don´t stop

you don’t stop
loving someone
just because
you don’t talk
to each other

you don’t start
hating someone
just because
things got tough
or wasn’t all
sunshine and
the whole time.

things work out,
they don’t,

sometimes shit
just happens,
and that’s okay.

love is really,
fucking complicated
but go with it
when you find it

you might
get lucky
or you might not,
but either way
you can say you
tried and learned.

and that’s

—  trying to learn from what happened (6/21/17), thekaijusleeps
I have stumbled upon Will Graham’s house in yet another universe

I watched the movie A Home at the End of the World (2004) a long while ago but it wasn’t until earlier today that I realized the house was a little too familiar…

Here it is in A Home at the End of the World:

And here’s Will’s house as seen in Hannibal:

But the coincidences don’t stop there! A Home at the End of the World happens to be based off a book by Michael Cunningham who also wrote the screenplay for Evening (2007) starring, of course, Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy. 

Cunningham has also written a novel called The Snow Queen, which Claire narrates for the audio version, and one called By Nightfall which Hugh narrates. 

Aaaand I think I’m done now!

anonymous asked:

it still feels like no one takes me seriously as a nonbinary person unless I dress traditionally masculine. I don’t stop being nonbinary when I wear a skirt. I'm not any less nonbinary because I have longer hair. It really bums me out some times man idk

Your right, you’re none less nonbinary not matter how you dress and that will never change whether you present masculinely, femininely, androgynously or in any other way. You’ll always be valid as nonbinary!!

Don’t tell me to stop crying when the levee breaks and the waterworks start. First of all, I have likely been holding it in too long already, trying to live up to your arbitrary definition of ‘strong.’ Secondly, I don’t go around telling you to stop laughing when something tickles your sense of humor. You’re probably thinking, ‘Of course not! Laughter is a positive reaction.’ But who says crying is a negative reaction? Both laughter and tears are a cathartic release that are hard to control. Plenty of times, I’ve wept over something beautiful and joyful…and even when my tear ducts are set off by something upsetting, the act of crying itself is a healthy, healing thing that shouldn’t have to be suppressed simply because others may be uncomfortable with such emotional displays.

Next time you’re tempted to tell someone to stop crying, stop and ask yourself why you have a problem with it

(Inspired by a post made by the thought-provoking, emotionally moving, insanely relatable @creatingnikki)

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Could you give your partners preview cards in both their native language and English, so they can show both if they choose?

They can show English if they choose. We don’t stop them. That said, it kinds of fights creating the feel of a local preview.

“The plutonian knights were made for one purpose, and things as petty as rest and sustenance would not stand in their way.”

Hey guys! Natasha is going to be at Toomanygames in Oaks PA this weekend! If you’re in the area, why don’t you stop by and say hi? She’ll give you a sick free Ophiuchus postcard, and she’ll also have a cool print for sale! She’s going to be at table 18 in the artist alley with a few other people!

Thanks for reading! Let us know on twitter if you’ll be going to the con! :D

Sneak peak of the fic I’m working on. NSFW.

He chuckles, his lips brushing against the soft skin of her temple, then her forehead. He skims down the length of her nose and captures her lips in a kiss. Emma sighs happily, opening for him immediately. Something about the glide of her tongue against his, coupled with the delightful way her arse wriggled against his cock, causes his restraint to snap. He groans, surging forward and causing the water to slosh noisily in the tub, turning her enough to better devour her mouth. She mewls into him, her hand slipping between them to grasp his cock. The feel of her nimble fingers on him after so many months without makes him shudder. He allows her a few pumps before taking her hand in his. “Need you,” she whispers against his lips.

“I know, pet, but if you don’t stop then it’ll be over all too soon,” he says.

She whines in protest, but soon they turn to whines of pleasure as he kisses her again. His tongue tangles with hers, his teeth scraping against her lower lips and sucking it into his mouth. He does so love the way her lips plump up, full and red, when he kisses her. He turns her back to their original position, keeping their left hands entwined as his right slides down her stomach to the thatch of hair between her legs.

lils-awesome-world  asked:

Omg this au though!!! Any hcs for boyf riends in the au?


