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Sorry, but I am personally against the whole concept of non binary and I was taught that they/them is plural, not singular, so I politely refuse to call anyone by those terms. See, this is why I don't like non binary people and people who support it, you see I don't like it, so you automatically don't like me and label me as rude and disrespectful. I have a friend who is the same, but she's okay with me calling her she cause she knows I don't like it, she's respectful, unlike you guys.

I feel sad for your friend. You really ought to respect their pronouns if they’re really someone you care about. They may say they aren’t bothered. And maybe they aren’t. I don’t know them. But the fact is that many ARE bothered. And if your friend is one, they likely don’t feel comfortable enough to tell you.

I completely forgot to tell u guys, but while I was on hiatus I actually got to know the Scorpio rising guy really well. Turns out he’s actually a Capricorn rising and our relationship is very karmic. I knew there was a connection as soon as I met him. Anyway we talked for hours and hours and we have so much in common. We talked politics, about the economy, about our pasts, etc. But then I felt really uncomfortable. We were getting too close way too fast and I kind of shut down. He’s been through a lot. He’s actually been married and divorced before and he told me about all his bad luck. So I stopped going to see him and I just seen him now and he knows I don’t feel comfortable. He’s very kind but he’s really really clingy. He’s a Gemini with a cancer mars and mercury. I remember getting the gut feeling he was hurt, and I was right. It’s better we don’t develop something that deep.

a ton of people use microsoft paint for pixel art. its simplicity is unmatched for that type of thing. i use it regularly for finer detail work when i make doom sprites and it’s just something i don’t feel as comfortable doing in GIMP or Paint.NET as people notoriously offer as an alternative (why). i can’t think of any practical reason as to why they’re removing it -_-

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What do you think Bucky would be like with someone who was emotionally abused? (sorry if you can't or don't feel comfortable answering this)

Bucky has a similar history Hydra was not just physical abuse, it was emotional and there’s more to it then we’ve been shown in the MCU for obvious reasons (such as it wouldn’t be age appropriate for young kids and most people would find seeing more of what happened to him distressing) so I think for Bucky there’s a deep understanding that this person has faced trauma and abuse just like him and in a set way and I think while at first he’d try to distance himself, not wanting to upset either himself or the person in question, he would eventually reach out and I think his behaviour would be one of understanding and an allowance for sharing how both parties feel and what they went through. 

Bucky has always been a compassionate person, but that ten folds after everything he’s been through. 

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what do you think of jewish peter parker? andrew garfield gave an interview a few years ago confirming it, and i think it definitely makes a lot of sense for his character and background. i love the idea of peter passing by a synagogue during purim and a little kid in a spiderman costume of their own spots him and asks if he wants to be part of the children's play. peter feels a bit awkward going as spiderman and not parker, but is happy knowing that everyone, including superheroes is welcome

i think it would be great if he was jewish!! truthfully i don’t know much about judaism, so i don’t really feel comfortable building on the headcanon without having more knowledge about what i’m writing, i don’t wanna get anything incorrect. but yeah, i think this would be a great headcanon!! there aren’t enough jewish superheroes, and lately the ones that are jewish have been getting said judaism erased in the mcu and marvel comics. so yeah, this headcanon is good and important and i encourage you to build on it/send stuff in to me to publish!!

I have nothing against Christians but… Like… I also don’t feel comfortable around most of the Christians I’ve met and thats mainly due to something they’ve said or done that made me not trust them.

From sitting in on a student Christian athlete thing at lunch with my friend and hearing from another girl that “being gay is wrong” and no one saying anything against it and me being instantly uncomfortable in that room.

From being told that I should “just give her a chance. She said she respects you, just not your lifestyle” like I have a different lifestyle? The biggest difference is I like girls? Like im going through college, watching Netflix and playing games? Is that a different lifestyle ??

