don t speak just breathe

A New Addition To The Family - A Lapidot Fanfic

Chapter Three – When You Wish Upon a Star

“P-peri…dot… I can’t…”


“Lapis!  Lapis, don’t try to speak!  Just… breathe…”


Peridot was pacing frantically at the foot of the bed as Lapis’ labour pains intensified.  She was gripping her tablet in one hand, after unsuccessfully using it to call Steven. She desperately needed help, but no-one would answer.  Her mind was a whirl – she had felt so well-prepared to help her girlfriend through the birth, and yet…


Lapis cried out in pain and Peridot ran to her side.  She took the Ocean Gem’s hand in her own, trying to keep a lid on the pure panic that was now bubbling up inside her.  Peridot’s eyes widened in horror as a sickening crack filled the air around her…


“LAPIS!” she yelled, “What was that?!”


Lapis groaned as she turned to face Peridot.  The green technician could now see her own look of abject horror reflected perfectly in the partner’s eyes, which had become a pair of lifeless mirrors – Lapis’ Gem had broken under the pressure.


“No no no no no no… please…” Peridot whimpered as she frantically tried to redial Steven’s number on her tablet, “Please… help…”




Another crack filled the air as Lapis’ form disappeared in a fierce explosion of blue smoke and pixels.  Peridot’s anguished screams rang out through the barn as she watched the blue tear-drop Gem, now split clean in half, fall onto the bed…

Peridot awoke with a start and tumbled off the edge of the bed, entangled in the blankets that she had been sleeping under.  Hands shaking violently, she lifted her visor in order to wipe away the tears that were now soaking her face.  She let out a hoarse sigh of relief as she realised…

“It was a nightmare… just a nightmare…  it’s OK…”

She gingerly pulled herself to her feet and looked around the room for Lapis and Pumpkin.  It was now extremely dark inside the barn as night had fallen.

“Lapis…?” Peridot called out. No answer.

“LAPIS?!” she cried a second time, panic beginning to set in.  When her yell was again met with silence, Peridot yanked her limb enhancers on and ran out of the barn as fast as she could.  When she got outside, called her partner’s name into the night air.

“Up here, Peridot!” a reply came from the truck that was embedded in the side of the barn.  Peridot looked up to see Lapis peering down at her from over the edge of the vehicle.

“Oh, thank the stars!” the technician exclaimed.  She immediately lifted an arm over her head and activated the limb enhancers’ helicopter mode in order to join her girlfriend.

The TV inside the truck was blaring out Camp Pining Hearts.  Pumpkin was sleeping soundly in front of the screen. For once, Peridot wasn’t even remotely interested in shooing the little veggie out of the way so that she could watch her favourite show.  Instead, she went and sat next to her partner, who was now giving her a very concerned look.

“Are you OK, Peridot?” Lapis enquired.

“Yeah… yeah, I’m fine,” Peridot replied, but Lapis wasn’t convinced.  The Ocean Gem watched as the technician stared at the floating fingers of her limb enhancers, which were anxiously intertwining with each other.

“Are you sure?  I mean…”

“Lapis, how did you even get up here?” Peridot abruptly asked, quickly changing the subject, “Isn’t it a little dangerous for you to be flying in your condition? You shouldn’t risk putting strain on yourself like that…”

Lapis smiled.  “It’s fine, Peri!  I’m not putting myself in any danger.  Is that what this is all about?”

Peridot didn’t answer.  Instead, she diverted her attention to the TV set. Her thoughts were chasing each other around inside her head, the intensity of the doubts that her nightmare had instilled in her growing more and more as each second passed.  After a few more moments of awkward silence, she nervously looked at Lapis.

“Lapis…” she began.


“I…” Peridot hesitated, struggling to find the right words, “I don’t feel like I’m prepared for this… this whole parenting thing!”

Lapis looked puzzled.  “What makes you say that?”

“It’s just that… well…” Peridot sighed, “I’m at expert in the field of Kindergartening.  My job on Homeworld involved me being there when new Gems popped out of the ground.  But… a Gem popping out of another Gem… that’s not the same thing!”

“But, we looked into all this, Peridot,” Lapis tried to reassure her frantic partner, “We did all of the research, right?”

“We did, but… what if something goes wrong?!”

Lapis snorted, a slightly wicked grin forming across her face, “Well, it’s a bit too late to be thinking about that, now that I’m already pregnant!”

The Ocean Gem’s cynical humour was completely lost on Peridot for once, who looked mildly horrified.

“Lapis, I’m being serious! Maybe… maybe we should ask for some help?”

“That seems sensible,” Lapis replied, “Why don’t we take Greg up on his offer to help?   He is a bit of an expert, after all.”

“Yeah, we should do that,” Peridot agreed, a little more upbeat now, “Didn’t Steven also say that Connie’s mother is a doctor?  Maybe he can ask her to come and check you over, Lapis…”

The green Gem looked at her partner and smiled weakly, a sense of relief finally beginning to flood over her.

“At least you’re smiling again now,” Lapis said softly as she shuffled to sit right next to Peridot, resting her head on the small Gem’s shoulder.  Peridot tenderly put an arm around her girlfriend.  She couldn’t stop her gaze from meeting Lapis’ stomach – which didn’t go unnoticed by the blue Gem.  Lapis carefully pulled the limb enhancer from Peridot’s free arm and took hold of her small green hand, placing it gently onto her baby bump.  

“It’ll be fine, Peridot” Lapis murmured, “We’re going to have our own little family… just me, you, Pumpkin and the Gemling…”

Peridot smiled contentedly.  She looked up at the sky, which was full of stars. Steven had once taught her the human tradition of “wishing upon a star”…  It’s something that she and Lapis had done on many occasions in the past, and Peridot felt like she wanted – or, rather, needed – to do so again now.  She silently looked around and found the brightest star in the sky, focusing her full attention on it.

Please let this all work out for us,” she thought to herself as she subconsciously tightened her arm’s grip around Lapis, “I wish for us to be a happy family, forever…”

She had no idea how long the pair of them were sat inside the truck, just silently relaxing together under the moonlight, watching the night sky.  Merely being in each other’s presence like this was pure bliss for the pair of them. They were inseparable, bound together by an intense and pure love that they wouldn’t give up for the world.

The technician was suddenly brought back to reality by a rather loud rumbling noise coming from her shoulder; Lapis had fallen asleep and, as per usual, had begun snoring.  

Peridot chuckled to herself. She very slowly got to her feet and gently lifted her girlfriend into her arms.

“C’mon, Laz,” she whispered lovingly, “Let’s get you to bed.”

Pines atop Sleeping Giant.

You struggle up a trail, sun shining, vines dotting the sides of fences. Fruit trees, red earth, roots creating a series of stairs. Koa trees create a dappled tunnel, a hidden path, a gateway. It opens to a different place. The birds don’t sing, the wind doesn’t speak. Just the soft and subtle breath of the mountain beneath your feet. The mountain is alive. The mountain is a sleeping giant.

You can see what it dreams of, feel it in your bones. It dreams of creation through destruction. Fire and water, creating earth and air above it. It dreams of times lost. And it dreams of loved ones lost. The people are the island, and the island is its people.

A boulder beneath the boughs. Flowers old and new adorn its surface. Not growing, but placed. Placed with that same dream of the mountain, a future through the past, new life through lost life. Current generation thanking ancestors.

I didn’t take a picture of the stone. I wanted to respect the privacy of the moment, the stillness between breaths. To cherish the gift as it was given, in memory and dream.