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Sometimes I can’t believe the movie that moved me to the point of tears is based on this webcomic by Ju Ho Min with this art. 

One Punch Man Energy™

It’s been a long and hard day, Little One. You’ve been fired, your partner left you for someone else, your parents won’t talk to you, your grades in college are slipping slowly. I can see how much its gotten to you and I want to protect you. So I do.

From behind I lower my mouth over your head, much to my surprise (and delight) you don’t struggle against me. Just like many things, you slip down slowly, I make sure you can feel every caress, every pump of my body around yours as my embrace takes more of you in slowly.

With a final swallow you make my gut round and large, marked by your faint shape beneath. I could feel you within me, just how much you were hurt before.

I left you inside, not digesting but…holding you, tight and deep within the pit of my being and warmth. Come the 4th day I realized just how much I’d grown to enjoy you inside me. It’s been months and you still rest in my deep, as if you were my child I carry you with me, feed you, protect you. I can feel the cord connecting us now and I still feel you.

I love you, my Little One.

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Hello i hear you have a ghoulsona can i message you??? I love your art and wanna show you my ghoulsona and maybe talk and become frens??!!!!

YES! Please do!!!
Seeing peoples’ ghouls are such a delight, you don’t even need to ask permission! I love seeing everyone’s take on them, and the unique interpretations and details.

((Sorry for the slow replies!!! I’ve been swamped with school work and studying. I have another day off for fall break (that I’m trying to use to get ahead this week) but I’ll try and get inbox replies as well. I miss y'all!!!))


Just got back from seeing it and it was a delight. I don’t know how picky the critics are, but it was funny, tense, and thoroughly enjoyable, IMO. Go see it! Trailers make the Venom suit look weird, but it looked great on the big screen.

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🍌 - What drew you into the fandom in the first place?

For the longest time I watched Gotham on my own in quiet, private delight. I don’t usually engage in fandoms because often the more violently passionate people you get in a room together, the greater the chances of that thing you just think is neat can be dissected and flayed and fought over until you loose the sparkle you felt it once had, and that is upsetting to me. But there was something about Ed I both loved and hated with enough passion, I turned to my irl friend who also watched the show and already rped as Harley Quinn ( @thejokersjester ) saying “I’m thinking about making an Ed blog” and she not only said OMG DO IT but physically sat next to me while I built the blog to make sure I actually did, so this is all entirely her fault.  Despite all of my fears about fandoms being confirmed, I love this community, I love this show, I’ve been here for about a year and a half and I have no regrets. 

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Commissioner!Anya and the con-artists is also interesting. Because either she's too visible for them to use in the scheme, or (possibly more probably) she's in a position to catch them by posing as one of their possible 'Anastasias'. Which might lead to her getting her hands on the music box and coming to a Realisation.

Sorry for the delay in replies! I love the idea, and I had another anon comment on it so I’ll add a few more thoughts to that post, but the idea of Anya using herself as bait is so delightful.

 I don’t know how our street sweeper Gleb would be involved in that, unless desperation drove him to join the con; he might have morals but they tend to erode when someone offers you food, and he’s the only one who knows enough about Anastasia’s final months and eventual execution to help craft a believable lie of survival. Maybe he’s supposed to lie and say he helped her escape, because who would disagree with him? His father was the executioner and look how far Gleb has fallen; that would be explained if he was a secret monarchist.

So we have Vlad to teach her court manners, Gleb to teach her what an imprisoned princess acts like, and Dmitry to help fill in the gaps with lies, and a woman - all too perfect for the role - walks into their lives. Only deputy commissioner Anya can’t keep the lie up, because she knows these things. She was only supposed to stay with these conmen long enough to collect enough information to justify shooting them, but. It has gone on far too long, because she is learning things about herself.

And then she’s clutching Anastasia’s music box and offering to sell a diamond to get them to Paris, and it’s spiraled out of hand, a little, but they’re all going to escape together and maybe she won’t be betraying her new self by finding the old one. 

Obviously, things don’t go that smoothly, but it was a nice lie while she said it.

27 *drooling on page because of cheese fries!!*

OOC: Me too fam. Me too. You’re pretty great. Another person who’s new to my life. But has been such a great delight. Don’t change. And keep being hungry. Because I’m not gonna stop posting food anytime soon. *winks*

IC: “Uhh…who? I’ve literally never heard of this person before. WHO IS THIS?” Alex looks around.

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Garrus is my favorite too. He's the sweetest muffin. Talia is a very close second.

Garrus! Is! Delightful!  Don’t tell me anything about the plot because @vernalseason is really enjoying watching me curse at the Council a lot in my obliviousness, but LISTEN, I love this game, and I love Garrus.  Also: I want Joker to be my best friend.  He’s grumpy and snarky and clever and I want to be BEST FRIENDS with him because he’s an ASSHOLE and I’m PREDICTABLE.

I have a bunch of Paragon points because I’m nice to people…and about as many Renegade points because I keep getting in fights with the Council.  Nobody hurt themselves in their shock.