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[TRANSLATION] DINO’s self-written profile

Name: Lee Chan ♡
Date of Birth (age): 1999.02.11 (19✩)
Unit: Performance
Position: Maknae, power, rapper
Hobby: Watching TV, sleeping
Specialty: Dance, charms ^^
Nickname: Dinosaur, side-dish [t/n: pun; side-dish is ban-chan] 
Habit: Practicing!

Motto: Don’t forget your happiness while pursuing your goals!
Things you like (3 things): CARATs, family, members (Seventeen)
Things you dislike (3 things): Negativity, assuming, cucumbers
Recent big interest: My improvement, future growth
Music that you have enjoyed recently: Dino’s Zero ♡
A movie that left a deep emotional impression on you recently: Mask~
A unit you’d like to try aside from your current unit?: Vocal and hip hop unit because I want to appeal with al of my abilities ^^
If I express myself using one word?: Good~
If I express CARATs using one word?: The person I would like to steal ♡
My goal for 2017: Make 2017 Seventeen’s year~ >_<
A word to myself after a year: Chan-ah~! Always stay humble and improve~ Be an artist that goes down in history!
Instruction manual: Because I love music, performing, and CARATs, I’ll like it if you talk about those a lot
Beware of: Sometimes when my mood is good I can be clingy, so you have to listen to me from breakfast to lunch ^^ 

credit: jina + erin @ fyperformanceunit
picture source: ssy_svt17
© credit if taken out!

Buster and Nancy stop to chat while Mike is left to suffer and Eddie just enjoys his time @owivizzle


doodle dump yay

I really like Sabrina, but she needs more friends next season.

I applied to the miracuclass zine but i’ve never drawn any of the classmates so!! had to change that, and they’re really!! fun to draw ok!!

max and mylene are the cutest i need to draw them more often

Hello? Person who ordered an iced chai and a vanilla bean frappucino?

(at a Target in Minnesota on the evening of the 2nd of April YES YOU)

Hi I’m your barista and you’re sO cutE