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a very sappy willowson fic where they spontaneously decide to get married at the end

this was inspired by @tantum-tenebris saying: what if they go to different places after returning from the island and can’t find each other? so in this fic that’s a thing and you can thank her for the concept!

Curses and plagues

Wickerbottom makes certain to announce her presence by coughing delicately. Woodie turns around on where he’s sitting on a rotten stump, instead of jumping up, and looks up with an expression that probably is supposed to be a smile, but curls too tightly around his mouth. He still has jerked at her noise. He still checks if anybody else is close enough to hear. Sighing, she presses a gentle hand onto his shoulder.

“How are you doing, dear? How is Miss Lucy?”

“I’m doing fine, just a bit jumpy ‘cause we landed in another place. Lucy’s fine too, just doesn’t like talking much at the moment. Looking out for merms.” The wood cutter gestures into the bog that starts beyond the greying line of the grass.

They have seen nobody else in those woods. Beyond is the pig’s village, but between stretches an expanse of marsh and coniferous trees - that yet echoes with disembodied gurgles. As if the bog has caught the voices of plague’s victims before they vanished.

She has an idea what might unsettles Woodie.

“I apologize for my directness, but you don’t have to worry. Your curse isn’t like this plague.”

He flinches as if slapped and runs his thumb along Lucy’s handle. But he also relaxes again with a sigh, shaking his head.

“Ever since we’ve landed in the Forge, it’s gone wonky. It makes my skin crawl, like it’s swimming just beneath it. But it still doesn’t wax or wane like it used if I go without eating any wood or chopping trees- as if it’s locked.” He gives the sky a dubious look.

“Not that I mind the break. It’s nice not to have to watch what I’m eating, even though I love wood. Not to have to watch the moon cycle. It’s just-” And here he shrugs.

“I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop? That something bad is gonna happen. Well, something bad unrelated to the flying mouth.”

Spoonful of Sugar

Spoonful of Sugar

There has to be an easier way around this. Jack thought, glancing at a patient file, a frown coming to his face.

Treating children was never easy. Especially in this particular case.

Can’t get her to calm down before her medication… Reminds me so much of when William was little.

William… Hm…

He got up grabbing his coat.

“Someone lock up for me, I’m running an errand!” He called over his shoulder as he left his office, checking his watch. If he hurried, he might catch his brother before his next show.

They might hide and try to run when they see my face but William’s good with kids. He’s always been.

Jack made his way to the area the circus was located in, looking around. It was busy as usual for the time of year but he hoped William could be borrowed for a couple of hours.

He almost walked by him, doubling back.

William and Wes were surrounded by a group of children, the two making balloon animals.

“Alright, let’s see… Who wants this one?”

“Oh me, me!”

William gave a wave of his hand, making the balloon animal in his hand disappear before reappearing in the child’s hand, eliciting gasps and looks of wonder from the others.

“You’re going to upstage me.” Wes signed with a mock pout.

William gave a bow.

“The stage is yours my friend. I”ll be along later for my show, need to rest a bit.” He gave a wave to the children as he walked off.


The man jumped a bit, whirling around to see Jack.

“Give me a heart attack why don’t you!” He chuckled, giving a sheepish grin.

“Eheh sorry.” Jack gave a sheepish look of his own, falling into step beside William. “Busy day I take it?”

“Sort of. Mostly just those kids today. Wes and I were keeping them busy so they didn’t go wandering off while their parents were gone. They came right over after school got out.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Mm-hm… Something up?” William asked as they walked into his tent, the magician going to Judy’s little sleeping area. The rabbit perked up, hopping into his arms as soon as he saw her.

“I’ll go right out and say it, I need help with a patient.”

William gave him a bewildered look, pointing to himself.

“Eh!? ME?!” He shook his head. “You… Are you serious?”

“I am. I know you’re not a doctor but… Laughter’s the best medicine sometimes.” Jack sighed. “I’m treating this young girl, about five years old. She’s terrified of needles and is not a big fan of me due to it.”

William frowned, a sympathetic look coming to his eyes. He remembered what that was like.

“Oh poor dear… Well… How can I help?”

“I just need you to keep her busy and cheer her up. See if you can get her to relax a little.”

“I can try.”


The girl sighed, ducking under her blankets, hugging a doll to her chest. She knew what was coming and was doing all she could to hide from it.

I just wanna go home. She sniffed a little. No more shots.

She heard someone knocking on the door.

