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They tell you how it’ll all get better and better as you abstain and recover: they somehow omit to mention that the way it gets better and you get better is through pain. Not around pain, or in spite of it. They leave this out, talking instead about Gratitude, and Release from Compulsion. There’s serious pain in being sober, though, you find out.
—  From Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

Gunther: So how many kids do you have?

Tally: Two and a bit? Ghoel is technically an alien so I’m not gonna count her.

Gunther: Oh. I want my own test done. I don’t think the University of Poughkeepsie is an institution I can count on when it comes to taking responsibility for a child.


Wallace: Don’t mind me… just doing my “karma’s a bitch” dance in this puddle.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost teaming up to produce horror-comedy film Slaughterhouse Rulez

Following the completion of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy, many fans wondered when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost would work together again.

According to Deadline, the two ex-Spaced stars have formed their own film and TV production company Stolen Picture, their first project being the comedy-horror Slaughterhouse Rulez.

Frost and Pegg will executively produce the flick, with Crispian Mills — previously of the band Kula Shaker and director of Pegg-starring film A Fantastic Fear of Everything — to direct.

Slaughterhouse Rulez is reportedly set in an elite boarding school where children are groomed for power and greatness. New pupil Don Wallace — who comes from a modest background — finds the climate difficult to navigate.

Soon after enrolling, a controversial fracking site based on school ground caused seismic terrors and an ‘unspeakable horror’ is unleashed.

Stolen Picture will look to develop multiple projects for global consumption, all in line with Pegg and Frost’s comedic sensibilities. The pair previously owned stakes in Big Talk Productions, but sold when ITV purchased the banner.

Pegg will next appear in the thriller Terminal alongside Margot Robbie, while Frost will star in the Sky Atlantic series Sick Note with Rupert Grint.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up for Slaughterhouse Rulez

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are teaming up to produce a new horror-comedy ‘Slaughterhouse Rulez’.

The comedy duo first worked together on 'Spaced’ in 1999, and they have also starred and produced a number of movies together including 'Shaun of the Dead’, 'Hot Fuzz’ as well as 'Paul’, and the pair are set to join forces again to create the upcoming production, according to Deadline.

'Slaughterhouse Rulez’ marks the first project helmed by their production company Stolen Picture, but it has been reported the two actors will not be starring in the film backed by Sony Pictures.

'Slaughterhouse Rulez’ will be set in a boarding school and will follow pupil Don Wallace on his journey to settle into the institution whilst a group of sixth formers try to enforce strict rules on him and fellow students.

The project will explore the aftermath of a fracking issue on site, which causes tremors and unleashes a horror on the pupils, teachers, as well as the school matron, who will battle for survival.

The film will be directed by Crispian Mills, who worked with Pegg, 47, on 'A Fantastic Fear of Everything’, whilst the script will be penned by Henry Fitzherbert.

Pegg and Frost, 45, have been joined by 43-year-old director and screenwriter Edgar Wright on projects in the past, but he will not be joining the pair on their next venture.

And it has been reported filming for 'Slaughterhouse Rulez’ will start this year.

However, it is still unknown what actors have been cast or are in talks to star in the movie.

Meanwhile, Pegg will next be seen in thriller movie 'Terminal’ alongside Margot Robbie, while Frost will appear in the American series 'Into the Badlands’.

Donald Duck is my DJ
Donald Duck is my DJ

“Donald Duck is my DJ”

“Who’s got the sweetest disposition?
One guess – guess who!
Who never never starts an argument? (Hmmmm?)
Who never shows a bit of temperament?
Who’s never wrong but always right? (Yeah?)
Who’d never dream of starting a fight? (That so?!)
Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
No one… but Donald Duck! (Yeah!)”

Decided to remix this very well-known theme of Donald Duck since I had some free time while at my PC. I gave it some hip-hop, groovy, easy listening spin to it. Hope you guys like it!


Donald Duck Theme (40s~50s)
“Donald Duck” by Don Patterson, Oliver Wallace