don't litter


The New Kid getting used to Alolan Endearments 

idk man I was amused by Hau saying “Auntie” that my brain immediately jumped to this and i had to make a quick n dirty comic

Plus I have an intense need for Guzma and Plumeria to fall into that “Antagonist Becomes Awkward Family to Hero” Trope. Like. I NEED THAT AS A DLC SIDE STORY!!! PLEASE GAME FREAK?!

2/ you’re a beautiful masterpiece

A Butterfly can’t see his wings.
He can’t see how truly beautiful he is,
but everyone else can


a decade since the airing of “dalek

some deleted lines. (text from “doctor who: the shooting scripts”)


Chala ♡! Happy late birthday, again!!

I hope you like him, I went really crazy with the effects,
but goddamn if I can’t do that for 🌟 🌟 Space Captain Tooru 🌟 🌟 WHEN ELSE??

Thanks to anyone stopping by in the stream ; ω ;
(It’s super late, but!! I finished it tonight > v <!!)

Design by @manycoloureddeath

When your parents are disappointed in you cause all you do is draw cartoons all day and pretty much the only thing you clean is your rooom: 

Honestly Clarke’s character is so weirdly handled by the writers? The fact that she apologizes for everyone’s actions, forgives everybody and takes the blame for everything is literally so fkn unhealty? like how has she not exploded yet? She should have break down like a hundred times, or at least shut her heart down or like found a way to escape the tension she must feel constantly inside. But like here she goes, walking around, seemingly okay, forgiving and taking everyone’s shit like she deserves it. Like what’s happening?

I dont get how they’re portraying her character. She literally defies authority since season 1. She’s strong and she’s fierce and she’s such a good leader. But here we are, since 3x09, where Clarke stays silent and lets everyone walk on her, and where she doesn’t call people on what they did, but still takes the blame for everything. But someone as Clarke wouldn’t do that? Somebody like her, who did all of the things she did, who didn’t shy away on calling out Wells when she thought he was responsible for her father’s death, who didn’t shy away on calling her mother’s out, or to defy Abby and Jaha or whoever else, who fucking killed people to save her own, wouldn’t just stay there and take it? like it doesn’t make sense. It’s like the writers gave her two personalities that don’t fit together. A submissive one and a dominant one. A dominant one to get shit done, and a submissive one to give space to the other characters pain.  I get that she apologizes, but she should have to apologize that people died and that life is unfair, not that she took the lead and saved them. Nobody stepped up at her place and nobody has the right to be mad at her, and Clarke herself should know that.

Clarke always did what she had to do, since season 1, and she always did what she thought was right, and she always stood up for herself. And the fact that she doesn’t stand up for herself anymore is bullshit. Clarke deserves better. 


so yesterday there was a free kittens box outside with no one taking care of them. it was cold and i don’t know who in their right mind will leave kittens outside. i grabbed one and other families grabbed the other two. i’ve never had a cat before, but i didn’t want little kitten to be outside so i’m taking care of it for now. 

little kitten’s soooo tiny i’m guessing it’s only a little over a month old. i’m really glad i saved it. i was on my way to starbucks but i came back with a kitten instead amazing.

i’m not sure i can keep it for long because we already have two dogs in our apartment and one of them is really fussy and jealous i’m afraid that she’ll hurt it or something…i really hope i find a home for it soon i mean it’s just too precious…