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Also I had thought it was unique to medusa’s route but no, Cyprin totally gives you that ring that protects you in every route don’t they. Always looking out for your safety.


fate/zero name meanings [2/6]

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i have a question is Dio the most hated and personal of the five main antagonists the Joestars have fought? its pretty obvious that he appears to be as the most persistent.

He’s the most hated and personal because of what he did.  He dishonored the entire Joestar bloodline. 

It’s actually pretty fascinating.  Look at Pt.3.  They aren’t after Dio because of anything he did after he was dredged out of the Atlantic, he’s living a pretty low-key lifestyle.  It’s because of how his transgression 100 years ago still disgraces the family.  Holly’s sickened by a stand that develops simply because Dio exists.

The opening sequence to Phantom Blood’s built around spiraling/helix shapes:

The creative directors wanted to reinforce that Dio and Jonathan’s fates were intertwined even at a genetic level.

Dio’s like a parasite that’s incorporated its own DNA into its host.  This is actually why I love Dio, his strategy of being isn’t even human any more, it’s something beyond human.  Taking the body doesn’t just make Jonathan a part of DIO, it makes Dio a part of Jonathan and every Joestar that comes after. They all develop Stands because of their blood ties to Dio.  Dio fathers a child that’s Jonathan’s (actually several, although the others are considered more Dio for purposes of the plot).  Dio didn’t just kill Jonathan he took him, he became him. 

That’s why it’s personal, Dio’s actually made himself every Joestar’s relative and every Joestar his descendant.  That’s a pretty good day’s work there.