don singleton

Dear singletons

Don’t you EVER lie to someone with DID and tell them an alter did something they didn’t do. Most of us are not completely co-conscious meaning we don’t know what who ever is out is doing 100% of the time. When we ask you what happened tell us the truth. If you ask you if you paid for dinner or if we did. Tell us the truth! Don’t tell us an alter did something they didn’t because you think it’s “funny”. It’s not….this is our life not a game so don’t treat it like one. And I don’t mean you have to tell everyone in a system what everyone else does because I think that we all deserve some privacy but if someone didn’t do something don’t say they did. All that does is cause problems in a system and stress. ~Scarlet with input from Amelia and Ahina

See that guy with the crazy sideburns, the guy second from the right?

That’s Don Singleton. He joined the New York Daily News back in the mid-60’ and covered the Attica State Prison riots, the John Lennon assassination, and the Lockerbie, Scotland terrorist bombing among other amazing news events.

He passed away on Sunday, March 2nd with nary a peep. Sad.

RIP Don.