don x roger

Peter: It’s couples like you that give hope to the rest of us. Mr. Stark, you deserve the best and you found it. Captain Rogers, don’t you dare hurt him.

Steve: [chuckles] I won’t.

Bruce: [serious] Don’t laugh. He means it.

Steve: [stunned] Okay, I-I won’t.

Fury: Seriously, son, don’t hurt him.

Steve: Okay, I’m not planning on hurting him.

Pepper: You better not be.

Steve: [frustrated] I’m not!

Bucky: Hey, Stevie, you best watch yourself.

Steve: Why would any of you think I would hurt Tony? You’re all my friends too.

Rhodey: Nah.


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Rhodey: Your boyfriend’s been in the shower for 20 minutes. Of all the super soldiers you could’ve dated, you hook up with Dirty Mary? 

Tony: Honeybear, he’s a ‘40s era gay Catholic - he may never feel clean. 

[Tony meets Rhodey, Steve, and Bucky in the airport]

Tony: Rhodey’s friends are so good looking! He never told me this. I think, maybe I made the wrong choice? Picked wrong soldier? 

Rhodey: [covers Tony’s mouth] He can’t speak properly on zero sleep, he-he doesn’t know what he’s saying. 

[Rhodey, Bruce and Natasha try to find Tony a date]

Rhodey: [Trying to pick a date for Tony] Maya? 

Natasha: Married. 

Bruce: Tiberius? 

Rhodey: Committed. 

Bruce: Relationship? 

Rhodey: Bellevue. 

Natasha: Christine? 

Bruce: Tony’s her least favorite person in the world. 

Natasha: Well, she’s not getting any younger. 

Bruce: Barnes? Cap?

Natasha: [looks at Rhodey] Both?

Rhodey: [nods] Both.

[Rhodey becomes unbelievably and understandably jealous after seeing Tony and Steve kiss on television]

Rhodey: Just tell me, Tony, because I’m curious - why do you think he’s interested, huh? Do you think, for one minute, that he would even be WITH you if you weren’t the rich and famous Iron Man?

Pepper: [trying to intervene] Awww, you guys, please don’t fight…

Rhodey: Are you that blind?

Tony: At least he treats me like I’m somebody!

Rhodey: Yeah, well would he love you if you were nobody?

Tony: NOBODY loved me when I was nobody!

Rhodey: I DID!

Tony: Bucky kissed me!

Rhodey: What!

Tony: I’ve got to tell Steve. I can’t tell Steve! I didn’t even do anything wrong! Bucky kissed me; I didn’t even kiss him back! Okay, fine! I kissed him back! Is that what you want me to say?

Rhodey: I literally haven’t said a word for, like, over an hour.

Tony: And now he won’t even talk to me! ‘Cause I saw him this morning and he just panicked moon-walked away from me.

Rhodey: He what?

Tony: He does that sometimes. And then… Ha! Barnes just… He just… He just…

Rhodey: Kisses you.

Tony: Stupid Bucky Barnes!

Rhodey: How was it? Was it…?

Tony: I was like Scarlett O'Hara in my freaking curtain dress.

Rhodey: Yeah, but how did he do it?

Tony: He just, like, grabbed me. And he just took me. I mean, he was a man and I was a woman. It was firm, but tender.

Rhodey: Damn.

Tony: Yeah I saw through space and time for a minute but that’s not the point!

Rhodey: Oh, hey Cap, break his heart again this time, and I’ll kill ya. Nothing personal.

Steve: You are very protective of him, Rhodes. You always have been.

Rhodey: [snorts] Territoriality. He was mine first.

Steve: Oh, that was so cute.

[after Wanda’s spell, Tony thinks he and Steve are engaged]

Tony: I probably only escaped because I’m the arc reactor. Some kind of natural immunity. 

Rhodey: [sarcastically] Yeah, right, you’re marrying Cap because you’re so right for each other. 

Tony: Rhodey! 

Steve: That’s it, you’re off the usher list.

Tony: [thinking of Bucky and Steve] Do you think you can be in love with two people at the same time?

Rhodey: No, I don’t. However I did have the same intense feelings for both Sporty and Posh Spice.

Tony: Yeah, who didn’t?

Bucky: [on phone with Tony] Okay, Tony, thanks for checking in. Talk to you tomorrow? O-okay, bye.

Steve: He’s okay?

Bucky: Actually sounds like he’s doing pretty well.

Rhodey: I really think this is going to be for the best.

Steve: Me too. And he was able to take a sabbatical…

Bucky: [Yells and hits Steve with a cushion] How could you let him go?

[Rhodey finds the ringing burner phone Steve sent Tony]

Rhodey: You know, I consider myself a pretty good judge of people and that’s why I don’t like none of ‘em. But I liked you. In fact, I pushed Tony to get back together with you after y'all broke up. You just snuck right under my radar, man, and that just pisses me off.