don't even tell me I have no skill


Imagine this tho.
This AU gives me determination life.

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I had a horrid customer today who really confused me! She was smiling, asked for my full name which I said I didn't feel comfortable telling her and asked why, she said she wanted to complain about me, but still smiling! But then she tired to take my photo and she really freaked me out! The thing is I didnt do anything wrong! She didn't have the correct ID so came back with correct ID and I served her and all was fine up until then! I just cried so much I don't know if she even took my photo🍉🐝

i have this oc but he is an extremely self-indulgent self-insert so I’m horrified by the idea of sharing stuff about him but at the same time I can’t handle keeping it to myself. Like usual in such moments I wish I could clone myself just to talk about it or roleplay some stuff with no fear of getting shamed, or embarrassment. WHY DO I HAVE NO CHILL.

i can’t even draw him again because my skills aren’t sufficient lol

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Heck! I'm a socially awkward child forgive me,,, I just wanted to tell you that honestly you're??? So sweet??? And your art skills are just!!! Fabulous and all of your AUs make me so happy!! HeCK!!! And I'm so glad to have found someone that loves Burr as much as me hec k, don't stress yourself out too much love!!! And if you can; get some rest :^0 also!! Question; who do you ship with Burr? Because I'd love to make fanart for you!! Even possibly Gremlin!Burr fanart? Heck!! Ily!! Aaa,

Aaaaah Thank you so much!!! :’D

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Hey, have you ever imagined any of the DHMIS characters waking up one day turned into a human?

Well, since I do have humanizations of the main teachers, here goes… Also, they all woke up with their default outfits because reasons.

First off we have Sketch who’s rather enthusiastic about it. She sees it as a new opportunity for creative expression, but she might get a bit carried away.

Then we have Tony who’s in utter disbelief. He can’t believe a clock turning human is even possible. A total skeptic he is.

Shrignold’s rather enthralled about it though, and hopes this will help him get a special one much quicker.

And then there’s Colin. He “checked for authenticity” and then proceeded to tell everyone, leaving out no details. Yeah, his social skills need some work here.

The food teachers on the other hand are full of uncertainty with their discovery. A lot of awkwardness and concern from this lot.

And then finally we have Larry. We can only assume that he’s chill with it.

Hi there, Daril!
When I draw I use Paint Tool SAI. I mostly use the pen, the ink pen, and the water tools.

I don’t really have a technique, I just follow my instinct and I vary my style depending on what I want to obtain. I usually doodle the idea, draw the lineart on another layer and add the colors + shading on another layer. I‘d make a tutorial if I had the time to. ;w; Sorry, I hope this answered your question! Thank you for your kind words! Have a nice day!

I… thank you I guess (sweats) ily2


On another note: I received some other messages asking me to give tips about coloring/shading and i’m really sorry I haven’t had the chance to reply to them. I’ve been very very busy and I don’t have time to make a tutorial. I’m very sorry. ;_; (also I’m very insecure about my coloring skills, so I don’t even know what tips to give haha! Maybe one day I’ll make one)
As always thank you for your support, it gives me a lot of courage and I’m always happy to receive your sweet asks. Some tags really make my day, too! 
Thank you and have a nice day~

(*´  >`) ♥ (・`L ´・ *)

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You sure you want to be popping up on my front page? Tumblr telling me to ask your a question? Well here's a question. Why are you so shitty? You're fucking awful. I guarantee my fanfiction is way better than yours solely because of the fact that you show your disgusting face. I have a face too. Big whoop. Really special, right? I don't flaunt mine around. If I'm flaunting around anything, it's obviously my skills with fanfiction and art. Hell, I doubt you even make fanfiction. Fuck off.

Haha this was my favourite of the “WHO ARE YOU, YOU SUCK” messages you get when EVERYONE ON TUMBLR is invited to ask you a question!  But I wanna give you a real answer even if you just wanted to sass a stranger (and his… face?) on the internet.  Let’s talk about fan fiction!  

Fan fiction happens when someone says “I like a thing and I’m gonna do something with that thing” - writing your own story, drawing your own comic, whatever - even though that thing is not a thing you created.  And it’s a great way to write!  You get to do character work: and more importantly, your character work can be WRONG, since everyone knows who the characters are SUPPOSED to be, so you have to get good at it fast.

I think fan fiction often gets looked down on by people (though not by you; yours is the first “pfft, who are you?  I bet you don’t even write FAN FICTION” message I’ve ever seen, and that’s amazing).  And fanfic getting a bad rap is too bad, because writing is writing, and fanfic doesn’t change that.

