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The Key to Episode 04 x 10

I think the conversation between Dembe and Liz is key and will drive the next several episodes:

Dembe: “I’m worried about Raymond. I don’t think he cares about anything or anyone in the world right now other than you. Or Agnes.”

“I don’t recognize him. I can’t reach him.”

Liz: “And you think I can?”

Dembe then goes on to tell Liz that Red killed Mr. Kaplan. At first this seemed pretty shocking. Did Dembe just betray Red? But throughout this episode it was clear Dembe was really struggling with Kate’s death and as we can see, really worried for Red. I think this was a plea for help on Dembe’s part. He sees Red spiraling down into the abyss and can’t pull him out. He believes Liz is the only one who can.

Finally! This is what has been building up all along. Liz needs to be the one to “save” Red so to speak. And although she will be bothered that Red killed Mr. Kaplan, I think she will try to help Red, and soon.

This episode gave me hope! We could be coming up on a really good arc.

Why did Dembe confide in Liz about his worry for Raymond?

Don’t get me wrong. I can certainly understand why he’d want to reach out to her. He wanted her help. No, he needed it, because due to Red’s unending love for her, Liz is uniquely qualified to reel him back.

What I don’t understand is why, if Liz isn’t going to do a damn thing besides make bitchy comments, it was even written into the story in the first place.

I mean, to what end? To show that she just doesn’t give a fuck about Red anymore? (if she ever did, that is) To show that she doesn’t give a damn about Mr. Kaplan? To draw the audience’s attention towards her obnoxious, narrow-minded selfishness? To make us dislike her? (even more) To prominently display her inability/unwillingness to acknowledge the blame for her own fucked up behavior?

If It Wasn’t Cooper...

I have been thinking, if Ressler was with Liz when she shot Connolly, I think Connolly would still have been alive and Liz wouldn’t have to be on the run. 

She stopped Ressler from killing Jonica. 

He stopped her from killing the Deer Hunter. 

They obviously have some sort of power over each other that brings one another back to reality from being ‘rogue’ 


Snails with Don Raymond from the Format, Huntington, NY 12/14/15