don&039;t give up



Still trying to think of a reason as to why Yuri would frame that particular photo and put it on his desk… Is it the pose? His expression? His legs? Because it’s the only picture of Victor in short sleeves?

I’m definitely overthinking this…

  • Now, for some  reason, I want Andrew to be a good cook. But, like, an obscenely good cook. 
  • Of course, a la Exy, he almost never puts any effort in his cooking, which means he ends up making eggs and bacon, or mac and cheese when he absolutely has to “cook”. 
  • Nicky is actually a decent cook, and he finds the things Andrew decide to make abominations, so he usually takes up makng breakfast. 
  • Fast forward to Neil and Andrew spending the summer alone in Columbia (and Neil has a smartphone because I need him to because Alison shoved it in his hands the last day before summer break and threatened bodily harm if he didn’t snapchat them pictures of his summer). 
  • So one day Neil wakes up alone in the bed and goes downstair to find everything known to man cooked and arranged at the platters in perfection (because come on, Andrew either sits in the middle of goal doing nothing, or he doesn’t let a single ball hit his goal)
  • Andrew is finishing up one thing or another, and just stares momentarily at Neil, whose face is just full of surprise and awe, before continuing what he was doing
  • Neil takes ALL the pictures, and adds it to his snaptchat story
  • The first is of Andrew over a pan, and then there’s a video of him perfectly flipping a pancake, followed of too many pictures of the table and all the dishes individually
  • Snaps come back of people saying ‘cool breakfast’ and the like but then
  • Then Nicky sees Neil’s story
  • Within five minutes Nicky has callled Neil and is loudly complaining “He always makes the crappy mac and cheese Neil, I can’t belive he hasn’t made us breakfast, this is so unfair!” “Nicky, do you reallly think the bill for this call is worth it, you’re in Germany, I’m sure there’s something else Erik wanted you to be doing…” “No, Neil, this is important! You should’ve seen the things he made, for the first year he refused to do anything but microwave things Neil. Microwave them!
  • Looking from the table to Andrew’s maybe amused expression, Neil just tells Nicky to go back to Erik and let him eat and hangs up
  • “I didn’t know you could cook” Neil says with a pointed look at all the food infront of them. “You never asked” Andrew replies unimpressed, sits on the other side of Neil and starts piling food on both of their plates
  • They eat in silence, but Andrew steals glances at the content faces Neil makes, and starts cooking more often
  • the dccu: *has made a faithful movie adaptation of their most influential female; wonder woman, to come out next year*
  • the mcu: *decides to make a female lead movie because the dccu did it first, pushes said movie back for a sequel of another white male lead movie and refuses to make a movie for their most influential female; black widow*