“W-Who is it?”

“A visitor. May I come in please?”

She peered out from under the blanket.


The door opened as William stepped inside, a gentle smile on his face.

“You must be June, yes?”

“A-Ahuh… Are you a doctor?” She gave him a pout, a nervous look coming to her eyes.

“No, no, just a magician.” William sat on the edge of her bed. “Heard you could use a bit of cheering up and thought I could help that.”

June leaned back, tilting her head. William looked her over before reaching behind her ear, pulling a coin out into his hand.

“Now what is this? How’d this get there?”

She giggled a little, feeling behind her ear.


William chuckled, offering it to her as she moved to take it, only for him to make it vanish as soon as it touched her palm. He gave a bewildered look.

“Where did it go?”

She laughed, giving a shrug.

“I dunno!”

“Let’s try to bring it back. Can you throw it to me?”

June made a motion as if she was throwing it as William’s arm moved up as the coin appeared in his hand. She clapped as he made another motion, two coins now in his hands.

“Wow… Magic!”

“The best kind. Now… can you hold onto these for me?” He asked as she held out her hands. Once more they vanished as she squealed, a bright smile coming to her face.

“Where’d they go?”

“It’s a mystery.” He gave a playful look before giving a wave of his hand as they appeared once more, this time letting her take them.

She looked them over trying to figure out just how he did it before giving him a grin.

“Thanks, mister.”

“Anytime,little miss.”

Jack walked in giving them both a nod.

“Having fun you two?”


William pulled out a deck of cards, offering a handful to her.

“Wanna play another game?”


“You two keep doing that while I take care of something.”

William looked out the corner of his eye, seeing Jack had a syringe hidden in his hand. He nodded.

“Pick a card, any card.”

June hummed for a moment before picking a card, nodding to herself.

“Now, place it back in the deck.”

She did so, not even minding when Jack took her free arm.

William made a show of shuffling his cards before pulling one out.

“Is… This your card?”

“Yes!” She giggled. “The Queen of Hearts!”

“And done.” Jack said covering the area with a bandage. June looked at him bewildered before looking at her arm.

“That didn’t hurt. How’d you do that?”

“A little bit of magic can help the medicine go down.” Jack chuckled, giving his brother a grateful look.

June pouted a little.

“Mr. Magic has to go ‘way?”

WIlliam ruffled her hair.

“Well, if it’s alright with Jack, I’d love to come back and perform again. Maybe put on a show for the whole ward. How does that sound?”

“Yes please!”

William smiled getting up giving a sweeping bow.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

Occasionally, marks around Maxwell’s wrists can be seen, like black bruises. They appear in a flash before disappearing again. They were left from where the Throne bound him.

Wilson sat not long enough on the Throne to leave any marks on his body.

(His torso is actually another matter. I doesn’t come up, not even to him, between only ever changing in the darkness of the wardrobe or in his tent when he’s alone in there, but also because-

Sometimes there’s a black mark wrapped around his entire torso, suspiciously looking like the imprints of giant fingers. Sometimes Lichtenberg figures in black spread from the spot above his heart down to his finger tips and toes and up to his throat and lower jaw, as if he took lightning to the middle of his chest. They always appear, unseen under his clothes, whenever he senses that familiar presence in the dark.

Most often during those times, he feels like falling.)

The Final Trip

The Final Trip

Edward sighed as he checked his pocket watch. He had one week. One week to build memories with his children. One week to try to teach them life lessons that he hoped would last them.

One week… He groaned in frustration. He was angry at himself for letting this go so long. He had to keep that beast at bay no matter what but not at the cost of his family.

He had already screwed up before.

“I don’t want to hear anymore of your scientific fantasies, Wilson! Now, leave me alone!”

I made Wilson think I hated him and Albert… goodness, he wouldn’t come out of that toy box for hours…

I need to make up for all of that this week.

“Father? Are we gonna have fun?” Albert asked, grasping two of his fingers within his hand. Edward tried to give him a gentle look.

“Plenty. So much fun you’re gonna be exhausted come dinner time.”

“Are we gonna catch fish?”

“And eat them?” Wilson chimed in. They were still looking for the perfect camping spot but that was part of the fun the boys decided.

Edward grinned.

“The best darn fish you ever had.”

Albert’s eyes grew wide.

“Even better than Grandpa’s?”

“Even better than Grandpa’s.”

