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A Risk of Going Through a Doorway Is That It May Be Locked Shut Behind You by thejapanesemapletree

Fic can be read HERE.

Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Adoption, Growing Up, Action, Hurt/Comfort. Completed. Rated: T. Word Count: 43309

Pairings: None (hinted Serizawa Katsuya/Reigen Arataka. Canonical Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo/Takane Tsubomi).

Trigger Warnings: Minor Character Death (of OC), Attempted Kidnapping, Choking. 

“"You’re always you, and that don’t change, and you’re always changing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.“
(–Neil Gaiman, ‘The Graveyard Book’)”

In which Reigen Arataka quite literally finds a psychic child on his doorstep - a child no one is looking for, almost as if he’s been forgotten, and decides to raise him. But there is a dark force sealed beneath the graveyard he lives in - and it attracts all kinds of ill-intentioned persons…

>40k words of dad!Reigen with plot and magnificent writing, what more could you want??

               no  more  dreams .     ok  but  like  this  for  a  shippy  possible  nsfw  starter ,  but  specify  for  muse ( s )   !


brooklyn nine-nine + hogwarts houses (more)

Ballet au inspired by all the fics I’ve read (mostly pick lilacs for the passing time by astralelegies on ao3 bc Yuuri en pointe. Yuuri. En pointe. Also, danseur!Victor.)

Outfits… Unintentionally inspired by @beanpots‘ lovely day and night au. Like, go. Check it out. It’s great.

Big thank you to @cookiecreation for putting up with me spamming her with my wips for this and every other art I’ve drawn since ever. Thanks, friend!


one gifset per episode
▬   ユーリ!!! on ICE 超超 超 がんばらんば!!グランプリファイナルFS  (12/12 )
 There’s a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone. 

the thing I love most about Kirk’s string of ex lovers across the galaxy is that every time he runs into one he’s like 

“!!!!! How are you!! I missed you so much!! How’s your career?? Successful?? I’m so happy for you!! Haha, remember that time we almost got married!! But both of our careers were in the way?? That hasn’t changed but I’m still kinda in love with you and I’m happy you’re doing well!!! Goodbye forever again it’s a shame we never got married but I understand!!”