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7 Rules of Life

1. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

2. What others think of you is none of your business.

3. Time heals almost everything; give it time.

4. Don`t compare your life to others`, and don`t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

5. Stop thinking too much; it`s alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.

6. No-one is in charge of your happiness, except you.

7. Smile. You don`t own all the problems in the world.

Source: Whisper of the heart.

“Is That My Shirt?” Monty X Reader

Request: @zachandreggie : Hey! Could you please do imagine 57 with Montgomery? Thankyou! :)

Author’s note: This was so much fun to write!! Also this is my first fic don;t judge *sweats* Thanks for requesting! btw y/f/c means your favorite color

[Spring Break, Saturday morning]
Soft sunlight peaked through your kitchen windows as you trudged through your kitchen-wearing a grayish blue tshirt that wasn’t yours, reaching almost to your knees and short y/f/c pajama shorts that were hidden under this stolen shirt- on a quest for some toast. Exhausted from the party the night before, you replay the loud music, dancing, and all your sweet moments with Montgomery. You look to your side and see Monty passed out on the couch with a blanket in the weirdest position. He had one arm leaning off the edge of the sofa, the other outstretched on the armrest next to his head, and his legs making an L shape as one was atop the top of the sofa. You smile amused at the sight. You weren’t sure how much he drank last night, but for safety measures you drove him home, and before you could offer a spot in your bed, he knocked out on your couch. Putting your soon to be toast in the toaster, you notice Monty shift… a few seconds later, He shifts again. Another shift. Then you hear something hit the floor and shortly after, a “Shiitttt”. Bursting out laughing, the tired, peaceful, morning atmosphere is broken, and you couldn’t be happier. Too boring. 

Monty drags himself up, shaking his head after the blow. “Good morning to you too.”, finishing your sentence with giggles. Monty playfully narrows his eyes at you, smirking “Oh you thought that was funny, huh?” You tried keeping a straight face, but at this point even your eyes somehow managed to laugh on their own. “Yes I did, what’re you gonna do about it?” You smirked. Monty shrugs, rubs his tired eyes. “Eat.” You smile and check him out. His tasseled hair, sleepy eyes, as your gaze lowers as you take in his toned arms and just overall muscular body. Damn. Monty gets up from his fallen position and trudges to you sleepily.  Monty kisses your cheek and lightly holds your head with one hand, stroking your cheek with his thumb. Even half asleep he was just a ball of sweet and fluff. The best part was, this was exclusive to you, as Monty tended to be a little less… nice with people who weren’t you. Looking up at him with a light smile, you place your hand over his. “I love you,” he says so smoothly and softly, you can’t hold back your wide smile and blush. His ability to switch from goofy to hopeless romantic in a flash will never fail to surprise you.His gaze falls down to your chosen wear. “Wait a second…..”, Monty’s smile turns into a smirk. “Is that my shirt?” Sheepishly smiling, you answer, “…. maybe……”. Monty’s smirk grows into a grin, “You look better in it than I do. And trust me, that’s a compliment.” You roll your eyes, “Gee, thanks.” “Are you wearing anything under?” Monty’s grin seems to almost be glued to his face. “Yes, perv.” You lightly smack his shoulder and move past him to grab your toast you’ve been yearning for all morning. Placing his arm over your shoulders, he kissed your bedhead. “You’re too cute. Wear my shirts more.”