The boys exchanged a stunned look. What kind of magic did their father possess to try to one up their own grandfather?

Edward silently hoped he still could manage to cook or they would be eating all of Edward’s food he had brought for himself as “medicine”.

Green caps, fuel in a flask, jerky… Don’t understand that last part but eh…

He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He wanted to be there, in the moment with his boys.

“Alright you two, who wants to learn how to pitch a tent?”

“WE DO!”


It had taken hours to find the right spot. By that point, Edward thought his legs might collapse from exhaustion. His children didn’t seem very phased. Albert spent most of his afternoons running around outside in the backyard or rough housing with Wilson and Wilson took whatever chance he could to hitch a piggyback ride.

He set down his gear before sitting on the ground, trying to catch his breath.

“You okay?” Wilson asked, kneeling in front of him. Edward gave him a tired smile, ruffling his hair.

“I just need to catch my breath and rest for a minute. I have a big, big job for you though. You able to handle it?” He asked, giving Wilson a playful grin, seeing his son get an excited look.

“What kind of job? I can handle it!”

Edward went through his gear, pulling out a small shovel, small enough that Wilson could hold it.

“I need you to dig us a fire pit , about this…” Edward held his arms out. “Wide, so we can have a nice big roaring bonfire. Then, I want you and Albert to grab up some rocks to make a barrier. Sound good?”

“Sure!” He giggled before hugging Edward tightly. Edward froze up a bit before returning the embrace.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“Love you too.” Wilson whispered, holding on for a moment before pulling away, getting right to work.

Edward knew he should be setting up the tent but his legs were still aching like crazy.

Gah, I should’ve hiked more. We should’ve been doing this more

One week. I gotta pack all of this into one week.

No matter how tired I get.

No matter if there isn’t enough time in the day. If I have to, we’ll fish by lantern light or boat with a torch.

It’s for them.

He took the chance while his children were distracted to take some of the nightmare fuel. He coughed a bit at the burn it caused in the back of his throat.

“Remember, you have five flasks of fuel. Make them last as long as you can. Your other supplies should aid in keeping him silent.”


Edward took a deep breath, forcing himself to his feet before giving his boys a grin going to help them.

Over the course of that first day, he and his children built their fire pit and set about trying to get their tent pitched…

Mostly, Wilson trying to read off the instructions Emmett had jotted down as it was his tent they were borrowing.

“Did you put THIS stick in?” Wilson called.

“Which stick?”

“It just says this stick!”

Edward turned to say something only for a small lump in the tent fabric to pop up, giggling. He grinned before trying to grab Albert, only for him to crawl away giggling.

“C’mere you!”

“You can’t get me, you can’t get me!”

Wilson shrugged and kept reading off the directions. Somehow, between the two fooling around and Edward needing to take a break (and to look at the instructions himself to find it did in fact say what Wilson said.) the tent was up and usable.

The boys were too exhausted to fish that night, so Edward was silently relieved night fishing was not on that night’s itinerary. They had packed some food as well that Edward heated over the fire.

Edward was content to have his boys cuddled up to his side, both burrowing their faces into his shirt. They were exhausted and just relieved their father had been himself again. Playing, talking the day away, singing…

This was the Edward they knew.

Mean Daddy isn’t real… Wilson thought with a little yawn. This is our Daddy.

Albert grasped onto part of Edward’s shirt, nuzzling against his side.

It’s our daddy… Our Father.

Edward was humming softly… A song both children knew.  A mix of both songs that Edward had created for them when they were born.

The Scientific Symphony for Wilson.

The Sonata of Light for Albert.

Hearing them together was always comforting and soothing. One of the few ways Edward could get them both to sleep.

Edward closed his eyes feeling a sense of peace. This was a moment that no one could steal from him. This was a moment no one could interrupt.

A crackling fire, casting warmth and light over them. His children drifting off on either side of him and his head was clear. If only for a moment.

He could pretend for a moment this was just a normal camping trip. That when they got home, things could go back to normal.

Pretend that there wasn’t something lurking in the shadows, waiting to take him over.

day 2 - cat person

Halloween wasn’t something Adrien got to truly celebrate as a kid.

Sure, he was at his mother’s costume parties, but those weren’t really for kids like him or Chloé. Even now, his father had forbidden him from going to the Halloween party his classmates were throwing.

Which was why he was thrilled when Ladybug agreed to his idea of wearing costumes during patrol.