My childhood best friend’s mother despising me bc she found out I was gay and basically doing everything to keep me away from her daughter (didn’t work. Her daughter had been questioning her faith so she didn’t think there was anything wrong with being gay due to the Bible and she has known me since kindergarten and told her mom to shove it)

From the guy standing near my colleges bus area yelling that everyone was going to hell for this and that and especially being gay

Going on a weeklong retreat and having one girl tell me, because on the second to last day I announced I was gay to my small group, that she would always like me but couldn’t approve of my lifestyle. Again as if I do anything different??? I literally volunteer a bunch and foster kittens ????

It makes me wary upon meeting Christians but I still give them a chance bc I don’t base my judgements on something that’s a big part of their life

I met s guy from Jamaica who is heavily Christian and told us that Jamaica is heavily homophobic. He was the sweetest guy and basically explained that he didn’t leave his opinion based on sexuality, but personality. He said that the first time he was talking to a transgender person, he accidentally misgendered them because he didn’t know but that moment stuck with him so he’s made sure not to do it again.

Like.. I will be wary there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from doing that. I’ve been yelled at and told off because of my sexuality enough that I can’t afford not to be wary.

bts reacts; his crush being from europe

heyyy, so i hope you don’t mind but i changed this one up a bit as well.
personally i don’t feel comfortable writing about a 18+ person having a crush on some who is younger then 18 as where I’m from she/he still wouldn’t be legal.
hope you understand.
and i also hope you enjoy this react. plus, i only did it for the hyung line because i didn’t really know what to do for all of them.

he’d find it awesome, however he’d be shocked since you can speak Korean so well. namjoon actually thought you was from korea it’s that good.
i feel like he’d also want to learn your native language- unless it’s English, in which case he already knows- juust so he could impress you.

i think he’d tease you about it. as you know, every country has their stereotypes like there’s this running stereotype that british people like tea or if your French you like eating snails and frog legs.
tae tae would figure out your countries stereotype and basically take the piss out of you because he’s a little shit.

suga would love that fact that your from a different country. he’d love to hear you speak in your native language, he finds it so sexy and it’s a massive turn on for him.
to be honest, he’d try and learn it like namjoon but not to impress you- just so he can communicate with you easier. he’d just be mesmerised by how different people from your country where to how people are in korea.

he’d love it!
it’d be one of his favourite things about you. knowing jhope and his hyperactive ways, he’s probably go round to the boys saying things like “my future wife is from [your country]”, and shit like that which would probably annoy the others guys a little but he frankly didn’t care. i think he’d end up making a stupid rap about it, because he’s a smol bean.

sup, hey, how ya doin!
so, can i just say that jhope has been bias wrecking me harder then ever today and I aM dOnE wItH hIs ShiT aLrEaDy!
just @ jhope; can you pls stop!

anyway, on that note- i hope you liked it, and im actually starting to like making these a lot, even though there probably getting progressively worse as time goes on.
don’t forget to request!
my inbox is always open 
love ya all..
- kala
last post; bts reacts; their s/o having bad depression


My heart is so overwhelmed by the amazing response to What If?

Thank you so so much to all of you who took the time to read it and leave a comment, as always they mean the world to me: @gellbellshead @vrhmq7 @cheesecake-machine @cole-sprouse-24-7 @shitteaposts

Special thank you to @pearlywise!! I’m always so nervous filling prompts, so it absolutely warms my heart to know that the anon who requested this story liked it! And I’m glad you appreciated how I left out anything physical. Personally, I don’t feel very comfortable with smut (I make it a point not to read or write it - no offense to any smut writer’s out there!) and I make it a goal of mine to write clean fics that absolutely anyone can enjoy - I’m happy to know somebody appreciates it haha

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I'm really happy you're doing better :D How's the deeper voice training going?

My voice hasn’t really changed since the last update I gave, which can be found on my blog using the tag ‘hrt’

:[ I hope it’s a temporary slow down because I still don’t really feel comfortable with my voice.

