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Meghan’s Top 10 Destiel Fics

For Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day, here are my top 10 fics that are still available on AO3. There are a couple favs that have been since taken down (Lost Souls by lastknownwriter I believe is down for publication? That would have definitely made the list!) so I’m only adding ones you can go read RIGHT NOW! MAKE SURE TO LEAVE COMMENTS on all your favorite fic today!!!!

(In absolutely no order, because narrowing down to 10 was hard enough.) (Well fuck, there’s 11. Oh well!)

Apres (canon) thevioletcaptain - The angels fall. Cas lands in France. Dean comes to get him. The fluffiest fluff to ever have fluffed, WHILE being amazingly in character. Not easy to do. If you held a gun to my head and made me pick top 3, this would be there. (If you made me pick #1 I’d probably die tbh.)

Clean Air (au) anactorya - Holy shit. This is a BOOK. It’s based off a book I haven’t read (but now want to) so don’t let that stop you. It is completely self contained. Post apocalyptic (but not endverse) community lives in an underground silo. They are told they are the only humans left alive on an uninhabitable planet. Until Dean intercepts a radio signal from Cas, who is in another silo. Intrigue, world building, CB radio Destiel - UGH just go read it.

His Fucking Kids Verse (canon) subjecttochange8 - Emma lives, and Claire ends up with Dean & Cas (long before she showed back up in the show!). They retire from hunting to raise the two teens, who are complicated and surly and angsty and wonderful. I really can’t do this verse justice, it’s one of the best things you’ll read in this fandom so get to it.

Pie Without Plot (canon) apocalypse-patisserie & robotmango - Ok, it’s on every rec list ever, but there’s a reason for that. The boys take a break from hunting to run a bakery, for Reasons. AMAZING development for all three of them. Hilarious, heart wrenching, fluffy in-character awesomesauce. While you’re there, read all of Major & Orange’s back catalogs - you won’t be disappointed.

rvr ro11435 (au) @ferritin4 - Dean & Cas work for NASA (but not in space). The story is from Cas’s POV, and he is the SNARKIEST GRUMPIEST POTATO I LOVE HIM. 

The Breath of All Things (au) @twentyonelizards - Dean was paralyzed in a car accident, and is full to the brim with self loathing, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Cas starts volunteering at the care home where Dean is living. Mind the tags, but it has a happy ending (without anyone “fixing” Dean’s disability because that would be gross). One of those fics that sticks with you.

The Story of You and Me (canon) the-diggler - Dean wakes up 2 years in the future, a journal in his handwriting telling him that he has frequent amnesia, he lives in Bobby’s renovated house with Sam & Cas, and oh yeah … him and Cas are a thing. Domestic adorableness with a twist. This fic will tear you apart and put you back together. HAPPY ENDING I promise, even through some angst.

What I Need (au) Jacqueline Albright-Beckett - Dean is a surgical tech, and he’s just been assigned to the biggest asshole of a surgeon (Cas of course!). Enemies to lovers, hospital!Destiel, amazing banter and characterizations. SO much snark and sexual tension, omg!

Every Living Thing (canon) Askance - Wow. This is. Wow. Talk about sticking with you, you’ll never get this fic out of your head. It’s literally the end of the world. The boys try for a while to stop it, but have to concede that there is nothing more they can do. They hole up in an abandoned firehouse while the last Great Flood destroys the world. Angst, hurt/comfort, finding each other in the darkest times, there is great Sam development as well. AMBIGUOUS ENDING - you can read it as hopeful, or as MCD, so if that bothers you you should steer clear.

Every Man’s Got a Right (canon) MollyC - Endverse-not-really-endverse! I’ve seen a few fic with this premise, but this is my favorite. Instead of dying, Endverse!Cas gets sent back in time to the Wincheseters circa Season 2. We follow them as they go through the cases & plot points leading up to the apocalypse, with the added bonus of Endverse Cas along for the ride. I *devoured* this fic! This should have much more kudos than it does, but it was wrongly tagged MCD for a while.

Just More of the Same Verse (canon) outpastthemoat - This fic will make you ache. Cas falls, and is completely overwhelmed and nonfunctional. This is the long process of Cas & Dean figuring out who they each are now, and who & what they are together. This will pierce your very soul, but definitely in a good way. Hurt/comfort of the absolute best kind.

(Honorable Mention - Hands, From Which All Things Are Built (canon). Of the 5000 fic written between S8 & 9, this is arguably the best. Not making my “official” list because PWP is up there already, but this fic singlehandedly made texting!Destiel EVERYONE’S jam. You better not pass it up because it’s rated T. I will find you and I will end you.)

Remember when I said I didn’t have a digital art programs? I lied. Well, not really, because I didn’t have one at the time. But now I do!! Wooooooo.

I sketched this up today. Used it as my new profile pic, too. Hope ya’ll like it!