- there’s a lot of pining

- Jeremy is kind of a dick (he is desperate to be a good cop so he really invests himself in his work, somewhat ignoring his best friend)

- Michael dates other people because he thinks Jer is just kind of disinterested

- Jeremy gets super jealous and gets even MORE distant

- eventually they work a case together and (a la Jake x Amy) end up making out to remain undercover

- and then they don’t stop making out 

Prince Night ~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~ (Full lyrics)


どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS

マヂでGet you 視線が合う
全部 忘れさせるほど

乱れ飛ぶレーザービーム 皆騒いで狂喜乱舞 Hustle
キミと朝までrendezvous あっそう

想定外 恋の BPM ミダレて
「その自意識だけで お腹いっぱい」

Dance with me そう素直に
Just tell me キミが言いな
Dance with me たったひとり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)が
ずっと 加速し続けるよ

どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS

100パー Want you 混みあってる

恋なんて幼稚なゲーム スコアレスで常時完封 ちょーCool!
振り回されてwithout you 撤収!

ヒリヒリする 恋に 熱くなってく

「ドン引きする くらい こっちは冷めてく」

Dance with me ありのままに
Just tell me 求めてみな
Dance with me 今夜ふたり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)で

まだまだ 夜は終わらない
Don’t stop Don’t stop 朝が来たって
2人きりで 逃がせばいい

Dance with me そう素直に
Just tell me キミが言いな
Dance with me たったひとり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)が

踏み越えたいBorderline もっと深くキミを知りたい
ハメを外すくらい 本気にさせてみてよtonight

Dance Dance 恋を止めないで
ずっと 踊っていたいのさ

どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS


Doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

maji de Get you shisen ga au
sono shunkan
ima made shi te ki ta koi o
zenbu wasure saseru hodo

midaretobu rēzā bīmu mina sawai de kyōki ranbu Hustle
purinsu tachi to ason ja u?
kimi to asa made rendezvous assō

sōtei gai koi no BPM midare te
‘sono jiishiki dake de onaka ippai’

Dance with me sō sunao ni
Just tell me kimi ga ii na
hirefusu koto ni wa
funare na ore tachi da shi
Dance with me tatta hitori
kimi o mitsumeru hodo
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) ga
zutto kasoku shitsuzukeru yo

doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

100 pā Want you komiatteru
furoa no naka
kimi dake supottoraito
abi ta yō ni kagayaku

koi nante yōchi na gēmu sukoa resu de jōji kanpū cho ? Cool!
dakara kimi tte supesharu
furimawasare te without you tesshū!

hirihiri suru koi ni atsuku natte ku

‘don hiki suru kurai kocchi wa same te ku’

Dance with me arinomama ni
Just tell me motome te mina
seigyo ya gaman wa
kirai na ore tachi da shi
Dance with me konya futari
toki o tome te shimao u
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) de
zutto odotte i tai no sa

madamada yoru wa owara nai
Don’t stop Don’t stop asa ga ki ta tte
2 nin kiri de nigase ba ii

Dance with me sō sunao ni
Just tell me kimi ga ii na
hirefusu shika nai
kanjō oshie te kure
Dance with me tatta hitori
kimi o dakishime tara
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) ga
eien ni nariyama nai yo

fumikoe tai Borderline motto fukaku kimi o shiri tai
hame o hazusu kurai honki ni sase te mi te yo tonight

Dance Dance koi o tome nai de
zutto odotte i tai no sa

doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

(Please credit me)

anonymous asked:

@ that anon. Trans people have to have dysphoria to be trans. No one is saying they have to risk health complications or spend money they don't have. Stop pulling arguments out of your asses to invalidate actual trans people who are not being taken seriously because of people who do not have dyshporia slapping a medical disorder on theirselves as a label. And yes, anything that requires medical treatment IS a medical disorder. Sincerely, a transgender man.


clockworknymph  asked:

(。・ω・)ノ゙ hello there! i just want to mention how much i love your writings and if you could please write Jumin with a hispanic MC it would be greatly appreciated! but i totally understand if you can't get around to it or you're just not feeling it. either way, thanks for all you've written and please don't ever stop! (。・ ω ・。)

Thank you so much that’s so sweet I’m so glad you enjoy my writings! I only hope they’re able to continue to do so in the future!

As for the request, I’d be more than happy to do so! However, if there’s anything in the prompt you don’t like or would like changed let me know! I would like to do this portrayal as respectfully and as well as I can!