“Really?!” Chat said, leaning closer to Ladybug in his excitement. She blinked before pushing him back with a finger on his nose.

“Yes, really,” she replied, clearly amused. “But nothing that would get in the way of patrol, okay?”

On Halloween night, Adrien was in his room, eagerly counting the seconds until patrol, when a giant, clawed hand made of shadows rose from the floor and pulled him under.

He didn’t know where he ended up, exactly. It was underground, the only light from fires flickering from the tops of marble pillars. Ghostly eyes peeked out from the darkness, distant howls and much closer growls echoing around them.

Them because Adrien realized he wasn’t the only one in this strange space.

The rest of his classmates were here, along with most of students at his school, decked out in spooky costumes for the party. Nino had already spotted him, vampire cape sweeping behind him as they quickly made their way to each other.

“Adrien! Are you okay?” Nino asked after taking out his fake fangs.

“I’m fine,” Adrien assured him. They bumped fists, finding comfort just in standing next to each other. “How about you?”

“I’ll be better once we’re out of this crazy place,” said Nino. “Seriously, where is this?”

“No idea…”

Adrien looked around, hoping for more clues. It had to be an akuma’s work, but why target the students at their school?

That was when he spotted Ladybug climbing to the top of a nearby wooden platform and nearly forgot to breathe, his hand clasping Nino’s shoulder just to steady himself.

There were fake cat ears perched on the top of her head. Even in the dim light, Adrien could see her blackened nose and the parallel streaks of face paint that were meant to be whiskers.

Ladybug’s pure, unfiltered cuteness was without rival and also going to be the death of him one day.

“I dunno, man, I think we better worry about this place first,” Nino snickered, and Adrien realized he said all that out loud.

It was almost a relief when the akuma appeared behind Ladybug in a burst of smoke.
Don't Starve, Osomatsu-san Chapter 1: Prologue, a Don't Starve + Mr. Osomatsu/おそ松さん Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Yeah, so if you are interested to see how Matsuno brothers suffer in the wilderness trying to survive, check this out.

It’s a story what happens when Matsuno sextuplets end up in the world of Don’t Starve. You don’t need to know anything from Don’t Strave to understand the story.

A little chat

A little story exploring Charlie as her Triumphant self. This is a stand-alone, although I might turn this into a larger story.

“So Mr. Higgsbury, what’s your next question?” He looked dubiously at her and a little wary. Wilson might lack common sense in everyday life but he knew to fear her.


“Are you certain, your Majesty? My last question greatly displeased you.” He fidgeted with his fingers. “And while I’m curious, I’m also afraid for my life. Since you could kill me again and all that and I wouldn’t be able to stop you.”

She allowed a small smirk. At least he was honest. More astute than she had anticipated and would have liked, as well, but she had been the one to make the offer (demand) that he satisfy his curiosity so he would believe her about her intentions.

“I won’t go back on my word. But I have only so much time for this audience before I have to return to the Constant, as lovely our conversation here is. And I love spending time in my garden.”

Keep reading

Down in the Underground

Down in the Underground

He could hardly wait to see her face when she saw their new home. It had taken a few weeks of work, from mapping out the area, to finding a place that would allow adequate light from above to trail in.

But it was done.

Their ceremony had been a fast affair, all too eager to finally seal the deal as it were.  

Andrea’s hand was held securely in his as he lead her down. Once they had gotten closer he had her close her eyes.

“You’re not peeking, right?”

“Robbie! Come now, you trust me right?”

Robert chuckled, squeezing her hand.

“I trust you. I don’t trust Sebastian.”

“WELL, NOW I’M WOUNDED!” His voice echoed from the shadows. Robert and Andrea laughed.

Robert fell quiet, leading her along until he arrived at their destination.

“Okay… Now!”

Andrea opened her eyes, a surprised look coming to them. It was a base like nothing she had ever seen before.

In the center was a house that resembled the one she had above ground. She could see light flowers curling like vines around it, illuminating it.

She looked upward, seeing it was also nestled in an area where natural light flowed in.


“That’s not all.” Robert grinned, leading her around to the back of the house. “Ta-da!”

There was a massive herb and flower garden in the back, forming a circle around a moon dial that looked as if it was carved out of moonlight with how it shone.

Large crystal geodes surrounded it as well, giving off their own faint glow.

“A proper moon dial for your moon scrying… A-And a proper circle garden to cast in. D-Do you like it?” Robert asked, a nervous look coming to his eyes. Andrea had her back to him, taking everything in.

