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Headcannon where MC refuse to answer any phonecalls or talk to RFA+V+Saeran because she has toothache and don't want to tell them because she had been warned not to eat too much sweets by them. But the gang misunderstood, thinking that MC ignoring them or mad at them??


I didn’t do Jaehee because I think she’d be really calm and understanding, and wait patiently until you eventually tell her—although she’d still be slightly nervous for the entire time until you revealed the truth. 

Same with V (especially V, he would probably just quietly blame himself until your toothache gets better so you can tell him…)

But here you go~!



  • You’d already been ignoring him all day
  • Usually you’d cheerfully reply to him as soon as he sent the messages
  • He was beginning to worry if he had done something wrong
  • After all… he had lied to you about not playing LOLOL last night, in exchange that you wouldn’t eat sweets…
  • Oh no. Maybe you found out about his lie.
  • He left hundreds, woah, wait it just became thousands, of voicemails on your phone
  • “Why won’t you return my calls >_<”
  • “MC… I’ll give up LOLOL if you would just talk to me!”
  • “Please… I’m sorry for breaking my promise….”
  • As his voicemails blasted from your phone one after the other, you felt more and more clueless—what in the world was he talking about?
  • Seriously, what crime had he committed to apologize so intensely? Your phone had been vibrating the entire f*cking morning.
  • When your phone rang AGAIN, you picked it up
  • “DAMMIT Yoosung, SHUT UP ALREADY!! It’s not my fault if you committed a crime! Don’t drag me into this!”
  • You hung up angrily, glaring at your phone as you rubbed on the outside of your poor, poor toothache.
  • Meanwhile:
  • Yoosung was tearing up from your phone call. S-she considers it a crime…? NOOOOOO!!
  • “I’LL NEVER LIE AGAIIIIIIN!!!” he bawled
  • And the misunderstandings only continued to grow.
  • (But your tooth felt better!!)


  • “Baaaabe… why won’t you talk to me?”
  • You’d cancelled out on a date, and you hadn’t talked to him the entire day PLUS you hadn’t answered his nightly phone calls—it was a TRADITION between the two of you, TRADITION!!
  • Now Zen was at your door, half sobbing as you refused to let him inside the apartment.
  • You were suffering from a toothache, and you really really didn’t want to talk to him right now
  • He’d even been telling you yesterday, “Babe, I know you love sweets but it’s not good to eat too many! If you really need something sweet… you can have me, instead!”
  • …to which you pushed him aside and took another cookie from behind him.
  • Zen’s knocking persisted, “I know you’re in there! Please come out? We can talk about it… Was it a fake scandal or something? You know I only love you… It must be a misunderstanding, let’s talk, okay?”
  • He was starting to sound desperate, and you almost felt sorry for him… BUT.
  • Yes, BUT, your pride still won over your sympathy. There was no way you were going to let him know that he had been right, that you shouldn’t have eaten so many sweets.
  • His knocking suddenly stopped when another door slammed open- probably your neighbour’s.
  • You could almost hear Zen’s jaw drop to the ground
  • He would never cheat on you.
  • “What the- no stop, don’t touch me!” Zen shrieked.
  • The old lady’s voice came again, “Oh my, come to think of it, you’re actually quite handsome… Well, since you’re a naughty, unfaithful lad anyway, why don’t you come with me?”
  • “MC?! GOD SEVEN? HELL, EVEN JUMIN HAN!! I’ll forgive you for everything, even your inability to see my beauty, just please save me…”
  • Screams of agony filled the apartment building.


  • “MC. Don’t eat all the sweets at once, you’ll get a toothache, okay?” he said calmly as he gifted you a box of assorted candy.
  • That had been what he told you last night, to which you had carelessly nodded to without really paying attention. You really regretted not listening to him now—but there was no way you would let him have the satisfaction of being right.
  • You proceeded to lock yourself in the room for the day so you wouldn’t have to face him. When he called you to say he’d be coming home from work soon, you only hummed a short reply. “Mhm…”
  • Concerned by your short, seemingly distant reply, he arrived home almost immediately after the call.
  • In swift, long strides, he’s walked to the door of your bedroom, knocking every now and then.
  • “MC..? Are you feeling sick?” Knock knock.
  • “Should I call a doctor?” Knock knock knock.
  • “Do you need Elizabeth the 3rd?” Knock knock.
  • “I’m sorry for hogging her last night. I promise to share her wonderful embodiment of fur with you the next time.” Knock.
  • “Or are you, perhaps, hungry…? Oh. Could it be your time of the month? I have heard women tend to be grumpy and irritabl-“
  • You swung open the door, glaring at him. “Hmph!” you grunted, refusing to open your mouth to reply.
  • He stared.
  • And stared.
  • …and stared.
  • “PFFT!” then he burst out laughing. “GYAHAHAHAH—you! You look! HAHAHAHH!!”
  • What the- who died and replaced the serious, dull Jumin Han with this out of character laughing freak??
  • Seriously, this guy’s sense of humour was whack.