Anyhow, thank you again and have a splendid day!

For those who’d like an English translation of the song used, here it is


“Darling? What’s that song?” 

You turned around, your mind snapping back into reality. “What’re you talking about?”

“That song you’re singing. I’ve never heard it before.” 

You thought for a moment, realization hitting you.

“Oh! You mean Bésame Mucho?”

“Bésame Mucho…?”

The song had swept into the halls of your childhood home just as the memories had, the tune almost always pouring in throughout your days.

And your family adored it.

Your mother would always sway from side to side as she moved about, her lids closed gently, humming alongside it.

And sometimes, she’d bring you in.

“Come here Conejito come here!” She’d call to you, pulling you to her, your feet resting upon your own as she danced gently, spinning you about.

Other days both of your parents would come together in the main hall or in the kitchen as the song poured in, your mother’s head resting against his chest, the two of them serenading the other.

“Here,” You approached him, snatching out your phone. “I’ll play it for you.” 

In seconds the familiar sounds spilled into the penthouse, cascading against the walls and into your ears.

And it was warmly welcomed.

You took Jumin’s hand in your own, setting it to your waist, the other interlacing.

“My family would always dance to it.” 

He chuckled, rubbing a gentle thumb over your knuckles.

“I’d be delighted to as well.” 

You couldn’t help but beam at his words, feeling his feet begin to move along with the beat, guiding you.

And you sang along.

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                 Como si fuera esta noche                                                                                     La última vez”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                                 Perderte después”

You set your head in the crook of his neck, a deep breath escaping you, your shoulders dropping contently.

You noticed as Jumin looked down at you, affection drenching his gaze, a smile prominent on his face.

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                 Como si fuera esta noche                                                                                     La última vez”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                       Perderte después”

“You said this song was Bésame Mucho?” He questioned lightly, his lids lowering just a tad.

You nodded.

“And what does that mean?” 

“Kiss me much more.” 

He pressed his lips to your head, laughing softly. 

“I like it.” 

“Quiero tenerte muy cerca                                                                             Mirarme en tus ojos                                                                                           Verte junto a mi                                                                                                       Piensa que tal vez mañana                                                                                   Yo ya estaré lejos                                                                                               Muy lejos de ti”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                 Como si fuera esta noche                                                                                     La última vez”

The sunlight streamed in from the front window, pressing against your skin in what felt more like a embrace.

Everything somehow felt gentle.

But Jumin always had.

That had never been a question.

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                               Perderte después”

“Bésame, bésame mucho                                                                                   Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                           Perderte después”

And as the song came to a close you felt your heart almost burst with joy from the reoccurring tune finding a spot back in your life.

And that you could share it with him.

And it would always stay.

For you would always stay.

You would always stay with him.

“Que tengo miedo a perderte                                                                       Perderte después”

anonymous asked:

This is random but do you have any headcanons on what colours the prophecy people would paint their nails (if at all)?

Realistically, I don’t think any of them would because it’s hard enough keeping nail polish on and perfect when you’re not a demigod who’s constantly fighting or training, never mind when you. But screw it, I’m doing this anyway, just pretend this a mortal au or whatever, and the boys have overcome toxic masculinity (does that make sense? idk).

I really don’t think Annabeth or Piper would paint their nails, but I don’t think they’d stop anyone else painting their nails, so if that did happen, Annabeth would go for having her nails painted white and Piper… like, either turquoise or red I think.

Hazel I think would either have her nails painted gold, black or white, and Nico would so have his painted black (got to keep up the gothic style after all) or rainbow coloured (I think he’d only go for that if he was going to Pride, or staying home on his own though), and Reyna would go for black, red or purple. Jason would go for sky blue or white, Percy for green, black, purple or blue (I know he loves blue but he would look amazing with black nail polish, omg), Leo for red or orange (and maybe yellow or black on some occasions, but rarely) and Frank… probably light blue, or red, or baby pink (I think he’d look amazing with light pink nail polish okay?).

anonymous asked:

Am I the only who felt like crying to hear Dinah's speech on the MTV interview. Idk whether it's for Mila, I don't think so, stop being delusional,but it's a great message. sometimes we need to take a pause and look behind if we left someone alone or struggling. People tend to be engrossed in their daily life that they missed out on other people who's drowning.

I love that interview.


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