To Clarify

“Something this person said/did rubbed me the wrong way and I don’t feel comfortable consuming their content for such reasons.”


“This person said this TERRIBLE thing so that means they’re RACIST/HOMOPHOBIC etc. and you should feel ASHAMED for liking them.”


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I just read your last published ask and I'm curious what your thoughts are on the psychological damages that resulted in the boys. I know they are most likely obvious but I love your responses to topics, they are well articulated, meticulous and thorough. (Also, I understand if you don't feel comfortable talking about it as it is a very heavy-handed topic. Furthermore, I understand that this is all speculation as we obviously do not know everything that occurs and are merely observers.)

The most obvious thing is Zayn’s anxiety. He has talked about it, including his eating disorder. Zayn says that now that he’s left One Direction, the eating disorder has improved. The fact is that most eating problems are lifelong, and stressful situations may worsen their symptoms. Even now, Zayn has not been able to perform in public.

Louis has lost his exuberant joy, and has changed his natural tendency to be verbally expressive and performative. He has had to continue stunting, and to live a life that is not genuine. Plus, he has had to deal with a steady stream of public relations disasters that paint him as someone he could never be: fickle, untalented, violent, a poor parent and poor partner. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have lived with that image.

All of the boys, but particularly Harry, have changed from naturally trusting and loving to cynical and distant, by the way that stalkers are given access to them, and privacy was never a priority. Their personal lives were used to generate money. There were no boundaries.

Harry continues to live with a legacy of the reputation established by 1DHQ. A fan on the Nolan fan forum site argued that Harry loves older women because it is a cool image. This crass, womanizing asshole is the furthest thing from who Harry is – yet it is something he continues to have deal with all the time.

Niall has had anxiety magnified by stress, and has had to deal with acid reflux and chronic knee pain from postponing knee surgery for a year. He appears happy on interviews, but we know that he has had problems with claustrophobia and social anxiety.

A lot of the behavior we see on hiatus – the cutting off of SM engagement, the reluctance to answer questions with any specificity, have to do with this history. These problems are less publicly seen, but are very much still there

Soulmate series

I decided to do a soulmate series(bulletpoints) for NCT, but I don’t know if I want to do all them members bc I don’t feel comfortable writing for Chenle and Jisung I barely feel comfortable writing for the ‘00 line dreamies bc they’re younger than me. I know I won’t be doing it in order of age though.


Tattoo for then first words they say to you.


Your hair color changes with your soulmates


You and your soulmate shares all physical senses


You and your soulmate have matching tattoos


You receive a letter of your soulmates name on your 14 16 birthday


Whenever your soulmate gets a tattoo, it appears on you too


Whatever scars your soulmate has, you do too


Telepathy; You and your soulmate can hear each others thoughts


When you get hurt, your soulmate does too


Whatever you write on your skin, it appears on your soulmate too


Red string soulmate AU where you can see the red string, but it disappears if you try to follow it bc you have to accidentally meet your soulmate


You have a tattoo that counts down to when you meet your soulmate


You have a blank circle on your wrist, when you meet your soulmate it turns red unless they reject the soulmate bond, then it turns black

You were my new dream

A/N: This was requested. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “i requested some fp smut on another account but they don’t feel comfortable writing for fp in that way so i was wondering if you could do it? the reader is Archie’s older sister, probably college age, and she’s with fp but fred doesn’t know and both fred and archie find out and get mad at her so she leaves and goes to fp which leads to smut but fluff @ the end? maybe fred and archie come to the trailer to apologize and it’s all sweet?? thanks so much! <3”

The reader is legal age. (18/19).

Warnings: smut, age gap, rough smut, unprotected sex (She won’t get sick if you wrap your dick!), swearing and PORN GIFS!


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Garden Ward

Here is a very basic breakdown of my garden wards as they are currently being set. I won’t got too in depth because they will be active wards and I just don’t feel comfortable sharing details like that on wards I’m using.


