don’t watch that tv

Look. I’m not saying it’s micro gems………………….

but it’s totally micro gems.

Gemini & Cancer
  • Gemini, stroking Cancer's hair as they watch TV together: Hey Cancer, what show are we watching?
  • Cancer, looks up at him creepily as she changes the channel: You'll see
  • Gemini, gets a bad feeling: Oh no
  • Cancer, laughs as Gilmore Girls come on, takes the batteries out of the remote and throws them into the darkness: OH YEEEEEEAAAAAH

misha at denver con, binge watched shows

cooking with west

maison’s ‘’friend’’


misha with a shatner shirt


the most beautiful words in the english lenguage


Tom Cavanagh in A Killer Among Us (2012) [The gray t-shirt edition - attn: cramitwithwalnuts-ugly]


So now I proudly present to you Space Taxi, a song from the second most successful german movie, “(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1feat. Til Schweiger