don&039;t touch the art


(Trek Tag)

A bunch of doodles I made in school earlier, I finished all of my tasks and I had an hour free, I decided to fill up a piece of yellow pad to pass the time, This was supposed to be filled with cute doodles all over but it became a mix of confusion, shipping, shitposts and sin.

My friend decided to join me, so some of the doodles belong to her.

Someone stop my hand please.



So I’ve been 100% out of Vim to get on tumblr, post, draw, write, answer messages or reblog since the first day of school.  I have been stressing over the upcoming quarter so hard I literally made myself sick to my stomach.  BUT TODAY

I introduced myself and did an assessment on my own initiative!  I talked to my fellow students and professor and had conversations!  I answered call lights and helped a gentleman with ambulation therapy!  I went through the medications my patient was taking and knew what almost all of them were!

Also I built a temple to myself on top of a mountain.  It’s not the biggest or grandest construction the world of minecraft has ever seen but it’s mine and it has SO MANY TORCHES on it the whole mountaintop lights up from a distance. ^u^

I know this oasis of feeling good/not-stressed is going to be brief but I’m really enjoying it and I love you all even though god knows when I’m going to be back on again in any kind of “wow I feel like interacting today” capacity.  So.  I thought you should know that.