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a peek into the instagram of Jason Todd, when he’s not blatantly flaunting his Red Hood alter ego: or, loner boy is not as alone as he likes to think.

chucked this one together a) because I have no self control and b) as a thank you gift for the warm reception of Dick’s version! and, again, if this one goes over well, I’ll do even more. p.s. yes, that is a first edition copy of Pride & Prejudice.

p.p.s. there was gonna be a tim insta but the photoset limit cut me off. message/ask me if you want to see the tim bonus!

What went down in Guitar Villain
  • Jagged Stone: *plays a hauntingly relaxing bass line*
  • Bob: that wasn't haunting, relaxing, or a bass line
  • Jagged Stone: who the f**k asked you
  • Bob: you did
  • Jagged Stone: remind me who you are
  • Penny: he's your producer, remember?
  • Jagged Stone: what about you?
  • Penny: I'm your assistant
  • Jagged Stone: why am I hanging out with minor characters
  • Bob: because your career is dependent on us
  • Jagged Stone: oh yeah you're right
  • Bob: and your career also depends on you changing your style
  • Jagged Stone: yeah f**k that
  • Penny: remember, you can't say f**k on a kids' show
  • Jagged Stone: why would kids be watching right now
  • Jagged Stone: kids watch this show for the superheroes, not the business meetings
  • Jagged Stone: and none of the characters they care about are even on screen
  • Bob: but if you'd just listen to me, I have a killer plan to make them care about you
  • Jagged Stone: really? because I'm not seeing how I could be any more cool than this
  • Bob: ok, so here's my plan
  • Bob: you watch the interview with XY, he insults you, you get mad, you get akumatized, BAM, people care about you
  • Jagged Stone: I'm not sure about that
  • Jagged Stone: here's an idea
  • Jagged Stone: I get a middle schooler to design new album artwork for me
  • Bob: okay, and...
  • Jagged Stone: that's it
  • Jagged Stone: pretty good plan, huh?
  • Bob: not much of a plan
  • Penny: that's just why it might work!
  • Bob: no, that's the opposite of how plans work
  • Penny: oh
  • Jagged Stone: hey Marinette, come design my album artwork in one day for free
  • Marinette: ok so imma photoshop your face onto the Mona Lisa
  • Jagged Stone: I was hoping for something a bit cooler
  • Marinette: then pay me and give me two weeks
  • Jagged Stone: ok screw this, let's go with Bob's plan
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, spots on!
  • Hawkmoth: that's not the command
  • Jagged Stone: Hawkmoth, claws out?
  • Hawkmoth: no it's "dark wings, rise"
  • Jagged Stone: that's stupid
  • Hawkmoth: I know, I tried to get Nooroo to change it but he wouldn't
  • Jagged Stone: just give me my superpowers already
  • Hawkmoth: ok here you go
  • Guitar Villain: aww I wanted to be that cool fire guitar guy from Mad Max
  • Hawkmoth: ok can do
  • Hawkmoth: pay me and give me two weeks
  • Guitar Villain: ...fine, this transformation is satisfactory
  • Hawkmoth: oh and you've got a dragon
  • Guitar Villain: F**K YES
  • Penny: pls don't say f**k
  • Guitar Villain: oops sorry
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's fight the dragon
  • Chat Noir: OMG IT'S SO FLUFFY
  • Ladybug: it is decidedly not fluffy
  • Chat Noir: I WANNA PET IT
  • Ladybug: but it's trying to kill you!
  • Chat Noir: I DON'T CARE
  • Fang: *wrecks him into a traffic light*
  • Chat Noir: ...ok now I care
  • Ladybug: let's go protect XY
  • XY: see the thing about music is that it's just a tool to get people to fall in love with you
  • XY: I don't care about music, I just like knowing that there are legions of teenagers dedicating their lives to following me without even the satisfaction of my acknowledgement of their existence
  • Ladybug: *picks up XY and holds him in the air*
  • Chat Noir: I thought we were supposed to be protecting him
  • Ladybug: and now we're protecting the rest of the world from him
  • Guitar Villain: thanks Ladybug!
  • Ladybug: no problem!
  • Guitar Villain: wanna help me throw this guy off the Eiffel Tower
  • Ladybug: let's not get ahead of ourselves
  • Ladybug: let's just take over his concert and show his fans some actual music
  • Guitar Villain: sounds like a plan
  • Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Guitar Villain: *rock out until the credits roll*

anonymous asked:

