don's mix

That “robots don’t love” thing Shannon said was total BS. 

The whole episode, Raymond and Darryl’s motivation for getting Shannon back to normal wasn’t “She’ll make Boxmore look bad,” or “Good and evil don’t mix.” Their whole thing was “Don’t let Boxman know, or Shannon will be discontinued”. Not rebooted, not reprogrammed, but killed off for real, with every possible replacement body destroyed. 

Raymond and Darryl love their sister enough that they were willing to sneak around behind Boxman’s back to fix her before he knew she was broken, and that is a beautiful thing. Even if none of the bots realize it.

whenever I think about what it’d be like to meet taylor, in my head I’m always really coherent and calm and I tell her everything I’ve ever wanted to tell her without stuttering or crying, but then I think about the fact that on tour I start sobbing the second she says anything and then I realise coherent me and taylor swift me don’t actually mix very well

Inktober Day 4

“To amplify the sirens
And to find real amends
I’m through the echo-chambers
To other worlds away”

Two things about me: 1. I’m way too ambitious. 2. I’m also a huge procrastinator. The two don’t mix well at all.

So here I am, already a day behind in Inktober, told myself I would catch up today by doing 2 instead of one. And what do I do? Procrastinate all day after work and then get overly ambitious. :|

Anyway, next song up was Busted and Blue. This is just a WIP for now, and I’m totally going to finish it up because I want to make myself a new cell phone wallpaper out of it.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will catch up. OTL


What in POLLINATION is this??

So we both had joked in one of our recent live streams that we were going to draw Sans and Papyrus as Bees. Well, as we joked, it became a thing. These two are our little bee memes <3 OMG They are super cute! ;v; //Joke AU WHOO//

Both Brothers are bumble bees. Sans flies around all the time to move while Papyrus mostly walks normally, not wasting energy on flying. Papyrus’ armor is based off a wasp so he can look deadly as possible. Sans would rather blend in and not be seen in a crowd. He wears the most simplest clothes he can find. Papyrus’ Antenna’s are always pulled back to keep out of his face. Sans has one broken antenna because of an incident with Grillby.

They both prefer snowdin over Hotland because well…smoke and bees don’t mix very well. Since they are both still half skeleton monsters, they do not have a short life span like normal bees do. Unfortunately out of them both, Papyrus hates being a bee because they can’t stop saying bee puns/expressions.

More to come so BEE prepared! ;)

If you use these designs, please credit back to us! We don’t know if someone made a bee!tale AU already, so we aren’t going to claim it, but these two are our designs sooo yeah .v.

Artwork by Chinchi

today i was half asleep but still at school and there was an announcement over the speakers that was for a kid who needed to go to the office but instead of hearing: “we’ll need freshman colby collins in the office” i heard: “we are not financially stable enough to buy collars for our fish” and i began crying. painkillers, cold medicine and three hours of sleep don’t really mix well

Anxiety and School don’t mix

“We are doing presentations in class because you will have to do that in your future!”

Yes I completely understand that but …can that wait?? I have crippling anxiety which causes me to never leave my house unless I’m forced to or for school, I always feel like people are watching my every move even when they couldn’t give a single shit AND I go blank when I’m in front of people… oh yeah …. I forgot nothing mentally counts only physical injuries when it comes to school and I’ll just end up getting told that I’m being over dramatic and to get it over with…. I guess I forgot that’s how school systems run.


i legit don’t think sentence mixing can get any more advanced. if it can it’ll be our only universal form of communication in 3017

cute date idea

dress warm and cute but wear rainboots because cold, wet feet calls for disaster. head out to your local pumpkin patch with your date. first, get some food. pumpkin patches and being hangry don’t mix. you’re in for a long day. grab some coffee and head into a corn maze (this gives you time to just talk and get to know each other). if you make it through the corn maze without wanting to kill each other, it’s time to pick your pumpkin. pick one that you can carry!!! take it from me, someone who likes to pick pumpkins that could possibly cause hernias. have someone snap a few pics of you and your date with your pumpkins because if you make it through a pumpkin patch date, you might actually work out.