Flops, Failures and Fumbling in the Backseat

“Cas, I don´t think this is how it works“, Dean grunted, desperately trying to find a more comfortable position. The angel, however, didn´t look any better than he did. His legs were draped over the Impala’s rear bench seat, sweat was dripping down his temple and he seemed to be slightly dishelved.
Shifting his weight, the hunter got up on his hands and knees and gazed at his handsome boyfriend. He just had to find a way to fit the two of them into Baby´s backseat – it could´nt be that difficult after all, right? Simply one or two bone-breaking yoga exercises and they could make out without having to face the danger of serious injuries like cramped legs or bruised shins.
“Earth to Dean, are you there? You`re staring”. The angel chuckled lightly and pulled Dean down by his flannel to kiss him. When his lips met Cas´ like all the god-knows-how-many times before, Dean once again realized what a luck he had had - not only to meet the angel, but also to find out that Cas loved Dean just as much as vice versa. Feeling those soft lips move with his made him dizzy, made him want to hug the whole world, to let everyone know that Cas was his, that he was Dean Winchester´s boyfriend. While he smoothly caressed Cas´ lower lip, Dean raised his hand to lovingly stroke the angel´s cheek and –
“OUCH!” “Oh dammit! Sorry Cas, I overbalanced. Are you – Are you hurt?” Worry crossed the hunter´s face. “Yeah, I noticed that Dean. You mean, besides the fact that you crushed me with your massive weight and didn´t even warn me about it?” A little smirk tugged on the corner of Cas´ mouth as he tried to fight back a laughter. Dean simply looked too adorable as he was kneeling over him and doing puppy eyes that would´ve made Sam proud. “Don´t worry about it”, he added to calm his protective boyfriend, “I obviously survived having your heavy ass on top of me. To be precise, I did a few times.” A smug look replaced the worried one in Dean´s eyes and he leant down to continue the kiss. A few moments passed until their lips separated again and Dean rested his forehead on Cas´.
Everything around the blonde hunter consisted of ocean blue eyes, deep enough to get completely lost in them, and his lover´s sweet breath mingled with Dean´s. Moments of silence went by as the pair simply enjoyed each other´s presence.
“Cas?” “Yes Dean?” “I gotta tell you something… actually I wanted to do this earlier, but I just couldn´t get up the nerve to talk about it, I…” “It´s okay Dean, just relax. I got you.” “I know Cas. You always do. That´s so special about you, you saved my ass so many times even though I fucked things up… and you have never gave up on me. I want to thank you for that.” “You know that you don´t have to thank me, right? I couldn´t ever give up on you Dean, I love you.” “That´s what I wanted to talk about. I know I never said these words before, but I wanted to do it properly. Castiel, I lov-“
“So guys, get this… oh! Sorry, did I interrupt you? Uhm, I guess I´ll just… go for a walk now, get some fresh air or something…” “SONOFABITCH!!”

Kawaii~Chan Reviews Her Ships. . . I Think
  • Aarmau (Aphmau x Aaron): Aphmau~Senpai cares for Aaron~Kun so much, and he's so happy around her~!
  • Danvislyn (Dante x Travis x Katelyn): It's nice to see Travis~Kun so happy with his two lovers!
  • Teonvy (Teony x Ivy): Teony~Sama really helps Ivy~Tan when it comes to her physical shape! (/*w*)/
  • Zene (Zane x Gene): After so long, they've finally got together!! Zane~Kun can be such a tsundere! At least Gene knows what's best for him~!
  • Garrance (Garroth x Laurance): . . . I still wish I had that picture of Garroth~Kun ;-;. Hopefully Laurance~Kun still has his~ . . . DON"T JUDGE KAWAII~CHAN OKAY?!
  • Vylacey (Vylad x Kacey): . . . Maybe. . .
  • ~~~~~
  • . . .
  • KC
  • you okay

anonymous asked:

Can you explain why the majority of Oscar's fans have a really tough time liking Bosie? I know that he's been verbally abusive sometimes to Oscar but i wondered if there is more to it?

Oh wow where to start…. 

  • no wait! I know exactly where to start!! In later years he became very anti-semitic, like not casually 19th century, early 20th century anti-semitic like Oscar also was (which is obviously not okay either - if I´d get to see Oscar I might actual punch him in the nose for his anti-semitism and misogyni) but “publishing an actual magasin about anti-semitism”-anti semitic
  • in later years he also said some vile vile things about Oscar Wilde and like tried to distance himself from Oscar to a point where he said some pretty homophobic things - though of course, Bosie being mlm himself, I don´t personally judge him as much for that since internalisation can happen to the best of us especially if your literal freedom depends on not being openly gay
  • even during Oscar´s lifetime Bosie wasn´t the ideal boyfriend and at times what you might call abusive (which is the subject of this great post)
  • also people (me included) feel some resentment bc oscar wilde should clearly have been with True Life Angel Robbie Ross instead

This said I`ve talked a bit on my own dearly held grudge about that people (like every single article or biography I´ve read) dislike Bosie more for him being a bad boy friend and mentally ill, and less for him being more or less a nazi

I think that is an introduction to why everyone hates Bosie? Feel free to google a little though, google is your friend - don´t trust me I´m just a faceless blog

viridian green

nsfw, praise kink, xeno, oviposition under the cut!! (ao3 link)

During the seven months he and Eren have been together, Levi’s grown used to his boyfriend’s little quirks. He makes whistling little noises when he sleeps, not unlike a small cat, and physically cannot ingest hot foods or beverages. It has something to do with the atmospheric conditions on his home planet and thus the evolution of their species’ oral cavity, he’d explained once, but back then Levi had still been too perplexed by his long, sharp tongue to listen too carefully. In fact, Eren could live solely on lukewarm water and sunlight if he wanted to, but ever since settling on Earth he’d quickly developed a fondness for vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

“Hang on. So, if you don’t need food to survive,” Levi had said once while watching Eren gobble down a whole watermelon, peels and all, “does that mean you don’t poop either?”

