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Rejection might suck, but YOU do not.

Rejection might suck, but YOU do not.

To all my wild  friends out there, I may be strong, but I’m vulnerable too. Kind of like a tootsie pop.. you know – Hard on the outside, crack it open, and I’m soft mushy chocolate without all the added sugar and shit ass preservatives and ingredients that contribute to heart problems in America. Eggs are like the same concept. ..ANYWAY. Today I’m talking about something that may or may not make…

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So far so good! (1)

So far so good! (1)

Are you pushing to become more like Jesus but some days it feels like two steps forward and three steps back?

Growing up spiritually isn’t easy; that’s why Paul encourages us not to ‘let ourselves lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary’ (Galatians 6:9 NAS). You don’t notice yourself growing older physically ‘til you look at an earlier photo; then it hits…

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Let Love In

Think that you’re broken, beyond repair?

Despair settles like asbestos

Hard for your spirit to breathe

Think that your troubles are insurmountable?

Pressure feels like a thousand pound gorilla

Weighing heavily on your soul

Think that no one cares?

Loneliness shadow you wherever you go

No space for faith to grow in your heart

Love is healing

Love is kind

Are you being kind to yourself?

Love is…

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Spirit Message - Getting Past the Spiritual Storm Upon Us

Spirit Message – Getting Past the Spiritual Storm Upon Us

Today as I ask Spirit what can he give me to help everyone through this Spiritual shift in our lives.. Spirit answers back with multiple answers. The bottom line is to hang in there, don’t quit, do everything in life with love and stay positive. Beyond this great shift that many of us are experiencing is a new life just waiting to be lived. Pushing through the storm will be well worth all of our…

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To Write or Not To Write

New new post >>> To Write or Not To Write #bbloggers #lbloggers #fbloggers #ibabloggers @FemaleBloggerRT @TheBlogGuideRT @IBAbloggers

When I first started blogging/writing I didn’t think after a few months I would still be here, wanting to write and feeling sad when life gets in the way of me posting something . I normally write what I am feeling or thinking about in that particular moment. I am not writing for someone to approve or agree with what I am saying, I am writing for me. (more…)

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Day 17- M's 31 Days Writing Challenge

Day 17- M’s 31 Days Writing Challenge

Photos by Me Ten Favourite Songs Well, my favourite songs constantly change. I do this thing where I download songs I like and listen to them countless times till they stop being my favourite songs but just some ‘random’ songs. So I’ll judge my favourite songs right now by my ever playing playlist. Not the end of me- Group 1 Crew Can you hold me- NF ft Britt Nicole Kamikaze- KB ft Prisca Step up-…

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Don't Give Up World Inspirational Tees for Men & Women launched at

Don’t Give Up World Inspirational Tees for Men & Women launched at

Don’t Give Up World Inspirational Tees for Men  & Women launched at

Tippy Tippy Tap !! Which color do you want ?
We have partnered with frecultr to bring out our new Don’t Give Up T shirt .

* Available in 8 colors .
* For both men and women
* Available in boat and v neck designs
* Material
Casual : Polyester with the extra shine
Active : Cotton Polyester blend…

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If Only I Could Care Less

If Only I Could Care Less

If only I could care less…

Dear you,

If only I could care less
I will just listen to my heart.

I will stop hearing people’s thoughts.
I will just doing what I love to do.

If only I could care less
I will open my mind.

I will get lost and found.
I may stumble and fall.

But I won’t give up.
I will live my dream,
and share my passion.

Because life is too short,
to care of everyone else
instead of…

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