(I'm pretty sure I know one of the artists whose work you've reposted and it would be nice for her to get some credit. I'm not trying to come off as aggressive or rude, please don't take it the wrong way.)

what’s the post? i try to link stuff in the caption so if i missed smth jst lmk and i’ll fix it!


“Credit to the artist”
“Not my art”
“I found this on tumblr/twitter/the Internet”

Are NOT in any way substitutes for crediting, sourcing, or doing the proper thing and asking the artist’s permission.
If anything, that just makes you look like more of a dick.

Don’t repost without permission.

anonymous asked:

ok sorry just to go back to what you were saying about 21p... i don't think you give them enough credit.. like this whole 'they're fake deep and their lyrics are bland'.... one of mcr's biggest hits literally had the chorus 'i'm not okay'... like dont get me wrong i totally see where your coming from but u know... maybe ppl express their sadness in different ways and just bcos 21p are more direct doesn't take away any artistic integrity so ya...

Ok this is totally gonna be from a point of personal perception but to me when mcr uses phrases like that that tend toward the obvious and cliche it comes off as a sort of sarcastic embracing of the cliche like “I’m not okay” to me at least comes off as sort of saying ‘things have been so royally fucked for so long that I’ve given up on trying to explain or figure anything out I’m just gonna go with a good ol jaded sarcastic “I’m not o-fuckin-kay my dude” and leave it at that’ whereas 21p is like very seriously wiping their mascara tears away and saying ‘my brain is a battlefield’ as like the straightforward explanation with no irony which doesn’t really contain any meaning other than 'mental illness is my aesthetic right now.’ I’m not trying to tell you not to listen to 21p, like I said it is possible to assign your own meaning to their music and make it valuable that way, I’m just saying that I’ve stopped being able to do that now that I’ve stepped back and really looked at it critically

anonymous asked:

Hey, MOTI (MOI? Which one is it?). I have two things to say. First off: You guys are awesome! The Undertale the musical and Undertale Comic Dubs are amazing, and I loved all of your covers and the lyrical thing for DJ Octavio from Splatoon. Keep up the great work, and don't let anyone make you angry for being impatient fools who don't know how much time talent takes. Secondly: Did Shyner do all of the artwork for the musical, or were there more artists? As I said, keep up the good work, MO(T)I!

All the artists are credited in the video description and in the credits, which, granted, some people don’t read, as evidenced early on by “YOU STOLE THIS FROM PAPAYA MAKES A MIXING BOWL.”

- Alex

biancogold  asked:

Shit,cry about it why don't you ... I'll take it off damn.

while you’re at it.. how about you stop using other peoples intellectual property to promote your blog?

 how about you have some integrity?

like i don’t understand why you  bloggers do that shit to begin with, how you promoting yourself on a photo you didn’t take? wheres the logic? why do you think promoting your shitty blog is more important than giving credit to the artist who put in the work for that to exist? Like some people are actually out here putting in the work to create beautiful things to share and then there’s bloggers like you…

like pick up a fucking camera and take your own photos stop riding off the creativity of others for some followers and notes. 

anonymous asked:

It really makes me angry that people are using your art and taking credit for it. You're an amazing artist and you don't deserve all of these problems, and I hope you get it sorted out soon.

I don’t even care about that anymore (relatively) but it makes me angry that people try to make money off my art without my permission especially since that person threw a fit last time about how she didn’t mean being disrespectful or w/e and being a smartass about it and now she’s doing it AGAIN, hypocrisy much