  • The number that you are trying to reach is not available right now. Please call again later.
  • The number that you are trying to reach-
  • The number that you-
  • The nu-
  • Beeeeep, beeeep, beeeep, beeep…
  • All seven of Seven’s phones couldn’t get in contact with you right now.
  • He knew that you were home—the GPS on your phone showed it! And you hadn’t left your house today either, according to his security cameras. (Stalker alert lololol)
  • Instead of trying to bother you more, he began to sulk in the corner of his dark, dark room.
  • I don’t deserve her.
  • She probably hates me now.
  • Mushrooms were growing on top of his head as each thought made him more and more depressed.
  • It’s no wonder… I didn’t share the last Honey Buddha Chips with her yesterday…
  • MC -
  • His phone suddenly rang, showing your caller ID.
  • “MC?!” he exclaimed excitedly.
  • Seeeveeeen… I can’t take it anymore!” your muffled voice came through the speaker. “My tooth… It hurts too much!! I’m sorry I ate all your boxes of Honey Buddha Chips… Ugghh…”
  • WHAT!?!
  • “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” he shouted, eyes widening in horror.
  • No. NO. That can’t be!
  • Seven fainted.


  • Poke. Poke. Poke.
  • He snickered as he poked against your cheek, knowing that you were biting back tears from your painful toothaches.
  • “Grrr,” you growled at him angrily, narrowing your eyes as you pouted.
  • Say it. Tell me I was right. I waaarned you what would happen if you ate too much candy, didn’t I?” he sighed in mock pity.
  • You shook your head furiously, stubbornly refusing.
  • “MC~ I won’t give you the numbing medicine if you don’t say it~” he teased, grinning.
  • You let out a whiny whimper from your throat, giving him your best puppy look face, trying to look pitiful. Instead, this lil asshole only laughed at you.
  • Still, you kept your mouth shut.
  • “Tsk, fine, be that way,” he sighed dramatically, an amused glint in his eyes.
  • But you actually did continue to ignore him, for the entire day. He began to worry if you were really mad at him, and he poked his head into your room to check up on you quietly, not wanting to say anything that could upset you. (It was so cute, awwh)
  • Truthfully, your toothache was even worse now, and you didn’t even have the motivation to let him know that you weren’t mad.
  • So when you woke up the next morning, you found breakfast and ice cream on your table, with a little note next to it.
  • I’m sorry about yesterday, will you forgive me?’
  • Awwww, Saeran~!!
2am thoughts

Does anyone wake up around this time feeling hungry? I really don’t want to eat especially cause its 2am. But i’ll probably be up all night if I don’t. (Wohoo! All nighter) Hays. I’m sure water will help. Or shall I watch a movie? Ugh. All my friends are asleep so I can’t message them. Hay nako! What to do. 😒🙈 

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Do you have and suggestions on refusing food? I'm bad at it and I need some excuses

I know a few ways to refuse food.  I hope that you find these tips helpful.

1.) You can always say no.  If it’s a matter of willpower, force the word out of your mouth.  

2.) Don’t look at the food, because then you will want to eat it.  Out of sight, out of mind.

3.) Listen to music.  This trick works for me.  I can’t focus on what people are saying if I am listening to music.

4.) Strat restricting on calories if you aren’t already.  I found it way easier to say no when I felt a binge coming on when I restricted on calories.

5.) Count your calories and write them down somewhere!  This is so important!  If you write them down, you will be able to see what you have eaten, which leads to smarter decisions when it comes to food.  

6.) Think about the food being offered, and the effect it will have on you.  Ask yourself questions like am I hungry, do I really want the food, and is it worth it?thinking it through will help you realize that you don’t actually want it.

7.) Set a realistic goal for weight loss.  It should be small.  Often times people say they are 160 lbs, and that they want to be 105 lbs.  There’s nothing wrong with having an ultimate goal for your weight, but set something smaller as well. The problem with big weight goals is that they often seem too unrealistic to ourselves, and so we give up.

8.) Weigh yourself in the morning EVERY DAY! This is super important because you need to know your weight.  Also, if you have been losing a lot, it might be okay to say yes to offered food, but don’t ever make a habit of it.  Don’t just take your weight.  Do your measurements.  Measure your calves, thighs, wrists, biceps, and stomach.  If you workout a lot, then you might be slimming down, but gaining muscle as well.

I hope you found these tips helpful.  Thank you for asking, because I love it when people ask me questions.  If you ever need help with anything, put it as an ask, or message me!  Stay safe ❤️


Alex : Remember, if you have an anxiety attack then count to ten while breathing in and count to ten while breathing out. Close your eyes and focus on me talking, okay? In, out, in, out. You can do this! I believe in you.

John : Remember to eat something today! You’re absolutely beautiful to me and I wouldn’t have you any other way, so don’t you feel bad for eating anything! You’re not too fat, your body is perfect… everything about you is perfect to me! So please, try and hold your food down… even if you don’t want to eat much, at least eat a piece of fruit? For me? I love you!

