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They tell you how it’ll all get better and better as you abstain and recover: they somehow omit to mention that the way it gets better and you get better is through pain. Not around pain, or in spite of it. They leave this out, talking instead about Gratitude, and Release from Compulsion. There’s serious pain in being sober, though, you find out.
—  From Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
Donald Duck is my DJ
Donald Duck is my DJ

“Donald Duck is my DJ”

“Who’s got the sweetest disposition?
One guess – guess who!
Who never never starts an argument? (Hmmmm?)
Who never shows a bit of temperament?
Who’s never wrong but always right? (Yeah?)
Who’d never dream of starting a fight? (That so?!)
Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
No one… but Donald Duck! (Yeah!)”

Decided to remix this very well-known theme of Donald Duck since I had some free time while at my PC. I gave it some hip-hop, groovy, easy listening spin to it. Hope you guys like it!


Donald Duck Theme (40s~50s)
“Donald Duck” by Don Patterson, Oliver Wallace