don't all flatter me at once

SO. STORY TIME. (because you all seem invested in my love life, even though  all you know is there’s a cute guy in my geology class that I’ve spoken to ONCE wow)

This has never happened to me in my life before so I’m sharing it on tumblr.

I was DJing at the end of tonight at the roller rink and I was putting on some music for after hours, because we’d just closed when LE-WILD BOY appears out of no where, and I didn’t see him well at all, he was standing by the DJ booth looking up at me, I just kind of saw him out of the corner of my eye, and all of the sudden he says super fast:


And then he like… Booked it out of the rink so fast, by the time I looked up he was just the backside of a figure running around the corner. 
And at first I didn’t comprehend what he said and I was like: 
And then I was like:


And I just kind of stood there like: 

Sweaty, hair messy and covered in pizza sauce stains from working in the snackbar.

Thank you sir. I feel very attractive right now.