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International Turtle and Tortoise Week 2017, Day 3
(Days 1 and 2)

Kids, you can join in the shell-ebration, too!  No one is too young to learn about how awesome we turtles and tortoises are—or to start learning about how important it is to recycle and not litter!  Make sure your trash doesn’t end up in the homes of turtles like the stunning yellow-blotched sawback or the adorable spotted turtle!

Arrow/LOT fic: time’s right but the clock’s wrong (O/F, OTA, 1/1)

If you like melodrama and darkness, have I got the fic for you.

Seriously though, I don’t know what the fuck this is. TW for blood and canon character death. Oliver/Felicity, OTA, Mature. Alternate ending to LOT 2x16. Title from Dessa’s “Warsaw.”

When Felicity comes to, she’s angry and scared and completely confused.

The last thing she remembers, she’d been captured and was on her knees in front of the man she’d vowed to kill. She’d been fighting pain in her legs, in her chest, wiping blood from her face, and then the lights had gone out, and she was back in the lair.

But the lair the way it used to be, before it all went so wrong.

And not only that, but that bastard Mick Rory was there holding her arm, telling her to take it easy, to look up, and that woman Sara, the one who was going to kill her, was holding the other arm, looking guilty and uncertain.

Struggling is involuntary, all instinct and reflex built over months of fending for herself, but she’s never really had the skills to make a difference. It’s a cruel irony that all her heroes are gone and that simple, useless Felicity remains.

“What the hell?”

She knows that voice. All the molecules in her body freeze at once; it doesn’t make sense, because the owner of that voice is gone, has been gone for over a year.

But it is him, somehow. “John?” she asks, not recognizing her own voice, weighed down with grief and disbelief.

John has his gun up, but he drops it immediately when he gets a good look at her, and his face goes blank. “Felicity? What…what happened to you?”

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Today’s Walking Photo: I prefer to envision a scenario in which someone is motoring along in their automobile and they suddenly wrinkle up their nose in disgust and say, “Dear god, what is that AWFUL smell?! It’s making me sick!” They sniff around the interior for a few seconds until they finally realize it’s this ridiculous pink Little Tree® thing hanging from the rear-view mirror. They snap it free of the mirror mount, roll down the window and fling the offending object out onto the pavement.

Because Cinna-Berry.

2/ you’re a beautiful masterpiece

A Butterfly can’t see his wings.
He can’t see how truly beautiful he is,
but everyone else can


The New Kid getting used to Alolan Endearments 

idk man I was amused by Hau saying “Auntie” that my brain immediately jumped to this and i had to make a quick n dirty comic

Plus I have an intense need for Guzma and Plumeria to fall into that “Antagonist Becomes Awkward Family to Hero” Trope. Like. I NEED THAT AS A DLC SIDE STORY!!! PLEASE GAME FREAK?!

[This is Jet. One of the non puppers that I’m catsitting. He’s tiny and has lost two of his nine lives, and his jumper ability, to fights. He’s blind in one eye, possibly losing sight in the other, is missing a canine tooth, and wobbles every where. He still thinks he is tough kitty who can beat up the doggo. 10/10 best scruffy.]

anonymous asked:

I have a cat faunus oc but I literally can't draw for the life of me. Do you have any tips/ideas?

Hello there! Sorry but I can’t help much, I’m still trying to draw good myself.

Here’s an idea though:

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me: okay I’m frustrated over my job and future and politics in general is a clusterfuck of burgeoning nerves but it’s cool, I’m cool–

me after I recognize the slightest chance of my cat being sick: [[incoherent anxious whimpers]]

Airachnid = THE WORST

Here is what I’ve realized

If she had never been welcomed onto the Nemesis… if Megaton had just killed her the moment Breakdown brought her on board because of her OBVIOUS personal agenda in trying to steal the micguffins from the other Decepticons then a lot of issues would never have arose. 

The Obvious is Breakdown might be alive… but also Dreadwing would be alive too! here is why…

Starscream would not have gone rouge. Dreadwing would have been under Starscreams command and taken orders. There would have never been a patch on Starscream and he would not have ever been privy to the knowledge of his Brothers graves “desecration” and would have remained loyal. 

She woke up the Hive of insecticons and proceeded to attach the Nemisis with them… something that she would have done one way or another. And even after she had been dealt with The insecticons caused infighting among the vehicons. MORE issues. The insecticons were utterly useless brutes for most of the show including Hardshell.  

To top it off she becomes a Zombie in the end and even that is mostly her own doing! she’s even a problem to herself! She killed BD to begin with. if she hadn’t there would never have been a Zombie Breakdown and its also likely Starscream and Knockout would not have had the need to invent a new “powerful soldier” because their forces would have been fine and Starscream would not have had a reason to go so far to earn Megatrons trust and respect back. 

that’s not even listing the number of things she did to Arcee and Jack and the Autobots. 

Airachnid = THE WORST!

But of course Megatrons the one that allowed her on the Nemesis so… 


So tumblr fucked up the Activity’s page look and it wouldn’t be that bad if in the process it hadn’t therefore disembled the xkit extention that allowed me to see people’s tags on the reblogs from my activities immediatly

honestly i wouldn’t even mind if  they could, like, not mess with xkit???

It’s already a problem that using an extension makes this website easier, but if the website’s update screw with the extension what am i gonna do

MBTI as shit I heard people say at my school in 2015.
  • INTJ: "I don't trust calculators. I only trust myself."
  • INTP: "Bro, do you even bacon?"
  • ENTJ: "I've been watching you everyday and that is not how you're meant to enter the school."
  • ENTP: "Don't litter! Why are you littering? Littering is bad!" *throws all plastic wrappers from lunch on the ground*
  • INFJ: "I have a plant called Pharrell because he spreads the happiness."
  • INFP: "Our class thought of way more symbols to represent death than love, peace and happiness."
  • ENFJ: "You take your fucks back!"
  • ENFP: "She probably was having a winter mandarin in a cupboard, but then she got stuck because she was doing the splits."
  • ISTJ: "We counted how many times the art teacher said 'okay' in one lesson. We heard him say it 80 times exactly."
  • ISFJ: "What do you mean? Of course a love hexagon can be a thing! Look, I even chose six of our teachers who could be in it. Aw, that would be so cute."
  • ESTJ: "Why bother saying 'tomato ketchup'?? No one eats any kind of ketchup that isn't tomato."
  • ESFJ: "Sorry I was late to home group, I was busy talking to Ms Smith about how I'm going to go to Italy when I turn 40." *frantically adds that they won't be 40 for a while and are still young.*
  • ISTP: "I am the master of legitness"
  • ISFP: "Job? What job? When I grow up, my goal is to become a crazy cat lady."
  • ESTP: "I haven't even handed in any homework pieces this year."
  • ESFP: "Is it weird to be attracted to your old assistant principal? I saw mine yesterday and he was looking SEXAY."