Andrea turned to him, an overjoyed look in her eyes. She squealed, tackling him, hugging him tightly. Robert was surprised before he let out a laugh.

“I take it that’s a yes?” He asked as she peppered his head with kisses.

“THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!” She laughed, nuzzling him.

Robert held his wife close, resting his head against hers.

“I’m so glad you like it my love. I just want you happy.”

“And I am. So very happy.”

“YA DID GOOD BROTHER IN LAW!” Sebastian screeched.

“And something for you.” Robert had a mischievous look as he reached over, uncovering a small stone den in the cave floor.

Sebastian scuttled over, looking at it.


“I mean I could just plant things-”

“IT’S MA HOLE.” Sebastian scurried in.

“I mean, now you can keep around when I have candles and stuff going without getting hurt by the lights.” Andrea pointed out with a giggle. Sebastian poked his nose out of the hole.

“It’sssss cozy.”

I think we’re gonna be just fine.


“Alright, let’s see… That should do it.” Andrea sighed happily as she stirred the contents of the crockpot. “Robert’ll be starving when he gets back.”

“Ya mean more than usual?” Sebastian asked, swinging down from one of the rafters. Andrea poked his nose.

“Maybe. We’ll see. Mandrake soup’ll warm him up good though.”

“Ya, it better. After all the trouble that thing was!”


“Guuuuh shut up, shut up!!!”

The siblings shuddered as Andrea stirred the pot a big more vigorously as if to ensure the strange plant creature was truly dead.

Let’s see… This should be fine to go for awhile.

She looked out the kitchen window into her garden, taking a second look when she noted some of the herbs had been disturbed.

… That’s not normal.


He swung down next to the window, peering out.

“I ssseee disturbed stuff.”

“And Robert’s not the type to go through my garden without explicitly asking me if he can snip down one of the plants.”

“… I scream?”

“No scream. We sneak.”

Sebastian dropped from his perch, hissing as he scurried after his sister.

“You never let me have any fuuun!”

“Brother, contrary to what you believe, you are not a good alarm clock.”

They quietly crept out, Andrea with a spear in hand, Sebastian darting through the shadows. Andrea looked around, taking note of some tracks in the dirt.

They look… insectoid…  Great, we got big  bugs. As usual.

Nothing looked as disturbed as she thought. A few herbs snipped down but that was about it.


Her eyes narrowed as she made her way for her moon dial, noting the water level had gone down as well.

Whatever was here, was sneaky.  Not a spider. Spiders are too dumb for this and they’re purely carnivorous.

Andrea kept scanning the area, keeping as quiet as possible, listening for any off sounds… That’s when she heard it. It was the sound of scuttling footsteps. They sounded like the footsteps of a spider but… yet there was a slight difference. A light scratching of claws.

She let her ears guide her to the source, seeing a shape walking around in the dark, their white eyes having a slight glow to them. Now she was certain it wasn’t a spider since there were only two eyes and not the eight eyes spiders were known for, not to mention these eyes were more human shaped and were set higher on whatever the creature was in the darkness.

She narrowed her eyes, gripping her spear tightly, taking a defensive stance.

“Sebastian, be a dear and bring ‘em into the light.”

Sebastian disappeared from her view before slinking into the shadows following the creature.


The creature gave a scream of their own, scuttling faster, trying to get away as Sebastian gave chase. He had to dodge a few hits from their own weapon before the creature came into the dim light of the light flowers.

Andrea’s eyes widened at the sight of the creature. It was a human bug hybrid like creature. The top half was humanoid while the bottom half resembled that of a scorpion. They were red and tan in color and wore a pale green cloak along with a gold headpiece and were wielding a spear that was made of an odd stone.

“What the…?” She shook it off. “Who are you!? What are you doing in my camp?”

The creature stared back her, tilting their head. They spoke but Andrea couldn’t understand them. The dialect wasn’t any language she had heard before. Though from the tone of the creature’s voice they sounded a little scared.

“Easy, easy…” She hesitated before going a bit closer. “Can you understand me?”

The creature stared on, seeming to try and process what Andrea was saying and gave her a confused expression in response.

Andrea hummed in thought before snapping her fingers as she recalled a spell she had read once.

I remember Melinda used it a lot when traversing the human world. Should work here too.

She focused as she conjured up a string of energy as it came around them both, chanting in an old language. When it was done the string faded away.

“Can you understand me now?”

