show me is all I have. 
If you abandon me, my world ends“

Forget-me-nots are my fave flowers not necessarily suited for drawing flowers crowns as I learned the hard way tho orz and I found them fitting for Nameless