we’re all yugyeom tbh


don’t mess with an aries’s emotions

don’t cross a taurus

don’t belittle a gemini

don’t make a cancer regret loving you

don’t play with a leo’s heartstrings

don’t talk down to a virgo

don’t tear down a libra’s dreams

don’t fight a scorpio

don’t hold a sagittarius back

don’t bring up a capricorn’s past

don’t overshadow an aquarius

don’t make a pisces furious

Don’t imagine Bilbo trying to impress Thorin with his newfangled Khuzdul skills. Don’t imagine Bilbo screwing up and accidentally saying something like “I eat mighty rocks”. Don’t imagine Thorin trying (and failing) not to laugh at his adorable consort. Don’t imagine Bilbo sulking and Thorin kissing him happy again.