Lafayette : Mon amour, don’t ever doubt how beautiful you are! No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful and you are unique - there is nobody out there like you! You’re absolutely stunning - go out there and knock ‘em dead, mon belle!

Hercules : Hey, cutie. I know that you may want to harm yourself… but it’s not worth it. You shouldn’t mark your beautiful skin - okay? Breathe with me, sweetie, close your eyes. We can come up with some alternatives together! But please, take care of yourself.

Burr : No matter what the people at school/college/work/uni say, you are so smart and every day you make me so proud! The fact that you’re alive is a miracle and I know you’ll continue to make me proud! Remember, you’re smart! You got this!!

Philip : Listen to me! No matter what your parents/guardian say to you, it’s not true! You’re not worthless, you’re not fat, you’re not ugly, you’re absolutely amazing. I love you, everyone here loves you! You can talk to me, alright? You’re doing so well

Thomas : Remember to take care of yourself today - eat, get dressed, do something productive. How about you draw? Or write, perhaps? You should take a bath or shower too, warm yourself up and relax. Remember, we all care about you! We only want what’s best for you.

Washington : you are never alone. Just because you can’t see us, that doesn’t mean we aren’t there with you and giving you lots of love. If you need us, simply call for us, okay? You’re not alone.

George III : I will kill anyone who dare say anything to you - okay? You’re worth it, you’re capable, you are in control.

My blog is always open. You can message any of the hamilsquad if you need someone to talk to, okay? We’re all here for you.
NSFW Noctis
  • NSFW Noctis
  • VA: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Did you like the previous Noctis audio? Here’s a new one for you, this time fully NSFW.

You need headphones with this! This IS R18-level naughty. You have been warned.

Here’s translation by x9673:
I like you, no one can interrupt us. So sweet, yesterday it was rushed and it’s dark so i can’t really see it clearly but .. It’s really beautiful. Beautiful.

Here it’s swallowed, you’re feeling it, right ? If that so i’m happy. Yes. Amazing, it’s flowing out a lot.

Don’t. Here, i want to eat it. You too, right ? You want me too right ? It’s alright.

Really … Does it really, feel good ? Me too, it feels so good. As expected, the expression you make is amazing. Your voice, i want to hear it more. Just listening to your voice, i’m already … Feeling it a lot. Your body, your hair, your voice is really something.

Can’t stop. Let me see your face properly, beautiful.


This is fro a drama CD “Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida”

Things Said To or About My Dog:
  • “Did you just spit out your medicine?!”
  • “He acts like he’s never been fed in his life.”
  • “Stop having sex with inanimate objects!”
  • “He’d hurl himself into a volcano just to eat a French fry.”  
  • “Stop being an asshole.”
  • “Don’t look at me like that!”
  • “Give me some room to breathe, would you?”
  • “Oh my god. Please tell me you didn’t eat that.”
  • “My son is so rude.”
  • “You just do the opposite of everything I say don’t you?”
  • “Don’t backsass me!”
  • “It doesn’t need a pulse for [NAME] to get busy with it.”
  • “Really? You’re gonna do that right now? We have company.”
  • “I’m telling you, you don’t want to eat this. You won’t like it.”
  • “Look how cute your butt is!”
  • “Magikoopa your doopa!”
  • “Stealing?! Again?!”
  • “Just because you peed on it doesn’t mean it’s yours.”
  • “He brings his toys wherever he goes, then forgets and pees on them.”  
  • “This idiot just ran into the middle of the street and almost got hit!”
  • “Why are you so out of breath?”
  • “Sorry, he’s kind of racist.”
  • “Why are you so antisocial? Can’t you get along with anyone?”
  • “Believe it or not, sniffing someone’s butt isn’t very polite.”
  • “It’s not time to play. It’s time to go to bed.”
  • “Just because you can’t sleep doesn’t mean you should wake me up.”
  • “Why are you digging?”  
  • “What’s that in your mouth?”
  • “Oh, so now you’re ignoring me?”
  • “Look at that cute face!!”
  • “Just because it’s your birthday, doesn’t mean you can act like this.”
  • “Why is he running around like a lunatic?”
  • “You only eat under the table?”
  • “Wanna go swimming?”
  • “Leave him alone!”
you can forgive and not forget. you can not forgive and not forget as well. but you have to learn to let go of the anger because you don’t want it to eat you up and destroy you. you just have to learn to not let it eat you up and find a way to let go of it.
—  advice from my dad

Q。When receiving presents, what gift would you love to get?”

“I’m not really that into Christmas, but I wouldn’t turn down something like cake… I mean—it’s okay, it’s not like I really care, alright!?

Back when I was boxing, I had to keep my weight down so I wasn’t able to eat what I wanted, but now that I don’t do it anymore, I can’t help wanting to eat something sweet when I see it, that’s all! …Don’t go telling Munakata or Yukizome about this. If they found out, they’d buy me a bunch.”

If anyone ever asks you what “gap moe” means, just show them this.