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SlytherLin (Lin/Reader)

So, I’ve gone over this twice and added some formatting and all that, so it’s better than when I first posted it! Still happy birthday to @sweaterkitty-fluff and still for @hamwriters write-a-thon day 3! Now I’m on track and my worldwide day will be posted later on! I’ll probably add onto this later, doing more years, so don’t think this is the end to my Harry Potter!Verse madness.

Warnings: My shitty knowledge of Harry Potter after all these years, blood mention, suicide mention, Slytherin!Lin and Hufflepuff!Reader.

Words: 1973

Year One 

“Don’t test me, Ramos! You know I can do it!” A voice shouts, startling you, drawing your attention from your book to the commotion. This was a library- were they trying to get point drawn from their house? Hopefully it wasn’t Hufflepuff. You guys finally had a shot at winning house cup.

“I’m not testing you. And dammit, Lin, quiet down- we’re in the library!” Another voice whisper-shouts back, the sound of one slapping the other echoing off the walls. They both laughed and walked towards you, not realizing it, most likely going to the potions section to study for the oh-so-impossible class. You brush off the familiarity of the name and pick up your quill again, continuing to read the textbook then take notes. The two boys, who you barely caught a glimpse of, walk past the table you’re sitting at, indeed going to the potions section. One was covered in freckles and had dark curly hair framing his face, while the other had a clear, rather pale face with his dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. You feel as if you’d met the pair before, but it is quickly confirmed that you have.

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I don’t know why some white people think this is THEIR country.. Your ancestors invaded this country & slaughtered millions of Native Americans who lived here before these people came and brought Africans as slaves into this country and treat them like crap for years, then you want Latinos to go back to their countries when they do all the hard labor work while you sit back on your porch and drink your pinot grigio so you won’t break a nail. If you honestly think that immigrants are taking over jobs in America, then I feel really sorry for you because that just proves you’re too lazy to get a job of your own so what rights do you have to tell someone they can’t have a job yet you’re not willing to do that job either? This country was meant for people all over the world to come here to start a new life and live the AMERICAN dream, so what gives you the right to tell someone of color to get out and say we don’t “belong” here when you’re ancestors didn’t even live here in the first place?

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Don't you find weird that Sergio always posts/says things about his older son and not the younger one?

He barely posted anything with Sergio either at first so maybe he will post more about Marco later. Also, he can do things with Sergio that he can’t do with Marco yet because he is still a baby and he may prefer to share how he played football with his son than something, less interesting in a certain way, he did with Marco.

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Ah do you have a favorite voice in hamilton? Like an actor whose voice you're in love with? (Lmao probably a hard question, leslie odom jr's voice for me tho is just breathtaking, as well as the whole casts')

Unpopular opinion: I personally didn’t like Aaron Burr. His character I mean.

And I know LMM has a messy singing voice but I actually love it. It’s raw and real. And I love Anthony Ramos’. Don’t get me started on the girls.

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Sorry, i didn't know about blackfaces, and racism isn't disscused much in my country, so i don't understand why Ramos, who works with unicef, where are lots of pics of him being nice to black children, and he's also a good friend of Marcelo, and Koke's gf, who also has pics with children from Africa, are being called racists. Like, isn't racism about hate and/or disrespect?

I think there’s a lot of different forms of racism. It’s a very complex issue and it’s not as simple as “oh you hate this race, you’re racist”. 

I’ve met people who will tell you that they’re not racist but at the very next minute they will admit that they feel uncomfortable around people of a certain race. People who will change seats in a bus when someone from a different race sits next to them. People who will assume facts about other people without knowing them just because they’re from a certain country. 

“I’m not racist but…” That’s the sentence that it’s often followed by a horribly racist statement. And I’ve heard it an awful amount times during my life.

So for me racism goes further than hate and disrespect. 


Anthony Ramos and Don Letta perform “Don’t Stop Believing”

El Clásico
  • Me: hoe don't do it
  • Ramos: *gets a card*
  • Ronaldo: *dives for a penalty*
  • Pique: *tries to diffuse tension, gets a card*
  • Neymar: *gets injured*
  • Suarez: *looks like he's going to bite the linesman*
  • Me: oh my god