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They tell you how’ll it’ll all get better and better as you abstain and recover: they somehow omit to mention that the way it gets better and you get better is through pain. Not around pain, or in spite of it. They leave this out, talking instead about Gratitude, and Release from Compulsion. There’s serious pain in being sober, though, you find out.
—  From Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
  • Will Wallace : Stiles loved Malia very much.
  • Stydiots: He never loved her.
  • Stalia fans to Stydiots: He's a writer of this show, y'all are just fans. So, who knows it better? Little hint - you don't.
  • Will Wallace: Stydia kiss in S3 wasn't romantic. Lydia just helped him.
  • Stydiots: No, she fell in love with Stiles.
  • Stalia to Stydiots: * spitting out coffee *laugh
  • Marrish fans to Stydiots: Yeah, that probably reason, why she later spent time with Parrish.
  • Stydiots: Stalia is incest
  • Will Wallace: No.
  • Stydiots: Prove it.
  • Stalia fans to Stydiots: Prove that Stiles and Lydia are not related.
  • Stydiots: Parrish is pedophile.
  • Will Wallace : Lydia is eighteen.
  • Stydiots: He had wet dreams about her.
  • Jesus Christ about Parrish: Who is without sin can cast the first stone.
  • Marrish fans to Stydiots: Yeah, Stiles was obsessed by her for years and you really think that he didn't have similar dreams about her? Welcome in reality, bro. Parrish didn't want to dream about her this way. If you remember, they are connected as harbingers of death. First dream saved his life.
  • Stalia & Marrish shippers together: * Epic facepalm.

Because this “HR is useless and stealing ideas” idea infuriates me, here are transcripts of the conversations where HR had ideas in 3x06 and credited them to other people:

Iris: Okay, so how do we stop this?
Cisco: I mean, is there any stopping it, even? If Alchemy could reach you at CCPD, he can probably reach you anywhere, right?
HR: I have a suggestion, why don’t we throw Wallace in the pipeline till we figure this situation out?
Joe: You want to lock him up?!
HR: I agree with Joe, we lock him up, because think about this - we can’t stop Alchemy from getting into Wallace’s head, but put him in the pipeline and we control the situation from there on out.
Wally: As much as I don’t like it, Dad, maybe he’s not wrong.
Joe: But only till we figure out a better way to make you safe.
HR: Yeah, I agree with Joe.

HR quite clearly has the idea to put Wally in the pipeline. Joe has not even spoken in the scene except to ask Wally what he saw in his flashback. It’s HR who credits Joe with the idea, rather than taking credit for it himself.

Then later…

Barry: We stopped Shade and now we can focus on Alchemy, all right?
HR: Unless he sends another meta to Central City to attack. Then we’re in trouble.
Iris: You think Shade was a distraction?
HR: I agree with Iris, I think the attack on Wally and the attack by Shade happened at essentially the same time, so THAT’S not a coincidence!

Again, it’s HR who has the idea. Iris just asks him a question, and he credits her with the idea. This might be a tactic to make his idea be accepted more readily, but he is quite plainly trying to give others the credit for his ideas, not the reverse!

I’m not saying that either of these is some blinding flash of genius that the others couldn’t have arrived at eventually. But they are HR’s ideas.

(Obviously his behavior in 3x05 when he was mainly just repeating stuff and saying nonsense is a different story entirely.)

Donald Duck is my DJ
  • Donald Duck is my DJ
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“Donald Duck is my DJ”

“Who’s got the sweetest disposition?
One guess – guess who!
Who never never starts an argument? (Hmmmm?)
Who never shows a bit of temperament?
Who’s never wrong but always right? (Yeah?)
Who’d never dream of starting a fight? (That so?!)
Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
No one… but Donald Duck! (Yeah!)”

Decided to remix this very well-known theme of Donald Duck since I had some free time while at my PC. I gave it some hip-hop, groovy, easy listening spin to it. Hope you guys like it!


Donald Duck Theme (40s~50s)
“Donald Duck” by Don Patterson, Oliver Wallace