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Lovely surprise-Isaac Lahey

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A/N: My first Isaac imagine ever, so please don´t judge me. Have fun while reading! 
summary: A normal school day will turn into a big surprise, just because of a letter from your boyfriend.
warnings: fluff :) 
word count: idk
a big thanks to: @heartlessromanticc for her lovely help and for her feedback. I MADE HER SMILE. I´M HAPPY. 

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 You sat outside at the lunch table, while your friends and classmates discussed the right answer for the math homework. You didn´t care and didn´t listen. You missed your old High School, Beacon Hills High. Since it was June, you wore the old lacrosse jersey from BHH and wore shorts beneath them. 

  You lived by your cousin, Mark, and you were disappointed that you couldn´t read the letter which was positioned on your desk. Every fourth week you received a wonderful hand-written letter from your boyfriend Isaac, who is currently living in France. Every fourth Monday of the month, early in the morning you opened a envelope with his scrawly, yet swinging handwriting.  

  But this morning you couldn´t. Mark dragged you out of your room and into his car. You were mad. Why couldn´t the school band just practice in the afternoon? You asked the drummer this question several times, but this guy, with the biggest ego, didn´t answer. But you were clever. While he dragged you out of your room, you threw the envelope in your school bag, in a hurry.  

  You looked up to the sky, feeling the paper in your hand, while Mark and his friends talked. A sigh escaped your lips as you looked down.

 Open it first at 1 pm. Love, Isaac

 Your (colour) eyes looked on the little watch your cousin had around his wrist. 12:59. You made up an excuse and smiled at the people you were sitting along with. They accepted your apology, so you stood up and went to a quiet, little place, which was obviously your favourite place on the whole school.  You felt excited to open the envelope. Your heart hammered against your ribs and you looked confused. You read the words over and over again. 

 Hey Darling. I know you are sitting by that lovely tree, thinking what the hell are these words. Just look around and something is waiting for you. With lots of love, your Isaac.  

You looked around. Even though you didn´t wanna stand up, you did. Questions ran through your mind. Did Mark tell him about your favourite place, because you haven´t told anybody about the tree. But where did Mark get Isaac´s number? They didn´t even knew each other. You stood there, reading the words again. 

  A strong hand snug around your waist and you squealed. You turned around, ready to punch this person in the face, but you realised who it was. Dopamine rushed through your body, while your eyes teared up. “Hey, Y/N”. It was Isaac. Your Isaac. The boy who you didn´t see in what felt like ages. The blond curly haired boy started to talk, but you interrupted him by pressing your lips against his.  From a distance you heard the sound of a high-five. You smiled. What a lovely surprise on a hard school day.

a little rant...

my sister is at a birthday party and just for fun she put “not today” in the music list… It was on for 5 seconds until the first one screamed “turn it off” and when she asked why they said “because they are gay”. That´s it. That was the conversation. 

Is that the ultimate answer of all people that are not interested in k-pop or any kind of music they are not used to? If I would get 100 € for every time I hear that “they are gay” or “they look gay” or “they look like girls” as a response of my love for kpop music I would be rich. I´m so angry at all of those people. 

What the fuck even means “they look gay”? Was there once a memo of a list of “things that look gay” that I didn´t got? 

And what makes this stupid view or the sexuality of musicians makes you stop from listening to their music? Why does this have an influence on you to listen to music? Please explain it to me because I don´t understand!

If you don´t want to listen to k-pop then just say something like “I´m sorry I´m not interested!” or “It´s just not my type!” 

No ones  judging your music taste so please don´t judge theirs! NO ONE ASKS YOU TO DO SO YOU`RE RUINING THE DAY FOR PEOPLE IF YOU DO THAT…


7 Rules of Life

1. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.
2. What others think of you is none of your business.
3. Time heals almost everything; give it time.
4. Don`t compare your life to others`, and don`t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
5. Stop thinking too much; it`s alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.
6. No-one is in charge of your happiness, except you.
7. Smile. You don`t own all the problems in the world.
Source: Whisper of the heart.