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1983 - Aboard OV-099 Challenger, Astronauts Story Musgrave and Don Peterson perform the shuttle program’s first EVA during mission STS-6. One can see clearly the hand-holds integrated into the payload bay for Astronauts to utilize on spacewalks. 

STS-6 was Challenger’s maiden flight, launching 3 days earlier on April 4th. The first Tracking and Data Relay System satellite (TDRS) was also deployed during STS-6.

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What are your thoughts on Jordan Peterson?

I don’t think he’s wrong on the whole bill about the gender identity issue; however, and I speak from what I’ve read of him which is mostly based around this issue, as much as he’s anti-Marxism it just interesting to me that his breaking point was a law on gender pronouns. It’s always gender identity that makes people want to all of the sudden be that vocal about defending freedom of speech.

Anyways, I doubt he’s anywhere near being an anarchist so I’m sure he could be proven to be a hypocrite on many things, specially if he identifies as a conservative.

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This Malcolm X clip is so relevant today.

Whenever black people collectively say something is racist or if they challenge white supremacy, white people always manage to find a black person that sides with them in an effort to offset and invalidate anything that points to their savagely cruel behavior. White people are willing to dismiss what the masses of black people say in order to elevate the few black people that fall in line with them. They will always give a platform to the black person that dismisses the opinions of the black masses, or even views the black masses with contempt.

It’s quite lucrative for a black person to throw black people under the bus. If you’re a black person looking for a come up, this is your ticket. Look no further than Crystal Wright aka GOPblackchick, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, Don Lemon, Jesse Lee Peterson, Allen West and others like them. Many white people will cosign them because they say things that would label white people as racists if they uttered them publicly or in polite company.

In essence, these black people become mouthpieces for white people who aren’t brave enough to lambast blacks like they do in private. The Rush Limbaugh style of angry white man commentary is antiquated. A black person promulgating anti-black messages and them having a platform to say that black people are at fault for all their woes is white supremacy’s version of inclusion. That’s their version of affirmative action. It also works for other people of color (i.e. Michelle Malkin).

White people simply cannot get enough of non-white people who champion white hegemony. A black or brown person not reflecting the cultural ideals or championing the causes of marginalized black and brown people is their ideal. They will only accept you if you’re whitewashed and have no semblance or markers of your cultural identity. White people use gentle terms for it like “blending in” and “assimilation”. What they mean by that is that they have an expectation of you abandoning your identity and your people in favor of theirs.

When anti-blackness is carried out by black voices, white people can comfortably and openly say they agree with the opinion of a black person. They can avoid being called a racist since it’s a black person condemning black people after all. White people always manage to locate and agree with the black person that is an outlier, while conveniently ignoring the opinions of the black masses. Millions of black people will say they believe Trayvon Martin was followed by Zimmerman because he was black and that his murder had everything to do with race, and white people will bypass that entirely to quote Don Lemon and his opinion on sagging pants. They might also insert the Morgan Freeman quote on getting rid of racism by not talking about it, or the MLK Jr. quote on how hate cannot drive out hate, and that only love can, as if that’s the only thing MLK Jr. ever said. When was the last time a white person quoted this from MLK Jr.?

White people’s idea of how black people are supposed to act when confronted with anti-black racism is that black people should either ignore it, or that they should love their oppressors and temper their emotions. The only thing white people accept from black people with respect to their wrongdoings against black people is perpetual forgiving. Black people are supposed to always forgive and forget every injustice they’ve faced at the hands of white supremacy. White people’s image of Mandela is that of a man who was a perpetual forgiver of white aggression and criminality, and not a man who was a freedom fighter for his people.

Of course, white people don’t ascribe to the things they expect from marginalized black people. Only a fool would ignore or love someone who has the heel of their boot on their neck. White people don’t ignore or forgive. They blow you to smithereens. They will blow you to smithereens even when you haven’t done anything to them. That’s white history in a nutshell. Conquering, murdering and blowing people to smithereens. After they’ve done that, they will have the temerity to tell the survivors and descendants of their victims that they should keep the past in the past and that they should forgive them, while the current white powers that be maintain old structures built by their forebears that further exploit marginalized people as they continue to do what their ancestors did, which is encroach, plunder and murder.