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We Got the Power emphasizes what phase 4's mood will be

“They dream of home
I dream of life out of here
Their dreams are small
My dreams don’t know fear (Stu)
(I got all you)
I got my heart full of hope
I will change everything
No matter what I’m told
Or how impossible it seems (Noodle)
(We got the power)
We did it before
And we’ll do it again
We’re indestructible
Even when we’re tired
And we’ve been here before
Just you and I (Murdoc)
Don’t try to rescue me
I don’t need to be rescued” (Russel)

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#5 for 2D please??? Thank you so much!

~Here ya go ❤~
“Oi, Y/N? Ya gotta get up! We’ve got that photo shoot to go to.” You could faintly hear 2Ds voice but you didn’t really care enough to register anything. “Go away. Leave me alone.” You called out, still halfway asleep. You heard him tsking, “I will not leave. Don’t make me rip the blankets off of ya!” You cuddled closer into your warm blankets and tried to go back to sleep. “3…” It felt nice. “2…” You didn’t have a care in the world. “1..!” You finally comprehended what he had said and your eyes opened wide. “Stu don’t-!” Too late. 2D ripped your blankets away with a cheeky grin and then he saw you. You didn’t wear pajamas. Only panties. You covered your chest with your arms and looked at 2D in complete and utter shock. His face had morphed from cheery to “Oh shit!” In one second. Your own face was heating up and 2D exclaimed, “IM SO SORRY Y/N I HAD NO IDEA.” He then proceeded to close his eyes and then he cutely handed your blanket back to you. When 2D felt the fabric leave his hands he immediately ran out of the door and slammed it shut. “Shit.” You muttered as you cloned out of bed. You had to admit that the exchange was quite worth it to see the look on 2D’s face. You didn’t think that he saw too much of anything and you were glad. You still wanted to leave a little for his imagination ;)
~I tried to make It cutesy.~

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5 & 11 for the salty asks?

i know you were probably looking for star wars answers but neither of these questions were really applicable for me so i expanded it into other fandoms i’m a part of! hope you don’t mind 

5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

i really don’t care for stu/cky bc while this obviously isn’t the case for the entirety of the fandom, from what i’ve seen there’s a lot of gross racism and sexism directed towards characters perceived to be threats to the ship (mostly sam wilson and sharon carter). even people who don’t intentionally perpetuate that gross stuff can still end up making sam into everyone’s therapist bc he’s “soft and pure” and apparently doesn’t have a life or feelings outside his white friends, or making sharon out into some “incestuous”, misogynistic caricature or ignoring her completely. i also don’t really give a shit about bucky so its hard for me to be invested in any pairings involving him.

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

i really really love ron weasley and i have since i was a kid. he’s such a deeply human and realistically flawed character, and he grows so much!! i hate seeing fandom demonize him/sideline him bc he’s so precious. jokes on them, harry james potter adores him and would fight the hp fandom in his honor


We’ve all seen the Ice Bucket Challenge supporting ALS research and awareness, right? Well the viral awareness campaign has hit MLS.

A bunch of players, staff and even Commissioner Don Garber have accepted and challenged each other raising both money and awareness for ALS.


  • Commissioner Don Garber - here.
  • Caleb Porter (challenging Pep Guardiola - that’s right, that Pep Guardiola) - here.
  • Robbie Keane, Nick Rimando, Brad Guzan, Stu Holden, Mike Magee and more - here.