don't all flatter me at once

TVD Villain Convention: Only the baddest allowed!
  • Held at Mikaelson Mansion in Mystic Falls.
  • Klaus: Well it is so nice to see so much pleasant evil faces all in one room.
  • Katherine: I don't even know why, I showed up to this lame shindig. Although I am the best looking person here.
  • Silas: Correction, sweetheart I am. After all I am the perfect male specimen.
  • Quetsiyah: It seems that the both of you narcissistic idiots are a match made in heaven.
  • Silas: Oh you're just jealous as usual.
  • Kol: I don't see what she's got be jealous about, in my eyes she's winning.
  • Rebekah: Put a sock in it all of you!
  • Elijah: What my lovely sister meant to say is that, dinner awaits us.
  • Katherine: Always the proper gentleman, Elijah.
  • Katherine then slips her arm into Elijah's and he escorts her to the dining room.
  • Silas: Go ahead you can say it.
  • Rebekah: Say what?
  • Silas: What you've been thinking since I walked through the door.
  • Rebekah: And that would be what exactly?
  • Silas (whispers in her ear): That the sight of me turns you on.
  • Rebekah: Oh please.
  • She begins to walk away towards the dining room, and he follows her.
  • Silas: It's ok the sight of me turns me on to.
  • He says as they take there seats at the long dining table.
  • Kol: Well look at that, now it's just the two of us left.
  • Qetsiyah: I'm glad that you are capable of observing the obvious.
  • Kol: You know I happen to have a thing for sexy sarcastic witches.
  • Qetsiyah: Watch it Original, I may not be able to kill you but I will make you suffer a million ways if you dare lay a hand on me.
  • Kol: Oh kinky, I like you even more.
  • Kol walks away before Qetsiyah can fry his skull, she shortly follows and takes her seat as well. Klaus takes his seat at the head of the table, and admires everyone. Damon speeds in and takes a seat as well.
  • Katherine: And who invited you?
  • Damon: I just so happen to be the first baddie to have ever existed.
  • Rebekah: Oh please.
  • Klaus: I believe you're mistaken, I'm the first baddie.
  • Damon: Nope your the original Baddie, and I was the first to start wreaking havoc, so I belong at this table just as much as you guys do.
  • Silas: Well actually I'm the original baddie considering I've been around since like the beginning of time.
  • Qetsiyah: Actually you were simply a fool, and since my revenge was the first, I would be considered to be the original "baddie".
  • Kol (winks): I always knew you were bad.
  • Qetsiyah: Of course you did fool that's the whole reason we're here.
  • Klaus: Frankly it doesn't matter who was here first, because let's face it I am the most evil.
  • Katherine & Damon: Yeah right.
  • Katherine: And what makes you so sure you're bad to begin with?
  • Damon: Um I've killed a shitload of people, all my friends included.
  • Katherine: Please, I pinned you and your brother against each other. Then i lied to you making you believe that I was stuck in a tomb for 120 years, while killing people in the process.
  • Damon: Trust me I think I remember.
  • Silas: That's nothing I left your brother at the bottom of a quarry to die over and over again. I devoured Jeremy Gilbert upon my resurrection, mind controlled little Bonnie Bennett while murdering her father. On top of that I also have a stellar death toll.
  • Damon: You know I'm staring to wonder why i haven't killed you yet.
  • Kol: The only shame here is that the Gilbert boy didn't stay dead.
  • Klaus: I think all of you seem to be forgetting that I slaughtered my own army of hyrbrids and drowned a mother all on Christmas night.
  • Qetsiyah laughs.
  • Klaus: And what exactly do you find so funny, love?
  • Qetsiyah: Well where do I start? All of you think you're pure evil, when you're not. Damon you think you're villain but drown your guilt in alcohol and will fight to avenge someone who did right by you. Katherine you may have pined to brothers against each other, but in reality you are a mother whose been on the run for years just trying to survive. Silas you're just an idiot who wanted to be with the woman he loved forever.The Mikaelsons are just one fucked up family who have mommy and daddy issues, and all yearn to be loved.
  • Klaus: You forgot one person love, yourself or do you think yourself better than the rest?
  • Qetsiyah: Well I'm just a women scorned. None of us are pure evil we have all been driven to do psychotic things because of love, and if you are capable of love then you are capable of redemption.
  • Kai strolls in and takes a seat parallel to Klaus.
  • Klaus: And who the hell are you?
  • Damon: That is a disgusting sociopath that just so happens to be on the top of my kill list.
  • Kai: I'm flattered Damon, really. And you can call me Kai.
  • Elijah: And what are you doing here, if you don't mind me asking?
  • Kai: Well this is the villain convention?
  • Rebekah: Yes, so once again what are you doing here?
  • Kai: Apparently I'm a sociopath, so I figured this my place to be. Plus I heard there was going to be free food.
  • Kol: And what evil deeds have you done?
  • Kai: Well i wouldn't call them evil, I call them fun. I slaughtered my entire family when I was young, and I plan on slaughtering a coven of witches plus I have this one girl prisoner, Bonnie. Do you know her? Anyways I get to torture everyday and I absolutely love the sound of her screams. Now please tell me you have some jam!
  • Everyone: ....
  • Damon: Don't you ever lay a hand on Bonnie again.
  • Kai: Damon you're letting your goodness show through. Besides I can almost guarantee she loves it when I grab her by the neck.
  • Kol: She does have a lovely neck.
  • Kai: Yes it's the perfect width, and it makes it all the more convenient for me to choke her.
  • Qetsiyah: I stand corrected, there is no redemption for him. For he is pure evil.
  • Kai: What are you talking about I let one of my sisters live, without a spleen of course but she's alive nonetheless. But I'll take it you're giving me the highest form of flattery and about that jam I was serious.
  • everyone: ....
  • Klaus: I believe I just found a best friend!!