You could also make the argument that doing a licensed comic (like I’ve done with the Adventure Time comics) is writing fan fiction, since you’re playing with characters that aren’t yours and which you didn’t create.  I think there’s some important differences: you have an editor, you have corporate stakeholders that have ideas of what they want this thing to look like, you have access to behind-the-scenes information the general public doesn’t know about yet, and you enjoy at least a quasi-canonicity status - but if you were to point at a licensed comic I wrote and say “that’s fan fiction” I wouldn’t say “NUH-UH”, mainly because I don’t see “fan fiction” as an dirty word.

Heck, carrying that reasoning along you could say every Batman writer is just writing fan fiction - since it’s all based on the work of previous Batman writers, right?  You can take it even further and look at literary inspirations and say “wow, The Lion King is just furry Hamlet fanfic”.  And sure, go nuts!  I’m not sure what that gains you, but I can at least see where you’re coming from.

Anyway!  This is all to say, I CAN make fan fiction - there’s some Star Trek TNG stories I wrote as a teenager that thankfully are LONG LOST - and I wish you the best of luck with your *checks your blog* …drawings of Undertale characters wearing giant diapers.

NW and GA walk into a bar
  • GA: I don't know, I just...
  • GA: I just end up using Entangle all the time, and now I'm all out of the seeds for it
  • GA: How am I even going to survive in PvP anymore?
  • NW: OK so girl lemme tell you what, here's a deal
  • NW: You give me all the rights to your Humming Wind, and I'll supply you with 6 months supply of my Binding Seed.
  • GA: I don't know, I don't really have a skill that makes distance like that...
  • NW: Let's make it 1 year.
  • GA: B-but... it's a good skill...
  • NW: 2 years.
  • GA: ...
  • NW: 2 years and 6 months, and I'm not going any higher.
  • GA: Deal.

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Hello! I am a 17 year old, female high school student, who has had a love for physics since middle school. The catch is - I'm not particularly good at math, and have been questioning my path in the STEM field because of it, but your blog reminds me of my love for it and inspires me to continue on - even if the experience is difficult and arduous. So, Thank you! (You don't have to respond to this. I just simply wanted to tell you that this blog means a lot to me!)

Just keep working hard! I believe everyone has a malleable mindset, meaning you aren’t intrinsically good or bad at a skill. Mathematics is a skill, just like playing an instrument or running. No one can pick up a guitar and instantly play it. No one can start running and keep up a good pace over long distances.

So many people struggle in math, accept that they can’t do it, and give up for the rest of their lives. I really believe you can do it. It’ll be hard, but you can do it.

  • Me: he's just so perfect you know. like, he's always walking around with that damn lip ring looking so good. that blonde hair that is unpredictable ;) because you will never know if it will be quiffed or flat. *sobs* and it hurts because he's so aldjfhks. i always tell him, 'hey luke, fight me' but he doesn't even look my way. he always disrepects me too it's just like, what have i done? and don't even get me started on his voice and guitar skills. *sigh* idk, what should i do?
  • therapist: .......yeah, i can't help you.

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Hi! I'm a 16 year old girl and I need your help. I think I may have ADD. But I'm afraid to tell my mum or a doctor because I fear being put off as a liar who just seeks attention. Maybe I don't even show enough symptoms to see a doctor. Could you give me some information on ADD and at what point it would be clever to see a doctor ? Or maybe some tips on how to boost my concentration for a start ? Thank you! <3

Attention Deficit Disorder manifests itself in symptoms like difficulty paying attention or focusing, struggling to complete tasks, poor listening skills, and extreme distractibility. This differs essentially from ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in the sense that ADHD has a element of restlessness or the inability to stay still. When people with ADD lose their attention, they may just enter a dissociative state. If you feel like you show these symptoms, try sitting your parents down and presenting them in a direct, concise way. Another option would be to seek professional help on your own - there are often free services at your school or local youth center.  Most of these are confidential.

  • radio host: iggy give us a lil freestyle
  • iggy: ...
  • iggy: *clears throat* aight
  • iggy: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

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Do you think there is less work out there for artists who don't have a very painterly style/more cartoony style? I'm worried I won't get anywhere with my art because of this

Nope and I’ll tell you why

Walt Disney was a real person and lots of people didn’t think he’d be an animator.

The Internet is full of art people will pay for. example, my art isn’t very realistic, but people still pay me for it.

Webcomics are a thing. Like a huge thing, actually and your art doesn’t even have to be flawless you just have to tell an interesting story.

Literally everything has been touch by some kind of artist.

If you’re worried about your skill set then just remember with some practice and time you can expand it.

I’m not a professional, so I don’t know all the nitty gritty stuff, but I do know that there’s definitely hope.