don pedro albizu campos

Listen to a rare English translation of a 1950 speech by Pedro Albizu Campos, popularly known as Don Pedro, the former head of the Nationalist Party and leader of the Puerto Rican independence movement. Today marks the 50th anniversary of his death. Visit for more coverage.

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the artists behind the mural en el Barrio


Who is Albizu Campos? Trailer

“It stands to reason- it stands to commonsense- that we must be a free nation in order to survive as a people. The future of those not yet born depends on respecting the independence of Puerto Rico. That respect alone—the respecting of Puerto Rico’s independence—is what Puerto Rican nationalism is all about.”
—  Don Pedro Albizu Campos

12 year old mural of Che Guevara and Don Pedro Albizu Campos recently repainted by artists and activists.