anonymous asked:

After that rude anon, I'd just like to say I love your art. I look forward to every post you make. <3 I mean It's fine for people to dislike art and art made by one particular person, but going to their ask box and being all "hey I hate your art" is really rude. Anyways, I think you're awesome, so, yeah. Stay awesome, my friend, and keep drawing, cause there's a lot more people who like your art than people who don't. <3

Aww…Thank you, my kind friend! They didn’t bother me much because the nature of the ask was pretty funny in my opinion. XD

I will indeed keep drawing! I’m flattered to know there are people who enjoy my scribbles. ; – ;

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Just out of curiosity, you don't have to answer tho...what's dysphoria like? Like how do you deal with it? What helps you feel better?

Dysphoria is like.. Wanting to crawl out of your own skin at every possible moment. It’s like feeling every possible bit of discomfort all at once. No position is a comfortable one. No clothes fit right. No picture or reflection is flattering. Every bit of you feels off because nothing is on. Nothing is right. I think everyone deals with it differently.. The best thing for me personally is to go to the gym or do some sort of physical activity. I also try to avoid mirrors and trying on new clothes. It sucks, man. If you don’t have it, be thankful. But we’ll all get through it. We have to.

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Hi! if it's not like a super secret family trade recipe, would you mind sharing it? I've been looking for THE chocolate-chip-cookie recipe for ages and your description made me curious ;) Love you blog, by the way :) Love, Cai P.S.: Sorry for the anon, don't have my own tumblr, since I fear I would never get anything done, once I got on :)

Not at all! @kelitchka mentioned that her family recipe was the one on the back of the chocolate chips, and mine’s honestly not that different.

A note: This is a recipe for people who like a thicker, somewhat cake-y cookie. Because I grew up with it, I prefer it to the flatter sort, whether soft or crispy. I’ll provide you with the original recipe, and then note some alterations I make for myself.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Best Recipe Ever

1 cup margarine (not butter)
¾ cup white sugar
¾ cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp water
1 package chocolate chips    
½ tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
3 ½ to 4 cups flour

Mix all ingredients in order; stir salt and baking soda into a cup of flour before adding, to ensure even distribution. Continue adding flour to mixture until dough does not stick to finger – it should be firm and non-sticky, but not at all crumbly. For best results, refrigerate dough overnight. Roll into 1-inch balls and bake on cookie sheet at 325 degrees until just barely firm, about 12-13 minutes.

The modifications I make are as follows:

  • Replace white sugar with brown sugar, for 1 ½ cups brown sugar in total;
  • Replace 1 tsp water with an additional tsp vanilla, or coffee if I happen to have some
  • 2-3 tbsp cinnamon, stirred into flour before adding. You could even use more if you wanted, or cocoa powder, or both; just be sure to add it with the first cup of flour, because these powders absorb moisture a little differently, and you’ll want to adjust how much flour you add depending on how the dough feels.
  • Regular semi-sweet morsels are just fine, but I can definitely recommend springing for dark chocolate chips or chunks (I used 60%), especially with the cinnamon.

There’s a good deal of research on what combination and type of ingredients produce different results in cookies; here’s an excellent summary, with links to other studies. My cookies look much like the top left in the picture – “more flour” – though darker, because of brown sugar and cinnamon. Chilling the dough doesn’t radically change the shape or texture, but it intensifies the flavors, so it’s good to do no matter what recipe you’re using.

It’s very, very important not to overbake these. They’ll get really hard and chewy. Better to err on the side of slightly underdone.