The creature blinked before nodding.

“Y-Yes-” They brought a hand to their throat. “What… is this tongue I am speaking?”

“English. It’s the tongue my people speak as well as my husband. What was yours?” Andrea asked with a head tilt of her own.


“Hm… I’ve not heard of that one.”

“I have never heard of English before either.” The creature came closer. “What are you exactly?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I’m a Shadow Being.”

“Shadow Being… So strange.” The creature looked closer. “Why are your ears so far out?”

Andrea flicked her ears a little.

“They’re just like that. May I ask what you are too?”

“I am a Thulecitian.” The creature answered. “The dwellers of the underground.”

“Fascinating. So, you’re the little sneak who’s been taking from my garden.”

“I needed water… and those herbs tasted yummy.”

Andrea took note of how they sounded, her gaze softening.

Must be just a kid… not worth being mad over, Besides, this is definitely interesting.

“I-I promise I won’t steal again. I-I’ll make it up to you.” The Thulecitian bowed. “O-On my apprentice’s honor.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Andrea held up a hand. “No need to bow. Just ask if you need something. I don’t mind sharing now that I know you weren’t causing trouble. What’s your name, young one?”


“Well, Laika, my name’s Andrea… and sorry for scaring you earlier.”

“That creepy thing was yours?”


Laika shrieked, backing away and pointing their spear at Sebastian.

“S-Stay back fiend!”

Sebastian gave an unimpressed look.

“Oh, that’s real polite. Reeeaaal nice. Hmph!”

“Easy now.” Andrea grabbed her spear, making her point it away. “That’s my brother.”

Laika’s jaw dropped.

“THAT is related to YOU?”

“It’s a looong story.”


Laika blinked.

“You mean… You used to be a Shadow Being?”


“Oh…” Laika frowned. “I see… So even beings like you are susceptible to such a mutation.”

“King Maxwell doesn’t like us very much. Namely my brother here. He used to work for him along with his former archivist.” Andrea explained. “The details aren’t ours to tell but… it wasn’t pretty.”

“I let my anger get a hold of me.” Sebastian bowed a little. “Sorry kid!”

“I-It’s okay…” Laika looked to Andrea. “I w-will make things up though. I promise.”

“Hm… Well, if you do wanna help, know where I can get some cave bananas? Robbie found some a few days ago but someone…” She looked to Sebastian. “Ate them all.”

“Oh, I can find them! And hunt some splumonkeys!”

“I’ll pay you in a good meal of Mandrake Soup. Deal?”


Laika scurried off without another word. Sebastian looked to Andrea.


“Indeed, but honestly I think he’ll be happy to know we have nice neighbors.”


“Andrea! I’m home!” Robert called as he came in from his long trip of scavenging for materials around the caves.

“Welcome home love!” Andrea grinned hurrying over to help him unpack. “Find anything interesting?”

“You just want first dibs on the crystals.”

“Maybe~” She gave a sneaky look before he pulled her into an embrace. “Eeep!”

“C’mere you!” He chuckled, kissing her head. “Missed you. What’ve you been up to?”

“Weeell…” She grinned sheepishly. “I met the neighbors.”

“… Eh?”

Andrea nodded.

“A being called a Thulecitian. Young one too. She was scrounging around the garden. Took a minute to understand her but she offered to make up for the stealing.”

“Huh… Intriguing. What did they look like?”

Andrea conjured up shadow flames that took the shape of Laika as Robert’s eyes grew wide.

“Fascinating. Do you know if she’ll be back?”

“I sent them on a little errand so, soon probably. She got happy at the idea of hunting splumonkeys.”

Robert grimaced.

“I don’t blame her.”

“So, we shall see. For now, how does mandrake soup sound?”

Robert’s stomach growled.

“Sounds wonderful.”

“Right this way then.”

Andrea lead Robert out back, quickly getting him a serving before getting her own and sitting down with him. They ate in silence, enjoying the food. They soon heard the scuttling of footsteps.

“Andrea! I’m back!”

Andrea smiled as she saw Laika approach, a sack slung over her back.

Laika grinned back before curiosity came to her face at the sight of Robert.

“Who is this?” she asked, pointing her spear at Robert.

Robert yelped, grabbing for his wrench.

“This is my husband!” Andrea quickly got up. “Robert, this is Laika. Laika this is Robert.”

“Your ears…” Laika tilted her head. “… They’re so tiny.”

