don quixote pas de deux


exclusive (can’t access it anywhere but here) video of me and my partner Michael Mengden doing some Don Q after class in New York, 2013 
(not my best, admittedly, but people keep asking for videos so here you go xx) 

Iana Salenko in Don Quixote during the Ballet Gala ’Malakhov and Friends The Final’ (2014). Photo by Jack Devant.

Iana Salenko as Kitri and Dinu Tamazlacaru as her Basilio self-assuredly paraded their faultless technique, including lengthy rock-sold balances. In terms of acrobatic circus feats they were only outstripped by Perren and Shemiunov’s “Spartacus” pas de deux.


Paloma Herrera and Cory Stearns in the Don Quixote Pas de Deux.