🌱Nails or Railroad spikes
🌱Red Yarn
🌱A guardian (I’ll break this down)
🌱A flat surface that is water proof
🌱Suitable offerings (not food)


🌑 Personally I’m waiting to set this up during a new moon but the choice for moon phase is up to you. Typically I don’t incorporate moon phases into a lot of my craft but I was specifically instructed to do so, so I will. Each New Moon will serve as a reminder to clean up, clear off, weed, and straighten up.

🌑 I have a small ceremony in mind for the spikes to prep beforehand. My own charging and cleansing stuff, pretty standard.

Some suggestions:
- A specific chant, song, or inscription
- Coat them in something like salt, wine, herbs, crystals, blood, spit, urine… The list goes on. (Do not drive salt into the earth you will kill your plants).
-Charge in the sea, in the woods, under your bed, in the sun/moon, in fire…
-Take them on a hike around your property and expose them to local spirits (I’d do this if you have a pre-existing relationship only).

🌑 After prep ceremony it’s time to drive these guys into the earth. My garden is rectangular so my “fence” is going to be rectangular. Drive each spike into the earth at each corner, I’ll do it moving counter clockwise because I want to break a cycle and put a new one in place.

🌑 String being tied around will follow in the same manner. I’ll say some words here and all that but how you alter this is up to you.

🌑 Once this is done I’ll feed The Guardian* and ask for their protection.

🌑 Lastly set up the flat surface for offerings. I will offer offerings both daily and weekly. Water when watering will be offered daily and then something else once a week. If you offer food do NOT leave it out. Welcoming pests with food while warding your garden is counter productive.

🌑 If you feel so inclined you can spend some time in the garden as well. Personal energy definitely won’t hurt magic like this.

🐸 The Guardian 🐸
Many years ago I was gifted a frog statue and a birdbath by a friend. I figured this gift would be a perfect vessel for a Garden Guardian. Frogs eat bugs, keep wetlands clean and healthy and also blend well in their surroundings.

My Guardian lives in the birdbath. Every season they get the first harvest and I leave them offerings as I feel I should. From water, flowers, sweets, fertile soil to pretty stones and trinkets.

In return I ask they watch over the garden and keep my crops safe from pests.

I’ve never had any issues with any pests outdoors under their watchful eye until the raccoons this year.

There is a process on welcoming a spirit into the vessel to act as a guardian but that is for another time.



Omg guys it has been so long since last time!!!! I’ve officially overcome my problems and I’m as happy as I’ve never been before right now! So be ready to a spam of FFXV pictures and Promptis!!

I’ve been to Montreal comic con past week end and I shoot as Cindy! I was so scared to bring her cosplay since I don’t really feel comfortable with my body but.. I give it a try. And it went super well!

If you’re still here after all this time, thank you <3
I misse you all so much!

Cindy is me
Photographer is Iceveyns


I hope the romances are a mix of Gay, Bi and straight again.
It not only adds to the replaybility factor but it makes
Thedas feel more real.
I dont need to have every character to fall in love with my protagonist.
I want friendships as well as romances.
I just don’t feel comfortable demanding/coercing the writers/developers
about it.
But I have to admit, it would be nice if there were asexual characters too and a romancable trans character but I don’t feel right harassing the
writers/developers about it. Call me a wimp but its just not in me
to do that. I also believe that type of behavior does not accomplish anything.

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hello! I love your art so damn much, I was wondering if you'd be open to the idea of a tattoo commission? Also i love your name, i just noticed it's the same name as my mother! did you know that in Spanish it means "pain"? lol

Yes! My abuelos and mom are very religious, and traditional, people! So on top of sharing a name with my Mama, it’s a really intense one haha.

So I don’t really feel super comfortable doing tattoo commissions, as I don’t feel my art translates well; and having a lot of tattoos/getting some removed myself, I feel like it would be better to get something from an actual artist like this guy: Akumashugi