Robert rubbed one of his ears unconsciously.

“Honestly, they’re considered big for some humans.”

Laika blinked.

“Hoo… mon?”

“Yes. That’s what I am, a human being.”

“Hoomon being… I thought there were just Shadow Beings up there.”

Robert smiled, giving a sheepish look.

“I’m not exactly local.”

Laika’s eyes grew wide.

“Are… you from another world?”

Robert grinned, giving a bow as he stood.

“Robert Wagstaff of Earth.”

“Wow!” Laika was in awe of the man. “I… I have so many questions. Oh, wait till I tell my chief. He’ll be amazed to know about other beings living down here!”

There’s more?

Robert smiled gently.

“Actually… if you’d be willing, I’d love to see where you’re from. It’s my current task to map out these caves and make note of what lives down here. I’d love to know more if I may?”

“I’ll talk to my chief but I don’t think he’d mind.”

“Then we have ourselves a deal.” Robert held out a hand.

Laika nodded, giving his hand a shake.

“Indeed we do, Robert Wagstaff of Earth.”

He smiled.

“Please, just Robert, Ms. Laika.”

“Hee okay!”

“And as promised, I got food waiting for you Laika. If your still interested.”

Laika’s stomach growled as she grinned sheepishly, showing her pointed teeth.


“Ah, rule number one broken!” Robert laughed.

“Rule one?” She asked with a head tilt.

“Don’t starve!”


*Deeeeep breath*


That is all.

À la Claire Fontaine - Chapter 7: A Type of Hunger  | Archive of Our Own
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Wilson grapples with his slipping sanity while trying to come up with a way to save his companion. When he has to seek the assistance of an enemy, the scientist finds facing the possibility of paying a price greater than he is capable.

Inspired by one of the last Steven Universe episodes. Also yes, Shuri is inspired by Black Panther’s Shuri, looks like tiny Shuri, and even has her hair a bit like her. Albert is @quoth143‘s OC and has just received some disturbing if necessary information.

The Constant, its connected realms, and the nonsense existing within continue to exasperate, terrify, and annoy. The most recent escapade somehow topped them all.

How did one lose their entire identity and wake up with a different one?


“… and that when I regained my memories.” Wilson finished. Once his words had picked up speed, he had let his hands fidget, too caught up to try still them. Even now he was wringing them as he waited for Albert’s reaction (who was smiling). Shuri, exhausted from all the running, had fallen asleep against his side, snoring quietly. Her tiny hands were gripping his coat and he was loath to stand up and pace or do anything else that would wake the little angel.

At least Albert was still smiling, so despite the bad news, that was… good?

“You’re taking this pretty well.” Wilson smiled uncertainly back, hands itching to check his brother for injuries. They had lost sight of each other for hours. Albert could take care of himself, could defend himself - but as Rosa had put it, Wilson would always be a worrier. And given they had no idea in which realm they had landed now, plus the loss of their memories while simultaneously having foreign memories making them and everybody else believe they had always lived in this city?

“Sure I am.” Um, okay. He really wasn’t the best at reading a people - read: he could read almost nothing - but even he thought that Albert’s smile seemed… stiff? Like the way he stood up, a bit too white in the face. “I just need to do something for a moment.”

He turned around and climbed the stairs up to the fountain, disturbing a few crows on the way.

“Um, what are you doing?” Wilson reached an arm into his direction. Okay, this was weird, he probably had to wake Shuri or pick her up to check on him as Albert knelt at the fountain and bent over-

And dunked his face right into the water. Bubbles instantly streamed up with the sound of muffled screeching that sent the remaining birds fleeing.

“What is Mr. Albert doing?” Shuri scrubbed over her eyes, her black hair, puffy from the rain, surrounding her head like a halo. Wilson shifted her so she was seated securely on his hip. “Uhhh, I think he’s venting a bit? He had a long… week. Or rather, month.” Memories catching up to him that now looked differently with the new context and information Wilson had shared. He could relate.

Still- He strode up to his brother to make sure his brother didn’t drown himself in frustration (or inhale something from that water - no way it was clean with that many pigeons around), no matter how relatable the feeling was.

Wilson already had to deal with one of his family having a near-death-experience, and that was one time too many, thank you very much.

Tir Na Nog

Tir Na Nog

William had always enjoyed rain. He loved the sound of it, he loved the way it seemed to clean the Earth and rejuvenate it.

