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What's your opinion on vore, stu

don’t eat your loved ones….

also, it’s not possible? I mean i guess it can be drawn…

it makes me uncomfortable, like, really uncomfortable.

ok ok how bout a shitty comic where Deacon finishes knitting himself a sweater and he tries it on & is like “hey Viago what do ya think of this”

and Viago is like “it’s… interesting. is it supposed to be like that?”

and Deacon’s like “oh yeah it’s the next style, they call it a virgin killer sweater” and strikes a pose

Viago rolls his eyes and goes back to what he was doing.

then Stu walks in, Viago says hi, pauses LEAPS UP to push him out of the way

“stay back Stu! We don’t want you to DIE!”

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Have you ever read Katawa Shoujo? Thoughts on it?

Katawa Shoujo was surprisingly good. 

One line in Katawa Shoujo really summed it up for me - when the protagonist is in the library, amused at how Yuuko is a clutz, and he reflects that people’s flaws are what we end up liking most about them. One of the wisest men I’ve ever known once told me that exact thing - that love is insanity, because we love people because of their flaws, not in spite of them. That one revelation did more to improve me as a writer than anything else, and it really strikes at one of the core truths of humanity. I’ve noticed that the maturity of a writer - or person - can often be quickly evaluated by whether or not they understand that basic truth. The Mai Pure Waifu fags really don’t get it, and that’s why they - and all the media they love - tends to be one long ode to the Mary Sue/Gary Stu. They don’t understand that people are more interesting and engaging if they’re flawed - because they just consider them to be flaws. Bad, terrible, no-good. 

The other great bit of Katawa Shoujo was how the main character’s personality turned out different depending on which “route” he was on - in other words, his personality was always one suited to the girl he “chose.” All routes even used one single common moment - receiving a letter from his old crush, at his old school - to highlight that. Each iteration of the main character reacts quite differently - one reads it, but doesn’t respond, another struggles to write a response, and yet another doesn’t even fully read it; just skims it and tosses it aside with barely a shrug. I’ve seen autists rage at that, but I personally considered it a much more realistic and accurate way of writing the character. Who the main character is would naturally decide which girl he’d end up feeling affinity for - and the game leaves it fairly neutral (via having the character walk through the Universal Awkward First-Day-At-The-New-School-Responses) till the player chooses who he is. Choosing a “girl” and choosing the character’s personality go hand-in-hand. 

And the writing - especially in certain routes - is fucking good. One of the other lessons I count as fundamental in my transition from boy to man was learning that you cannot take responsibility for other people’s happiness; something that both Emi and Hanako’s routes touched on, (though it really defined Emi’s route.) ‘And Hanako’s route, of course, really, really took the White Knight thing out behind the fucking woodshed and separated the wheat from the goddamn chaff. It doesn’t shit on the chivalrous, either - it does give people a brutal education in what separates an honest-to-god good guy from an internet-autistic White Knight. 

This shit would be amazing enough considering that fucking 4chan produced it as a collaborative product - it’s not the kind of maturity you expect from 4chan, of any stripe - but moreover, it was written as a reply to 4chan and the misunderstandings and maladustments common to /r9reee/ et al. Pretty good shit.

Final notes:

I never did Satori’s route tho because it looked way too deep and boring. Full disclosure, there. 

Yuuko is hands-down the best fucking girl, and she should have had her own route because goddamn <3

The best thing to come out of Katawa Shoujo’s fandom was that Newgrounds flash game in the Castlevania style. Check it out for the goddamned intro sequence alone, and be sure to use the special attack at least once. 



We’ve all seen the Ice Bucket Challenge supporting ALS research and awareness, right? Well the viral awareness campaign has hit MLS.

A bunch of players, staff and even Commissioner Don Garber have accepted and challenged each other raising both money and awareness for ALS.


  • Commissioner Don Garber - here.
  • Caleb Porter (challenging Pep Guardiola - that’s right, that Pep Guardiola) - here.
  • Robbie Keane, Nick Rimando, Brad Guzan, Stu Holden, Mike Magee and more - here.

Stu: Can I tell Isaac that he doesn’t need any makeup because he’s actually pretty good looking but then again, I really like it when he wears makeup because… I dunno… It feels like it’s showing off his artistic side.
Me: Sure. Go right ahead. If that’s how you feel, do it.
Stu: How I… feel?
Me: Yeah. How you feel about Isaac wearing make-up.
Me: ………. Son.. That’s not what I meant and you know it. Stop being such a drama queen.
Stu: YOU’RE a drama queen!
Me: Seriously? A grade schooler comeback? You always brag about how you’re oh so smart and that’s how you try to hurt me?
Stu: I guess you won’t be needing a grade schooler to help you with the remaining replies then!

Since Stuart stomped off, sounding like a whale and slamming the door shut behind him… I think there won’t be any more replies for today. I apologise.