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“I don’t mind [sharing an office]. I like Grant and he’s usually in D.C. Brings his dog in sometimes. Basset hound. Always looks very puzzled, just confounded. But working on it, you know? Just, everybody slow down and let me catch up, ‘cause I’m down here.


What does your otp for fun ? I know I had seen that before

Mad Men and it's Mad Women

Thanks to Netflix, I finished Season 5 of Mad Men in two days. Not even exaggerating. I invest more time in TV than I do in human relationships. Again, not exaggerating.

What an amazing season. I absolutely love the Mad Women on this show and need to take a moment to comment on their character development.

Love that Peggy’s first account as a copy chief is a cigarette company, just like Don’s first account on Mad Men (in the pilot). I hope to see Peggy rival Don as an advertising competitor for the same account in S6. Get it, girl! Was anyone just as sad to see Peggy go? Even though it was the right choice, it was hard to watch Peggy grow up.

Little Sally is slowly turning into her worst nightmare - her mother. In Season 5, Sally eavesdrops on Don and Megan’s argument after Betty tells Sally about Anna Draper.

If you call her, you’re giving her exactly what she wanted—-the thrill of having poisoned us fifty miles away. - Megan, in reference to Betty.

Sally then returns home and lies to her mother that Don and Megan only had good things to say about Anna Draper. The little lie tears Betty apart. Sally manipulated her mother the same way her mother manipulated her. Incestuous drama! This is probably the only series where an actor as young as Shipka gets exposed to social politics, blow jobs (??), and puberty.

I found Betty extremely un-relatable and uninteresting in Season 4. She was a mean, terrible mother and written in a complete 180 turn around that she was just unlikeable. Are you saying her only motivation for being a good mother and wife was Don? In Season 4, she was remarried, but still a BEEZE. She slapped Sally for cutting her hair? I mean, those emotional outbursts make for decent drama, but it also makes me despise Betty.

So, they made her fat in Season 5, which was….also kind of unbelievable, but an interesting take on her character. I never saw Betty as the type to let herself go, but apparently she is. I like that she substituted food with drama. Betty won’t rest until Don is unhappy. I think a very petty part of Betty believes that Don ruined her happiness and her perfect world, so he should be undeserving of happiness himself. I guess that will make her the ‘villain’ for Season 6.

Is everyone crazy about crazy Beth? I honestly would prefer to see more of Trudy than Beth, but I suppose weekly episodes of Community makes it hard to use Trudy. I’m not so interested in seeing Pete have an affair as I am interested to see him try to land an account and fail. I was always more intrigued by his relationship with his parents (or his mother), and how he deals with his privileged background and the effects of his last name/Trudy’s last name. Come on, classism—show me what you got.

Oh, Megan and Don are SO terrifyingly cute. I am afraid of anything going wrong, which means everything will go wrong. The moment I heard Don order his old fashion, I knew he was retracting into his old, cheating habits. I expect to see him cheat in Season 6, especially while Megan lands more and more gigs. Megan is a go-getter, and I don’t see her failing in her acting ambitions. Don will spend many nights alone while Megan’s career takes off.

That’s what happens when you help someone. They succeed and they move on. - Don Draper

It’s not just a reference to Peggy, it’s foreshadowing his relationship with Megan.

I can’t wait for Season 6!!!!!!!!!!!!