He had fond memories of sneaking out and running out in the middle of storms, much to Jack and Milo’s chagrin when they caught him.

So worth it. He chuckled, looking back on it. He was heading back to his and Wes’ tent at the circus when it had begun to rain. He didn’t mind it though, taking his time to enjoy the chill and the energy in the air.

A good cleansing rain… Nothing more beautiful.

Well… I can’t say entirely nothing more beautiful.

He glanced over to Charlie’s tent.

Maybe I could go visit her before turning in. Besides, if I catch a cold, Jack is going to give me heck.

He nodded to himself, hurrying for Charlie’s tent.

“Charlie? You in?”


Thunder boomed overhead as Charlie shrieked a little. William’s eyes grew wide before hurrying in, looking around for her.

“Charlie!? Are you alright?”

Charlie was ducked under her cot, her arms folded over her head, shaking like crazy.

William frowned, kneeling to her level.

“What’s wrong?”

“I hate storms.” She whimpered keeping her eyes closed tightly. “They’re awful!”

Oh Charlie…

“I had no idea…”

“It’s embarrassing… I can’t even function when it’s like this.” She sniffled, tears running down her face. She yelped as another thunderclap resounded overhead.

William looked up before getting an idea. He grabbed the blanket off her cot, sitting on the ground with her.

“Hey, I have an idea. You ever build a blanket fort as a kid?”

“W-With my sisters…” She wiped at her eyes a little. “Why?”

“Give me a few minutes.”

There was a glint of mischief in his eyes as he got to work using the table and chairs she had as well. Before long there was a small tent within the tent big enough for two.

Charlie giggled a bit.

“You goof.”

“I know it won’t deafen the noise completely but it can help.” He lifted up the flap of the fort, making a wide gesture. “Ladies first.”

Charlie climbed out from under her cot, jumping a bit as more thunder was heard rushing right inside.

William crawled in after her, offering an arm to her. She huddled close to him, clinging to his suit jacket.

“I got you.”

Charlie nodded, closing her eyes tightly. William frowned, stroking her back gently. She was still trembling, her grip on him tightening.

“Sorry… I just… I hate weather like this.”

“It’s okay.” He nuzzled her gently. “It’s fine Charlie. We all have our fears.”

She sighed shakily, returning the gesture. She had always hated this kind of weather. It reminded her of power being knocked out. Of everything being dark and unrecognizable. Of lightning flashes being the only way to tell what was lurking outside.

I just… I just try to hide it so badly.

William kept her close, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping it around her. She huddled against his side, keeping her face hidden.



“You want me to make some noise of my own? T-To try to drown out the thunder I mean.”


William nodded before starting to hum, the sound building before he started to sing softly.

Charlie looked up a bit surprised. She had heard him humming plenty of times but… this was a first.

“Come my love our worlds will part, the gods will guide us across the dark. Come with me and be mine my love, stay and break my heart.”

Charlie smiled a little, as he grinned down at her.

“From the shores, through the ancient mist, you bear the mark of my elven kiss.” He smirked kissing her head as she giggled a bit. “Clear the way, I will take you home, to eternal bliss.”

He continued to sing on, the volume building and mixing with the noise outside. Soon, the only thing she could focus on was the sound of his voice and the words he spoke.

Of a magical realm, of a place that no one could cross normally.

“Tir Na Nog, oh! Come beyond the ancient fog! Tir Na Nog, oh! Come with me to Tir Na Nog!!!”

Charlie sighed happily, huddling closer to him, taking in his warmth, the outside world not seeming to exist any longer. The thunder nothing compared to William’s voice.

“Tir Na Nog… Sounds like a wonderful place.” she whispered.

William smiled softly.

“The home for the fae. The realm that lies beyond the veil… At least, I like to think so.” He chuckled. “A place where life just always goes on. Ever changing but ever magical all the same.”

“It sounds like it.” She huddled close to him, sighing happily.

William stroked her back, resting his head against hers.

“Feel better?”

“Much better.”  Charlie closed her eyes, slumping a little against him. “So much better. Thank you.”

William smiled softly nuzzling her.

“Anything for my fairy queen.”

She giggled, hugging him.

“You really did help though. I’m really glad you stopped by.”

“I am too. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a stormy afternoon than with you.”

And if I must, I’ll take you away to Tir Na Nog even for a time to make the world outside vanish.

As long as you’re happy.


I was listening to Celtic Women while I was writing this and decided to write something to it.