First Victim of Autumn

October 7, 2016 | Mesa, AZ
First hour.
There’s grit in your mouth from the dusty training field
and your mother’s cautionary tale about the military being hell
echoes in your head, even as you pretend not to believe it.
You’ve never been a good liar, especially to yourself.
First day.
You learn that your limbs are valueless,
your blades easily dulled, your boots need patching,
but that deceit is invaluable. You meet a boorish boy
who’s also terrible at lying; somehow, you like his chaos.
First month.
Three dead, and you faint over your
first body, seeing it there as lies gather about whether
the instructor actually cut the safety line.
Flies swarm, and you count your heartbeats carefully.
First year.
There are lies in your mouth about what happened to Krista,
about how you don’t faint under duress; promise that you won’t fail.
But the webs you consider weaving are badly constructed and weak,
and you know it is not how you will succeed.
Top Ten.
You wonder what unicorns dream of once they’re truly myths,
about how a man earns the right to wear the insignia of the Military Police.
But you also dream of yourself as a myth, and the dust you survived
chokes you, becomes poison you swallow in your sleep.
Last day.
As hell swirls below Trost’s broken rooftops, you pause to ask an honest question
into the rose-tipped clouds—what are we fighting for?
You ask, despite knowing it has no answer, knowing that philosophy isn’t for soldiers.
But you can always lie about being faint of heart behind a bullet.
Last minute.
You don’t know you’re going to die until you’re crying.
You hear a demand, then question in Reiner’s voice, like a child.
There is death from above and from below,
and you wonder, just for a moment, what other lies you would have told.
—  Marco Bodt Appreciation Week, Day 2, Prompt: “Feint of steel/faint of heart”

anonymous asked:

Heya, I just found your blog and uhm... maybe if you wanna get less hate, you shouldn't tag all your kin shit with all the zim stuff together, because eh... you know... the truth is that tha majority of people think thank this whole otherkin stuff is pretty retarded. No offense. But when people see your tags and stuff they don't think "oh wow it's zim" they think "oh gawd not another confused child" and thats it. Dunno why you would want that.

I don’t actually get hate for it ??? So please don’t try to correct me on it


SO i’ve kinda been hoarding up all these AMAZING AND NICE MESSAGES FROM NICE AND AMAZING PEOPLE. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so I finally did! Thank you everyone (again) for all of your kind messages, It really always makes my day! (Yes, I read every single thing you write, even your responses to things!)

NYC - looking for a roommate!

Hey guys–

As some of you know, the company that recently bought my apartment building has declined to renew my lease (they want to clear out the building so they can turn it into luxury condos). I will need to find a new home by August 1.

I am a 26-year-old female violinist with a talkative but well-behaved cat named Isabel. I’m into American history, sci-fi/fantasy, and general fandom things.  I keep late hours sometimes but I’m pretty quiet and good at keeping common spaces clean.

Right now I am looking for one of two things:

  • Choice #1, a roommate to help with the apartment hunt and hopefully co-sign a lease on a 2-br somewhere, preferably in South Harlem
  • Choice #2, anyone already living in Manhattan who might have a room opening up in the next month or so and doesn’t mind gaining an adorable cat for free

If you are interested, have any leads/advice, or want to know anything else about me, please message me ASAP!


First piece of 2015!!! (Also first piece made in Photoshop. And first non-fanart in a really long time.)

My Photoshop muscles got a little rusty but this is just a practice/study/experiment so it was fun and hella educational, and that’s what matters, right? (plus, drawing mermaids is always fun)

2,000 Followers: Thank You!!!

Guess which gal just reached her 2,000 followers mark on Tumblr? This gal!!  I would like to say thank you to all my wonderful followers who deal with my messy ass fangirling about superheros (mostly DC… actually all DC), Shadowhunters, and other stuff. You guys are so lovely whenever I post selfies, complementing me, and always keep my spirits up.

 The moment I realized that people really enjoyed what I had to say on here, was when I got countless asks that people really liked my blog and looked up to me? Like wow. I think I teared up the first time. I’m just a 19 year old black bisexual female about to start her sophomore year in college, unsure of her future, but also ready to take life by storm, and you guys have stuck with me through all my fangirling, shit posting, and overall craziness.

Some of you have been here since day one, and others, just recently. I’ve compiled a list of some of my followers who have been nothing but supportive and to which you guys should all follow. This list in no way captures ALL of my followers, but just a few that I can recall. 

Thank you again,

-Asher (nightfallgoddess)

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“luster, redux" 
gouache, acrylic, and ink on wood, 12x12" 

there’s an event in my city where 100 local artists are given a panel and create a piece for a gallery showing. the artists don’t sign their work and at the end of the night there’s a raffle where you can pick one of the anonymous paintings off the wall and take it home! it’s a really fun show, but i hate giving up my paintings…